Saturday 22nd January 2022

Taking Stock 3. #LifeThisWeek 27/52. 2018.55.

Taking Stock 3. #LifeThisWeek 27/52. 2018.55.

When each 9th week comes around I sit for a bit before completing Taking Stock. I like to do the prompts all at once.

This snapshot was completed on Friday 29 June 2018.

I never look at previous ones before completing the current one as I do not want to be reminded.

I will do that perhaps after this is published as I do like to see my changes and also what stays the same.

Thanks again to Pip for her prompts. She blogs here.



Making: plans for creating 100 mandalas in one book by the end of 2018.

Cooking: fried rice – a family favourite by itself or as a meal accompaniment.

Drinking: coffee – double shot 3/4 small latte has taken over from the piccolo

Reading: Kylie Ladd’s The Way Back. Kylie is an Australia author who I support 100% and have met twice.

Wanting: cancer treatments to be D.O.N.E. but understanding not for quite a while yet.

Looking: outside and up…to the sky. I love clouds

Playing: Four plus – on the Ipad. My husband has a record of over 1300…me, just under 700. We are NOT competitive. Much.

Wasting: time on the phone to News Ltd and Fairfax to let them know their new delivery system by a private contractor is NOTHING like the one from the Newsagency.

Sewing: I actually did some sewing when a woollen thread on my new cardi got caught in my purse. My husband snipped it free, which then unravelled that section. Found the sewing basket and some thread and pulled it together but it’s now a ‘wear at home cardi’. A before-shot.

Wishing: that everyone with cancer is cured and the cancer is long gone as a disease. Doing my bit to contribute to those patients who are gifted a Big Hug Box by making bookmarks. Want to know more? Here’s the link.

Enjoying: my drives to wherever when I get to play my music, my podcasts or audible books

Waiting: for a parcel to arrive. If I dared go out, it would arrive, right?

Liking: this time in our lives

Wondering: how my 19 yo granddaughter will go surviving a full Winter seasons where she is working and living now with her boyfriend

Loving: life. It’s alright isn’t it?

Hoping: that more people are kinder to everyone they meet because as it is said “you never know what battle they may be waging.”


Marvelling: the resilience of my plants and flowers. Just a bit of water and some sunshine, along with some pruning and away they go again to delight me.

Needing: to remember how much I am loved and cared for, always.

Smelling: betadine, under my nose, where the teensy tiny hole is still there in a minor way (after 4th surgery, a stitch was placed there with the skin graft, and the first change of stent back in May, pushed the stitch out and small fissure appeared. We are hoping it closes by itself or it means… 5th surgery.

Wearing: my faves of jeans, navy striped top and navy lace ups.

Following: Hannah Gadsby’s story. I saw her Netflix performance and was “blown away”. Links here.

Noticing: that I can have the most wonderful and generous friend in Linda who sent this to me…overwhelmed by her generosity and thoughtfulness, let alone the hard work to get this to completion.

Knowing: I have lots of people who care about me and for me and it is just great.

Thinking: I need to get some more freckles (see coffee pic if unfamiliar with this Aussie choccie) today as they have become my latest comfort food

Feeling: That the anniversary of my 1st Surgery coming up on Friday will be a great reminder to me of how far I have come.

Bookmarking: Chris O’Brien’s book “Never Say Die”. I read it ages ago and gave it away, now as a patient in the hospital he dreamed of but his wife, Gail saw it come true I want to read it again so have it as a library copy.

Opening: mail. I still love opening mail.

Giggling: more smiling broadly (without top teeth) at our sweet granddaughter who face timed us with her Dad on her fifth birthday. We will celebrate with some cake in the school hols.

Have you taken stock recently or this week for the link up?

It’s always fine here to add an old post or new, on or off prompt too.

All are welcome!


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Next Week’s Optional Prompt: 28/52. My Home Country 9/7/18.



  1. One of my favourite prompts of #LTW, Denyse!

    Like you, I don’t read my previous responses that often. But I do like the idea of so many experiences and thoughts being put together in the one post.

