Monday 24th January 2022

Taking Stock 4. #LifeThisWeek. 36/52. 2018.87.

Taking Stock 4. #LifeThisWeek.36/52.  2018.87.

When each 9th week comes around I sit for a bit before completing Taking Stock. I like to do the prompts all at once.

This snapshot was completed on Friday 31 August 2018.

I never look at previous ones before completing the current one as I do not want to be reminded.

Here are some of the most recent: July 2018, April 2018, February 2018,

I will do that perhaps after this is published as I do like to see my changes and also what stays the same.

Thanks again to Pip for her prompts. She blogs here.

Making: a lot of bookmarks to send to Lisa at The Big Hug Box for inclusion in her special gifts to cancer patients.

Cooking: a combo of a biscuit recipe: a packet mix with salted caramel added to a mix of my own with choc chips: voila: choc chip salted caramel cookies to eat…and to give as gifts to people next week.

Drinking: a selection of hot drinks that come in sachets: hot chocolate, cappucino, mint chocolate, caramel latte & butterscotch.

Reading: The Sydney Morning Herald….and Rick Morton’s One Hundred Years of Dirt. I love Rick and his writing and met him in 2011 at the first Aussie Bloggers conference and he interviewd me some years later for an article in the Australian about grandparenting.

Wanting: to learn more about hand lettering

Looking: at other people’s hand lettering on-line and it is so good…but also need to remember, “am left-handed” so check those people out via Instagram

Playing: lots of old Show Tunes: from Mary Poppins to My Fair Lady to The Producers to High Society and I SING along.

Wasting: little these days, unless it is food that spoils because I have not been successful in eating it but it is happening less

Sewing: I wonder why I do not just leave this one out…really, I need to!

Wishing: that as we age, and next year is the big 7 0 for us, that our health remains reasonable. Big wish I think!

Enjoying: each other’s company more and more. T’is lovely after 47 plus years!

Waiting: for Monday (this will be posted by then) because I am seeing a very caring and lovely friend, and going to Hornsby to do so!

Liking: that I am finally oh so very confident to drive to Sydney most weeks to do what has to be done and succeed

Wondering: why people who drive FAST on the M1 (not me!) where the speed restrictions are in force never seem to get caught.

Loving: slow and cool winter into spring evenings and nights to snuggle in bed. 

Hoping: that it rains where it is needed. Every bloody where, thank you!

Marvelling: that I can write something here today that others will read next week maybe on their computer or phone or tablet.

Needing: to remember that even if I “can” eat much more, I still want to wear my lovely summer clothes again!

Smelling: small diffusers I have around the house and they are not overpowering just pleasant.

Wearing: right now: long casual pants and a long sleeve top – cool weather!

Following: the “who will be our Prime Minister” this time next week memes

Noticing: that I can grow carnations! Win!

Knowing: I do the best I can to look after my mouth health because my prosthodontist tells me I am.

Thinking: how did I manage to deal with so much change as I got cancer and went through so many surgeries and on-going treatments?

Feeling: proud of myself for doing as well as I could and do still.

Bookmarking: episodes of Anh Do’s Art on iView

Opening: the door each morning and hoping the newspaper will have been delivered after a very inconsistent delivery pattern when we first moved here.

Giggling: at four of our wonderful grandchildren when they sent a short video to us recently. Miss them a LOT.

Feeling: loved and cared for by my husband

Have you taken stock recently?


P.S. Did you see the news here? #LifeThisWeek continues into 2019 and the rest of the optional prompts are posted!


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Next Week’s Optional Prompt: 37/52. Travel Tips. 10/9/18.



  1. So cool you’re confident driving to Sydney! I have such a limited area I’m comfortable driving to, so I can relate to this one. Love that you’re making bookmarks for cancer patients too, how lovely!

    • Thanks Di. The driving thing was always more related to my fear of having IBS on the way and when I learned that I had cancer, then I had to make that journey anyway. Until March this year my husband took to Sydney for all the appointments and then I made the decision to give it a go myself.

      Each time I do it now, I gain more courage (even if I still worry about IBS as I did today) and do not let the ‘fear’ stop me. So, I am home now after meeting a friend. I was OK but I am tired as it is a good hour of intense concentration on the motorway.

