Thursday 2nd December 2021

Taking Stock. #5. 47/51. #LifeThisWeek. 94/2020.

Taking Stock. #5. 47/51. #LifeThisWeek. 94/2020.

Introducing my new collage for Taking Stock. Nothing like a small change to brighten things up!

I admit, that because of the 1000s of images I have in my photos and significant numbers in the media section of the blog itself, I spend far too much time trying to find the images, so made new ones! Hope you like it.

Remember, prompts here for #lifethisweek are ALWAYS optional. For me, and some, they are a good way to start a thread for a post.

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And, before the end of the year I will have the first 9 weeks of optional prompts for 2021 on the home page AND mentioning them in a blog post. Let me tell you, I am feeling pretty clever finishing all 51!!

Back to Taking Stock.

Making: plans, so many plans and loving it too.

Cooking: some meals for us, Dad and the freezer.

Drinking: coffee, tea, water and prune juice with fruit drink.

Reading: Rick Morton’s Book On Money. Highly recommend it.

Wanting: a Certain Ex-President to wave (ok, don’t wave) BYE-BYE. Now. Thanks.

Looking: at so many ideas for celebrating 50 years of marriage. 

Playing: Hamilton sound track more often than any music. Have not even STARTED on Christmas tunes yet.

Wasting: more money than I should have purchasing a crappy Ipad cover with blue tooth keyboard. Got some of my money back & told keep the product. 

Wishing: I had taken more time over above purchase. Now using an old case.

Enjoying: Schitts Creek. I loved it so much once I survived Ep 1 of Season One. Now it’s about to join Downton Abbey in my ‘comfort-go to’ watching.

Waiting: for ….not much at all really.

Liking: that the community is still making an effort where possible to be socially distant in this COVID year.

Wondering: if it’s possible for Australia’s Prime Minister to actually DO something to HELP people who NEED it most. OK, yes, I am shouting a bit. Sorry.

Loving: the images out of Melbourne in particular where people who did it so very very tough in lockdown for COVID are getting out and about. Safely.

Hoping: that Australia and its near neighbours (and actually our states too) can open their borders safely.

Marvelling: at the incredible fortitude of many people who are in the hands-on caring profession. I am sorry many have become ill themselves.

Needing: very little at all. 

Smelling: the ocean when I get out of the car to view it.

Wearing: shorts and sleeveless tops more these days. Suddenly (almost) Summer is here.

Following: the state of American politics with much shaking of my head. 

Noticing: when some people I know in my social media feed  are not there.

Knowing: those people are likely to have a personal or private reason to be so, but a kind check in does not hurt.

Thinking: how much we need to stay connected even if it’s not in person.

Feeling: that generally I am pretty careful not to exceed friendship bounds but also that I can care at a distance.

Bookmarking: I literally am these days! Reading a couple of chapters each night of Grown Ups by Marian Keyes, and 

Opening: the app for Audible to listen to her narrate her story.

Smiling: at myself because I am currently listening to two Irish accented people (Graham Norton and Marian Keys) on audible and my inner thoughts are with an Irish accent! 


So, I went with a traditional post today for Taking Stock. But I did find some photos from recent weeks. They are not matching the prompts but here goes:

I admit, I am finding the writing and posting in these last weeks of 2020 tiring. I think it’s because of the topics!! I know, who set them? No actually it’s the Telling My Story Posts. I wanted to get more out in 2020, and the final one for this year will be week after next. It’s a bit of a challenge to write them to ensure I am telling the story with some accuracy that will not offend people. So far, so good.


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  1. Snap on so many things here Denyse! I LOVE Schitts Creek, it’s been my favourite show of the year. I’ve read Grown Ups and am now starting on Graham Norton’s novel, I’m wearing summery clothes and making plans! Great post and i can’t believe you’re alls et up for topics for next year – go you!! Once again I thoroughly enjoyed writing my Taking Stock post – it’s one of my favourite prompts to do – just because it’s fun and off the top of my head!

    • Thanks so much Debbie.

