Wednesday 27th October 2021

The A-L of Me. #LifeThisWeek. 19/52. 2018.39.

The A-L of Me. #LifeThisWeek. 19/52. 2018.39.

I’ve been doing a ‘clean-up’ of old posts. Some drafts from waaay back in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 have been trashed. I do however keep some posts in draft form to give me an idea of what things were like for me when writing here back then. I came upon a 4 year old post called: The A-Z of Me. I read it and determined, that with some additions it could be copied and pasted for this prompt.

What I found interesting is how I have not really changed much at all. Some of the updated life circumstances have been added to what makes me Denyse now, but essentially I have remained pretty much the same.

I wonder about what others might say about themselves, so I am looking forward to seeing who blogs using the optional prompt this week for A-L and for the M-Z week.

Art-lover  I really love to make art, look at art and appreciate the ART of others.

Blogger who uses this space, and Facebook,  to connect, share and communicate her passions

Caring person about people I care for, those who struggle in life from time to time and about issues which are really meaningful for me. I add for Cancer too as once diagnosed, it is ‘part of me.’

Dramatic in my moods, from highs to lows at times but often “over” them much faster than most people. I’ve added Determined in 2018 too.

Excitable with a side of tension, yet more of joy mixed with happiness, and often like a little kid!

Fat is not a word I like, but I embrace that it has been a descriptor of my outward appearance for decades. Whilst I do not diet to change it, life’s health circumstances have changed as I am a different size to my first edition. Maybe, Fabulous? Ha!

Generous to a fault — and the fault may be that I am not generous enough of time or energy for me. Sadly I add Gums: for that is where my cancer was found.

Helpful is my “middle name” not Jennifer, but again, I can ‘over do’ this and it become UNhelpful to me. A balancing act needed here.

Intelligent and so grateful for this genetic gift as it has given me opportunities in life and career, and now in retirement years to continue to learn and enjoy sharing knowledge.

Jealousy is hard to admit but yes, I am jealous. Of some opportunities I’ve missed & others have had, of having ‘enough’ money just to name a few. I am not proud to admit this one, and I am also ‘better’ at dealing with the ‘green eyed monster’ than I was. I am more prone to joy these days too.

Knowledgeable of trivia, such as my BFF birthday even though I haven’t seen her for 45 years, and of all sorts of news and family details. Oh yes, am often a walking encyclopedia of ‘stuff’.

Left-handed and proud even though the world we inhabit is made for the right-handers, it also sets me as a little bit different and for a usual-conformist in nature, this makes me ‘special’.

Interesting shots I have found from around the time of writing this original words and to now, adding just some.

I am very interested to read your A-L of Me if you completed the prompt.

Thanks for joining in or commenting.

This space here is always appreciative of readers, linking bloggers and comments!


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Next Week’s Optional Prompt: 20/52. SHARE YOUR SNAPS 4. 14/5/18. Unbelievable…it’s 5 weeks since the last one!

Life This Week 19/52. The A-L of Me.



  1. It’s interesting that we both have arts and blogging on our list. Thanks, Denyse, for hosting the link up and sharing your post and photos. Have a great week!

  2. This is a great idea for a set of posts. I wish I’d had any time to write last week because I would have definitely written to this prompt. Isn’t it funny how we sometimes feel like we’ve changed so much but when we look back, the same subjects and feelings seem to be popping up?

    I can definitely attest to your generosity in every way. I’m still looking out for your card by the way!

    • Oh yes, I guess we do not stray much from our basic personality and needs.

      I am disappointed by the non-arrival of the card but you already know how much I care and am happy for you both!

      Denyse x

  3. You have a few Ying Yang things in there. Interesting – I’m a leftie too. All the best people are!

    • Yes, I tend to think so about ‘lefties’.

      I notice anyone who is a left-hander and chat to them about it if I get the chance. I am also somewhat mixed dominance (which my husband decided explains a LOT about me!!).
      I play tennis with my right hand, throw a ball with my left, eat right handed with a knife and fork but use a knife by itself with the left hand.

