Wednesday 27th October 2021

Taking Stock. #LifeThisWeek 18/52. 2017.62.

Taking Stock. #LifeThisWeek 18/52. 2017.62.

At the ninth week for each group of #lifethisweek prompts I will continue to use Taking Stock. Feel free to adapt or amend your taking stock list as some do. Thanks to the blogger extraordinaire Pip Lincoln I am taking her words from Taking Stock to form this post.

Making : More time for learning as I am obsessed by learning more about what makes me (and the rest of us humans) tick

Cooking : Batch-meals again. It must be almost winter! Dad got some last week for the freezer. That makes me feel good.

Drinking : Water and tea. No more coffee or soft drink. Just doesn’t sit well with my gut issues so I am not complaining.

Reading: See above: making! Books by Pema Chodron as I listen to her CDs I always find I want to check out what she wrote too.

Trawling: Realestate dot com dot au with NO hope of buying anything but getting sad about how big the prices of houses are. Bad news.

Wanting: To be settled in our own affordable house one day. I hope. 

Looking: Up at the sky every single day. It never fails to impress me.

Deciding: That going for a walk is better for feeling anxious than sitting feeling anxious. So I do.

Wishing: That everyone in my family stays well, happy and contented. Sigh. Big wish. Is anyone actually like that these days? Oh yes. My hub.

Enjoying: Watching the garden grow. Seriously. Every day a new flower pops. It’s wonderful.

Waiting: To go back to the dentist and see what he has to say about the gum problems that have remained even after the teeth were removed.

Liking: The rhythm of my days in retirement more now than I have done before.

Wondering: If Donald Trump might get sick of being president and give it away because he said ‘it’s harder than I thought.’

Loving: How much my husband is enjoying series of a range of shows on Netflix. It’s good seeing him relax!

Pondering: How old age (really old age!) will affect us both and then trying not to spend more time pondering because it is an ‘unknown.’

Listening: To birdsong in the mornings when I wake. It’s joyful.

Considering: That I will have to actually go to the shops soon….

Buying: because I will need to buy new jeans which fit me. Last year’s size 16 are falling down. I know. It’s a good thing, right?

Watching: myself in the mirror and wondering ‘how much weight I have lost’ because I have yet I still find it confronting as I wasn’t dieting.

Hoping: my husband’s trip down memory lane this week goes very well and he arrives back home safely with stories to share.

Marvelling: at the way nature just keeps on keeping on and never stops to feel worried/anxious/angsty as we sometimes do.

Cringing: anyone who puts down another person in real life or via social media. Not. On. 

Needing: a hug every day because a hug increases my oxytocin (feel good) and that is a win.

Questionning: how people cannot see that our country is fast becoming divided into haves/have nots and I am not comfy with that at all.

Smelling: the cut onion that is in the bin needing to go outside.

Wearing: a different outfit to the one from this morning as it was cold and now its warm. Casual pants, light top, bare feet!

Noticing: that this Taking Stock has quite a positive and changed view. Go me. 

Knowing: that things do get better in time…it’s just hard for those of us impatient people to do the waiting and changing.

Thinking: a little too much so it is called over-thinking and I can be guilty of ruminating so I need to check the thinking more.

Admiring: those like my husband who can stay ‘in the now’ on a regular basis.

Getting: there…at staying more in the moment!

Bookmarking: so many pages and chapters in so many books. I even make the bookmarks out of my paintings!

Opening: myself to new views and approaches as I continue to learn more to make me a contented person.

Closing: as much as I can..some parts of the past. What can I do about it? Nothing! 

Feeling: that my body is a bit sore in places but it still gets me up and going and I am very grateful for that. 

Hearing: music and meditations via CD and apps each day and each night as I drift off to sleep.

Celebrating: a growing confidence within me as it has been lost for some time.

Pretending: that I can get over past hurts. I do try. They still hurt but less so I guess.

Embracing: life.

What I noticed here is how much my ‘affect’ is moving towards more acceptance and positivity. I re-read my previous two taking stock posts and it was interesting to note! This is a GOOD thing.

How has your week been?

Did you decide to take stock for today’s link up?

Thanks for joining in whichever way you have.


P.S. It is already MAY!! How did that happen?

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  1. Good ol’ Netflix. I discovered it over Christmas and my parents have now got it. It’s good to relax and binge watch some of your faves.

    • Yes it is good and that was where I discovered my love for Downton Abbey. They stopped showing it mid 2015 so I “had” to buy all the DVDs. I am not as much of a fan of Netflix as I cant get into many of the shows that my hub enjoys. I am just pleased he does..and that you and your parents do too!

  2. inthegoodbooksblog ( Michelle) says:

    I’m in dire need of a new winter wardrobe, but I don’t often wear jeans. I actually recently cleaned out my closet and got rid of quite a few pairs of jeans as I figured someone else may benefit from them when I donate them as I just don’t feel comfortable in jeans so I avoid wearing them.

    • I am not a fan of ‘jeans’ as such but with no need for any kind of pants for going out/work etc they fit the bill for the cooler days here on the coast. I have had soooo many clean ups of my wardrobe due to things not fitting any more. I am still getting used to the idea that after decades of being in plus sizes for everything I now walk into regular shops for clothing. Mindset changes take ages!!