    I’m waiting for the delivery person to call about my new microwave. Bet I get the call when I decide to hit the shower!

    SSG xxx

    • Thanks SSG. I am glad it’s one you like doing. I try to leave completing mine till closer to the day of publication.
      And the big question…did they ring and do you have a new microwave?

      Denyse x

  2. Freckles are so good and your positivity is shining through in this post. I love this prompt – I just wish I had the time and mental energy to answer each of them for myself!

    • Kirsty, you blogged. Enough!! No recriminations. While you are caring for your Mum and the family, less care is available in terms of self-care so grab every minute you can and devote it to you.

      Wish I could wave a magic wand…but sadly, no way. Go the freckles…or maybe you can’t have them. In that case sorry!

      Sending all my love north to you and yours.
      Denyse x

  3. Eau de parfum Betadine.
    I think I like my Victoria’s Secret body spray better to be honest.
    Great taking stock post Denyse. Thanks for the prompt

    • Betadine is actually better than the odour my mouth is concocting right now. Cannot wait to be back tomorrow at Westmead and have the stent removed and area cleaned. It really is messy this being human.

      Thanks for linking up and great to see you here.

      Denyse x

  4. Great taking stock. I’m yet to watch Nanette (Hannah Gadsby), but everyone is talking about it so I really should!

    • Thanks Jo. I am not sure why I watched it but it made me pretty darned emotional so I stopped for a bit then went back. I saw a brave and vulnerable human sharing her life with candour and I guess more than anything I admire her for that.

      Denyse x

  5. Hi Denyse, I always enjoy your Taking Stock prompts. I remember freckles but haven’t had them for years. I haven’t heard of Hannah Gadbsy but everyone else seems to, so I’d better check her out. Isn’t Facetime great when you don’t live near family or friends? I’m lucky to have my children and grandsons only living about 10 minutes away. Have a great week and thanks for starting my week with a smile. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sue. Oh, you need to love lollies if you follow me! Whilst I am sure my cancer had nothing to do with lollies and choccies I have liked them since I could go to the shop up the road from my grandparents, cash in the soft drink bottles and buy myself sweets.

      Hannah Gadsby has been around for some time and I may have seen her on a show before but this was quite different. Confronting and sharing her life with bravery and honesty. I admit it was powerfurl enough for me to watch it with a break.

      Face time has been good for us to see the grandkids and they to see us but generally they ring when I am already in night attire and tired…still they have called and of course we get a chat. Hoping to see both families in the coming holidays.

      It was good to be closer in Sydney but without caring for the grandkids I do not think we would have seen that much of them except at planned events. We are not a “dropping by” family if you know what I mean.

      Thanks for your kind words, as always.
      Denyse x

  6. Great prompt, Denyse, and your positivity shines. I started taking stock of my month of June and hope to complete my post in a couple of days. Have a fabulous week!

    • Thanks so much Natalie. I am sure yours will be a delight to catch. If you wanted to link it up another time, go ahead. I make the prompt and linky rules as easy and flexible as I can. I love getting to know more about those who blog and link up too.

      Denyse x

  7. I share your wish. I really do. Sigh.

    Nothing much seems to change for me when I write these things! Oops.

  8. The exact moment you are out of eye sight of your house, the parcel will arrive. Australia Post and other couriers track individuals just to ensure this happens every single time 😉

  9. Thanks for the heads up on your Taking Stock prompt this week Denyse! You have reminded me of ‘Freckles’. I haven’t had one of those in ages but I do love them! I had never heard of Hannah Gadsby but I watched her Nanette show and I too was blown away. Wow! Loved reading your Taking Stock post and still in awe of your positivity and courage. xo

    • Thank you Min and I am so glad you have popped in. Yes, freckles…now I have put that idea in your head…I am sorry!

      I have been able to have chocolate in small pieces because it melts on my tongue. It was only recently I tried a freckle and even though the chocolate is not quality, it gave me some texture in my mouth that eventually dissolved so that is why I am still enjoying them.

