Wednesday 26th January 2022

Shopping. 33/51 #LifeThisWeek. 100/2021.

Shopping. 33/51 #LifeThisWeek. 100/2021.

I hate love shopping.

It’s something I inherited. From Mum. See us in this family photo where we celebrated Mum’s 80th. With my brother and father. That’s nearly 17 years ago.

I like the seeking out, the browsing and the finding of whatever it is I am looking for. Dad tells me he has spent many a time (back in the days when he & Mum were active retirees) sitting on a bench in a shopping centre while Mum ducked into a little….(insert name ) shop . She would often emerge with something and often at a good price.

I do not have my mother’s budget skills and can overspend. Think: reformed impulse buyer. But I do enjoy shopping…Read On.

Shopping Then.

I admit grocery shopping got awfully repetitive as a busy Mum and teacher and sometimes my husband would do it. Sometimes (and I admit I am still like this) he might not get exactly what “I” thought.

Shopping for us, in 1970s before moving to Sydney had to be done at a nearby country town on a Saturday morning (all shops closed by lunchtime, not opening till Monday) or ordered for delivery to us by the mailman from nearby very small town. Once a week.

As Time Moved On.

Shopping became something to do on a Thursday evening by the time we had moved to Sydney, and then came the big one, shops could open all day Saturday and into Sundays. It made life as a working parent much more flexible.

How Did We/I Shop?

With a list, mostly, and with a view to getting specials that we would normally eat. Menu planning helped in busier times.

Shopping Experiences.

I like to shop solo. I really dislike having another person with me, unless he/she does what I want…..mmmm.

Shopping Changes.

I had to really take note of our limited budget in past few years and be more careful of on-line and so-called indulgent or impulse buying. We have a “rule” for us now that on-line shopping is 24/7. We may look at items we like to think about buying but we don’t if it is night time or a Sunday. History has shown us both that we are more impulsive then. And here’s the good news, by the nest day or so that impulse to buy has often left or diminished.

Images from Shopping! 

And some more: These are some of the purchases for me during my life’s transitions when I was learning so much about mindfulness, mental health and more. I also had some favourite authors publish books…and I admit it, craft and art take took quite a bit of our money in the last 7 years.

Then when I had lost so much weight pre-cancer and, once recovered from the BIG surgery in July 2017, I  needed clothes. I admit I actually enjoyed this person and trying clothes on. Then when Covid19 stopped access to shops and most went on-line I did not get to enjoy the process but still couldn’t always pass up a bargain. Very little of this happening at all now for me. I admit I overdid it (shhh, don’t tell B) and it was fun.

Now of course, we (I) can only go shopping for essentials. And that is once a day when one of us can leave the house. So it’s groceries and the chemist. We decided as our area became more impacted by the presence of Covid 19 cases (thanks, no thanks UNvaccinated people from Sydney (we heard)  leaving their trail) we would go to only stand alone supermarkets and not into any centres. So far it’s OK.

Here’s what a local street looked like recently.

Wanting to get back to whatever normal might be for our future does depend on more people being vaccinated. I actually used this image last Friday because…I was getting frustrated with progress on vaccination numbers. Update that day is that 25% of Australians are fully vaccinated  and that is about 6 million.

My last image….

Back in September 2017 I gained independence. I was able to drive following the big surgery which cut my leg to reconstruct my upper mouth using my fibula and skin/flesh from the right leg,  and to go to the local shopping centre. I remember it well. I was a little concerned someone might bump into me but all went OK. I really want to go here again and see the businesses re-open. I haven’t been for at least 5 weeks as it was a covid spot recently. I think of those who have no work. The hairdressers and beauty places, coffee shops, even JB Hi Fi et al. May we be able to get back safely soon.


Are you a shopper?

What’s your fave on-line trawling…?

Tell us more! Make me feel better!


P.S. Mr W is back next week for his post on TIME. I know very little other than he is spending a lot of TIME getting his post ready on TIME.