      I enjoy making something I enjoy doing and that it is for others too.

      Denyse x

  2. I am trying to cut down on wasting food too – it does my head in. Are you doing something for the big 70? You def should. And you should be feeling proud. What a journey, and yet here you are!! I love that Anh Do show. It’s mesmerizing what he gets people to talk about….

    • It’s funny about the Big 70 because now our family is scattered (our kids, their kids etc) I am not sure if anything will happen. We each had a 60th. Hub barely remembers his but I had a nice High Tea with female family members and school friends, and a small lunch on the actual day.

      If we did anything, we might do a combination (allowing for family who could come) as he is 70 in Feb and mine is in November

      BIG thanks to you for recommending How To by Augusten Burroughs – listening on audible. Graphic but real and he tells his own story well. I also had no idea that this is his assumed name.

      Denyse x

  3. I love that Ahn Do series, but haven’t yet read the Rick Morton book – although I do enjoy his writing. Love all the art you’re doing too. Wishing you a fab September…

    • Anh is a gifted man. I had no idea how much till that series started. I have always loved Rick’s writing too and am still reading his book. Pretty heavy in some parts…because his family’s life was.
      Tremendous respect for his Mum as a result.

      Thank you, the art is fun and as long as it stays that way, it is good for me.

      September! Not long till you will NOT be having DLSaving.

      Denyse x

  4. Hi Denyse, I’ve managed to link up again with you this week and it was good to write a Taking Stock post, I think I needed to do it. I didn’t know about all the different prompts to use but I just went with my own take on things, hope that’s OK. Have a lovely week and thanks again!

    • You are more than welcome.

      I use Pip’s prompts because I copy and paste them from her blog.

      There is no rule really as there is optional prompts here on Mondays. It does me good (I think!) mentally to decide the prompts!

      Glad you are here again. Love seeing what you are writing about.

      Thanks for joining in.

      Denyse x

  5. It’s amazing what we cope with in hindsight, isn’t it?

    • Yes! Going through we just keep on going because there is no choice as such but having done it, it can feel good and or a sense of relief.

      Denyse x

  6. Hi Denyse, I love the Taking Stock prompts and it dovetails nicely with my Monthly Coffee Catchup. I’m knitting squares for blankets for the homeless and I love the idea of making bookmarks that you are doing. I love old show tunes so would enjoy an afternoon with you listening to them all. Have a great week and see you at #MLSTL. xx

    • Thank you Sue and glad it works for your blogging schedule too.

      Knitting blanket squares is both therapeutic and creative and the purpose is great. It is a shame about the homelessness but there are many more people that way than we may ever know.

      Ah, Sue you are a show tunes fan too. I do sing along you know!! Hence it is best, for others, that I am in the car!

      Denyse x

  7. Another great month Denyse – and another month closer to being back to your old self – but with lots of lessons learned and character building included. Loved your carnation and congrats on making it more prolific (I’m useless with stuff like that!)

    • Thanks Leanne.

      I was just speaking to my husband about being back to my “old” self and I think I am glad I will not be back there, rather learning how to integrate the me that has recovered from, but you never quite get over, cancer. Getting it was life-changing, as we know, but it helped me to re-gain the strength inside that had diminished for many reasons.

      I am not ‘criticising’ your loving words, but it IS something I see as the renewal of me I guess. Maybe that is part of my ‘old self’ too. Interesting isn’t it?

      Denyse x

  8. you coped with so much change because letting it kick your butt isn’t in your nature, no matter how much anxiety can overwhelm you, that much I’ve learnt in our years of acquaintanceship. Go you!

    • Oh Cate, that comment is very kind. Thank you.

      Even today I had to face a small fear (of IBS that occurred before I was leaving for Sydney) and do it anyway (as they say) so I have learned a lot about my strengths thanks to adversity.

      Denyse x

  9. I’m feeling chuffed for linking up and staying on topic! Those biscuits look delish. How lovely that you are making the bookmarks – I use mine all the time and it makes me think of you! So thank you! I think reflection is a wonderful thing, we humans are very resilient, aren’t we? And you’re more resilient than most! I think you should be so proud of how far you’ve come!

