Thursday 20th January 2022

The View From Here. 2017.90.

The View From Here. 2017.90.

Most regular readers know I have been away from the blog to face one of life’s BIG challenges, a cancer diagnosis and then surgery. If you want to know more, please look up May 2017 posts.

So, without much more to say, the single room I had at Chris O’Brien’s Lifehouse in Camperdown Sydney looked north and east so I had the BEST views for this visual person and photographer to savour!

Warning: I look pretty gross in some pics. That’s what happened when they cut the inside top of my mouth out!

Day Before: Pre-Op Admin. Last time I had (fake) top teeth. Outside Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.


Out of ICU on Day 3 I was moved to a room with this view at sunrise. Captured from me bed, through glass.


Not a bad place to be in hospital! It has only been open for surgical admissions for 2 years. The older building opposite are all part of R.P.A. Hospital.


My night nurse for 4 in a row was Roan and he and shared a passion for pics, so he’d come in before sunrise and capture some pics with me and me in them. He was the epitome of professionalism and patient-centred care. Looking south towards Newtown and Sydney Airport.


One day had three seasons in it!


Shot by Roan – I could not get that far on my balcony so he just shot away. Capturing Gloucester House, mid – left, a private hospital in the day where my beloved Mum had some of her hearing restored. I was 7! We lived in Wollongong and I remember how it was to visit her there. 60 years later, here I am looking at it each day.


Getting better every day and finally in a nightie. I must admit I stayed in the hospital garb because my face was…ummm…leaky!


Monday. At home. 11 days post surgery. Very pleased with my progress which is why was more than ready to come home on Saturday.

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  1. So great to see you back home. xoxo

  2. I’m so pleased you are home!! I hope you continue to recover well xx

  3. So happy to see you again looking so well in these photos after such major surgery Denyse and to hear that you are home!

    What an amazing view you had in hospital!


    • Thanks Ingrid. I think I recall saying on IG that if you have cancer, this is a sensational place to visit (and in my case, stay). The late Prof Chris O’Brien had a vision that all cancer patients should be treated in a one-stop shop so to speak. He died of brain cancer before anything started and his wonderful widow Gail ensured as best she could that is does embrace his dream.

  4. So lovely to see you home and recovering so fabulously! I had a room with a view when I was in isolation for my radioactive treatment – having the view and a balcony really made a difference. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that mean the most! Yay for Roan!

    • I know! He and clicked for sure…and after the first morning when he was doing final obs before handover at 6.45 he came every morning to get the shots with me too. A sweetheart whose passion is nursing and caring for others. D xx

  5. I’m really glad that you go to go home at 10 days πŸ™‚ Home is always better for healing, I think!

  6. You’re doing so well Denyse, just remember to rest and take it easy too xxx

    • I know! It was the 10th day if you count surgery as Day one. I always knew the predicted time frame was 10-14 days so when I knew I was going so well, and the Prof came in, I put it to him about the Sat and whilst he did not say definitely (I think I asked on the Tues) the conversations with nursing staff and his team, along with my physical recovery were the reasons I got to home ‘early’. D xx

  7. I love that Roan got some shots for you when you couldn’t get out there, so lovely! Also that he took photos of you. πŸ™‚

    • Indeed, most nurses were incredibly good at what they did and would have a chat but he was above and beyond, as I got my fix of Sydney’s views from there in particular!

  8. What an absolutely lovely nurse you had! You seem to be recovering very well Denyse xx

    • He is a legend. We shared a few stories but it was great to have someone so caring about the HUMAN in the bed (almost 100% of them did, and it is a hospital only for patients with cancer). We clicked over the photography and he grabbed the phone and did some good shots to add to my collection and of course, of me!! Thanks Claire xx

  9. What a view and what a great nurse. So glad to hear your at home recovering. Rest up x

  10. Hi Denyse

    I follow you on Instagram as Joolzmac. I have a blog (since 2008) that you might find interesting – but I haven’t posted lately as I can’t seem to publish pictures using Bloggo on my iPad. So, I’ve been on Facebook and Instagram more of late. Glad to hear you are doing well.

    My blog is

    Cheers – Joolz

    • Thanks Joolz for your comment and I will visit your blog if you would like to link up an old/new post any Monday where I run a linky called Life This Week. Cheers, Denyse