Saturday 23rd October 2021

Things That Are White. #SundayStills. #9. 26/2021.

Things That Are White. #SundayStills. #9.  26/2021.

Each week I am writing and posting here for inclusion in the #SundayStills from this blogger and kind person, Terri from here. I now post on a Sunday!


What’s a woman to think about who has just celebrated her Golden Wedding Anniversary?

That WHITE dress.

So much tradition in white. I was a bride of very simple tastes and am not someone who goes for a lot of frill and bling.

These images, of images, sorry, are from wedding photos my 97 year old Dad has hanging in a collage in his Unit.


My Mother’s Parents. I called them Nanny and Papa. This is around 1920. These were poor, working class people from a rural background. I would think the gown was borrowed.


My Dad’s parents. I never met my grandfather as he died when Dad was 11. My Grandmother (Gran) was a stylish dresser but with little money. She was a war bride from the U.K. marrying the love of her life around 1921. She lived a sad life as a widow with 4 children to support and did it tough.


My Parents. 2 November 1946. Mum and Dad had formal photos taken after the wedding. Mum’s gown was, I believe, made with the help of post war coupons. There would have been a lot of help with sewing and more. No idea what happened to the gown. Likely shared with others. Mum and Dad got to celebrate 60 years wed before Mum’s death from cancer.



The 1970s kids. Us. 23 January 1971. I bought my wedding dress off the rack from the bridesmaid section in a bridal shop. The veil was the closest to fancy. Very practical and comfy. My husband hired his suit.

Dear 11 year old granddaughter, you look so cool. Yes, your Grandma has carted this dress around NSW for over 50 years so you can try it on at our Golden Wedding Anniversary!


Our daughter made us an orange flavoured cake (her Dad’s choice) for our Golden Wedding Anniversary and it was decorated with white icing, and flowers. So pretty.

I know Wedding Dresses can be all shades of colour.

This post however, did benefit from having images of brides in white!

No judgement made on reasons nor actual “whiteness” of said dresses as white can be of soooo many differing shades! Ever tried to choose a white paint for a room?




  1. Love all those photos. I love looking back at generations wedding dresses. So beautiful.

  2. This is so cool how you used the theme to recount your love of family wedding dresses, Denyse! I love your practical approach to your own dress. My first dress was made by my former MIL, and I paid for the material. Although now divorced I kept the dress and my daughter tried it on but it was too small. Those were the days, I guess! When I remarried in 2013 I ordered a knee-length lace dress from Macy’s for $60 dollars! Always a pleasure to have you along for Sunday Stills!

    • Lovely to read your wedding dress stories too, Terri.

      I tend to be practical over pretty 100% but I do like to feel well-dressed in terms of colourful clothers and comfort.

      Weddings bring out so many memories don’t they? I’ve been both a mother of the bride and the groom and ….both marriages did end over time. It happens. That IS life.

      I will pop back over to Sunday Stills to comment too.

      Thanks as always for #sundaystills


  3. What a lovely “white” story with pictures of wedding dresses. I wish I’d thought of it. Very nicely done. Your mom was such a cutie. My first wedding dress was a dark green suit I already had – I was pretty poor at the time. Twenty some years later after he passed, I remarried and did what Terri did and bought a mid-calf length dress, which I still own. I doubt that my step-son will ever need it and I can’t wear it anymore, but it was fun to have a wedding dress. 🙂

    • Oh Marsha, how lovely it is to read your wedding stories too.

      There can be such emphasis on ‘the right dress’ and ‘the right look’ for a wedding but it’s the marriage we also need to be thinking about too. Glad you kept and love your dress!

      Mum would love to know that! She was petite, never changed and could often buy shoes in the kids’ department.