Thursday 20th January 2022

Taking Stock. #LifeThisWeek. 36/52. 2017.107.

Taking Stock. #LifeThisWeek. 36/52. 2017.107.

It is always interesting to me to ‘take stock’ and again, some of my answers are similar to other times but THIS one mentions my health a lot more. I wonder why!! Thanks to Pip Lincoln here for the ‘taking stock’ words.

I hope you enjoy my run down for this week. Also, in case you missed it, the prompts for the remainder of 2017 are here and here! And one prompt (so far..) for 2018. I am a plan-ahead kind of gal.

Making : a mess in the laundry as I defrost the non frost-free freezer.

Cooking : not much today but will be making red meat-based dishes for me soon.

Drinking : more coffee than I have in ages and trying to have more water each day.

Reading: books! Finally I am back into books. Finished The Mummy Bloggers – a novel set in Australia in 2017.

Trawling: the internet for houses that we might buy ONE day …I think it is an obsession but I always want to be prepared.

Wanting: not much at all. No, that is a lie. I want to be planning something like a great holiday in my  our future.

Looking: quite self-conscious because of my mouth – post surgery – but….

Deciding: that is a small price to pay for being as cancer-free as any doctor can predict. 

Wishing: for continued good health for me and for all my family and friends.

Enjoying: the peaceful ambience of living here.

Waiting: for my doctor’s appointment today to have a B12 injection as that and iron are very low since surgery and the fact I have not been able to eat meat since January. 

Liking: our ‘newish to us’ GP who has been the BEST support to me since April 2017. 

Wondering: if the summer will bring the dreadful conditions of heat waves it has in the past 12 months. 

Loving: how art is my go-to for time out, creativity and mindfulness.

Pondering: tending not to ponder much these days.

Listening: to old-fashioned musicals on my CD player. My Fair Lady, Annie Get Your Gun and Oklahoma.

Considering: the cost of a frost-free upright freezer and then NOT…

Buying: one as they are around $800.

Watching: my sweet peas climb up to the top of the trellis I put on the back fence and…

Hoping: that by Sunday, 17 September, there will be at least one flower because it is 6 months since they were planted…to celebrate a granddaughter’s birthday even though we won’t see her, planting them and tending them reminds me of the years we cared for her.

Marvelling: at  nature in the garden EVERY single day.

Cringing: at this Federal Government and its complete lack of backbone on the same sex marriage issue so….

Needing: we all need to send back our opinion papers (not votes!) with YES ticked. 

Questioning: my cancer & why. But there are no answers as I do not cross any boxes for why. So in those famous words: it is what it is

Smelling: the delightful perfume from parts of the front garden.

Wearing: clothes that actually fit me now.

Noticing: that I feel better in myself for taking the time to select clothing which fits and suits me.

Knowing: that it is important to feel and look well and that it is linked to self-acceptance and self-worth.

Trouble-shooting: nothing much these days but I still need to be aware of not rescuing people. 

Thinking: that I am doing well for someone who was diagnosed with cancer just over 4 months ago.

Admiring: families of kids and babies who are found to have cancer. Nothing makes sense in my head for little people to get cancer.

Getting: my blog organised for next year’s Life This Week prompts.

Bookmarking: every book I have on the go right now. Using bookmarks made by me when I can too!

Opening: the conversations about dying with dignity where we can with family members as it is important to know loved ones’ wishes.

Closing: the door each evening as we settle in for a quiet and cosy night.

Feeling: incredibly grateful and blessed to be this well following my cancer surgery.

Dreaming: of our family coming together once more. It has not happened since early 2016. 

Hearing: the bird song… 

Celebrating: every day and every night of feeling well.

Pretending: it’s not something I do at all really. I am so not  poker player.

Embracing: life. Because it is GOOD!

And just in case you were wondering: here’s the way we voted on same sex marriage plebiscite in our house:


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  1. I recently finished reading The Mummy Bloggers too. I loved it! I even blogged about it today.