  3. I’m switching to tea as well. I think I was a bit out of control with all the coffee!

    • I love(d) my once a day strong coffee when we lived in Sydney and I think it was the ‘kick’ from it that I enjoyed (and needed) most. However, I find it does not sit well with me and actually I am less inclined to even want that feeling anymore. That’s a good thing I believe. I hope you continue with the tea journey if it helps.

  4. Isn’t batch cooking the best! I’ve been cooking ahead for the cooler months and it’s making weeknights less impossible.

    SSG xxx

    • I used to batch cook a lot more but got out of the habit and my freezer remained full of small meals for a while. However, I got back into it after a bit of a review of the contents and now feel its going well. It might be a lot of cooking at one time but on those evenings when you cant even think, you know you have your meal done!

  5. I love the extra positivity that’s in this post this time around – I especially like how your jeans are falling down. I’ve recently switched from coffee to tea (in the mornings) and herbal or green tea during the day & my tummy is thanking me.

    • Thanks for noticing!! It’s like an on-line diary this blog methinks. As for the jeans falling down…it began in early 2015 after moving & all the stress and IBS..and learning to eat much smaller and less often ..because I HAD to. In fact for a lifelong on/off dieter who could lose and gain within 9 months, I am still shocked about the weight loss. But as time goes on, and the wrinkles that were under that fatty face make themselves well-known, I am accepting it’s OK. Like I said above..mindset changes take time. Still going!!

  6. I’m hoping Donald Trump makes that decision, although from what I’ve heard about Mike Pence, he’d be worse. Way more right wing and would probably wind back a lot of women’s rights etc.
    But in happier news, I’m all about the batch cooking as well and love that I can open the fridge or freezer and find dinner or lunch almost done.

    • I know about Mike Pence from when he was selected as VP. Yes, it’s a funny/strange world now for sure. You are living amongst it!! Batch cooking rocks!!

  7. Hi Denyse, I’ve just come back from a 7 day relaxing cruise and I certainly want to make some changes to my life. I want to cut back on being involved in sitting at the computer so much and I’ve certainly had a wonderful Social Media detox. I like your idea of the rhythm of the days of retirement. I just haven’t been able to settle into retirement but I really think it is time to accept it and enjoy it! Have a great week xx

    • I think we need to talk more! I have taken forever to be used to what ‘this is’ for me now and still I vary from being settled to unsettled. I know I have said it before but once we do get a house of our own and can become part of a community (if we choose) I may be better at this ‘retirement thing’. Many others things also influence my mood about being retired of course and the fact that our family has little or no contact with us now has been of significance to me (Grandma).

  8. What a lovely roundup post Denise. I really enjoy these posts.
    Wouldn’t it be great if Donald Trump resigned!

    • Thanks Jody! My friend Kat, above, who is an Aussie Expat in San Fran, thinks his Vice President might be worse than Trump. Sigh.

  9. What a great post – so much info on what’s going on in your life Denyse – and so much of it is positive! I’ve just come out of the AtoZ April Challenge and it’s nice to not be posting every day! I’ve linked my first “back to normal blogging” post today and looking forward to reading the others x
    Leanne | cresting the hill

    • Thanks Leanne! Your post every day challenge was pretty amazing to achieve. Good on you. I look back and know that I posted every day for well over 500 days…and woah! Glad I have now eased back too.

  10. I love what you’re celebrating, and I’m glad you’re getting your groove back!!

  11. I’ve gotten out of my batch cooking habit in recent weeks. I need to get back to it! It saves so much money.

    • It takes a bit of motivation that is for sure. I used to cook lots for the freezer (for me, the family, Dad) then I was kind of down and really had no motivation. It’s back more now and so, to eat after I’d had the dental surgery I need to do some cooking of suitable food. It has helped me greatly.

  12. I need to do some batch cooking too! Some evenings it would be good to simply pull something homecooked out of the freezer!


    • Yes it is good and I am glad I do not have the pressure of family meals every night any more. My hub is an independent person who often has a snack meal and fends for himself. I need to fend for me so if I don’t cook I don’t eat!! At times we share the cooking too.

  13. Go you indeed and yes for Donald Trump standing down!

  14. Thanks Jan! Maybe the Donald we know is better than the Mike we don’t according to Kat (above comments!!)

  15. Fingers crossed re: Trump. I still can’t quite believe he is actually the president.

    • Ha, I think he is likely to get sick of it for sure…maybe that IS a good thing. I don’t know that when my friend Kat says the VP has very conservative views. Sigh.

  16. This is a very uplifting post Denyse! 🙂 Being comfortable with uncertainty sounds like an interesting read/listen — would be great for anxious people like me. I need to be more patient with knowing things will change — I give in to the anxiety and feel like things won’t very often.

    • Thank you Sanch and I wish you well too. It’s the one thing we need to accept as part of us without trying to get rid of it. I’m a Work In Progress but I am making progress!

  17. It really sounds as though you are mindful and aware of your thinking, and trying to see the positive side x Glad to read you are finding your self confidence again x

  18. This one is one of my top 10 because it gives you a mental health boost. ‘Deciding: That going for a walk is better for feeling anxious than sitting feeling anxious. So I do.’

    • Thanks Maria, it might be hard to get up and go on some days when I am more anxious than not, but the secret is movement for sure!