      I also think we are more creative!!
      Denyse x

  4. What a great idea for a blog prompt Denyse! I enjoyed reading your A-L of me. I never knew you were left-handed! I’ve linked up with you today but it’s not on prompt – hope that is ok. xo

    • Thanks so much Min.

      Left-handedness is interesting!

      Only me in our family although our son is left-handed in some things.

      Prompt or not, posts are always welcomed!

      Denyse x

  5. We have some traits the same Denyse and I enjoyed taking up your prompt. It makes you think doesn’t it about the person you are. I’m already thinking about the second half of the alphabet. My brother and grandson are both left-handed. I think you should change that word FAT and put FABULOUS because that is what you are! Have a great week! xx

    • Oh thank you Sue!

      That is most kind.

      I am glad you joined in.

      It really does make you think!

      Left-handers are not dominant in my family other than one aunty. It IS interesting !

      Denyse x

  6. Another left-hander! Me too!
    Lovely post Denyse.

  7. I’m a lefty too! I believe my dad and his mum were – always thought that was an interesting what I assume is coincidence.

    • It’s inherited from what I know.

      It can be a nuisance at times being a lefty in a right-handed world.

      But I like to think of us as more creative!!

      Mind you I have mixed dominance which is interesting…I write with my left, use scissors with my right, bat with my right, bowl with my left…my husband finds me MOST interesting how I go about some things! Did you know we lefties always put our left hand to open a door and put a telescope up to our left eye?

      Denyse x

  8. I didn’t include breast cancer in my A – L but perhaps I should have. As you say, it definitely does become a part of who you are. Great list and insight to you. x

    • Yes Ness, it is a hard one to admit to (the C word) but it IS what is part of us which is why I added it.

      Denyse x

  9. Fabulous prompt – which, of course, I didn’t follow…lol. I love reading these types of post. As an aside, you may have once identified with that 3 letter F word, but no longer! My vote is for Fab.

    • Ha! You are getting over ze jetlag I hope?

      Your pics were a delight and it is probably the closest I will get to France so thank you for sharing!

      Like the fat to fab a LOT.

      Denyse x

  10. Denyse
    This was such a fun #LTW topic to write and also to read.

    Good on you for making ‘J’ about both joy and jealousy.

    SSG xxx

    • Thanks SSG, I am looking forward to reading yours and others.

      It’s good to reflect and see what, if any changes are made over time.

      Plenty of time to prepare for M-Z – on 11 June!!

      Denyse x

  11. I have a leftie! Little Summer is having some coordination problems with her freestyle swimming and it only occured to me last night that it’s probably because her brain works differently from right handers! I need to look at your prompts more often, I like this one 🙂

    • How interesting.
      I always notice left-handedness and if I get the chance I mention it to the person.
      I saw on a friend’s IG post that one of her pre-school aged child was using his left hand and mentioned it.
      She said “I never noticed before”…and then she tried some ideas to see whether he was show the tendency more. It often changes up until around school age.
      I have had to ask teachers to move children seated together if the left-handed writer was always bumping into the right hander.
      The prompt M-L is coming up 11 June! Plenty of time. And, Share your snaps is every 5th week: next week is that!!
      Denyse x

  12. Fabulous absolutely and surely I for inspirational x

  13. I like the A-L theme! That’s fun 🙂 Such insight. I did not know you are left handed, My dad is too, but was forced to write with his right hand as a kid. He plays sports left handed though and needs lefty golf clubs xo

    • Thanks Leanne, it was good to break it up and M-Z is coming in June.

      Your poor Dad. I was fine at school because when my parents asked should I change over, my very helpful Year One teacher said no.

      I admit I have ambidexterity. At Teacher’s College in the last 1960s us lefties had to learn to write on the blackboard with our right hands!!! Because when writing on the board as left handers we would have been obscuring the view of the students.

      It actually did me a favour and I always used my right hand on a chalkboard and took a while to get to use my left hand on a white board. Our brains are amazing at adapting!

      Denyse x