      It was great listening to you via Sue’s podcast recently.

      Yes, to the snap! I did the topics because I had the time and it was a job done.

      I am in the middle of Grown Ups. It sure does wend a tale of families. Graham’s too!

      Thinking of you as your Mum readies herself to move close by. Nice one.


  2. 50 years of marriage! Whoa! I think to be so happy is the definition of success (or a life well lived). Congratulations!
    I love that you’re making plans.I think I have no plans and that’s my problem….
    I watched that first episode of Schitts creek about three years ago and didn’t even make it to the end of the episode. I started again after all those Emmys this year and CAN’T BELEIVE I waited so long! Then I rewatched all the Patrick and David scenes again….
    When you say helping people that need it most, I think you’ve forgotten all the MILLIONS he gave Murdoch to prop up his media empire. Or do you mean the MILLIONS he granted Angus Taylors friends and BROTHER?? I think the problem is you and I have a different definition of who needs it most….I believe he also gave close to a billion to Adani to make it worth their while…(that one might be high MILLIONS – can’t be bothered to fact check the figure.)

    • It is both a joy and hard slog this longevity of marriage. But the two of us, still remember the spark that started at the dinner in Tamworth NSW and it’s the reason, amongst many, we are still here for each other and have stayed in love.

      Schitts Creek was one I dismissed a few times until people said get past those early eps and yes, so true. Loved the farewell ep. Felt teary for most of it.

      OK…politics which I try to stay away from but will say I am not oriented to big business etc and have been a public servant for all of my working days. So I see and hear of both sides of politics doing what I find hard to fathom

      …but like I am with my Dad (LNP and big business) I will bow graciously and agree to disagree.

      PS it was this week a year ago we met at Berkelouws Hornsby!

  3. I mean you and I have a different opinion to ScoMo, not that ScoMo and I have the same opinion that’s different to you (This would be the worst insult anyone could say to me!!!) HA!

  4. I love cc reading about the thoughts you’ve been having Denyse. I’ve been thinking the same about US politics which I always have loved. It distressed me what’s happening over there. I’m very impressed that you have your prompts for 2021 sorted out already. Looking forward to seeing them.

    • Thanks so much Jennifer. I must admit I did a bit of a cheer here when Biden won…even though the orange man thinks he did.

      I needed to get the prompts done so I did! All 51. Best to have a brainstorm I say!


  5. High fives are in order for getting all 51 prompts done!
    You’ll have to let me know what you think of “On Money”, I keep saying I’m going to buy it on Kindle, but I have so many books on there that I haven’t read yet, that I’m going to wait till I read some of them.
    I laughed at your answer to the “Wanting” prompt. I think a lot of people want that same thing right now 😉

    • Thank you and may I add, so great to see you back here again!

      Have you ever met Rick? Such an interesting, intelligent and dogged journo. Reading his book One Hundred Years of Dirt is in some ways the background to the On Money book. I bought it to support him. He does have another memoir type book coming out in 2021 and I look forward to that.

      I wouldn’t buy Money if you have so many on your list to read. It is one in a philosophical series of “ON” themes.

      One week sooner to the orange man going…going…


  6. Denyse, 50 years of marriage is amazing. I hope you have a fun-filled celebration. Schitts Creek is a Canadian show and so many people love it. Glad you enjoyed it, too. Have a great week!

    • Thanks so much Natalie for your kind words.

      We are gearing up for a special but meaningful family luncheon in January on the actual date of our wedding in 1971.

      I loved the two Canadian productions on Netflix: Anne of Green Gables’ adaptation and of course Schitts Creek.


  7. I’m really late to the Schitts Creek party and must catch up, nor have I heard the Hamilton soundtrack – I must check out both. I could listen to Marian Keyes’ accent all day long. Have a lovely week.

    • Well Jo, I was slow to both.

      I was not disappointed. Hamilton was something many had been caught up in and seen the stage show. When it came to Disney Plus I joined just to watch it.

      I also bought the sound track at the same time and eventually the music, its cleverness and the words won me over.

      I now am going to see it in Sydney.

