Friday 28th January 2022

Taking Stock. #LifeThisWeek 27/52. 2017.87.

Taking Stock. #LifeThisWeek 27/52. 2017.87.

When I started this link up I thought every 9th week could be a Taking Stock prompt using the words from here.

I remember mentioning when I wrote the last one here that I could see how things have moved more positively for me and that was great. In writing this one, however, I have had to make mention of the sudden and pretty shocking news given to me on 17th May that I have cancer. Nevertheless I have tried to see the words here with more than cancer in mind.

A year ago I started My Mandala Journey with this one and I have made 200+ since then.

A year ago I voted in the Australian Election. The #democracysausage was the best hashtag ever.

Here’s my list:

Making: mandalas in art

Cooking: cupcakes for me and for my husband and they have all gone into the freezer for future treats and snacks

Drinking: tea more than coffee but water more than both

Reading: both Saturday and Sunday newspapers because I love the papers

Wanting: good health after the recent diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma in my upper gums

Looking: at my right leg and telling it to be a good skin flap and fibula bone for making my new upper jaw

Playing: CDs by my favourite ‘teachers’ such as Jack Kornfield and Pema Chodron

Wasting: a few moment here and there scrolling on social media

Sewing: nothin’

Wishing: that my surgery was over, that I recover very well and that my year ahead will be a smooth path to have my mouth reconstruction over and there is no cancer found anywhere else. (quite a few wishes I know, but that’s my focus!)

Enjoying: moments to chat with my husband and to watch our nightly 30 minutes of Downton Abbey!

Waiting: the call was made by me on Monday to FINALLY confirm (or change BOOOOO!) my planned surgery date is this coming Thursday 6 July.

Liking: the warmth brought into the house thanks to ducted air-conditioning

Wondering: where the heck we will be living this time next year as the landlords want us gone by the end of February. Booooo to that too.

Loving: the enveloping of care, concern and attention from many people since my cancer diagnosis and even though many of these people have never met me I know I am loved

Hoping: that Sydney house prices eventually settle as it’s a cray-cray scenario there (and in other cities I know) and I fear for those with a mortgage who are living  week by week

Marvelling: at nature …

Needing: not much at all

Smelling: the ocean when I am near

Wearing: warm clothes

Following: some lovely bloggers who care and share

Noticing: that my face is very lined since I have lost so much weight over the past 3 years + I AM 67! Yikes.

Knowing: I have had a very stressful year

Thinking: that it’s time people in higher echelons of government let schools and teachers get on with the role of educating kids instead of asking them to complete surveys, tests and so on to satisfy funding arrangements

Feeling: more calm that I though I’d be (this is Saturday evening writing so it will be interesting to see how I am by the time publication occurs)

Bookmarking: interesting podcasts for my long hospital stay

Opening: a box with a new Ipad inside. I have a very kind husband who knew that I was struggling with my old one which kept freezing.

Giggling: at the cute little toddler who offered me his mum’s car keys while I was waiting after them at the self-service checkout

Feeling: blessed. Yes, it’s not a fashionable word but like journey I am owning up to being blessed. Because I am.

To those who have shown their care and support by comments and messages I am most humbled and appreciative! I hope all is well in your lives and I look forward to coming back and announcing when the link up is back and regular blogging commences again soon.


Thank you for joining in today for this week’s linky. If you did a Taking Stock too that is awesome. I am closing the linky earlier than usual this week – Tuesday at 5 p.m. (Aust Eastern Time) as I will be leaving for Sydney the next morning.

I link up on Mondays with Alicia here and with Kell here too.

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  1. Sending you strength and love for the coming weeks and their challenges, Denyse.

    SSG xxx

  2. Fingers crossed that your surgery is still this week. Time to get this show on the road! My thoughts are with you and your husband as you take this journey to wellness. You’re in good hands Denyse … Sydney Australia is a good place to be. xoxoxo

    • Indeed it is and still I have not heard back but whatever it is, as you say I am going to be in the right place for sure! Thanks Leanne xx

  3. I don’t doubt that the road ahead is challenging, but I still have this massive sense of “YOU’VE GOT THIS” and your strength will be a massive asset.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you today that you get the date confirmed 🙂

    I find it kind of disturbing that it’s our most caring industries (teaching, aged care, nursing to name barely a few) that are subject to the most ridiculous “needs” of quantitative data. I know I’m fairly biased against quantitative with my academic background but humans are qualitative, challenging and changing beings!

    • Thanks Vanessa, that helps increase my confidence too.
      It is since “we” in Australia became driven by outcomes relating to funding that we lost ourselves in the world of accountability instead of the unquantifiable caring, nursing and teaching. It came about thanks to governments deciding that these essential professions could be measured like businesses and that is NOT the case. People (great professionals!) are leaving because of it.

  4. Fingers crossed that you’ve had that confirmation phone call by now. How’s the new ipad treating you?
    Hopefully by this time next year, you and your hubby will be settled into your own house and won’t have to worry about renting anymore. xx

    • Still haven’t heard…and it’s almost 2 pm. I will wait a bit longer and I guess I will end up calling her. She is both kindly but also somewhat disorganised or maybe it’s the surgeons who don’t let her know. Anyway, it will be happening..sometime.
      I LOVE the Ipad. I’ve has a mini one for almost 4 years and forgot just how wonderful a large screen can be and the graphics are awesome. It’s tucked into a protective case. When I realised I didn’t need to Pro version, this was a much cheaper option too.
      Sadly our next move will not be to a home of our own. However, we also need to see what my future medical needs might be seeing a cancer diagnosis doesnt always end with the surgery .,..and you already know that I will be monitored anyway for the next 5 years. Sigh.

