Friday 21st January 2022

Taking Stock 1. 9/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.19.

Taking Stock 1. 9/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.19.

This week, and every 9th week for 2018, has the optional prompt: Taking Stock. Giving credit where it is due to Pip Lincoln here.

I had a quick look to see back how many of these posts I have done in recent years and it comes to six. I am not looking at previous content until I finish. And even then I may not. Life moves on for us doesn’t it? So, on a Saturday afternoon in late Summer in February 2018 here is my Taking Stock.

Making:  great progress in my recovery from cancer surgeries x 3 over 8 months.

Cooking: chocolate cupcakes this week for my husband’s 69th birthday on Tuesday. Side note: this means his last b’day in the 60s. OH.

Drinking: a cup of coffee made by a barista in one of the coffee shops I visit in the area. Sometimes it’s a piccolo latte, other times a latte with double shot. Got to have my hit!

Reading: the Sydney Morning Herald every day. I even had a letter published recently. Go me.

Wanting: not much other than for me and my husband to remain as healthy as we can* see note about about birthdays!!

Looking: at rental houses which have ducted air as our lease is week by week from now but we still have till August to move out.

Playing: a four dots connecting game on the Ipad thanks to a bloggy friend’s recommendation.

Wasting: not much these days at all. Time nor real items.

Sewing: hah! You joke with this prompt! Oh maybe I could praise the excellent needlework of the surgeons for #surgery 3.

Wishing: that I had found the courage to explore more about what the white spot in the gum was even though it was tested and found to be candida in 2015. But hindsight, it is a wonderful thing.

Enjoying: time with my husband as we have both settled into a gentle routine of retirement and it is most pleasant.

Waiting: for a few weeks to pass and then I will be back at Westmead Oral Health for a temporary prosthesis (teeth) in my top gums.

Liking: warm weather but an overnight shower or two is always welcomed.

Wondering: who will be brave enough to finally end the Gun Lobby in U.S.A.

Loving: the updates on Instgram by my friends with little kids. It reminds me so much of the fun we had with our grandchildren back then.

Hoping: a blogging friend going through a serious medical/surgical procedure soon for her Crohns Disease comes through with flying colours.

Marvelling: still…at how the surgeons made my upper mouth from my leg.

Needing: maybe some cooler weather clothes when I am off my #febfast of spending on clothing.

Smelling: aroma of frangipani as soon as I open to back verandah door.

Wearing: a different outfit Every.Single.Day for Outfit of the Day pics on Instagram and loving the challenge of it. Now been going for over 120 days without a repeated outfit.

Following: I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here…via IQ so I can fast forward the messy eating bits but I do like the people (except David Oldfield)

Noticing: that I have a steady mood almost every day and that if I go a bit down, I can pull myself back up with no problem.

Knowing: that it is normal for people to have a range of emotions and I am not alone.

Thinking: that maybe Barnaby Joyce could be a lonely man and father to 5 because the current partner will eventually leave him – based on various media reports about the why they got together.

Feeling: very fortunate to be in the best surgical hands for head and neck cancer with my team led by Professor Jonathan Clark.

Bookmarking: some facebook quotes and articles

Opening: my mouth a lot to…talk, eat, drink and to show the doctors and dentists!

Giggling: at some of the random videos which pop up on facebook. It can be quite the rabbit hole!

Feeling: content.

Do you take stock regularly?

Thanks for reading this blog and commenting too. It’s the comments that make a community!


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Life This Week 9/52.

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  1. I think you can’t second guess your self with hindsight – you were told what you were told. Why would you doubt it? Glad the recovery is going well.
    Love the Sewing response! Ha. Indeed.

    • Yes I have moved on from that notion after I wrote about it some more in my journal. Always a helpful way to release those ruminations!

      It is raining a lot now and I am guessing you have had a very rainy Monday too.

      Denyse x

  2. It’s really nice to read you’re feeling content and you’re enjoying retirement with your husband. Too many people forget to enjoy the present. Glad the recovery is going well and you have the best medical team to support you.

    • Thank you Natalie, yes we are now settled into a pretty relaxed life …apart from the appointments with my surgical and dental AND that we have to find a new rental house by August. We WILL be fine!

      Denyse x

  3. Had a bit of a giggle about you opening your mouth alot for doctors. When I was having my first round of breast cancer treated, I constantly had to take off my bra. It was so annoying! #cancerhumour xx Hope you are going great.

    • I am glad you had a giggle! We all need them. Yes, you must have wondered “oh why bother getting dressed”. In my case I feel like my mouth is almost public property! I am doing really well and send the same to you! Denyse x

  4. I always enjoy reading the taking stock posts Denyse as we continue to learn about you. My husband is 70 in May so he will be marking a new milestone. It is refreshing to read that you and your husband are settling well into retirement and although you have had your fair share of downs over the last year you have come through smiling and that is so commendable. I was interested to know your thinking about why Barnaby Joyce’s new partner might leave him? although, slightly different circumstances, my husband and I are second time around and going strong after 25 years. Unfortunately, the media has a lot to answer for as really I live by the motto ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’. I’m sure there isn’t many of us who have never made an error of judgement and in this case I do feel for all those involved. Have a great day and thanks for the opportunity to link up xx Don’t forget to link up this week at Midlife Share the Love Party if you don’t have anything you can use this one or a previous post as we would love to have you join in. xx

    • Thank you Sue for your insight into the milestones and life. I hoped there was nothing offensive in my remark re Barnaby as it somewhat flippant but based on media suggestions about the ‘power in politics’ …and yes I am taking their news seriously when maybe I should not.

