Tuesday 26th October 2021

Taking Stock #4. 36/51. #LifeThisWeek. 72/2020.

Taking Stock #4. 36/51 #LifeThisWeek. 72/2020.

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Taking a detour from my Taking Stock in photos as I have here, here and here in 2020….

to reviewing where I am now, 3 years and 6 months on from this Taking Stock Post. 

Back then I used all of Pip Lincoln’s Prompts from here.

Now, for just this post, I have adapted my own list as well…in the interests of being easy-to-read!

The black print is from February 2017.

The blue print is now: September 2020.



Making: art every single day in one form or another.

Making: this continues! I have changed some of what I do, but consistently I do create on paper daily.

Cooking: much less these days and loving that more.

Cooking: whilst I like not having to cook each day, I do enjoy the satisfaction of batch-cooking and freezing meals for each of us.

Drinking: water and some soft drink

Drinking: back to coffee…yay. However, since COVID, I am learning to make myself a strong coffee at home. I dislike sugar-based soft drinks now and enjoy water, soda water and ginger ale.

Coffee: double shot small latte

Reading: a long list of books..none of which have been completed (yet) almost all non-fiction.

Reading: I have to say, this has not changed much & I tend to buy the physical copy of a book I love from Audible to have that as well.

Wanting: to have a greater level of concentration to continue to read “Victoria” by Julia Baird

Wanting: to continue to be satisfied with the life we have now, 3.5 years on, post-cancer and more….

Looking: always looking around me

Looking: I still do this but I also look into some people’s behaviour to try to get some insight into the ‘why’. 

Wishing: I had some of the insight into me earlier than now!

Wishing: This continues to go well. Is this a wish come true??

Enjoying: the company of my husband each day as we have never been ‘alone’ till past 2 years

Enjoying: as above,  a more relaxed at-home lifestyle now that many of the health issues are receding…stay there, ok! 

Waiting: to have enough money to buy a house

Waiting: this one (as above)  has now faded into the background. Knowing where we live now suits us and maybe, it will be something we consider to be renters in our future. 

Liking: that we do not have enough money to buy a house (yet) because it gives us more time to consider.

Liking: how life, as above, sometimes works out…

Loving: that I surprise myself with my art every day

Loving: that our family is more connected even though we live a fair way from them. We miss them but feel connected. That’s great.

Hoping: that I can continue to accept that I have a chronic condition called IBS and learn to live with it

Hoping: that my overall health continues to be OK. I “have” had some big challenges but I do manage my IBS even better than before.

Marvelling: at the way anyone who has a brain is….

Marvelling: that I have no idea why I wrote that above response. OK..maybe it was about D Trump??

Needing: to be as kind a friend to myself as I am to others and I am getting better at it

Needing: this is getting much better and I am very grateful for how much I can be self-compassionate and kind. So much better.

Smelling: frangipanis on the large tree right outside our back door

Smelling: not these any more…we are living in another house. Fresh air. Enjoying outside as there is a clear air and not that awful smoke from last Summer. NO more bushfires, please.

Wearing: retirement coastie clothing of coloured shorts and sleeveless top and birkenstocks

Wearing: similarly if it were Summer but in late Winter, early spring, it is likely to be jeans, maybe sneakers and a short-sleeved top. And a mask. None of us knew what COVID would bring to our lives.


Following: lots of interesting friends who blog

Following: same as above: also twitter and facebook too, along with instagram. I admit I am on social media frequently but know when to stop. For my mental well-being! 

Noticing: the days are shortening and the mornings are getting cooler

Noticing: the opposite for above…as the season moves into Spring. 

Thinking: that I would prefer not to think so much

Thinking: that I am much better at recognising and acting upon over-thinking and ruminating. It certainly pays dividend for my mental health that I can and do recognise it and act upon it.

Feeling: more positive than the last time I did a ‘taking stock’ post

Feeling: that I can see the differences in me and my progress in terms of mental health and well-being over the past 3.5 years.

Opening: my blog each day and seeing who has commented so I get ready to chat

Opening: my eyes each morning and beginning with the Daily Calm Meditation. It has made an enormous difference in my life. 

Have you ‘taken stock’ recently?


Denyse’s Taking Stock Prompts: from the original by Pip Lincolne.




Just did an update to these two optional prompts: they are in correct order now. Changed on home page too.

38/51 Grateful For This. 21.9.2020

39/51 Healthy. 28.9.2020.

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  1. What a great idea…I might see what I did back in my first one…Glad the health stuff is receding. Your current post is a very relaxed and cheerful one. It’s good to see.

