Thursday 20th January 2022

Taking Stock. #LifeThisWeek 9/52. 2017.33.

Taking Stock. #LifeThisWeek 9/52. 2017.33.

Thanks to the blogger extraordinaire Pip Lincoln I am taking most of her words from Taking Stock to form this post. I’ve used the adapted list from here too. Thanks Sandra! The new prompts for Life This Week from next Monday 6 March until Monday 1 May, are ready to go here and on the Home Page of the blog. Each 9th week I will ‘take stock.’

Making: art every single day in one form or another

Realising: this is it, life is not a dress rehearsal

Cooking: much less these days and loving that more

Drinking: water and some soft drink

Reading: a long list of books..none of which have been completed (yet) almost all non-fiction. 

Wanting: to have a greater level of concentration to continue to read “Victoria” by Julia Baird

Looking: always looking around me

Pondering: so much and most of it is about ‘life’

Wishing: I had some of the insight into me earlier than now!

Enjoying: the company of my husband each day as we have never been ‘alone’ till past 2 years

Waiting: to have enough money to buy a house 

Liking: that we do not have enough money to buy a house (yet) because it gives us more time to consider 

Wondering: how this word is different to pondering

Loving: that I surprise myself with my art every day 

Listening: to some great self-help and spiritual people on CD

Considering: that I am more capable than I feel 

Buying: books and CDs from on-line stores because it is EASY and CHEAP(er)

Watching: some reality TV, the local regional news and iView catch ups of ABC TV faves

Hoping: that I can continue to accept that I have a chronic condition called IBS and learn to live with it

Marvelling: at the way anyone who has a brain is….

Cringing: about the behaviour of Donald Trump

Needing: to be as kind a friend to myself as I am to others and I am getting better at it

Questioning: why…about quite a few things that I now realise is futile

Smelling: frangipanis on the large tree right outside our back door

Wearing: retirement coastie clothing of coloured shorts and sleeveless top and birkenstocks

Following: lots of interesting friends who blog

Noticing: the days are shortening and the mornings are getting cooler

Thinking: that I would prefer not to think so much

Admiring: my husband who is celebrating his birthday today and is my best friend and love of my life

Getting: to really like our ‘new to us’ lifestyle away from Sydney

Disliking: media coverage which sensationalises and does not provide balance 

Opening: my blog each day and seeing who has commented so I get ready to chat

Giggling: at some of the fun memories I have with my husband about our life as parents and grandparents

Feeling: more positive than the last time I did a ‘taking stock’ post here

Celebrating: February is nearly over because its weather is always extreme

Pretending: I am not concerned about being closer to 70 than 65

Embracing: my husband every day because hugging is good for attachment hormones and I LOVE him.

Do you take stock this or elsewhere? It’s helpful.


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  1. Love your ’embracing’. That’s sweet. Glad you are feeling more positive. That’s a positive in itself!!

    • Yes, last week when I wrote this things were looking to speak. Recent events have challenged me so I need to recall life is a series of ups and downs.

  2. Love the coastal retiree “uniform” 🙂

    • It’s funny how much I have embraced it! Wouldn’t have gone outside the house in Sydney (even though I never dressed up really) like this. It’s a win.

  3. Really enjoyed writing my ‘taking stock’ post this week, Denyse. Love the look of the new list of prompts too.

    I’ve gotten to know so many new (to me) bloggers through Life This Week, thank you!

    By the way, Birkenstocks are big news in the city too!

    SSG xxx

    • Oh I am glad this link up is proving helpful and fun. My birkenstocks and brooks sneakers are all the shoes I can wear now..thanks foot issues of both old age and heredity. LOL.

  4. Ugh. I always have a massive list of books that are unfinished. I’ve started one a week ago and still haven’t finished the one before it!

    Ohh, what are you watching on reality tv?

    • I did finish one book, no three! I have read Mrs Woog’s book and Julia Watson’s (sadly the lady who died of cancer) and Big Little Lies. The rest, are works in progress piling up. But that’s OK. I have lovely bookmarks..made from my art work and laminated!
      I watched Foxtel Selling House Australia and Grand Designs Australia. I love ABC shows that are docos such as one with Annabel Crabbe but occasionally I can put up with Reality Tv – I am putting up with some of I’m A Celebrity ..just for the human issues. I turn off for the challenges.