    • It is funny that it is having mixed reviews. I bought it on a whim as I am trying hard to get back to books and another blogging friend thought i would like it. I got annoyed by some of the characters initially and wasnt going to finish, then some part of the story made me continue to the end. I did. And she certainly used a LOT of very recent and current events in both blogging and the media! D x

  2. LOL at considering and then NOT buying 🙂
    Happy Monday!
    Thanks for hosting xo

    • I am glad you noticed that..I cannot justify that much money as we are needing to have every dollar saved for a house and on-going health & other matters for our ageing future. So, twice a year I defrost it instead!! I really rely on my freezer though as I batch cook so much!! D xx

  3. It’s good there are positives and negatives here Denyse and I like that you’re able to turn a lot of negatives into positives… or at least look at them in a pragmatic way.

    I hope you get your holiday. Start planning!!!!

    I love that you’re enjoying your art as well… and spring. It’s really dry here so, while it’s starting to get warm I’m not sure our gardens are blooming as they should!

    • PS. Forgot to say I wasn’t a huge fan of The Mummy Bloggers…. I seem to be kind of alone in that amongst other bloggers though.

      • I almost gave it up as I found it annoying in the way she wrote the characters all being connected and I offered to send my copy to Claire at Life On Wallace as she wanted a book for their upcoming holiday. As I am trying so hard (LOL) to have the attention to read a book I gave it another go before sending and decided I “had” to finish it. Now Claire has it! It was something very recognisable in the world of blogging and as the author works for mamamia she had plenty of up to date media fodder for her story! D xx

    • The holiday (which I have not even considered until recently) is something we can ill-afford (saving every dollar for house in our future and health needs) BUT I have decided to drive to Canberra solo (B doesn’t enjoy Canberra as I do) if I am well enough next Autumn as I want to photograph the trees and catch up with at least 3 or 4 Canberra bloggy friends and their babies/kids. D xx

  4. Happy Monday Denyse! I loved your taking stock and yes I’m drinking more coffee and need to get back to water plus lately I’ve been getting lost in books for hours. You have had such a difficult few months but always inspired by your positive attitude. Have a great week!

    • Thanks Sue. I would like to get lost in books more but find it really hard to both concentrate (I think I am too social media oriented these days!!) and to find content I enjoy. Hence my books are mostly memoirs or about health/self improvement. You have just reminded me, have a drink of water!! Thanks for your kind gift too, it is a good adjunct and focus for me from time to time. Very thoughtful. D xx

  5. A great taking stock. I can picture those sweet peas. Funny thing is, I listened to a musical yesterday that I haven’t listened to for ages – War of the Worlds. Have a great week

    • Thank you Jo! But, boooo they did not flower for now Miss 8’s birthday. Not that she was here or would even know but it was something we did together in her years of coming for grandparent care from 2010-2014. I am enjoying the music and singing along which B tells me is a good sign of my recovery!! D xx

  6. I totally get the questioning cancer and why. But as you say, it is what it is.. And you are definitely doing amazingly well. What a four months you’ve been through! I would love to plan a holiday and a new home, too. Hope they happen for you soon. x

    • I’ll bet you do. It seems like such a short time when I write it – 4 months but it is, like yours a life changer. I am planning a short trip by myself to Canberra as I want to take photos of Autumn there and I have some blogging friends with little kids and want to catch up. That is my plan! We shall see. I am relieved we get to stay in this rental house till next August as I will be having more surgeries in Sydney and to be planning a move to another rental would have been horrible as well as more hospital stays. I do hope you are doing well too. Often think of you. D xx

  7. I’d love a big holiday. Not even sure how I want to travel these days though. I guess it’s all up in the air.

    I’m worried this summmer will be super hot like the last one. I hated last summer. I felt so trapped indoors in air con just for mild comfort.

    I scored a bargain frost free upright freezer last year and I love it. Could have never bought it new though. Thank goodness for a great secondhand buy sell list at work!

    Big family get-together – apparently we’re having one soon haha. It was raised on the weekend.

    • Great you scored a bargain. I have always had a freezer, usually a chest one and they are so freaking hard to reach into and also to clean. This NON frost free one was my choice quite a few years back as we also did not want to pay those sort of dollars then either. I like that it has drawers rather than shelves and makes it so easy for me to add/take out the meals I make for me. The only holiday in my future for now is a solo drive to Canberra next year in Autumn but as I do not know my next surgeries’ dates I will need to be better informed after seeing the surgeon in 3 weeks. Yes, dreading the really hot summer days here too. Even though we have ducted air, there is already talk of blackouts and restrictions. D xx PS big family get together..not with yours I imagine!

