Thursday 20th January 2022

Taking Stock 2. 18/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.37.

Taking Stock 2. 18/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.37.

When I do a Taking Stock post (with thanks to Pip Lincoln who made the original list here) I do not review what I wrote last time.

The post is literally my views/beliefs/thoughts at the time of writing.

Things may change between now (Thu 26 April 2018) and post publishing time on Mon 30 April 2018 but as it is a snapshot of the ‘now’ it will remain thus.

I do enjoy writing these and the inward reflections.

If you too do a Taking Stock post, I hope you share it.

Each nine weeks on the blog for #lifethisweek is a Taking Stock optional prompt.


Making: time for conversations with my husband each evening as we share the TV viewing on Rugby League 360 on Fox Sports.

Cooking: in the oven in the new rental house – talk about getting to know a new appliance! Took a while, made a simple packet brownie mix. The best part is that I CAN eat it in tiny pieces.

Drinking: my favourite coffee out most days: changing from time to time from a piccolo latte to a small latte with double shot.

Reading: The Way Back by Australian Author and friend, Kylie Ladd. This is the fifth book of Kylie’s I have read and she writes cleverly of modern Australia and family life.

Wanting: time to pass. Oh. This again. I am getting better at waiting because I aint got no skills in how to time travel.

Looking: out the back at the lovely lawn my husband has just mown. What a sight and smell. Freshly cut grass.

Playing: a game on the Ipad called Four Plus

Wasting: not much actually – time nor goods

Sewing: zero, zilch, nada.

Wishing: that my Dad will be able to move back to his independent retirement unit from rehab hospital where he is now because he will be more mobile after a nasty time with vertigo

Enjoying: Autumn. Enough said.

Waiting: for next Tuesday 1 May 2018.

Liking: the lovely people who I get to meet here on the blog and on FB pages.

Wondering: how long Facebook will continue without charging us for its so-called services.

Loving: my family: husband, adult children, 3 adult grandchildren, 3 school age grandchildren AND 2 pre-school aged grandchildren. 

Hoping: that our health continues to be well-monitored by our wonderful, caring G.P.

Marvelling: at the human body and its capacity for regeneration. In my mouth’s case: too much….see next prompt:

Needing: a 4th surgery on my top gums/mouth to replicate the one in February which should have been the final one because the skin has grown too much and tightly.

Smelling: the lawn

Wearing: summer clothes right now but yesterday I was back in long pants, and a cardi. That IS Autumn.

Following: the news about the Royal Family. I admit it. Monarchy-tragic. Looking forward to The Wedding on 19 May.

Noticing: that I look old in the mirror. Ha! That IS what 68 years looks like for me.

Knowing: that I have the best and most competent medical & dental team caring for me and my health.

Thinking: I remember how it felt a year ago when my mouth hurt so much and the dentist was on holidays and I had to wait another 2 weeks to see him….and

Feeling: grateful that cancer was finally diagnosed after some days because at least it was an answer!

Bookmarking: actual books! Making a project of mine to try to settle to read each day for around 20 minutes.

Opening: the front door of the new rental house to our families when they came to see us in the school holidays

Giggling: at the sweet way Princess Charlotte turned and waved to the assembled journalists when she was off to meet her new baby brother in the hospital.

Feeling: a bit anxious about the next visit on Tuesday 1 May to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and what I will hear from my Professor about the condition of my mouth and then what he has planned for surgery 2 weeks later. It is actually the recovery period at home I dread the most.


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Next Week’s Optional Prompt: 19/52. The A-L of Me. 7/5/18



  1. Hi Denyse: Wishing you great news on May 1! I had planned a different Taking stock post but changed and posted it on my blog on Apr 25 after the van attack in Toronto.

  2. Best of luck for your appointment tomorrow and the surgery two weeks after that. I know what you mean about getting used to a new appliance. I feel like two years in I’m still getting used to my oven over here. xx

    • Thank you so much. I am interested for the Prof to see inside my mouth and tell me more about why I will need the surgery and how I can guarantee it will be helpful! He will most likely say “we can’t” LOL.

      That makes me feel a bit better about this oven!!

