Thursday 20th January 2022

This Blogging Community Rocks! 2017.122.

This Blogging Community Rocks! 2017.122.

Last week I wrote about being an over 65 (i.e. Baby Boomer!) blogger here and was asking for some ideas about growing my audience here and over on the blog’s Facebook page.

What a helpful and kind bunch this blogging community is!

Thanks to you all, and along with some reflection of my own a few slight changes have been made.

This may not be all, but for now, as I contemplate what may be ahead for me surgery-wise, it will be enough.

As you read this for I Blog On Tuesdays and for Lovin’ Life On Thursday I have been back to Westmead Oral Health Services to have a check-up of how the bone (new jaw) and posts for implants in said jaw are going. This person assessed  my mouth as he has not seen it since the day of surgery and he and his colleague (who was part of my operation team but I had never met!) are reporting back to the Professor about what will be next for me. I know I have two more surgeries – much shorter and less invasive than the first. I do not know dates yet. I am going to get more of a handle on what’s next by chatting with my husband who was also with me and will probably post about it soon.

Now, where was I?

I am grateful to you all who commented and who also responded privately with your ideas for my ‘venturing into blogging to make connections with Over 65s.’

Here is what I have taken from your ideas AND my thinking about what it is I really want.

  • guest posts on blogs where the readers are mature and could engage with topics I am asked to write about, or ones I suggest. I have already guest-posted here on Sizzling Towards Sixty with Sue and today there is another post of mine. I am currently formulating one for Jan at Retirement Info.
  • others I would love to hear from, should they think a guest post from me would be a good idea, are many friends I have already made through this blogging community so shoot me a message on FB or ask me in the comments!
  • I have updated my Facebook page and am posting there every day now. I have more ‘likes’ and comments and I have been busy engaging with those there. I did pay a small fee for some sponsored posts over a couple of days.
  • I belong to some Facebook groups (don’t we all?) and one that is new to me, even though I have known about it for some time is Nikki Parkinson-Hubbard’s Styling You.
  • Why I was not a member before related to my issues of low self-confidence and my appearance. However, over the past weeks I have looked at myself with kinder and compassionate eyes and decided I can belong to a group no matter how old I am.
  • To improve my self-confidence and to take a greater (much!) interest in my physical appearance – even with my poor old mouth not right – I set myself a personal challenge to post photos of me every day until I turn 68 on 30 November.
  • I am writing more about that in a guest post but if you follow me on Instagram (request to follow as I have a private account) or my Facebook page you will see what I am up to.

On the ideas of getting into retirement communities and writing for others who have websites relating to ageing and issues affecting those of us who are retired some lovely friends gave me food for thought. Then as I examined what I think I can handle right now I decided not to go down those paths. I have also reduced the categories I am writing under (they were determined by me back in January 2016) and these can be seen on my refreshed home-page where I also have updated images of me to reflect the ages and stages of THIS ‘Baby Boomer’ born in 1949!

You see, I have written for websites and for pages over the years, particularly related to my experience and expertise in schooling and education matters and I saw little or no benefit in terms of what I really wanted:

to connect with others.

Thank you all in the blogging  community either as bloggers or readers. I appreciate every person who reads and takes the time to comment.


Joining as always on a Tuesday with Kylie here for I Blog on Tuesdays and on Thursdays with the lovely Leanne & Lovin’ Life linky.



  1. I think that it’s wise not to take on too much. Maybe just being intentional with the connections you want to make with people your age online is enough to start feeling it a bit more, rather than stressing yourself out writing for a lot of places where you might not make a genuine connection.
    Frankly, that’s why I rarely write anywhere that isn’t my blog. I’m not interested in writing on some big website where I can’t allow myself to read the comments, because that defeats the point of blogging for me. (Though I was thinking of experimenting with Medium, but that would have a defined purpose.)

    • Thank you Vanessa, you have summed up what it is about for me too.

      Writing for myself and occasionally for other bloggers is indeed what I want. I have done articles for Bubhub, written a column for the local newspaper some years back and whilst my name/blog/credentials got to more people there was no additional interest via my blog.

      This helps me realise that where I really want to connect is here, in comments and follow up by writing comments on others’ blogs.
      Again, thank you!