  8. It is great when you find a good gp! I find a good one and then they all seem to leave!

    • It is a relief isn’t it? When we lived in Sydney we had the same one for around 30 years, then she semi-retired and went to a larger family practice where we also found some good ones. For a whole I was travelling back to Sydney to the GP then when that no longer made sense, sources a new one here. In the meantime, we moved further away from her. My husband found this one after asking our pharmacist and he is literally 5 mins down the road. It has been quite an emotional life-saver for me during this post cancer surgery time as he helps me out rather than trying to get to chat or see the specialists in Sydney which is 2 hours away. D xx

  9. You’re looking so good post-surgery Denyse! Please don’t feel like you don’t. Will your husband do a short trip with you to somewhere in Australia? You could plan a trip to Melbourne or Brisbane if you want some hotter weather next winter?

    • Thanks Kat. Good to see you here too. Money is the main reason I cannot travel much but also I need to re-build my confidence to do so. For now I have a solo trip by car planned to Canberra next Autumn as I want to photograph trees and catch up/meet some bloggers with little kids too. I haven’t been to Canberra for a few years now and always enjoy it. So, taking into consideration whatever surgeries etc await me in 2018, this is a plan for now. D xx

  10. I love these taking stock posts Denyse – I’m starting an end of month one this month and hope to continue – I thought the end of the month was a good time to look back. Glad things are all going so well for you and I hope that new freezer brings you joy – I used to hate defrosting our fridge!

    • I am glad you are enjoying the taking stock posts. Every 9th week here on the blog for me. That interval seems to work here. Other people do one as suits them, some at the beginning of each season. We did not get a new freezer because of cost ($800+) so will just defrost every 6 months as I have been. Cannot do without my freezer as I batch cook for me (and my Dad gets a few meals too). D xx

  11. There’s a lot of gratefulness here. Sweet peas are such gorgeous flowers, to look at and the smell! You’ll have to save the seeds for next year! Mine aren’t climbing like I imagines they would, they have been competing with a lot of weeds over the winter though!

    • Thanks Alicia. It’s been a funny year for the sweetpeas. I buy them as seedlings from Bunnings and stuck to the ‘plant by St Patricks day – 17 March’ for them to bloom in Spring. Well, they are very much getting ready to bloom but not, as I had hoped exactly 17 September, my now 8 y o GD’s birthday. I love these flowers as I remember Mum and Dad growing them when I was a child and taking bunches to school for the teacher when I was a little kid. I will be IG-ing my sweet peas once they are out. Good luck with yours too. D xx

  12. Loving having time whilst we are traveling to do more reading. Love your taking stock.

  13. Yes, it’s amazing the positive vibe that comes with wearing clothes that you love. The little effort it takes to organise your wardrobe and plan your outfits, is minimal compared to the positive impact it brings.

    • I really, really had to change my attitude to do the clothing change Jenni. For almost 46 years I have been overweight to obese and in the past 3 years due to stress, IBS and now cancer surgery I have lost 35 kg. For me, as a long-term diet/no diet/diet person I “cannot” believe I might actually stay the size I am now. So, I was still wearing clothes that were too big from the loss of weight a year ago. It was up to me to convince me that I needed to look well as I recover so it meant a visit to the shops. What was also hard was changing into the clothes to try them on, even though I could have brought them home I guess, as physically it was challenging due to my recovery from cancer surgery where my leg is still in bandages. BUT..the good news is I did do it and I like that my choices in the wardrobe fit and flatter me now. Long answer because body image is a tough one to manage! D x

  14. I love your answers and the optimism that’s peeking through. I hope the positivity continues as the weather warms up and the flowers bloom!

    • Thanks Kirsty. Today (Tuesday) I am a little teary but those days are much fewer than before! I have the prospect of visiting the surgeon in 3 weeks where I am guessing he will outline the plan for more surgery and whilst I am not afraid of that, I do not like the idea my mouth (and ability to eat which I have overcome in many ways!) is about to have more work done. BUT…am also grateful that whilst this is a long road ahead it does seem like my cancer went with the surgery in July. The flowers still have not bloomed but maybe the hotter weather will help!! I will instagram them when they do! D xx

  15. I love reading your taking stock round up.. enjoy your time with your family and seems like it’s been a long time coming.