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  1. Hi Denyse, I must be one of the few women that really doesn’t enjoy shopping of any kind. My husband does the grocery shopping and if I go shopping I am a woman on a mission. I go with a purpose and I’m in and out as quick as I can. I also find these days I don’t need much so I don’t do very much shopping. I prefer online because it is quick and easy. Thanks for #lifethisweek and have a great week. P.S. I’ve posted a Guided Breath Meditation to ease Anxiety and Stress especially for those in lockdown today. Take care. xx

    • Thanks Sue. This topic has really opened my eyes!

      I have always enjoyed (when we could pre-covid) a browse at the shopping centre..without crowds (I pick my times) and to have a leisurely coffee some time whilst there.

      These days none of this can happen and I enjoyed the social aspect of this and feel for those I knew in shops that are not open.

      I do very little buying unless for specific purpose, e.g. our golden wedding anniversary where I needed decorations etc in gold. I like hunting and gathering it seems! I have, in my Sydney years, been asked by family members to ‘keep an eye out for…’ and I love that too.

      Basically hate grocery shopping and was delighted when B took it on some time ago. I see your man does that too.


  2. Hi Denyse, I am online shopping lover! I am a rare female who hates shopping (in real shopping centres). I don’t like crowds or noise and I can’t be bothered trawling through racks of clothes and trying on clothes in change rooms. I much prefer to shop on a computer from the comfort of home. As far as grocery shopping goes – while I used to do it, nowadays hubby does it. I do the meal plan for the week and then the shopping list and he does the shopping on a Sunday morning. I do a top up for what we might need through the week. We have it down pat! I do have to watch my online shopping as it’s very easy to get a bit carried away! But gee I love parcels arriving! lol Have a great week Denyse! xo

    • Ah Min, interesting to read.

      Even though I enjoy the ‘thrill’ of the seek and find at the shops, I too detest crowds and change rooms. So in pre-Covid times, I picked my times of day to do my shopping/browsing.

      Change rooms were essential for me as I was changing in sizes and was loathe to bring items back!

      It seems our husbands are doing grocery shopping too and I like that change very much. I too do a top up at times.

      On-line shopping was dangerous for our budget (very limited in retirement!) when I went on art/craft sites, hence the restrictions on deciding to buy in evenings and Sundays. It has really helped me!

      Parcels arriving, hey! Yes, always a treat but much fewer at our place this lockdown.


  3. I was looking forward to your shopping post Denyse, as I was keen to know what you would write about. I have to admit that I was stumped by this prompt as I gave an intense dislike of shopping these days. Reading your post made me realise there was lots I could have written about. Take care in lockdown. I hope it doesn’t last too much longer for you

    • I am heartened to know you found what I wrote of interest Jennifer!

      Shopping a love/hate thing at times for sure.

      I pick my times and purpose. Right now, I am very speedy at local Coles because of Covid and I set myself PBs to check in and check out!!


  4. Books are a dangerous indulgence as they are quite $$, in the sense that the expenditure creeps up quickly. The libraries are shut at the moment here, so unless it’s audio, there’s no way around it.

    • I understand that…and yes, Lydia, they are dear.

      I used to get them from BookDepository until Covid slowed things down and they put the prices UP and now I know they are part of Amazon. Still enjoy my monthly subscription to Audible though.

      We have discovered Big W on-line for books and their delivery cost is sooo cheap compared to Booktopia and others.


  5. I really dislike shopping – but books and farmers markets are exceptions. I used to enjoy shopping for cosmetics too but haven’t done much over the past few years and am trying to do a little more now. Grant does our supermarket shopping. If I’m shopping for clothes i need to be a) desperate b) in the mood and c) on my own.

    • Clothes shopping (and any underwear eg bras) is a must for sizing but oh, yes need to be ‘in the mood’. Just as well I need nothing..actually did have to buy some winter stuff to go to Canberra in June (postponed till August) and now to late November. I hate waste too.

      I think personal shopping is a mood thing and also a cost thing too. I sometimes have bought on-line thinking great, all good. But I when I tried them on at home, the material was not nice. That is the benefit of in-person shopping.

      I can imagine that farmers markets would be right up your alley Jo! As for books, they are all so lovely to look at but…I can’t afford to buy much at all these days and I admit, I rarely read. More listen than anything.

      Aren’t our husbands the best? Grocery shopping. Love that they do it.