      Yes Nanette was a powerful view. I had to stop it a bit then resume. Some people have some really big challenges in life don’t they?
      Denyse x

  10. I still love mail, too!! So much fun. Even if they’re packages I sent myself. That said, I certainly went a little overboard on tech and camera stuff at the EOFY sales. Haha.

    • Oh yes! If I “still” had my ABN and a small business I am sure I would have bought something too.
      I hope you love them when they arrive.

      I bought a LOT of books and CDs in the last 2 years to help me “understand me and being human” and I looked forward to opening them from Book Depository because half the time I would have forgotten what I ordered! Surprise for me!

      Denyse x

  11. Loved your taking stock post Denyse (funny you mentioned clouds after your guest post with me on Saturday!) Also wishing you a speedy recovery and for the little fissure to close on its own. So glad you’re still finding things to be grateful for and that there are so many lovely people in your life xx

    • Thank you Leanne. I have enjoyed interacting with your lovely blog commenters. I am not sure about the fissure today. Boo. Anyway, I am back to Westmead tomorrow so we shall see.

      Today I visited my oral surgeon who I had not seen since the day she did the biopsy in May 2017. She was the one who broke the cancer news to me over the phone. I have always wanted to say thanks for how she did that, so today, armed with some of my home made cakes, I did.

      I will be doing a post about Oral Health and Cancer sometime in the next month or so based on my experiences.

      Denyse x

  12. Hopefully, your cancer journey will be finished soon. That would be something I couldn’t wait for either!

    • Yes! I have wanted to fast forward lots of the past year but apparently that does not work.

      So, settling for learning to be more patient instead and some days are easier than others.

      Thanks Anne,
      Denyse x


  14. Thanks for this post idea – I had nothing ready for today so this was great. I do one of these at the end of each of my journals so I can look back and see what’s changed.

    • Oh that is cool. I am glad you posted.

      In the prompts I do Taking Stock every 9th week, and Sharing Your Snaps every 5th week.

      There are a few more prompts up now on the home page.

      Love seeing your name pop up!

      Denyse x

  15. Nanette was so powerful wasn’t it? Also looking forward to the end of your cancer journey- you’ve faced it so bravely though, well done!

    • It was amazing and I felt for her Mum when she talked of her Mum telling her she wished she had said what she knew much earlier.

      I can tell you that parenting adults is even more tricky. That is all.

      Thanks for commenting. And yes, Cancer I am DONE!! OK, not quite but nearly.

      Denyse x

  16. This is an every-9-weeks link-up? That seems random. I’d love to know why 9 weeks. I don’t think I’ll join this time, as I just posted this morning about the weekend’s fireworks. Then again, I’m trying to blog more…

    • No there is a link up every single week. The Taking Stock as a prompt is every 9th week in the 52 weeks of the year. Every 5th week, the prompt is “Sharing yourt Snaps” a photographic prompt. The rest of the prompts – all optional by the way – are released over time and here they are for your info. Thanks for sharing and aiming to blog more! Denyse

      28/52. My Home Country. 9/7/18.
      29/52. What Is Courage? 16/7/18.
      30/52. Share Your Snaps 6. 23/7/18
      31/52. If I Could. 30/7/18.
      32/52. Countries I Have Visited. 6/8/18.
      33/52. Famous People I Have Met. 13/8/18.
      34/52. My Hairstyle History. 20/8/18.
      35/52. Share Your Snaps 7. 27/8/18.
      36/52. TAKING STOCK 3/9/18.

  17. Hope you get well soon. Wow that’s quite a list for taking stock Mine is pretty simple compared to this. I will look forward to your mandalas.

    • Thanks Suzy, a list for Taking Stock can be as long or short as you wish. Mine was from another blogger’s set of prompts I have kept to this as I can see what I wrote last time.

      Thank you re the Mandalas. They have brought me joy and comfort as I create them and I am glad to be doing some more soon.

      Thanks for your well-wishes! Me too.