  2. Great to see you got some good brainstorming in and it’s helped you prioritise! Just like a planning workshop, only virtual. What a great bloggy world we live in. xo

    • How apt is that! Yes, virtual brainstorming is was and so very helpful. Thank YOU for your much appreciated help so I could further think about what I REALLY wanted! Denyse x

  3. Brilliant Denyse, such a positive source of inspiration for all baby boomers. Good luck rolling out all your refinements. xx

    • Thank you Nicole! I have had one or two baby boomer readers in the past but they haven’t returned so I will continue in my blogging ventures, adding in some guest posts if asked and making my FB page a more active connection with others. Denyse x

  4. Look at you go! I love that you’ve brainstormed and prioritised and moving forward in a direction that’s right for you. I’ve loved looking at your outfit posts – you’re never too old to style and I’m sure Nikki would agree. Hope all went well at the hospital – onwards and upwards! xx

    • Thank you Sammie. Yes, something clicked in a positive way for me a week or so ago and I started the personal challenge then joined in with Nikki. It has take a a few years but I am better at backing myself again!! The visit to the Oral Health guy was good and I know more about the surgeries ahead as a result. Won’t know WHEN though as the year is ending so we shall see when I hear back from the Professor’s practice manager. Then I will update! D xx

  5. I’m so pleased you are going to write a post for Retiring not Shy! I am sure it will be very well received.

  6. It sure is a wonderful community of bloggers we belong to. I love that you’ve put an idea out there and received some helpful suggestions. I’m enjoying your daily style posts too x

    • Indeed it is and I have met (virtually or IRL) so many people who have enriched my life…and you are one of those!! Thank you for your kind words always and caring about me. I am enjoying the daily style posts more than I thought and now will continue instead of stopping when I am 68. D xx

  7. It’s always so heartening to ask and then receive the feedback or support we needed. You’ve contributed so much to so many blogs over the years, I’m glad to hear they stepped up and you feel that you got what you needed. The best!

    • Oh thank you dear M! That is so lovely of you. I realised just how much I love to connect with my bloggy friends too as I would be a very lonely retiree without them! D xx

  8. Bravo, Denyse, for seeking feedback and make a plan to suit your needs and schedule.

  9. I’ve been loving your outfit pics on Instagram and I think people can underestimate how hard it can be to share them. I still struggle sometimes and just can’t stand how big I look and refuse to put my head in the same pic as my body. But I’m getting better and I think it does help me on the body-acceptance front.

    I love that you have a plan and I love that you know where you want to draw the line. I’ve been thinking about my own blogging lately. I felt like pulling the plug completely a week or two ago and probably am still not sure about the direction I want to take but I was reminded there’s no urgency to decide. And there are no rules. xx

    • I loved that last sentence. There are no rules. Yet I still think there are!! Must be teacher, compliant and people pleaser me!!
      I would love you to share more of YOU too in your posts.
      I know the first time I pressed publish it felt scary and yet, there are the lovely comments.
      I really enjoy seeing you too!
      Thanks for your wonderful support, always! D x

  10. It was a pleasure to have you as my guest Denise and I’m loving and impressed with your new look FB page and Instagram theme. You are inspiring me all the time – thank you xx

    • Thank you too Sue. It is getting better each day as I like deciding what to wear. I also have to wait for my photographer (husband!) to be ready to snap me!! D x

  11. So glad you’re finding where you want to go to next on your blogging journey Denyse. I’m wondering what next year holds for me atm and it’s nice reading about others who are morphing their blogs as they move along in life. Good on you for all the daily fashion posts too – you’re much braver than me!

    • I love your stories on your blog. I would suggest not to ‘overthink it’ and let things come to you as they may. I think that we are always morphing into something new and without that, how bored would we become. If my bravery inspires, then try it too!! D xx

  12. The blogging community does rock. Everyone I’ve met online has only been too happy to help and support me over the years. So what goes around comes around. That’s fabulous that your fellow blogging friends have been able to give you some new things to try. #TeamLovinLife

    • Thank you Kathy. I too have been fortunate to meet many blogging friends at a couple of conferences back in 2011, 2012 and 2013. You do not have to “meet” people to connect with them either as we know. This link up is a very friendly and caring one. D x

  13. What I love is that you seem to have found your “why”. That’s something that many take a long time to get to. And yes, this community seriously does rock. Anyone who says that the people we meet on line aren’t real friends has never really been part of it.

    • So so true. I am thankful to have virtually met many and in real life too. One day it would be wonderful to catch up with you and Deb! D x

  14. It’s so great that everyone’s input helped you find some clarity Denyse! I’m glad you’re not trying to take on too much. xo #TeamLovinLife

  15. Wise words Min. I too am glad I thought about ideas after I had received some very helpful suggestions. I sometimes take on too much (people pleasing is my nature!) and am glad I realise before I have to backtrack. D x