Wednesday 26th January 2022

Taking Stock #2. COVID-19. 18/51. #LifeThisWeek. 36/2020.

Taking Stock #2. COVID-19. 18/51. #LifeThisWeek. 36/2020.

This Monday link-up is a favourite time of the week for me, every week. In fact, it’s the measure of Why I Blog. To connect and share the stories from life.

Life, recently, has impacted all of us in one way or another. We are needing to be “at work” or “on-line” a great deal whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place…all  via computers  & other devices and so on.

Sending  a BIG thank you for supporting my blog and its link up AND for taking the time to comment on my Monday post.

I appreciate this more than you know.

My happy time is Mondays and Tuesdays seeing your comments and then I get to respond!

Thank you all for linking up…and visiting others’ blogs too when you can.

Stay well…and safe…and I hope you continue to find a place here, at Life This Week each Monday.

Can you believe it? Today is 187th LINK UP!! Denyse.


Taking Stock #2. 2020.

What a blast (not) the past 9 weeks have been since I wrote the first Taking Stock in 2020. Here it is. I also did it in photos and as that appealed to my readers and was fun to do, I will be doing this again. With a twist.

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 Version.

How is the COVID-19 ‘life’ going for you?

Has it changed for work?

How is it affecting your family and friends?

I wrote about why I had a COVID-19 test here. 

We two were already retired and with a regular income. We are quite used to being ‘us two’ in this house and have plenty of space for our individual needs and for coming together for meals and some TV too. I have been the main one going to the shops for food, prescriptions and so on. My husband has  been out far less and his trips have been to the doctors…and of course, Bunnings. We have had flu shots and probably both need to be more frequent handwashers after going out. However, I generally wear disposable gloves, and apply hand sanitisers on offer where I go, and apply my own back in the car.

Take care everyone,


BIG appreciation to my friend Tanya, who made my original blog avatars and more back in January 2016. Since then with a “few” changes of appearance, Tanya has kindly updated as I need. Gratis. Because she is a friend. Love that kindness.




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  1. Thank you, Denyse, for hosting Life This Week every week and congrats on the 187th link up! I’m glad you’re safe and well. The stay-at-home order is still on in my city and province so I stay home most of the time, except to go out for exercise walks and groceries. I’ve adjusted my activities and am doing OK. Take care.

    • Thanks so much Natalie. Good to know how things are with you and where you are too.

      Stay safe & well.


  2. Nice post! I like the picture format! That caramel slice looks amazing!

    • Thanks Lydia. “That” caramel slice was so much trouble to make I realised half-way through why I hadn’t bothered for years. But when you get a COVID Craving…mmm. Actually froze it into small pieces and like all my treats, I bring out a little at a time.

      My daughter used to make this all the time. So much more patience than her Mum.

      Stay safe & well.


  3. Hi Denyse, congratulations on your 187th link up that is certainly an achievement. You have built a caring and supportive group and although I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks it is good to be back. I enjoyed seeing you Take Stock visually. Your photos are always a joy to see on Instagram and you have certainly been able to capture the positive side of living this new temporary ‘norm’. You prompted me to write a post about my Life during COVID-19 and it was surprising to see how much I am still accomplishing even in isolation. Yay for technology. Thanks for providing #Lifethisweek, take care and see you at next week’s link up. xx

    • Oh how lovely of you Sue. Thanks for the congratulations and I am so glad this ‘space’ here on the internet helps keep me connected.I loved what you wrote too about my photos as it keeps me focussed on the outside world more to keep capturing those shots.

      Glad you are back and it’s fine to link up an old post or new as they say!

      See you at yours and Leanne’s link up on Wednesdays.

      Stay safe & well.


  4. I appreciate you hosting this link Denyse. I look forward to Monday’s too. Your photos are great and really show the ups and downs of the life at the moment. I’m also looking forward to being able to sit down for coffee in my favourite cafe.

    • Thanks so much for your kind comments and on-going support Jennifer. it means a lot to have that connection on-line.

      I admit I get a kick out of my photos too and no matter what I seem to be able to find a photo that fits the prompt for Taking Stock!

      Yes, to coffee in a coffee shop. I am feeling sad for all those I know trying to stay afloat with takeaway coffees and food and even more for those I loved whose doors may not open again.

      Stay safe & well.


  5. I always enjoy your #lifethisweek posts Denyse and joining your supportive community of bloggers is a highlight of my week. Thanks so much for your generosity and support of others. I love your photo take on taking stock and wish you both well as we continue our social distancing. I’m missing socialising with others the most but understand the reasons for the rules.

