Tuesday 26th October 2021

Taking Stock 49/52 #LifeThisWeek. 2018.127.

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Taking Stock 49/52 #LifeThisWeek. 2018.127.

This is (or till today!) an every 9 weeks’ optional prompt for Life This Week and the last one for 2018. I thank the originator Pip Lincoln who blogs here for her words and sharing. I will continue using Taking Stock in 2019.

I always respond to the words with no reference to previous updates as I like to make it “as it is now for me”. I do know, for me, my changes in outlook and health (both for the good) are seen in my years’ of posts called Taking Stock.

Here we go for today!

Making: time to write a post in the days before has helped me feel more in control of my blogging schedule.

Cooking: more meals than I have for quite some time as I now have teeth up top and below.

Drinking: water as much as I remember which is why I tend to have a water bottle in a few places in the house and with me in my bag – bad day recently though when said water-bottle leaked everywhere on my way to Westmead.

Reading: bios/memoirs almost exclusively and it is Mike Carlton’s ‘On Air ‘I am really enjoying as he is only a couple of years older than me so charts a time I remember well growing up before leaving Sydney to teach in the bush.

Wanting: not much..if I leave out the indulgence that was a desire for an iWatch which I could never justify. A house of our own but I am sick of myself on that score…so not much it is! A sign of contentment I believe.

Looking: outside a lot with the kind of weather we have had but lately it is dark when I look outside…to check the solar Christmas lights are on.

Playing: audible books in my car on the way to Sydney for the reasons related, usually, to post-cancer treatments and the like

Wasting: my time mentioning iWatch. Seriously cannot ever justify it. Will cease and desist asking.

Sewing: it is time for me to delete this one from my list of Taking Stock but I sure know why Pip has it because she is a clever seamstress.

Wishing: politicians were well-behaved and provide a good example to their constituents. And the children of the world.

Enjoying: moments walking on the grass outside. It literally is grounding in my barefeet and I enjoy it so.

Waiting: not for much at all these days and that is good!

Liking: that it is now an established routine for my husband and I to enjoy morning tea out once a week.

Wondering: why we waited so long. Oh. I know. Cancer made it hard for me for a while.

Loving: the man I fell in love with over 48 years ago…even more each day. Yes, old people can stay in love!!

Hoping: that said husband continues to remain well after a somewhat ‘average’ winter/spring.

Marvelling: (but not in a good way) that the horrendous fires in Queensland as I write can be seen from outer space.

Needing: rain which we had here in parts of N.S.W. to move quickly north to where it is needed..oh, & to the west as well where it is still a drought.

Smelling: the sea air these days when I arrive at the beach for a look/walk. It takes me back to family holidays with our kids and after leaving our western Sydney home to arrive at the ocean, we would get out of the car and breathe that salty air!

Wearing: tops, bottoms and sandals more these days, even though I have a few dresses, I am still most comfy in the others.

Following: the sagas on-line of…politicians and propriety, bankers and theirs..oh well. They all need lessons on how to use a moral compass I believe.

Noticing: little dots of colour from the growth of weeds on the edge of the road. They make me smile when I drive along and see them. You just can’t keep nature away from growth.

Knowing: that next year will be a slightly different one blogging-wise with the end of an era called I Blog On Tuesdays.

Thinking: that my post for the last I Blog On Tuesdays tomorrow will be about I.B.O.T!

Feeling: nostalgic about the good old days of blogging but very glad there are many more who join in now and we have a great community here in Australia and overseas.

Bookmarking: pages in Lori Deschene’s little book called ‘Tiny Buddha.’ Lots of lessons there.

Opening: my recipe book as I can enjoy more crunchy and chewy foods again and I just might make an old favourite again soon. But not saying, in case I do not!

Giggling: at the cutest little baby at the shops who was prepared to give me a smile. Gosh how I miss that age!

Feeling: grateful beyond belief for an amazing year, with some surgeries, some recoveries, a setback, then some awesome treatments getting me back some teeth for eating and smiling.

What’s been happening in your part of the world?


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  1. Snap on the politicians. And I’m glad you’re enjoying your meals and morning tea!

  2. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid says:

    You two are poster children for love! Your relationship is so special! I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging next year but when I do I’m going to try and turn over a new leaf and link up!

    • Why thank you M’am. I think we are such opposites that is more than half the secret. I think this time of year the notion of not blogging as much is very tempting.

      I am going to continue this link up and with IBOT finishing but 2 other link ups continuing (I hope) I can decide when my second post is published.

      And this time of year I am actually taking a 2 week break myself!