      • I’ve seen that it’s all booked in, so now it’s time to focus on getting mentally prepared I suppose. I’m glad that it’s happening sooner rather than stringing it out for later.
        I’ve never tried any kind of tablet, I’m easily confused at the best of times, but the iPad sounds like it’s perfect for you! And the best thing is that it’s so easily transportable. I’ve been lobbying to get one for work since I’m always on call.
        Yep, there is the five year marker I suppose. But you’ll cross that bridge when you get to it.xx

        • Thank you K! I love this iPad because it’s letting me easily respond to you as I am in bed for the last time for a while! D xx

  5. I won’t link up to #LifeThisWeek this week because I’ve linked up to two other ones already and I don’t want to overwhelm myself with commenting on my first foray back into blogging after my month long break lol. But I just wanted to say I’m thinking of you and wishing you the very best for your treatment. Hope it all goes well xx

    • Thank you Di for popping over and I did wonder where you had been!! Thank you so much for your kind words. D xx

  6. Hi Denyse – I’ll miss you and this lovely link up but I hope that your surgery stays on the date it’s supposed to be and that you sail through with no complictions. It is certainly a testing and trying time in your life, but I know you have the resources to see it through – and a lovely husband by your side to support you (even with a new ipad!) Hope a new home appears for you soon too xxx

    • It is indeed testing and trying and when there are aspects over which I have no control it’s even more so but I am learning a lot more about myself and how I can use some skills of resilience and hope. I will be back as you know so the link up will be too. The new Ipad is great..but we wont be buying a home for years to come but I am sure we will find another rental to suit. Thank you so much Denyse xx

  7. I’ll miss you & this linky, but wish you good healing & all the support that you – and your family – need at this time. With love.

  8. Sending every positive and supportive vibe I could possibly muster to you Denyse. I hope that surgery goes well and your recovery is smooth and as pain free as possible. You will be in my thoughts and prayers on the 6th. Your courage is very humbling to me. You will be missed while you recover. Always in my thoughts! xoxo

    • Oh thank you Min, that is so kind. I know you are post-surgery and that takes a toll and requires greater patience as the body rights itself. I am just hoping my body behaves under the long anaesthetic and I have a trouble-free recovery…and the best news would be that the cancer has not spread. Denyse xx

  9. Sending you all my love. And a little giggle at the cheeky toddler too! Nice sharing 😀

  10. Sending you big love and strength Denyse, will be thinking of you x

  11. I just checked your FB page for any news on the timing of your surgery. I hope it all goes ahead as planned and will be thinking of you. Lots. xx

    • Alas no news…yet. Just tried calling and the office is unattended… boo! Will do later on. Thanks for your lovely words and thoughts. D xx

  12. I hope you’ve had that good news phone call. Best wishes, I hope it all goes as well as it can and you recovery quickly. Will be thinking of you lovely x

    • Thank you my sweet. Just had it confirmed as much as it can be with the ‘model of my mouth’ winging its way via plane from Belgium!!

  13. Oh my gosh, Denyse. I had missed this news… I’m so sorry you have to go through this, but send you the biggest of hugs and best wishes for a smooth surgery and recovery. It’s just gone 3.00 pm here for me, so I’m hoping the phone has rung and everything is good to go. As we say in theatre, chookas for the 6th. xox

  14. Dearest Denyse I’m sending you love,hugs and healhing thoughts as you face a very tough week. I know you are strong so best wishes that all goes well and we will be hearing good reports on the blog soon. Take care xx

    • Thank you so very much…a few nerves have returned this afternoon because it all looks like happening on Thursday but for now I am more than happy for it all to be OUT!! Yes, there will be updates initially by my daughter Katie on FB. Her dad will be letting her know after surgery .XX

  15. Will be thinking of you and sending positive healing vibes. The worst will be over soon and you’ll be on the road to recovery. I’m glad you can still enjoy nature and Downton along the way xoxo

    • Thank you lovely Ness! I already have Series 1 of Downton on my new iPad for when I need the ultimate distraction! XX

  16. All the very best. I will be thinking of you and hoping for the very best outcome. Cancer is a hard thing to digest and a long road with lots of things to get through. I made it out the other side and you will get through it too. It’s a whole new life when you do. Blessings. Xxx

    • Thank you Jody, I am finding it quite a hard road to travel but like you, I am hopeful of different and better things ahead after this time. You are a great example of how that happens! Denyse x

  17. I’m with Ness, I know you’ve got cancer but you’ve got THIS! I know your inner strength and strong mindset will see you right. Waiting is the worst so I’m pleased you have the date set. The sooner it’s done, the sooner you can race along the road to recovery. Sending you love and light xx

    • Yes, having the reality of it all happening soon is both good and a bit nerve wracking as well. However, having faced surgeries of different kinds before I am taking the nerves as pretty normal. Thanks again Sammie!!

  18. Sending positive Thoughts to you, wishing you the very best always, stay strong with all the support you have xxx

    • Thank you so much Karen that is so kind and I take all the positive thoughts going. I am fortunate to have such support ‘out there’ in the world of social media and in real life. Denyse x

  19. Not linking up this late in the day but just wanted to check in and let you know I have been thinking about you. Pleased to hear you have a surgery date and hoping all goes well. Raych x

    • Thank you so much Raych and I hope your health continues to improve and you get to really enjoy making your new house “home”.

  20. Michelle (inthegoodbooksblog) says:

    I hope that your surgery goes well Denyse. I will be thinking of you. You’re a super brave woman!