  6. I laughed at your solo shopping experience, ‘I really dislike having another person with me, unless he/she does what I want…..mmmm.’ In many ways I am on the same page as you in regards to shopping. It’s funny when I didn’t have much money I was more of an impulse shopper but now that I’m comfortable I am more circumspect with money, although my husband still wonders what I spend it on at times! I really enjoy the act of shopping and now I do a lot online due to Covid. I like that i can shop and buy presents for my granddaughter overseas, have it gift-wrapped and delivered to her door within days, without leaving my house. I’ve shared a shopping list post from many years ago but it hit the spot for me when I went looking at older posts.
    A fun prompt and it’s interesting reading of everyone’s experiences.

    • Thanks so much Deb. I was such a shopper for our grandchildren from 1996-2014.

      We had the kids come to our place a lot. Overnight stays and weekday care, so I had EVERYthing imaginable. Three carseats at one stage, three types of strollers, at least 2 high chairs, cot, change tables, play equipment for outside and inside…such a Grandma and Teacher me.

      When I look at my memories and see what we supplied and had at home for these wonderful kids I KNOW I over spent but, back then that was my way. Each child had “their pillows” “soft toys” for bed and so much more… as for picture books….!!

      When we knew we were selling we took enough Grandkid stuff if anyone came to stay: double bunks, high chair, stroller and portable cot….and gave away to the family or friends or sold everything else.

      Now: we have a few memories via a Dolls House and all the toys for it and some soft toys. We donated all we brought up here in 2016-2018 to charities and a family in need.

      I think the compensations you can have with your family living so widely spread is great.


  7. I do like shopping despite the fact that it triggers my anxiety and vertigo sometimes. I also like op shops but I have to be careful not to accumulate too much clutter. Pre Covid lockdown I went to Westpoint every Monday with my parents and had coffee and did some shopping.

    I remember enjoying all your outfit posts. x

    • Thanks so much Ness. Gosh I wonder how often we might have passed each other in Westpoint for all those years we lived close by.

      I liked it, and would often just browse there and have a coffee and donuts downstairs.

      That’s interesting it does that to you physically, I guess, lots of people, noise and movement.

      Ah shopping and having coffee…the good old days!


  8. Denyse, My shopping is limited to essentials like groceries or if something breaks and I need a replacement. I try not to accumulate new physical stuff. Have a great week!

    • You are a very disciplined person Natalie and that is a great characteristic.

      I do buy much less now and often think much more before a purchase.


  9. Hi Denyse – I used to enjoy a good browse around the shops, but I’ve never been a spender. I’ll snap up the occasional bargain and online shopping has been a great money saver. Since I’ve stopped working, I’m home more and rarely feel the need to go shopping (other than my weekly groceries) – I guess I don’t need any clothes or shoes etc so it all seems a bit pointless. Lockdown has very little impact on me when it happens – but I’m very grateful we haven’t had to do it again……yet! Hope you’re coping okay with yours x

    • Thanks for understanding the browsing part, Leanne. I like it as it was a chance to be somewhere pleasant and different to home and I was anonymous and enjoyed the browse. I also would use it as a time to engage socially with those in the shops as I have no local friends where we live now.

      I like the colour and the sights but I dislike crowds and too much loud music. They have introduced quiet hours here in the big centres to help those who find that physically uncomfortable.

      You are right, I know I need far less now than when I was working in terms of clothes etc but my weight loss (over the years) meant a new wardrobe had to be found and at first that was a pain but then I started to enjoy hunting down the bargains. No longer. I truly have enough!

      Lockdown is OK but there is such a feeling of “why did we waste these first weeks” from many in the community.


  10. I hate shopping. I do a lot of research beforehand usually so when I have to go into a store I know what I want. Covid has opened up more click and collect options which has been good.

    I used to buy most of my clothes online as I HATE trying things on but I’ve had a few failures in the last year or two so fortunately haven’t needed to buy much lately.

    • Well, I know where you stand, Deb!!

      I like the ‘hunt and gather’ quite a lot and because I am sociable I used to enjoy “some” engagement with people in the shops, especially coffee places where I truly got to know quite a few people.

      For an extrovert like me, missing people like family & friends to talk to in person, these people have become quite good friends.

      Sadly now, I feel for all of them. Their shops are shut or they are trading in a limited way. These people also took a real interest in my recovery from head and neck cancer.

