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The Story of My First Name. #LifeThisWeek. 13/52. 2018.27.

The Story of My First Name. #LifeThisWeek. 13/52. 2018.27.

Happy 1/4 of the Year of 2018 GONE…

I know, it just started right?

And before I forget: the weekend coming, when the EB may visit (if you believe), do not forget to turn BACK the clocks…and Queenslanders, NT peeps and WA wonders, we are what I call NORMAL transmission.

Ok, sorry to those who LOVE Daylight Saving. I admit, this time round it was not too bad. Probably because we did not have 5 days of temps over 38 deg as in February 2017.

Paternal Grandmother, Dad, Me, and Paternal Great Grandmother: My Christening in Wollongong in early 1950.

The optional prompt today…best I get on with it!

My first name is Denyse.

I do not like it much at all.

was to be named Jennifer.

I like that name.

But no, first child to my parents back in 1949 and Mum won! The naming game.

I was to be Denise Jennifer.

What do you notice?

Yes, that is NOT how I spell my name.

Dad went one up…and he changed to spelling on my birth certificate application so I became:

Denyse Jennifer.

And, I have no inkling why, but I “was” the only person in our little family to have a second name. Dad and Mum did not (babies of 1924) neither has my brother born after me. Must note this to ask Dad.

I don’t mind that the spelling is unusual BUT it becomes tedious ensuring the spelling is correct and once I could spell and read around 6 years of age I have been spelling my name for teachers, and all the people who want to know your first name: medical people, forms people,marriage certificate people and more. Including these:


And just for the fun of how my name can sound as people in high school told me: DEN W(y)ISE…so when I first tweeted and for about 50,000 tweets from 2010 to around 2014 when I closed that account my handle was: denwise1. Den Wise One. I liked it. In fact, a number of people who got to know me back then still call me Den. It is sweet that they do but my name was only ever shortened by me (and some others) to D or Dee or DJ.

So, everyone, now I have let you in on the story of my name, what is the story of yours?

Names are very challenging to get right. I admit, that I was pernickty about how I wanted our daughter’s name spelled (shades of Dad!) so I completed the form for her name in hospital!

One more thing, as teachers it can be very hard to select a name for your child IF, heaven forbid, you have taught someone of that name….ahem..and they were NOT the best kids you have come across in a classroom. To avoid any hurt or incrimination, I will not say what those names were. BUT…no, I still won’t…sorry! And hate to say it, it was 90% the boys.


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Life This Week 13/52.


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Next Week is the optional prompt’: 14/52.  “Foods I Dislike.” 2.4.18.



  1. Your dad looks proud as punch in that photo of you with your grandmother and great grandma! I’m sorry that you don’t like your name as much as Jennifer, BUT that name has always conjured images of a lovely person in my mind. So it fits you well in my mind.
    As for my name, where do we start? Speaking of Twitter handles, mine – @krasf – is the first letter of each of my names. Being the only girl in the family, I got saddled with a mouthful. Katherine for my paternal great grandmother Katarina, Rose for my maternal grandmother, Anne for my paternal grandmother Marianna, Spiranza because it means “Hope” in Maltese, and then my last name Fenech.
    I have two Godmothers and no Godfather. They are my paternal grandmother and her sister – they were visiting from Malta when I was born. My great-aunty asked my dad what Spiranza translated to in English. From then on she called me “Hoppy” because she couldn’t say Hope.
    Wow, sorry, that turned into a long comment!

    • Wow. I loved reading this so much. I always thought your twitter handle was you first 3 names then SF for San Francisco! Huh! How wrong was I?

      Family stories are good. This is why blogging can be one source of keeping them alive..the stories even if not the people.

      Hope the season of Spring is treating you well!

      Denyse x

  2. Such interesting story behind your first name! You can choose to be addressed by your second name if you like it more than your first name, no?

    • Thank you so much Natalie. I guess I never really gave the change to second name much consideration especially once my cousin was born and she was called Jennifer!!

      Denyse x

  3. Mums should always win the name choosing, since they do all the hard work! I never thought about the unusual spelling being a hassle. That would get tiresome now and again. I could understand how hard it would be to a choose a name if you’re a teacher! It’s like that meme/joke about how you never realise how many people you dislike until you have to name a baby… LOL.

    I was sort of kind of named after/because of Vanessa Redgrave. I quite like that.

    • Oh I AM impressed. Vanessa Redgrave was/is a striking actress and she played some pretty strong characters.

      Yes, mothers should get to choose…but let me tell you in our case, we both agreed on our daughter’s name and then when our next baby (sex wasn’t known back then) came along I had a boy’s name picked out and husband decided to choose a girl’s name…it was one of a student he taught and I know she was lovely. However, all that went out the window when our son was born!

      Denyse x

  4. I’m the only one of us five kids with a second name! Maria, no surprise, totally woggy. I’ve gone into the archives to link up today x

    • That’s interesting. I was speaking to my husband (raised a Catholic) about lack of second names in my mum, dad and bro (even though Mum’s siblings had them) he said it was a baptismal name. However in my protestant upbringing, we were christened but never associated that with a second name.

      Look forward to reading your post!
      Denyse x

  5. Thanks for the Daylight Saving reminder, Denyse.

    Interesting story about your being the only person in your family to have second name. I had always thought having a second name was part of ‘Western’ culture, it is not a thing in Chinese culture but now many children including my son have a ‘Western’ first name and then a Chinese second name.

    SSG xxx

    • I found out more about the cultural differences when I was an ESL teacher to kids and adults 2004 – 2010. Sure is interesting. Your story is too. Thanks for sharing.

      As for Daylight saving I had to check because Saturday is still March but of course, Sunday is April 1 (don’t be fooled!!) and the changeback is the first Sunday in April.

      Denyse x

  6. My parents are from Estonia and at home we were bilingual. They chose my name of Ingrid because it sounds the same in both English and Estonian.


  7. Interesting about the second name, Denyse. My brother was David William John, I’m Susan Irene and my sister is Catherine Anne. You must have been pretty special to get the second name. I really enjoyed this prompt – thanks for thinking of it! Have a great week!

    • I sense I got the second name because then Dad got his way like that. I really must ask him! Look at your brother …he got two!

      Thanks so much, Sue. I like the brain power I have to use to think of the prompts.

      Denyse x

  8. I should ask my mum how I got my name. But my siblings and I like to joke that our parents blended my brothers’ names to create mine (Ron and Darren = Rhonda). I’m not sure that this is true. It would be so funny if my mum says it is.