      Denyse x

  3. I love the smell of freshly cut grass too. And yay that you can enjoy brownies now. Yum!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • Thanks Di. It is a lovely perfume.

      The brownies are in slices in the freezer and I can microwave them and eat them bit by bit with a cuppa. Makes a nice change!

      Denyse x

  4. All the best for tomorrow and in the lead up to surgery. I know another surgery is not what you wanted but, at least your body is eager to heal! Looking forward to our long planned catchup once you’re back on your feet x

    • Thank you so much for tomorrow and beyond.

      I hope your Mum is travelling as well as can be expected.

      Such a lot on YOUR plate too!

      We “will” get to this catch up one day!

      Denyse x

  5. I also love freshly cut grass Denyse or the smell of rain. I love reading and am setting aside some time each day to enjoy this passion. I loved the Royal Baby’s name. My daughter is having a baby in June and doesn’t find out the sex – they would rather have a surprise. They also keep the names to themselves so it will be exciting to see who my new little grandbaby will be and what we will call him/her.
    Glad you were able to sort out the internet problems. Have a great week and see at Midlife Share the Love Party on Wednesday xx

    • Oh so exciting knowing a new grandchild is coming and to not know the sex is fun too.

      In my daughter’s case for her last two (only boy and girl & she has 2 girls as well) she did and I was at the ultrasound with her for her son and afterwards I did enjoy some blue shopping after 2 girls and lots of pink and purple!!

      See you Wednesday. Thanks for your good wishes.

      Denyse x

  6. Great roundup Denyse. I also loathe the anticipation of Dr visits. You never know what to expect. Good luck. x

    • Thank you Jody, Yes, even though I kind of know what’s ahead there is always an element of ‘fear’ for what might be next.

      I hope you are doing OK too my friend.

      Denyse x

  7. It’s a gorgeous, lovely, sunny Autumn day here. Mind you it was 4 degrees overnight, cold and foggy in the morning. Not ready to say goodbye to the warm sun yet. Good luck for next Tuesday xx

    • Good grief! You’d be hating that for sure! Mind you we’ve had rain on & off since Anzac Day and temps creeping up to 20 in the day. Thanks for good wishes. Will pop over now and link up with you. Been a day & a half with this and that I can tell you! Denyse x

  8. Good luck for tomorrow. Will be thinking of you. And now I want brownies!

  9. Best of luck with your appointment tomorrow, Denyse. Have strength!

    On a lighter note, I’m curious about Facebook too. They’re going to have to charge us for their ‘service’ at some point, aren’t they?

    Be well

    SSG xxx

    • Thanks so much.
      I guess it will be good for my Prof to actually see inside this mouth for the first time since Feb 14 after surgery 3.

      I am interested to find out how this next surgery can ensure that the abutments and eventual implants will fit.

      It is becoming tedious I guess and that is what it is like with many people with cancer. Chemo takes ages, so does radiotherapy and I AM grateful not to have those on my list.

      I will be wearing more red tomorrow…my colour of confidence and strength.

      FB…it just can’t be free forever, right?

      I do hope back to school for Term 2 is a good one.

      Denyse x

  10. Hopefully it is all good news today! Best of luck!

  11. Best wishes today! Hang in there. You’re in the best hands.
    Three cheers for bookmarking actual books!!! xo

    • Thank you my friend. When I am COBLH it is good for me to be both inspired and humbled by so many people I see there. I am glad to be treated so well but the 4th surgery and its recovery time is LONG…so I am trying to adjust to what we learned today. It will be blogged about methinks… Denyse xx

  12. Gosh it’s Wednesday already and I am only just back to this! I love your Taking Stock posts Denyse and I have to admit that whilst I am definitely for Australia becoming a Republic and I do think the Monarch is a bit last century, I can’t help enjoying following the younger royals and yes that little wave – so cute! Looking forward to seeing the wedding too.

    • Thanks Jan, it was such a classic look wasn’t it? I will be home from my 4th surgery (only day surgery on 16 May) so will watch the wedding on 19 May in bed probably…as I believe it’s not telecast here till around 9 pm. It will be an excellent distraction and can be my indulgence!

      Denyse x