    • Ah thank you Miss Sammie. Would you like a few bookmarks to take to Mum’s? Let me know and I can pop them in the post.

      The biscuits were a great success. Like your coconut ice cakes…I still have a few. I ration them to one every so often.

      I did a trip to Hornsby today to meet a friend for coffee. That was my ‘first’ not related to medical or family trips to Sydney. I was very pleased to be doing it. I got an IBS wobble but went anyway. I will be continuing to challenge myself in some way over the next months but will not go fast. I have realised, no matter what, that one ‘big thing’ a week like this is good. More than one not so.

      Anyway, I am pleased with how I am meeting the challenges I could not have faced before cancer.

      Denyse x

  10. I used to adore hand lettering when I was a young creative. I marvel at how much success you continue to reach and how well you have documented and shone through your cancer diagnosis and treatment. You are amazing x

    • Oh thank you Alicia, you are a great ‘cheerleader’ for me.

      I’ve had a day or so of lack of direction/confidence just now and I realised part of it was being ‘almost finishing the mouth re-construction’. That might sound strange but it has definitely been there as a purpose for staying focussed and doing as well as I could. Now, almost 4 months since the 4th surgery, I will have fewer visits to Sydney.

      But, in true Me style (well, the person who cannot just sit) I am running a 4 week mandala and colouring class at the local library. Hope for some attendees and I like that I actually want to do this now as well.

      Cancer made me loosen the ties I had stress-wise for the first few years and now, I need something to concentrate my creative energies on.

      Denyse x

  11. I thought about doing some lettering or calligraphy in my bullet journal for about two seconds then I just laughed and continued scribbling. Cookies look GOOD. x

    • I like your idea with the trying this in your bullet journal.

      I have an art journal (small) that is in my bag with pen and colouring markers/pencils and most days when I am out for a coffee I write or make points or make mandalas …just have fun for me and sometimes ponder things in it. I love creating there and no-one sees it, just for me.

      Those cookies ARE yummy and now I can eat them, cakes and chips…well..I have to say “stop” at some point because I still want to wear the clothes I bought…and gave away all my bigger sized me.

      It is a dilemma!! Need to walk more too I guess.

      Denyse x

  12. Hi Denyse – You had a great and creative month. Growing carnation sounds very interesting. I hope you plan something fabulous for your 70th birthday. I’m linking up again this week but on a slightly different topic. Hope this is ok.

    • Thank you Natalie. The carnations were a complete surprise and for some reason they are reminding me of my loving Aunt who passed away a long time. I am not sure about the 70th Birthday yet…maybe me and my husband might do something together and invite the family.

      Linking up on any topic you like is fine!! Always a pleasure to host your blog link!

      Denyse x

  13. I love seeing/watching hand lettering and wish I could do the same. I am also left handed and am super messy!
    I’m so pleased to read you’re doing so well driving yourself to Sydney – I know what a massive thing that can be. xx

    • Now I did not remember that about you. Us left-handers are more creative you know!! I reckon we have to be.

      My left index finger is a bit sore (arthritis) at the moment so I am reducing the time lettering and playing. I downloaded a course and have done a bit but even better is I am now following left handed letterers on IG.

      Yes, the driving back and forth to Sydney, has by the number of times, let me re-gain my previously lost confidence. Amazing isn’t it? You are doing this too…and I am applauding your changes.

      Denyse x

  14. What’s the weather like there? Our Spring got colder than Winter! Good to hear you are now confidant driving. Driving is not one of my strengths. Hand lettering is something I want to learn too. My son gave me a calligraphy set for Christmas last year – I should make good use of that.

    • Hi Suzy, we finally got some rain here in NSW and Queensland where it is helping somewhat with the drought. It needs to be longer and more sustained inland from the coast though.

      Spring is pretty good at the moment. I have read on a FB group that NZ is getting colder weather right now.

      I would suggest if you wanted to start calligraphy/handl ettering to have a look via the hash tag hand lettering and also try YouTube. I have found a left-hander site and am now doing practice as I had to buy yet another marker.