Friday 21st January 2022

Spring Signals It’s Here. #SundayStills.117/2021.

Spring Signals It’s Here. #SundayStills.117/2021.

Terri here has shared the prompts for September 2021 and I took the chance to show some Spring images.

In Australia Spring begins on 1 September…and we are well and truly noticing its arrival. Mostly via the garden but also the skies…and a great reminder of life begun one Spring a while back…and my gratitude to have a SpringĀ  landmark in my head and neck cancer story! I hope whatever the season is where you are, it is good to you!

Spring is very changeable!

We have had almost heatwave conditions which changed to “winter is back”.

But the flowers never let me down.

Wherever I went..not far thanks to Covid…I saw beauty.

Then there is this from Spring:

Meeting our September born granddaughter, just minutes old….


My good news from Spring. No face to face head & neck cancer checks..but news is ALL good. Next check in ONE year.


This is the house we rent & my husband refreshed the garden in Autumn so it looks great in Spring.

These are Australian native flowers: Flannel Flowers. They are protected and must not be picked. What beauty they have and delicacy in their texture. Normally they are found in bushland and recently as I drove back along a road which bordered a national park, these were at the side of the road. Naturally I stopped…to take photos.

That’s my Spring News.

And for this year my last contribution in 2021 to the lovely friendly space called Sunday Stills.

I am taking time out for self-care….and blogging less.

My Monday Link Up #LifeThisWeek continues each week. You are more than welcome to link up a post, old or new, on or off prompt.

I love connecting via social media, and I sure will be there from time to time.

Thank you to Terri, and Marsha who hosted a while back and to Natalie.

My post, going out on Monday 27 September , shares more.

I hope wherever you are there is wellness and brightness around you…and follow this instruction as I will too:





  1. Today is most certainly a ‘winter is back’ day! Such a difference from last Sunday! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend

    • Crazy alright. Rain is welcomed though here…and a cool day is OK too. Mind you, I know they are not your fave!!

      Thank you, all going OK as I can see the light ….”lockdown easing”



  2. We’ve had a lovely spring day here Denyse but it’s turning cooler this coming week. Your photos are a great display of spring colour and I’m so glad you were able to join in with Sunday Stills for so long. Your flannel flowers are truly awesome by the way, just like you!

    • Well Debbie, it was time you did the weather thing well.

      You’ve had such varied weather.

      With anticipated rain coming, B laid out some fertiliser on the parched lawn and bingo, 15 mm from late last night and into today. Cool enough for air con on warm too.

      Thank you for your kind words. Always appreciated and yes, those flannel flowers! I will get back to that road because I was pretty quick to snap these…next time, longer times.

      Your support in my changes back to a slower pace as the year concludes is welcomed.


  3. Happy spring to you, my friend. I see how important this season is to you as you remember how your life changed after cancer. I will miss your positive posts at Sunday Stills but taking a wee break is important! Such great memories in September for you and amazing florals to boot!

    • Thanks so much Terri for your kind words and insight.

      It sure has been a seasonal reminder of my cancer and the fact that now, after seemingly forever treatments and surgeries, there is “nothing” to be worried about or done for a year has taken me by surprise but in a good way.

      Learning that I can have permission to play and to be rather than the “do” and reduce the “productivity” of my lifetime’s career habit is one I am approaching with curiosity.

      My husband (wise man) told me some things do change in our 70s and I can sense they have for me. Interesting to notice this and perhaps accept it too would be to my advantage.

      When you get a chance to link up a post, do know that you have a friendly group here at Life This Week.

      Not saying goodbye, but just “see you again soon”…


  4. What a lovely cheery post! All the flowers, I guess

  5. Beautiful photos Denyse!