      I have modified my remark as it is never my goal to offend.

      I offer you my sincere congratulations on your long marriage to your lovely man. Ready for linking up on Wednesday already. We are delighted to announce that we have had a BIG lot of rain here…finally!! Denyse

  5. My proper taking stock post doesn’t go up until Thursday Denyse – but this one is about February and how it’s been special for us, so it sort of counts! You’ve been very busy and it’s so good to see how positive you are still xx

    • Thanks Leanne and Happy Wedding Anniversary too. It is great to be feeling well and progress towards the end of all the trips to Sydney is being made. Denyse x

  6. I think you deserve to say AMAZING progress, not merely great!!

    • Oh thank you Vanessa! I was just telling my husband I think I am on the last 10 metres of this 100 metre journey and that feels BOTH great and AMAZING!! I am certainly feeling much better than this time last year when I had no idea about the cancer (to come in May!) Denyse x

  7. Love the outfit of the day challenge! Also love a coffee from out and watching I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

    • Then we are in agreement on so much Di! Thank you…and who do you want to win Celebrity? To me there are many who could. I love Fiona (I met her and had a long chat back in 2002), Peter, Danny Green…actually all of them who are left other than …Mrs Oldfield. However even she has improved I reckon with giving up the booze. Denyse x

  8. I love a taking stock post, they are a great reminder to pay attention to all that’s happening, and to be thankful for all that’s good in life.

    Content is a fabulous way to be feeling Denyse!

    • Best.Feeling.Ever.
      Thank you Annette and you know you are in my thoughts as you approach your time for fitting and getting used to the pacemaker. Your attitude tells me already it will go well!! Denyse x

  9. All the best with finding a new rental – it’s not a fun process, is it?

    btw I will get back to you today about a possible meet up x

    • Oh yes how dare these owners want their house back?? It has suited us perfectly BUT now that I am way into the end part of my recovery it gives me a new focus; find a new place. It would be better if it could be a purchase but not yet. Thanks for getting back to me re catching up when you can!
      Denyse x

  10. I’m marvelling at your whole mouth/leg thing too!

    • Oh yes…and here is an in-joke I am sharing just with you… I have a hair in my mouth right now. And it is attached to my inner lip because it was made from a skin graft from my leg. TRUE!! Denyse x

  11. It’s good when you feel like you’re managing feelings. I just had a bit of a wobbly turn earlier but recovered quickly. Like Vanessa said, your progress is amazing.

    My dad turns 80 this year, and my brother 50, so that’s a bit of an OH moment for me, too.

    • I am applauding that recovery. So pleasing. I know I am better these days too because when I go down in mood I am able to recover so much more quickly. BIG kudos to you. Zero birthdays..for us both next year. 2019 we will both be 70. THAT is freaky! Denyse x

  12. OMG, that scan of your skull with the reconstruction is SO interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    • I too was BLOWN away when I saw it on the screen. I know!! I have an amazing surgical and dental team who do things that were not even thought of some 5 years ago. Denyse x

  13. It looks like there is a lot to reflect on their Denyse and I know you had a small emotional setback today after this was published but what a journey you have been on and how powerfully you have navigated it. Good times ahead x

  14. Great to hear you are making progress.

  15. One thing I am glad about is that I am not bringing kids up in America. I bet you were glad to see David Oldfield go on I’m a celeb. I am enjoying this season as with every other season!
    I can only marvel too, at what doctors and surgeons can do these days. glad to see your recovery going well x

    • Thank you so much Alicia. I was ‘glad’ to see David Oldfield go and I wonder how on earth he connects reasonably with anyone. I saw him on a special last year I think where he and others visited Aboriginal communities and his judgement level was so high I almost imploded. I do not think he has a good filter between thoughts and words. This is my second season of watching I’m a Celebrity and I am so enjoying the dynamics. It is a wonderful. Denyse x

  16. I don’t think I could get over 100 days of outfits without repeating, I’ve always had a tiny wardrobe and wear things to death before buying new (but new clothes can be so exiting to shop for!)

    • Oh Cate, I think I have misled my readers! I have mixed and matched quite a bit. So a top might go with 2-3 pairs of pants and vice versa. I tend to have pretty common colours that I like and it goes from there. Mind you I “have” enjoyed the bargain hunting and shopping but have stopped since end of January.
      It took me ages to give myself the permission to go buy new clothes but as I was wearing clothes on repeat that were also getting too big and baggy I had to start. Going smaller was not something I have ever had to do so I hope I can keep it that way.
      Denyse x