      • I don’t know what’s wrong with me the past couple of years. I really struggle to finish books now. Except for Holly Throsby’s book, that was great and I read it in a week or so. Maybe I just need to get a hold of the right books?
        Oh yeah, Grand Designs! I loved watching that show when I lived in London and the reruns on the ABC. I’m not sure how I’d go with “I’m A Celebrity…” but I did like Julia Zemiro’s show driving around with people.

        • I hope you get to see some Aussie shows when you can. I am not sure WHY I am watching Celebrity as it’s total rubbish really! I find concentration and focus is why I can’t really sit with a book for long. Mind you, it HAS to engage me too!

  5. I always thought my kids didn’t “say silly things”, then I started paying attention and telling facebook, and as I look back now I realise they are full of kid-one-liners! Parenting can be awesome sometimes!

  6. Great list Denyse and you have made me think about answering all those words you have used. I certainly wish I had more insight before this but that is life I suppose. Thanks for the link up and hope to see you over at #OvertheMoon Link party. Have a beautiful week!

    • Thanks for enjoying the prompt. It has been around for a while, as has the blogger who initiated it. You could make your own list up with additions or subtractions making it applicable to the theme of your blog.

  7. What a great list!! I’m also cringing at the behaviour of Donald von Clownstick.

  8. Oh I’m with you on a lot of this Denyse! Cringing re Trump. Pondering life. I’m not creating art every day and I’m hoping that my decision to take a break from blogging leads to something else… xx

  9. Happy birthday to your hubby!

  10. My parents are still going strong in their 70’s. In fact, they are heading to Malta later in the year…

    Sounds like you have a lot of stuff happening. Taking stock is such a great exercise now and again.

  11. I love that you are feeling more positive – that’s truly awesome x

    • It’s been more down than up since I wrote it unfortunately but generally things will continue to work out for me and B..and that IS what’s most important to see ahead for me now.

  12. inthegoodbooksblog says:

    At the library where I volunteer, we have a good range of spiritual cd’s that are quite popular and get borrowed out on a regular basis.

    • It’s so good to have help from these as needed. I like dipping in and out. I have bought mine and I often listen when I am doing art.

  13. So glad I’m not the only one who has several unfinished books on the go Denyse. I like to have one to match every mood 😉 and some of them can sit around for a good 12 months. Thanks for the link up x

    • I’m sort of embarrassed to say there are piles of books..actually. Few fiction because I cannot get into them. I have tried. I like memoirs the best and also have lots of books on CDs/audible which I listen to in the car or when I am doing art.

  14. I’d like to take stock but I don’t have time, haha.

  15. I really should do one of these taking stock posts some time. Always enjoy reading other people’s posts. I’m glad you’re enjoying the lifestyle up here. It is quite nice! And happy birthday to your husband…I feel like I could learn a lot from you on the relationship front. I’m terrible at that!

    Have a great week Denyse!

    • Thanks Sanchie, My husband enjoyed his birthday which was quiet and without fuss. That is so him! Yes, slowly but surely becoming ‘coasties’ now. I will do a Taking Stock post next on 1 May if you want to bookmark your post planning for that week!!

  16. Hope that works – can’t delete the other one?

  17. I love a good taking stock post, especially this one, there are so many reasons to be cheerful. Hope hubby had a wonderful birthday. I like to think getting older is like a fine wine, we just get better with age! Enjoy the cool change xx

    • Thanks Sammie! He had a lovely birthday, especially because his daughter baked him a cake and brought it up here on Sunday. Yep, lets go with the age and wine thing!! Denyse x

  18. Pet hate: Disliking: media coverage which sensationalises and does not provide balance. Turned off months and months ago. Surround myself with positive people and words.

    Like these: Considering: that I am more capable than I feel; Realising: this is it, life is not a dress rehearsal

  19. I am taking stock of my health after falling down the stairs at my son’s school yesterday! Twstted my ankle and today I am sore all over and my neck hurts. Definitely makes you take stock!

  20. The media is shocking, I am sure if they didn’t sensationalise everything and drag it out, most of them would be out of a job. I do enjoy watching a bit of news in the morning, but it frustrates me. Better of sticking to the ABC for the facts without the sensationalism.
    I haven’t done a ‘taking stock’ post and I really should try to fit it in. Somewhere!

    • I am an ABC news person too both on-line and off but as a almost new local I enjoy the first part of the regional news here so I continue to get to know more about my new community. Taking stock returns again 1 May if you want to wait.. AND, take care of you, please too!!

  21. I think we are all cringing about that right now!