Thursday 20th January 2022

The M-Z of Me. 24/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.49.

The M-Z of Me. 24/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.

This week’s optional prompt is a part two to this one: The A-L of Me.

As I mentioned last time, I had done an A-Z of me a few years back so I reviewed it and there was little to change. I find that interesting in itself.

Mother is a role, a word and a lifetime of tears, laughter, sleepless nights, pride, being over-protective, taking the blame, being respected, walking a tight-rope of ‘damned if I do and damned if I don’t’ …I became a mother at 21 and was not really ready for the many roles a mother must play. Selfish? Maybe. Realistic? Probably. But I always wanted to be a mother.

No-one notices an older lady, as I know unless I stand out by saying something, writing  or more. Invisible now to many in society, I am finding that can be a plus at times too.

Opinionated until someone wants to cross me, or criticise my view…and unless I can come back with strength I tend to crumble and admit defeat. More O for Optimistic that I used to be since I was diagnosed with cancer.

Private views tend to be kept by me on all manner of things I would LOVE to express, but I always get concerned about being criticised so I am more likely to ‘shut up’.

Quality is an important part of my work, and in my life, as I like to think my personal connections with others are ones of quality as I value this so much too. I also ask Questions a great deal!

Reader of anything, and via different means, including the newspapers and on-line as I like to be better informed each day. I love reading blogs, on-line articles about life, education & art.

Social is part of who I am and if I can’t have my social needs met within an informal setting or one where I am ‘at home’ I become lonely and sad. I love that I can count as friends people I have not yet met particularly from this wonderful world of blogging. My social network of friends (met and not yet met) buoys me through my cancer journey

Traveller me wants to keep on visiting places and people as I love this. What’s stopping me for now is cash and needing to be fully fit after cancer. I am actually enjoying being an armchair traveller following friends’ posts on Instagram too.

Unique I am. This makes me Denyse…and all that comprises me, and I enjoy being unique as much as I like seeing little parts of ‘me’ handed on to my family members as character traits – the good ones of course!

Vocal person, not only a loud voice, but I like to talk..and here as well as in person. I sometimes have too much to say, and don’t mind some silence, but generally I “have” an opinion or 2…and don’t try to stop me ‘having the last word’. Many have, few succeed!

Worrier describes me in many ways, as I 0ver-think, and 0ver-dramatise…and 0ver-expect..and 0ver-anticipate. True to form about 99% of what I worry about does not eventuate. *sigh*. My husband would say, I am a  “W is for Work in Progress.”

X can be for kisses at the end of my emails, and in real life, from my beautiful family and my loving spouse.

Young for my age is what I have always felt, but now I may not get away with this generous descriptor. Let me just say, that as a 68 year old on paper, I am definitely 20 years younger in my head & heart. But the mirror disagrees!

Z can represent the sleeping symbol, and l admit now, that sometimes I do not get enough of this as my active brain, and creative thoughts take me into lands of planning for the future.

Bit of a night owl. Need to go to S L E E P!

I hope you saw something of ‘me’ as you see me from these pages.

Thanks for reading, commenting AND linking-up I hope!


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Life This Week 24/52.

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  1. This is a lovely post Denyse. X

  2. Thanks, Denyse, for sharing the M to Z of you. I hope the Traveller in you enjoys my post on Tallinn. Have a great week!

  3. We have some descriptions in common Denyse and some different. It was lovely reading through your thoughts and yes I’m not one to give views out for fear of being confronted about them – I’m not a fan of confrontation and avoid it whenever I can. Lovely seeing the photos of your younger self and I bet you still think you are still that young. That is the important thing, our bodies may age but our mind and attitude can still be young and carefree. Have a great week!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    • Thank you Sue. Yes, our bodies and our minds!! Not always a match and maybe that is a good thing!

      I have become less worried about some confrontations these days but I do still want to be a ‘people pleaser’ most of the time. Doing my best to learn to be more of ‘a please myself’ without hurting anyone’s feelings these days.

      Denyse x

  4. Thanks for sharing. As an aside, the mere fact that you’re blogging & using your voice shows that your attitude is still as young as your head thinks you are. Mirrors know nothing…at least mine doesn’t!

    • Thanks so much Jo. I had not thought of it that way about blogging but it makes sense. I became engaged with twitter back in 2009-2010 as I was lonely and I ‘met’ so many now friends who blog, or are educators through that realm. I also got to meet quite a few in real life which is always a buzz!

      Denyse x

  5. I feel invisible a lot – infact I talk about my cloak of invisibilty when I go to concerts.hehehe. You should see Aurore if you get the chance – it’s a great movie about women aging….

    • Thanks for that tip Lydia. I like my invisibility a lot but once I was ‘caught’ by a student of my school when I was shopping for undies at DJs in Castle Hill on a Sunday. “There’s my principal, Mrs Whelan”.

      Oh..”hello” I said nicely. LOL.

      Denyse x

  6. Love it. And I hear you on the sleep thing, until I caught a cold and spent three days in a row sleeping, I was SO short on decent quality sleep. It’s impossible.

    Thanks for having me again this week, I’m not on theme, but it is a little about me. xo

  7. i really enjoyed writing this week’s #LTW and also reading your response, Denyse. Especially the X for kisses bit.

    SSG xxx

  8. I don’t know how I’ll feel about “N” in time. Right now I look forward to times when I’m “invisible”. I am quite involved in our community and people know my name for various stuff I get involved in. I went to the pizza shop recently to pick up my pizza and I was really tired and looked a wreck so I whispered my name to the guy at the counter because I didn’t want anyone to hear my name … as I didn’t want to be approached about football stuff or cheerleading stuff or whatever it is I happen to have my name attached to at the time. LOL. But if I really did become invisible, how would I feel then?

    • I sense that you will ‘never’ be a nobody Leanne as you have a presence and in your city, it is still like a small town so you need not be concerned.

      However, at times, it would be good to have that cloak of invisibility at times!

      Denyse x

  9. I can related to your words for ‘Opinionated’. Unless they catch me at the exact right moment when my brain is free of everything else going on and I can articulate the evidence backing up my views, then I’m in trouble. I can never think of the right words at the right time.

    • So so true. Those answers we find way after the event. So not helpful then.

      I think I am a little less afraid of some areas of confrontation than I was. Maybe that is because of the big thing getting a cancer diagnosis was.

      I am not asking you how the wedding preparations are going because….I know you will reveal when you know. And that it is a BIG thing for you too.

      Denyse x

  10. Travel is something I miss in my life. So much of it as a kid. So little as an adult!

    • That is a shame and I hope, over time, that you do get to travel more. The red car for one would be a good reason to do a road trip or three if B’s health was up for it!

      Denyse x

  11. I don’t mind being invisible, probably because I’m used to it being so shy, quiet, introverted and autistic.

    I love your optimism and that you’re young at heart. I’m probably more like a nanna before my time in some ways, but childlike in others. Weird.

  12. Loved your Y – I always say my brain is stuck on 25 but my body reminds me that age is long gone 🙂

  13. I love this idea for a post, I am currently doing an Alphabet of Me challenge in my Travelers Notebook and I am finding it so fun! Some letters are so hard to come up with something and sometimes I just do something completely strange and (seemingly) irrelevant – like, A for Avocado, because I hate them haha.

    • I love that. I think being creative means you get to interpret things like this in your OWN way not anyone’s pre-conceived ideas.

      You’ve given me another prompt I idea…. A-Z of what I dislike/hate …!!

      Thanks for linking up again. So pleased you did.

      Denyse x