      Yes, to getting bitten by on-line shopping. Especially those who have “no return” policies. I bought a few items ages ago and some were not right because of material feel. I need to touch something I will wear.

      I’ve done small click and collects but only items like books etc. Not clothes.


  11. I love shopping, and always have – even if it’s just looking at the gorgeous things for fun and inspo with no intention to buy. Actually, I try hard these day not to buy ‘stuff’ just for the hell or beauty of it and to limit my consumption (the earth can’t sustain our level of consumption) and frequent a lot of second hand places to reduce in a small way the amount of unnecessary fashion purchases. Still love it as a sport though, and I have extraordinary endurance.

    • A woman after my own heart…yes, indeed, Chris. I get that.

      I admit, I like the thrill of the ‘chase’ and when I used to get a mission from a family member “when you are out and about” can you find…I loved it. And I usually succeeded.

      Yes to ‘we already have enough stuff” and to downsizing. I say we have but we need to do more, if we move again..actually it will be the case for sure.

      I am such a browser too. Love colours and textures so I have to touch!!

      Thanks for understanding my type as a shopper too!!


  12. I’m not really a shopper and usually buy things when I need them. Going shopping and browsing the shops (remember when we could do that?!) is more of a chore than a pleasure for me although I am quite fond of getting the groceries. Dog shopping is my guilty pleasure of course, although lately I’ve been showing (some) restraint. I love that you don’t buy at night time or Sundays, I might have to implement that policy!

    • This has been an eye-opener to me as insights into others’ ways for shopping.

      Most of us now have our partners doing the groceries for example. I admit though, I do meal planning and shopping for those ingredients. We have two nights a week with a freshly cooked meal, and a couple that are “fix your own meal” and the remainder come from my bulk cooking that is located as individual meals in the freezer. Last week, my cook up which lasts us for a while was a beef casserole. My freezer is full right now as I haven’t entertained family (cupcakes!) and some meals for Dad. Can’t visit him.

      I admit I showed B your “wardrobe” for Teddy. He was surprised. LOL. It must be so tempting to continue to add to it! Colours and matching with you too.

      The “time of day’ rule for shopping has meant far less impulsive buying for sure.


  13. Most of my shopping is done online. I venture out only for things I don’t get online.

  14. Wise man….Thanks Shiju.


  15. I hate shopping at physical stores, but love online shopping. I am not good at budgeting and tend to overspend and/or impulse buy stuff I don’t really need. Now I do try to make lists of things I want to buy and then try to delay buying them until I have thought about it enough.

    • That’s a good plan alright for on-line shopping and one we ahere to as well.

      Right now most of our shops are closed, other than supermarkets and chemists Boring but necessary.

      Thanks Astrid.


  16. I love shopping but only when I’m in the mood to shop. My grandmother LOVED to shop and could easily turn a trip to the mall into an all day affair; I learned from the best!

    • Oh Joanne, my daughter would probably have similar memories of my mum when she stayed with my parents as a kid in school hols!

      Love that you learned from the best and agree x 100, the mood must be right!


  17. I’m not a big shopper. In the “hunter/gatherer” approach, I am definitely a hunter! I need something, I find it, I buy it. I have recently (COVID times) been using my Amazon wish list to put things on and wait to buy a few days! (Like your no buying on Sunday.) It’s too easy to feel like I need something, find it and buy it… all without leaving the house.

    I’ve never shopped for fun and in fact, feel guilty if I go into a store and don’t buy something! I hate places where you need to sort through to find the gems – thrift stores or discount outlets.

    I couldn’t do a full post on shopping, so not linking up this week. My post is a full-on COVID rant.

    • Thanks so much Pat, I had never even considered a wish list…and I would sure have art and craft items there.

      The trouble with me shopping from countries other than Australia is our poor Australian dollar against, say your USD. Recently I bought an experience…and on-line art class. $39USD = $55 AUD.

      I hear you on not wanting to got to too much trouble but I was on a mission late last year for GOLD bits and pieces for our Golden Wedding Anniversary and they were all found in as I call them “the cheap shops”.

      It’s OK to link up not on prompt always but I respect your decision not to, and will be over to read your rant!