    • Thank you Lydia, I agree…as does my husband. I got him to read this post (rare!) and he agrees that my emotional health has been the big winner!

      Yes, do that. I reckon it’s a help to review.

      You might surprise yourself!


  2. Denyse, An interesting look back at 2017 and 2020. I’m glad to see a lot of positives in your current taking stock. Have a wonderful week!

  3. It’s so wonderful to see how you’ve improved over these years. I’ll do this challenge too.

    • Thank you. I will add the full list of prompts I use at the end of the post now. I neglected to do that.

      It’s a great exercise, Astrid!


  4. I love how you’ve done this – a really cool way to look back and see how far you’ve come. I think I need to start the whole taking stock thing again…

    • Thanks Jo. It really it a valuable tool. I heartily recommend its use a few times a year.
      Here with the way I do it as part of #lifethisweek it’s 5 in a year. Some people do it seasonally, others monthly. No rules!


  5. I love this Denyse. This is a wonderful thing for you have done. For yourself and for your family in the future. It was interesting to read how your life has evolved

    • Thanks Jennifer. I had not thought about the sharing of these posts for family but I can see the family historian in you noticing this.

      I think I will print them out, to intersperse with Telling My Story!


  6. Hi Denyse it is always a good exercise to look back and compare then to now. Look how far you have come and like others who have commented, I think I should do this exercise as well. Have a lovely week and hope you are recovering well. #lifethisweek

    • It is a great exercise to do over time, and at some time of regular interval, Sue,

      Too soon and there is not enough change. Pip Lincolne, the originator of these posts via her blog called Meet Me At Mikes, has the original list and is chuffed when she sees people using it (I always acknowledge it) and making it fit their own.

      I had to do that once I realised some prompts were not applicable ever to me!

      Thank you Sue.

  7. It’s a great idea to look back and see how far you’ve come in your personal life. Life was certainly different for all of us 3 years ago. Sometimes we have to just let some of our “wants” go, as you did for your desire to buy a house. Acceptance is part of that process. I have learned to accept that not working right now is part of my journey, and other people have started to tell me that they see me as far more relaxed and happy than I used to be. I definitely don’t want life to return to how it was before all my health dramas. It’s been a big wakeup call.

    • How interesting is our life as it evolves, Christina.

      I like the take you have on what I wrote about in terms of yourself re the career. I do think we are constantly needing to review and re-think our life as it goes along.

      Maybe the ‘not being able to work’ is in some ways, opening up paths for a different way going forward.


  8. I really thought I’d written a comment here but can’t see it now! I enjoyed seeing your thoughts from a few years ago compared to today and some things don’t change do they? I always enjoy writing these posts, they are simple but effective. I will look forward to going back and seeing what I’ve written before too 🙂 hope you are recovering well and resting up. Such a lovely photo of you and B x

    • Oh Debbie, I hate it when that happens…anyway here you are now. Thank you so much. Yes, a taking stock post is always a good plan.

      Jennifer’s idea of using it as a part of my history is a good one so I think I will print mine out and add them to the folder of Telling My Story.

      I hope your week goes well..wherever you are and take care!


  9. Hi Denyse – it’s lovely to read the progress you’ve made through comparing your responses. I think you’re definitely sounding more grounded and more content – more at peace with yourself too. We can’t ask for much more than that in these unusual times can we?

    • Thanks Leanne, it did me good too, noting all of that within myself.

      Of course, the previous one was done, probably at the highest level of my stress ever…as some personal issues had arisen and not-yet-known health issues were still to be diagnosed….

      Peace with myself..so close to getting this now it’s almost a daily thing. Like it a lot.


  10. What a great take on ‘Taking Stock’, Denyse. There is so much self reflection and analysis in comparing how we are now against how were then.

    I’d love to do this next time we do the ‘Taking Stock’ prompt.

    SSG xxx

    PS – I am cooking less now as well. Lots of batch cooking. A bit more takeaway. A few frozen meals…

    • Thanks so much SSG, it IS a great tool of review isn’t it?

      The next Taking Stock is in 9 weeks!! Plenty of time for thought.

      Yes, to the “I ain’t got no time for cooking dinner EVERY night” and answering with batch cooking. I love it too.


  11. Hello. I stumbled across your blog just now and I think the link up and I’m thrilled to participate!

  12. I wise friend once said to me during a recovery period not to look back and compare to yesterday or even last week – look to a month ago, three months ago, six months ago, even a year – it’s there you will find the progression you crave to feel. She was pretty right! They say “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way”, which is true in one context – but I also think sifting through the past and recognising fuels our strength to continue on.

    Loved your look back compared to the present in turn fuelling your future.

    Sandra Xx