Saturday 22nd January 2022

Taking Stock. 9/51. #LifeThisWeek. 21/2019.

Taking Stock. 9/51. #LifeThisWeek. 21/2019.

Every ninth week (give or take) this is the optional prompt. A much-used post and often adapted by bloggers to suit their purpose. I chose to use Pip Lincoln’s list from her blog here. This year I have left some of the irrelevant words for me out. So, for the first time in 2019, I am taking stock!

Making: a new mandala and enjoying the restrictions I have added in terms of only using a limited colour palette. 

Cooking: little cakes. Always the little cakes. They are frozen and brought out when needed. I now have mini-cupcake trays and patty cake size too.

Drinking: a double shot small latte every day.

Reading: the newspaper every day. It is my breakfast companion and has been for decades. I do not finish it at breakfast so it lasts me all day.

Wanting: I still ‘think’ it’s an Apple Watch I want but I shall see when the 2 year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis comes around and check my ‘want’.

Looking: at the collage I put on Instagram marking my husband’s 70th birthday and thinking how fortunate I am to be married to him

Playing: a game on my Ipad called Bold Moves. It’s a challenge one and of course gets harder as you go on. But it’s a distraction too.

Wasting: not much at all these days as I tend to be more frugal in purchases of expendables and of what I think I need but actually don’t.

Wishing: that people do not get sick. Not cryptic but it is a nuisance in this thing we call life!

Enjoying: the spaces in between. I am getting better at not being busy all the time. 

Waiting: for Monday’s prosthodontist appointment to get his opinion on how well my gums are looking to him. Fingers crossed for good news.

Liking: that I can now help myself more to overcome any worries or stressors that seemed to get me down and now I recognise them and take action.

One of my favourite spots to ‘just be’.

Wondering: about people and why some of them are unkind, and break the law and how they think. I try not to wonder about this much though.

Loving: the family, of course. Seeing them grow up is a bitter-sweet time as we have many memories of these young people as babies to pre-schoolers.

Hoping: that the times we spent with them in those formative years leave a memory in them too.

Marvelling: at the transformation my professional surgical head and neck cancer team have made with my appearance. 

Two years apart.

Needing: to remember to slow myself down at times, and come back to the present. I am much better at this now. 

Smelling: coffee. It is a great aroma for me.

Wearing: comfy but flattering clothes to keep me accountable to me and my commitment to healthy living and enjoying the ranges of colours I own.

Following: the news. It is hard not to when I am both on-line and have the newspaper. However, I choose what NOT to follow as well for my health!

Noticing: that the sun is appearing later and setting earlier in coastal NSW even though we have about 5 weeks to go till daylight saving ends.

Looking west from our street.

Knowing: that I am helping others understand more about Head and Neck cancer as I know more about theirs too by attending my local group meeting.

Liesl Tesch MP for Gosford attended our meeting & we all got to hold her medals from Paralympics: 1992 onwards! She also taught our son in 1992!

Thinking: how great it was to live my teen years in close proximity to Manly Beach N.S.W. 

The walk from South Steyne via North Steyne to Queenscliff is iconic Manly Beach.

Feeling: that to blog is to connect

Bookmarking: Jane Caro’s Accidental Feminist because it speaks to this 69 year old. I am going to listen to Jane speak at Newcastle Writers Festival. Recommending Carly Findlay’s memoir called Say Hello. Carly is a writer and appearance activist who has been blogging for many years.

Opening: my twitter feed last week to see that a Director of Educational leadership say he was on his way to…our school from 1976-77 near the NSW Qld border and I asked him to take a photo. Wow. 

Weilmoringle P.S.

Smiling: at little kids and babies. Yes, I am that “old lady” but not in a creepy way! I had a wonderful conversation with a 10 month old recently!

There it is, in words and pictures.

Do you take stock on your blog and/or in life?


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  1. I love taking stock – it’s such a great way to reflect on the month that was and also to help me remember what we did and when further down the track! I’m pretty stoked that for once, I’m linking up on point with the prompt. Hope your appointment goes well – your medical team have certainly done your proud. Your smile can really light up rooms!

    • Thanks Sammie. How ’bout that! The prompt lined up for you too.

      The appointment went well.

      It is an interesting time for me, with no-one wanting to see me for another 2 months.

      There is definitely something to be said about the mixed feelings I have about that.

      Will blog about it.

      Denyse x

  2. Interesting comment on the needing. We do race ahead and that distracts us from the present. Not entirely sure on the Apple watch but I hope you get what you want.

    • Oh yes, I think of it and want it (the watch) but it is so costly when we are on a limited income…so then I try to justify it and can’t.

      So, waiting and seeing is always a good option!

      Denyse x

  3. Denyse,
    Love the smell of coffee too! Like you, I am an avid follower of the news but also have had to select wisely the stories I wish to follow closely. I am lucky to have that choice to walk away, victims in the news and elsewhere do not have this freedom.