    • Thank you Deb for your ever-giving enthusiasm as a fellow blogger. It does mean a great deal to connect this way and I know you “get it” very well.

      I will see if the photos for Taking Stock continue to work as it helps me stretch my thinking and imagination too.

      I love your e-bike giving you so much joy now too.

      Stay safe & well.


  6. Loving all the baking! I can’t stop baking myself. I’ve made so many cupcakes. Really need to move onto something savoury soon! Thanks for the link up! x

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • I know, the baking! I have always cooked little cakes and so on but suddenly I wanted to try this and this…and then that.

      Passes the time and helps ease the inner stress I reckon. I am eating for comfort but glad my mouth has limits as it gets sore with too much.

      Savoury…mmmm I have a pie maker – no room in my freezer right now, but I think winter’s approach might mean meat pies.

      Stay safe & well.


  7. It’s nice to read your taking stock post despite these trying times. It must be tough not being able to see your dad; hope you can do that soon. I’m hoping gradually there will be a light at the end of this tunnel. Today is my first day off as part of our newish roster due to pay cuts. I’m trying to enjoy it and use it as downtime given the stress of the last two months. Hope you have a lovely week ahead Denyse! Loving your new profile pic and all the changes along the way too 🙂

    • Thanks Sanch for noticing the photo changes! I know my selfie is a bit dark because of the shade but I wanted to share my no more glasses look! Still getting used to it but enjoying it a lot.

      I hope that work does come back as I am sure you and many would like.

      My overarching thought today was on my brief trip to Westfield Tuggerah to pick up Phosphorescence was sadness for those who are now unemployred and I wonder if some of those many smaller shops will re-open.

      So many many reasons to be “mindful”.

      Dad is itching to have a visitor. He sees my brother and his wife and niece once a week when they pick him up for a meal at their house. I am not concerned about seeing him per se but about the conditions at his Independent Living Place and their rules. I will be checking before I go. I also have a pile of meals for him which I want to deliver.

      Stay safe & well.


  8. I’m loving your pictorial taking stock. It must be so hard not to be seeing your father though – I know I’d like to be able to see my parents. This month I didn’t round-up my month as such. Instead I looked back at my reading for the month.

    • Thank you, I am pretty sure I will continue the photo-theme this year as it challenges me to be more creative.

      I am not missing seeing Dad as such but he is missing having more company! We talk each week, my brother and his family take him to their place once a week and do his shopping. I will go down next week if the place where he lives (not an Aged Care place) gives the go ahead and I will check with my GP too. I haven’t been down to Sydney since before COVID restrictions kicked in.

      I guess you are not missing the ‘have to go to Sydney’ trips for work but they did give you a chance to see your parents too.

      Stay safe & well.


  9. Thanks for sharing your Covid life, Denyse. Really hope you can visit dad again soon.

    And yes, how good is being able to go out for coffee!

    SSG xxx

    • Thanks so much SSG.

      I will go down to see Dad next week if all checks out from where he lives and my GP tells me it should be fine. It really has been a long time for him to be ‘cooped up’ in one place but he has a big apartment with a balcony and my bro and family take him to their place for a meal each week and do his shopping.

      I hope your workplace is as safe as it can be.

      Stay safe & well.


  10. I love a good Taking Stock post and especially love your words and pictures format. I think you’ve captured these Covid days pretty accurately! Your baking looks delish and I too hope that we can get back to some sort of ‘normal’ soon although I wonder what ‘normal’ is these days. Day to day life hasn’t changed that much for us although it’s great having hubby working from home. I wonder if and when I will ever get work as an English language teacher for international students. I’ve had to stop watching the news and am taking one day at a time, otherwise my head and my heart hurt too much. I know I’m very lucky that me and my loved ones are safe and well, we have a roof over our heads and a regular income. I hope that the situation eases for so many who are doing it tough right now.

    • Thank you Sam, that was a lovely comment and I think I will keep doing the pics and words for this year in Taking Stock.

      I know I have reduced social media and the news much more since the initial days and weeks of COVID and that low-level stress has also disappeared. Being tested and then negative for COVID helped too. Mind you, I still have an annoying allergy type cough and am stuffed up so will visit my GP later this week.

      We do have a lot to be grateful for as you say and that is better for our mental health to be focussing on because the ‘OMG’ of everything is so stressful.

      More for you of course because of your Mum in the UK. So awful how that has been MIS managed initially.

      As for your students, there will always be a need but not sure what now of course.

      I am viewing post-covid life as I did experience getting my upper teeth. I thought things would be more like they used to be for eating but they were in fact very different so I imagine that is how I will view COVID life for me.