      Denyse x

  3. A lovely roundup Denyse, full of in the moment gratefulness and hopes.
    Have a Merry Christmas – you deserve it! Xx

  4. Here’s to contentment and the ongoing good health of your husband and all our loved ones, Denyse!

    SSG xxx

    • Thank you…health, is the number one on the list for us all I believe.

      Lovely having you link up here each week.

      Enjoy the countdown till proper summer hols!

      Denyse x

  5. I’m glad you’re enjoying your meals and cooking more. Thank you for hosting Life This Week this year and continuing the link up in the new year. Have a wonderful week!

    • Thank you so much Natalie. It is great to see you here each week sharing the northern hemisphere stories and pic as per your blog!

      Denyse x

  6. Your year has ended so well Denyse with many things to be grateful for and proud of. For example, how wonderful that you are now and Ambassador for Beyond Five. Have a beautiful week and enjoy your weekly morning tea outing – that is a great idea!

    • Thank you Sue, it’s been a very long and sometimes painful road to journey but with my best professional team, my husband and my own attitude to recovery it has gone well indeed.

      Of course, my on-line friends and bloggers cheering me on is such a wonderful way for me to know I am cared for and about.

      Your support and on-going kindness is always appreciated.

      Denyse x

  7. What a year of change it’s been for you. I love that you say you can still fall in love with your husband after that many years. Long may it continue. Thanks for hosting this each week xxx

    • It has been that for sure! I am tiring out a bit now and I think that is a good thing because I will take more time to be less rushed…going to Sydney takes its toll even though I do it well these days.

      Thank you for being here too. I always appreciate your thoughtful comments. I look forward to more in 2019 but will likely remain at 2 posts a week.

      That love thing..pretty magical!

      Denyse x

  8. I love reading Biographies! Also, I’m trying to pre-write a few blog posts myself, but it’s certainly getting busier approaching Christmas!

    • I am pretty well-hooked! I really didn’t get much from my audile account till I had to do that driving to and from Sydney. Yesterday, just driving around here, I finished Sally Fields’ ‘In Pieces’. She is a bit older than me and her story was a mix of tragedy and great comebacks.

      I have an idea of what the next few week’s blogging will be about but then, unusually for me, I will take a 2 week break!!

      Denyse x

  9. I love that you are still so in love after all these years. How beautiful.

    I never really was a part of IBOT because I’m so disorganized but sad to hear it’s ending. Oh well, change is a good thing I guess.

    • Thanks Ness, I told him that but in true bloke style he doesn’t take compliments…sigh!

      I hope that people continue to link up here because I “need” the conversations and love this community!

      Good to see you here today Ness.

      Denyse x

  10. Lovely catching up on all your news Denyse – I can see that you’re gradually getting back to your life the way it was – eating more normally, not scheduling around surgeries, enjoying being healthy and having your smile back. Hope your husband continues to improve health-wise now Summer is on its way.

    • It’s funny though too, because my life that was, at least in the recent years before cancer, was very stressful and I was unhappy. So, now I do look forward to…I am not sure what but I do know that I am grateful and will be taking time to consider what else I want to do/be as I am now in my 70th year.

      Thanks for your good wishes,

      Denyse x

  11. I always love flirting with the young kids when we are out and about. It brings us such joy, doesn’t it??

  12. I share your wish that our politicians would start behaving and actually doing what they are supposed to do!

  13. Lovely taking stock post Denyse. I’m hoping the rain over summer stays in the drought-affected areas leaving the coastal areas with beach weather! Will remember not to show you my apple watch when we meet again so as to not restart the thinking pattern! 😛 Glad to hear you are cooking more and getting out a fair bit too.

    • Love your comment about the apple watch..lol. I upgraded the band on the fitbit so that helps. Mind you, I also do not do anything like your kinds of exercise so it would LOOK good but perhaps not be well-used.

      The weather will surprise you a bit when you come back. The last two days have been around mid 20s and it was even a bit cloudy and showery in some spots. But last week when there was a huge swell on, the beaches were closed!

      I am sure, no matter what, you will be hitting that sand as soon as you can.

      Denyse x

  14. Yes! the beach. I was just thinking I should have gone to the beach today. I went to the beach house, mowed the lawn, busy, busy, I was there, but didn’t stop to get my feet wet. I am home again doing a load of washing and preparing tonights tea because I have a meeting after Summer’s after school cricket! Hopefully we get there loads over the holidays.

    • I know. I think about going to the beach…only 20 mins drive and then other stuff needs doing. I know that IF I go, get my feet wet and walk it IS good for me. So, between us, we need to think of doing this, right!

      Nearly over the term 4 line…not quite but nearly.

      Denyse x