    SSG xxx

    • So true. Some people wallow in news that is not nice…and there are many versions of that these days. As your son grows up you will be monitoring, as you already do, more I reckon.

      These days the 6 o’clock news is not G rated for sure and yet so many people have TV on all day and who knows what effects some vision can have on impressionable minds.

      I hope your year is settling into routine now. It takes at least all of Feb I reckon.

      Denyse x

  4. I always enjoy your Taking Stock posts, Denyse and it was lovely to be reminded of Manly. As a child we would catch the bus into the City, take the ferry to Manly, have a swim and fish and chips and then catch the bus home. It become a school holiday tradition. Blogging is all about connecting and I’m sure you will agree that there are some great friendships to be made through blogging. Have a great week and thanks for the book list, I haven’t read any of those so will check them out. xx

    • Thanks Sue. When Dad was more mobile, I would drive him into Manly so he could enjoy brunch at his favourite cafe but he is conserving his energy in the heat. Mum and Dad often went to Manly for a coffee and brunch and now that it’s 12 years since Mum died, time sure is flyin’.

      Manly memories are wonderful. When I was a kid living in Wollongong I remember we did the drive up to Sydney and then had a ferry ride. I was 6.

      Thanks for sharing your Manly memories too.

      Denyse x

  5. Wishing you good news at your appointment, Denyse. Daylight saving time begins where I live on next Sunday.

    • It went well Natalie, thank you.

      Daylight saving USED to finish at the end of Feb in Australia and not start till the end of October but when Sydney hosted the Olympics in 2000, it was changed from a 4 month period to 6. Many of us preferred the 4 months one!

      I hope you enjoy yours.

      Denyse x

  6. I really enjoyed reading your answers Denyse and the great breadth of your thoughts! I actually used this format in my post today for the first time and really enjoyed the ease and simplicity of just going with the first thought that popped into my head as a response. It was liberating in some ways 🙂 All the best for your continuing appointments. I must admit to having an apple watch and I love it (I bought it after my redundancy as a pick me up present to myself and it has helped). I agree blogging is all about connections and I genuinely love our blogging community, thanks to salt of the earth people like you 🙂 . I’ve linked up and look forward to reading everyone’s posts. Thanks again.

    • Thank you so much Debbie.

      Still on the fence with the Apple watch but your occasion definitely warranted it.

      My appointment went very well yesterday. Interestingly I feel a bit lost with no more appointments for another 2 months. Like I said to Sammie who has had cancer too, I think I need to blog about this!! Blogging is good for that.

      When I was blogging daily in 2015 and into 2016 I did Taking Stock and then in the latter part of 2016 I began this link up when my friend Kirsty decided to end hers.

      It was then I came up with the option of prompts and I have extended these with Self-Care and Share Your Snaps too.

      When I look back at my Taking Stocks then and into early 2017 my saddened state and managing my IBS ended up being quite prominent. It is GOOD for me to check back and see how far I have come.

      Denyse x

  7. Hoping that you have a good news on your appointment. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

    • Thanks Patrick.

      My appointment went so well, I do not need to return till mid May!

      Love having you join the link up. The more the merrier!

      Denyse x

  8. Lovely to hear how you’re doing. X

  9. Hi Denyse – thanks for another great link up – lovely to read all the happy and positive things going on in your life these days. Small, simple things that are abundant blessings – that’s a pretty perfect life.

  10. Another month full of colour and gratitude. I smile when I read about you cooking little cakes because it is one of the few things I don’t cook…lol

    • Oh how can you miss out on the delights of little cakes?!

      I know why, you do not have a sweet tooth…

      Thanks so much Jo.

      Denyse x

  11. I’ve been wondering a lot about why people are unkind of late, too, and how much better the world would be if we all made an effort to choose kindness. I think I am going to adopt your little cake cooking. I sometimes feel like I want cake but never have any available so this is a great idea. Also, might whip some up for my grandpa to have in his freezer.

    • Yay Becky for cakes right! My little cakes are always a treat that is good to eat but guilt-free because “small”. When I couldn’t eat much at all, my cakes were the best.

      I make them in various sizes and ice them and keep them in packs in the freezer. My Dad gets some when I visit him and having them in the freezer means I always have some for visitors.

      I often use a packet mix but make the icing delicious and add some sprinkles too.

      Yes, let’s be kind, people!!

      Denyse x

  12. Well, doggies, I missed again! I would love to link up more regularly, but most o of the time, I’m too late…missed it by ‘this’ much!

    • You did!! But it’s back again next Monday: opens 5.00 am Aust Eastern Daylight Saving time and closes Wednesday 5.00 p.m.

      Next week is right up your alley!

      Photo prompt!

      You are welcome all weeks of course on prompt or not.

      Hope to see you then, Betty!

      Denyse x