Monday 17th January 2022

Snaps From Last Week of May 2021. 66/2021.

Snaps From Last Week of May 2021. 66/2021.

There is no #SundayStills this week.

I am, however, pretty keen to continue sharing my snaps….and here are some from my week:

last week of May 2021.

It’s National Reconciliation Week 2021.

Loving taking my flower photos and making them into creative collages.

And then this happened on Wednesday evening:

Red (Blood) Moon Eclipse.

This is the invitation to the Parliamentary Breakfast I am attending in Canberra, on June 15. Head and Neck Cancer Awareness is the main message and as an Ambassador, I will be joining the other Ambassadors, and Head and Neck Cancer patients, carers and health professionals. (fingers crossed for Covid not to stop the event)

My reason for visiting Canberra is here.


More photos the water it seems!!

My husband’s project finished.

Refurbishment of front garden.

Grateful photos.

And sadly we received news of this:

From the Eric Carle Team: It is with heavy hearts that we share that Eric Carle, author and illustrator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and many other beloved classics, passed away on Sunday, May 23rd at the age of 91.

When asked why he thinks The Very Hungry Caterpillar has remained popular for so long, Carle said, “I think it is a book of hope. Children need hope. You, little insignificant caterpillar can grow up into a beautiful butterfly and fly into the world with your talent.”

Thank you, Eric Carle for sharing your great talent with so many generations of young readers. #RememberingEricCarle

Author & Artist Eric Carle died. Many, many loving memories of reading books of his to our grandchildren.

R’s first words were “Brown Bear” as it was read to her VERY frequently.

And now I am preparing my art/study area for making a Daily Index Card a Day. I have written about this before. Here is some info and let me know if you want to know more. A friend recommending this to me in 2013 changed my life! Seriously.

The challenge began June 1, 2011, and we’ve been creating each June & July ever since!
★★★ Simple materials push you to think in new ways. ★★★
The ICAD challenge is about doing a tiny creative project each day for 61 days. It’s not an art challenge and you definitely do NOT need to consider yourself an artist to participate. Whether you’re an engineer or to be an artist to participate. Instead, it’s a creative challenge 🌈 so please don’t worry or strategize about the finished product, don’t focus on composing or preserving or archiving or framing.
a creative challenge….not an art competition…..Can you create something on an index card every day for 61 days?

Find out more here:

Last but definitely not least, is a coffee chat and catch up with a friend..we met via instagram and had a lovely morning tea in her neck of the woods, here at Hardy’s Bay. No photos of us as she wants to remain private. Next time, she is coming closer to where we live now. Afterwards I drove back up the hill, then down part of the hill to an old favourite beach of mine from 2015 when we lived locally.

That’s the week that was….last one of May 2021.

How was yours?




  1. Hi Denyse
    Thank you for your blog and the wonderful work you do to make people more aware of head and neck cancer. My week has been tough. It’s now 5 weeks since I lost my precious and only sister to oral cancer. She died in the most brutal of ways with an osophoegeal bleed. I’m heartbroken and finding it hard to reconcile how much she suffered in her last months of life. She was only 51. She fought oral cancer on and off for 17 years. She hard the heart of a lion and didn’t want to die. Cancer is awful but oral cancer is particularly brutal. May you continue to have good health and raise awareness for this awful cancer. Fight for those who lost their fight. X

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh Jenny, I am so sorry and send my love to you and your family. It IS a brutal cancer and that is the truth. I tell my story to help others’ awareness and it’s been a somewhat positive and experience of learning my true capabilities to overcome the fear that had swept my life in the years earlier. However, I remember always that many who have/had HNC do not have the outcomes I and others have. I will be here for those and I will continue to share and keep your sister’s experience and untimely death at the forefront of all I do.
      Thank you for being a champion and continuing the story-telling. Quick question, are you in Australia?


  2. What a great recap Denyse and your invitation to Canberra is VERY exciting!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Deb. This time week after next I will almost be in Canberra! Already keeping an eye on the temperatures. I will need a coat of sorts for those days I reckon.

      Looking forward to the time there very much.