      I stopped and started Schitts Creek a few times and when others said get past the first series (you still need to watch it) and it is so good. True!

      I am now thinking in Irish accents thanks to Graham’s and Marian’s books read by them.

      Thanks for good wishes and I hope yours goes well too.


  8. Hi Denyse – it’s been such a strange year hasn’t it? I think any taking stock post with more highs than lows is a good thing. Glad all seems to be well in your world – and I really must try watching Schitts Creek again – I started it and it just didn’t grab me at all, maybe I’m missing something? I don’t like shows about selfish people and that’s how this one started, maybe it gets better as it goes along…
    Congrats again on the anniversary and the upcoming birthday – I hope it’s a lovely one x

    • Thanks Leanne, I said to my husband just yesterday how different it was (scary too) in those early months of COVID here when shops except for supermarkets were closed and then even they had limits of stock.

      It has settled somewhat here and generally very little has affected us directly now. Our family and others find it differently as schools and social events are limited to attendees and so on.

      I gave up a couple of times with Schitts Creek but was encouraged to return, if I could just get past the1st series (agree with its self centred theme then) and I did. It is an inclusive and generally very heart-warming 5 seasons after that. Once I was done, I watched the background to its making and found that was full of appreciation and love.

      Thanks for your kind words of congratulations.


  9. Hi Denyse, We recently binge watched all six seasons of Schitts Creek and loved it. It was lovely to finish the day with a good laugh. We’re now half way through Ozark which is pretty much the opposite – some of it is quite shocking to watch but still an excellent show. Congratulations on 50 years’ married, what a wonderful achievement. I can’t wait to see the back end of the orange man too, although I think they’ll have to drag him out of the White House kicking and screaming. I think he’s quite lost his mind!
    Regards Christina

    • Wow. I admit it was a lovely way to watch but I did start eeking Schitts Creek out so I have one episode a night till the doco of the making of it which I found lovely.

      I cannot watch anything gritty or too dramatic. My husband gets into a lot of that. Fortunately we have separate bedrooms to allow for evening viewing to be ‘our choice.’

      Not even going to name that man in the WH. It makes you wonder about how he got so many votes to get him to President in the first place.

      Thanks for your kind wishes Christina.


  10. I can’t tell you how much I am WANTING the same thing as you, Denyse. As we used to say “Don’t let the screen door hit you on your way out!”

    Congratulations on 50 years! What a milestone. I hope you can find a good way to celebrate in the midst of the pandemic.

    • Thank you so much Laurie for your kind words…and yes, we are having a family lunch party here on the day. Our kids and their kids. Perfect way to celebrate our 50 years.

      We here in Australia will hold the screen door open….while you guys boot him out.

      Happy Thanksgiving. We don’t share the celebration here in Australia but I know you do!


  11. I love that you are making plans! I’m doing that but not as much as I normally do. I think I’m just exhausted! How good is Schitt’s Creek? I just finished it and it was lovely to have in the background for a laugh. Lovely of you to notice when people are not around on social media. Excited about. your birthday – and can’t believe it’s been a year! I do remember moving on the day you were celebrating last year and couldn’t make it to your catch up. Hope you’re having a lovely week Denyse!

    • Thanks so much Sanch. Yes, wow, it’s been a year now you have been in Sydney. A year none of us could imagine at the time.

      I have Lori’s book here for whenever you make it back up the coast.

      Schitts Creek replaced Downton Abbey as my comfort-go to viewing and I note I am even mimicking Moira Rose in my thoughts!!

      My week is going splendidly. Thank you.


  12. Wow, congratulations on your upcoming 50th wedding anniversary! We’ll have our 5th next year which is a start!

    How funny that you’ve started thinking in an Irish accent after those audio books! I’ve had a similar thing happen to me with English accents when watching Downton Abbey!

    • Aww thank you Bella. We are pretty amazed at the 50 years too. I mean, we were 21 when we married!!

      It’s funny about the accents we absorb!

      Hope things are going well and that the lead up to the festive season is awesome.