Saturday 25th June 2022

Taking Stock #3. 27/51. #LifeThisWeek. 54/2020.

Taking Stock #3. 27/51. #LifeThisWeek. 54/2020.

Where Am I….

How Am I

What Am I….

Why Am I….

G R A T E F U L.




As it’s been the practice for Taking Stock in 2020 I found the photos to represent the prompts. They are not in prompt-order. Forgive me!!

Have you taken stock recently?


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My adapted list of prompts for Taking Stock.



Original Taking Stock List is here, from Pip Lincoln.



  1. Hi Denyse I think the images are a powerful way to present the prompts for Taking Stock. This is such a positive post to start my week, thank you. I love the Wattle it always reminds me of Wattle Day at school although it seems to bloom earlier these days than I remember. Your family photos are treasured memories and of course I love the nature shots as well. I’ve been trying to put a balcony garden together. Mainly succulents as we live on the ocean so I need to have plants that will survive the elements and my not so green thumb. Thanks for the #lifethisweek link up and have a lovely week. Take care.

    • I am pleased you have enjoyed seeing my Taking Stock this way.

      Wattle Day…yes it was one I remembered too but like all things from our childhood much has changed. Seeing Wattle bloom earlier and earlier now too.

      I am glad you are having a go with a little balcony garden. I admit by the sea is great but not that salt air….we were told, when we lived on the water at Empire Bay that the salt air can even affect computers….

      Succulents are pleasing plants…many of them are mandalas!


  2. Snap, we both got the smelling wattle the same! I enjoy your photos for the prompts and did admit to being confused at the order, I thought I may have missed something!! Thanks for the Taking Stock prompts, it’s one of my favourites :). Take care xx

    • I admit I got a shock at how early the wattle is out but I think that is my memory every year.

      As for the not in order…I could have fixed that I guess…but I tried to have the photos in a more varied grouping.

      I am glad you enjoyed Taking Stock too.


  3. Your grounding place is gorgeous! I’d be racing there too….needing grounding or not!

    • Raced (not really) over there today when I was needing some inner guidance from me…I seek the place that fills me up again when I need to do the hard things…I put it on Instragram why.

      Happy School Hols.


  4. I enjoyed your photos Denyse. The mandala made from bread tags is very creative. Have a wonderful week! #lifethisweek

    • Thanks so much Natalie.

      The lady in Australia who collects the bread tags is an artist and makes amazing art works from them. I thought I would add my small touch!


  5. I love your pics – the seagull is my fave but those lemon & walnut cupcakes look great.

    • Thanks Jo.

      The lemon and walnut cakes are nearly gone!

      Loved the ‘accidental’ good shot of the seagull myself.


  6. Love the pics – you have really mastered the iphone camera! I am still working it out! Those cupcakes look the business!

    • Ah Sammie, I do use a few techniques like moving down low or getting a different angle with using the camera horizontally rather than vertically.

      I use the shift to closer setting a lot. The one which says ‘2’ and is up from the default 1.

      I have just added a screen protector to the camera because of the 3 cameras and it has made no difference to the quality.

      I often have the phone in my bag and though it has a cover all round, and a screen cover, the little lenses were unprotected.

      Those cupcakes are….from the recipe I sent you for the blog. Just use cupcakes for my ease of eating.


  7. Hi Denyse, I’m sorry I didn’t follow your prompts this week! I love the seagull – sometimes the light is just right and you get a great photo like that. That’s what mobile phone cameras are great for. You’ve some so far since your head and neck cancer surgery – well done.

    • Never apologise. The prompts are optional. Always!

      I am just glad you come over to link up now.

      Thanks so much Christina for your kind words.


  8. I love your taking posts Denyse.The prompts give a great explanation of the month you’ve had. Your cupcakes look yummy.

  9. I’d like to go hide at a beach for a few days! Some blue therapy and a mental break.

  10. Hi Denyse – love all the pics in your taking stock approach. Lovely for you to have all the family ones included and that life seems to be going well. BTW I have regrets for all that sun exposure in my teens too – and paying the price!

    • Life is going pretty well….even if we are all affected in some way by COVID, we are getting on with things.

      I am admitting today that I need to do a hard thing in a couple of weeks and that is having surgery. I shared my story on Instagram…probably will tell the story as a blog post after I have it.

      Thanks Leanne.

  11. I love the photo version of this post! 🙂 The autumn leaves and coffee day – such a beautiful capture! Yay on closing all three rings on the watch! I love it when that happens. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

    • Thanks Sanch, the photo version was what I used first in 2020 and thought why not continue.

      Some of my posts are dense in writing so I like the variation too.

      Don’t expect a closing 3 rings pic often. However, I have been consistently closing red and blue rings for past few months.


  12. I like the way you’ve included photos in this. And that you’re continuing with Women of Courage. I’m usually reading on my phone and find it difficult to comment, but I’m always reading along.
    Thank you for hosting the linkup.

    • Thanks so much Em! Glad to see you here too. I like that you are following the blog and the Women of Courage stories are continuing…so privileged to have the space to do this.

      I did a photographic based Taking Stock first up this year and it worked…so why not continue!!


  13. Wattle is one of my favourite flowers. I love how it blooms in winter…like me! Always love seeing your photos!

    • It really is. And looking at wattle close up, so many pretty details too.

      As for you…blooming hey!!

      Thanks so much for your kind words.


  14. Thank you for today’s uplifting post. It made me smile. I do look forward to the chance for us to share our lives and be positive and constructive through blogging each week through your link #lifethisweek

    Be well!

    SSG xxx

    • You are more than welcome. Thank you for those kind words. I like our small but kind and loving community where each blogger cares and returns to share the love.

      Hope “not going OS” for winter is OK…sorry about that…


  15. I love how you take stock using your photos. It’s a good periodic reflection. I am regretting my days in the sun when I was a girl too. I can remember my friends and I holding our forearms together to compare who had the “best” tan. We put baby oil on and laid in the sun. Now I search for shade!

    • Thanks so much Laurie.

      I went to an all girls high school in the northern beaches of Sydney which was “very competitive” for tanning…and we used to sit in the sun at recess and lunch with our skirts up as high as modesty would allow and socks pushed down…to ‘tan the legs’.

      And now, we queue to get skin cancers burned off and hope for nothing worse.