      Denyse x

  18. Hello lovely, finally worked out the linky thing (was in the wrong post… silly me)

    Your blanket still makes me smile and I am loving your list. Perhaps I should do one… they are always so uplifting. x

    • YAY you arrived here and I offer you a BIG hug of welcome. Yes, the blanket makes me smile whenever I walk into the bedroom!! “Love from Linda” in a crocheted wonderful. A Taking Stock post – some of the prompts from Pip or all of them is a great way to write a post. I am smiling that YOU have linked up!!
      Denyse x

  19. What a year you have had! Certainly a lot to take stock of. I spent most of today finishing tidying up and then waiting for our property manager to conduct a routine rental inspection. It’s school holidays here; we waited and waited and the minute I gave in and began making lunch, she turned up! (Our benches are supposed to be spotless and oven not being used …) Oh well. We passed anyway, I hope!

    • Goodness me, Bronnie! We get nothing like that kind of pressure with a rental inspection here. Obviously the place is tidy and clean but ‘benches being spotless and oven not being used”. Sounds unfair but I still dislike the notion of being checked on.
      I am glad you shared your blog post today. You are doing well when so much is a challenge .

      Lovely to see you here again.
      Denyse x

  20. I love Kylie Ladd! And I have a hot date with Netflix this Friday so I can watch Nanette. How many boxes of tissues will I need?

    • Kylie is so lovely and self-effacing. She was someone I met via twitter back in 2010 and she & the family were living in Broome for a year. There are quite a few people I count as IRL & SM friends from that time that I am still in contact with. When Kerri Sackville launched her first book When My Husband Does the Dishes (they are now divorced) she invited all of us via twitter to the Sydney launch and I met Kylie there & she chatted & signed one of her books for me. When she came to Castle Hill (near to where we lived in Sydney) on an authors tour at the local library (Mothers and daughters book) I went to listen and give moral support. Sadly the last twelve months or so after her mum died have been pretty awful. Anyway, let me know if you want to read her latest, happy to post it to you. As for Nanette. I found it confronting in some ways because I watched on my iPad n bed (where I am now!) so I took a break. I am thinking of watching it again to really listen to her words. Powerful words. Bit like you who writes so well I think!! Denyse x

  21. I love this idea and borrowed from it for a monthly check-in from me. Thanks, Denise. It’s always fun to see what others are doing/thinking.

    • Thank you Donna. Pip, who is the originator of this particular list, is a long-time blogger who is more than happy for it to be shared. Have fun. It is a good plan to do this from time to time.

      Denyse x

  22. Love these prompts! I think I’m going to “borrow” them. As I read them, my own responses started nudging in.
    Nanette was just incredible. I laughed, I cried, I applauded, I held my breath. It planted seeds for me to start speaking my truth again.
    I love that you’re making book marks for the big hug box Denyse. I want to do it too. I do little watercolour abstracts and zentangles that would be perfect. I clicked on the link, but couldn’t see how to get them to her.
    It’s so nice to reconnect with you. I remember meeting you so many years ago, for the human brochure campaign.

    • Yay for seeing you blog again Vicki. Yes I remember meeting you then but gosh it seems ages ago now. We have both been through a lot. I publish these prompts about 9 weeks in advance. Each 5 weeks it’s a photo-based one as no-one does a Wordless link up any more. I also have a Taking Stock every 9th week. Do join in each week!! On or off prompt, old post or new, all welcome.
      I would suggest emailing Lisa, who began the Big Hug Box. Her email would be on the Big Hug Box website. We chatted for a few weeks before she thought that the bookmarks I made would be a good inclusion. She is open to suggestions for sure, and you being a cancer patient know more than most how much something thoughtful matters. Look forward to re-connecting here, Denyse x

  23. It seems like everyone’s raving about Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette. I MUST watch it. Keep smiling Denyse and thanks for the heads up about the Big Hug Box! Looking into that now. It’s such a great idea. 🙂

    • Indeed they are! I am probably going to watch her again. It is so good you are ‘back’ like so many! Do link up a post, old or new, on a Monday and meet some new-to-you bloggers. The big hug box is the brainchild of a wonderful woman whose light has not stopped shining since her recovery from a horrible cancer. Thanks for popping in! Denyse x