      Stay safe & well.


      Stay safe & well.


  11. I am so grateful for your link up each Monday, especially during the Corona lock down. I am so sick of hearing about the virus all the time so it’s a great way to de-stress, reading about other topics from so many bloggers.

    • Ah that’s good to know Jody. It IS hard to avoid the C word (not cancer this time either!) isn’t it?

      I understand too, that your family has been particularly impacted with your husband’s employment.

      I am glad “this space” can be a good one to read and share for you too.

      Thank you for being here!

      Stay safe & well.


  12. These certainly are strange and difficult times we live in. But it’s good to see you are still finding things to enjoy in life! Hope you’re able to stay safe and look after yourself!

    • Thanks Bella, it is essential to try to look around and find the good because it can be so easy to see the not-so-good.

      I am well and I hope you continue to be too.

      Stay safe & well.


  13. Hi Denyse – lovely catching up on all your latest news and seeing the accompanying photos. You would see from my linked post that life is tootling along here as well. Not that much has changed as you say, but I’m starting to get a little weary of it all – especially when there are so few new cases. Hopefully things will start to ease up soon and we’ll be able to get on with life in the big wide world again.

    • Thanks so much Leanne. Yes, I know being ‘impatient’ for things to be back as they were is a very human tendency but on my short outing today to a large shopping centre I could sense the loss already of small businesses. So many not open and I wondered about the human cost.

      The unemployment factor along with people’s ability to keep their homes is very troubling. I feel for many but I also need to keep my emotional balance so I take on board what is going well for us and stay healthy. I am on news and other sites FAR less frequently than I was and just get catch-up news re COVID.

      The return to schools troubles me from our own adult children’s and grandchildren’s perspective as most of them are in schools but being public servants, they have to do what they have to do.

      Stay safe & well.


  14. I love the way you take time to record the small but very important points of your day, making a teatime treat is so much part of the minute things that keep us going. We too are long retired and used to being together 24/7 so lockdown is no strain and online shopping keeps us self sufficient. I do wobble at times when I think of our daughters struggling to work at home and manage home schooling and sons in law that are both still out and about for work, so I try to keep up the positive vibes for us all. I note your new dishwasher! my husband is currently struggling to fit our new one,the novelty of hand washing disappeared after the first day – and lockdown means no fitters!

    • Lovely virtual ‘catch-up’ Pamela. Thank you.

      The dishwashing thing is so over-rated we agree. Interestingly the man who delivered the machine was the installer. It is how the rental people organised it.

      So many rules we are all now living under and so many are different.

      We have different lockdown (level 3 as it’s called, I think) rules all over Australia as we are a state-based country for much of this. But, as a kind of first, the state premiers are meeting with the Prime Minister et al for updates and more each week.

      Strange, worrying and a bit fearful times alright. My family of teachers and school kids are ‘due to go back’ into classrooms in a staged series of weeks. I fear a bit for lots more people coming together but apparently it is something that has to happen.

      Sending every good wish across the oceans to you and yours.

      Stay safe and well.

  15. Can you believe how much our world has changed since you wrote your first “Taking Stock” post this year? Who could have predicted it then? Like you, my hubby and I are retired, so it is just us two also. On the face of it, our day-to-day life has not changed that much but the isolation is the most difficult thing to adapt to. Virtual meetings are good, but no substitute for seeing people in real life. I miss my friends and family.

    Thank you so much for hosting this link-up every week, Denyse. I have made so many friends from all over the globe here. I appreciate all the work you put into these weekly posts.

    • Oh thank you so much Laurie for your kind and heart-felt words.

      Yes, it is hard to fathom the ‘normal’ of less than 2 months ago saw me having two cataract surgeries happen in Sydney and a good recovery. Mind you, there were already some measure being taken slowly from the beginning of March.

      Nevertheless, it has ‘given’ us a world we never imagined: so many deaths and suffering in so many countries. Our Australian lockdown (and closing of borders and insisting on 14 days of quarantine for people returning from OS) has given us a relatively ‘good result’ to date along with New Zealand.

      But,,early days really, with us headed to Winter. So, still being cautious but a little less concerned as I am making my way through shops these days. Plenty of hand sanitiser everywhere before entering most places.

      I am so glad you found us here on Mondays for Life This Week too!

      Stay safe and well.

  16. Coming here after quite sometime. Our lockdown continues till 17th of this month. Missing my birding days. Your pics are nice!

    • Good to see you Shiju…but not great news is it being in lockdown? Whilst we know why it is hard when being outside is so good for our well-being.

      Stay safe and well.