Saturday 22nd January 2022

Share Your Snaps #9. 45/51. #LifeThisWeek. 90/2020.

Share Your Snaps #9. 45/51. #LifeThisWeek. 90/2020.

Every five weeks, it’s time here for me and others who join in to “share our snaps”. It may be the in thing to be wordless using photos but as a talker, I tend to always add something to my images! What about you?

BUT, before we get going. I might not want this blog to be political that is true but I, like many friends here in Australia and around the world, breathed a little easier on Sunday (our time) when we heard or read that a certain incumbent President of the USA was on his way out thanks to the winning number of the Biden/Harris combination. My little collage from Sunday’s instagram and twitter:


Let’s go on a tour with Denyse. Some of the Central Coast N.S.W.

Those who live in New South Wales or Sydney may know this area from living here, coming for a day trip or as we did back when our grown kids were teens, coming here for a holiday in January school holidays.

We sold our house and moved to the Central Coast back in early 2015. Then we moved to a “not so suitable for us” large 2 storey place on the water at Empire Bay – the southern end of the coast. Within that year, we moved to the northern – and not so expensive- end of the coast to rent firstly at Gorokan and now at Hamlyn Terrace.

To perhaps make greater sense of where my images have been take for this post, I have added this map! It’s of the Central Coast from parts of the south to the north.

Terrigal and Terrigal Haven.

The parking in Terrigal is shocking…well, I say so. Whenever I go there to view the water, I drive around to Terrigal Haven, seen here, which is picturesque and just nearby on the way to the view I took of Avoca and beyond, is the Terrigal Skillion. Many have climbed it, including me, and it’s a bit easier thanks to the stairs. The views are worth it.

Terrigal Haven looking back to Terrigal Beach. Structure is a new ‘boardwalk’.

The Skillion: to the right.


Toukley and Gorokan Area. 

This is more our local now and whilst the lake can be smelly, it is always interesting. Something I did not know is that it is relatively shallow. Boats can be used as can kayaks and there is usually someone fishing near the bridge too.

On the southern side of Toukley Bridge. The Entrance in distance.


Soldiers Beach and Norah Head.

Over the years on this blog I have posted many photos from here as it is a place I find comfort and joy in no matter what the conditions!



Then there is my part of the Wyong River.

Every Sunday, for the past 3+years I have driven into Wyong to have a coffee at my favourite place made by the kindest lady and then after a bit of grocery shopping, I will meander along Alison Road to this part of the Wyong River at Porters Creek Bridge. I now regard it as a spiritual spot or my ‘church’ to engage with my senses and to send silent messages of love and care to others.

Love the curve



Now, to The Entrance.

This was a holiday spot for our family back in the 90s. We enjoyed its easy ambience then. It is now, a sad place to me, as so much has closed down. Nevertheless, the Pelicans are still fed at 3.30 daily, the caravan parks fill each summer and the gentle stretches of water are hypnotic. What is not well-known is that part of the Entrance waterways can give way – they are sand based- and there have been drownings even when close to the shore.

From the eastern side of the bridge.



A View Called CrackNeck!

In between the beach side suburbs of Bateau Bay and Shelly Beach, high on a hill is Crackneck Lookout. The views are amazing. There is even a launch point for hang gliders!

Off you jump…into the air with the right breeze behind you.


To Long Jetty.

The name of the beach and lake side suburb is this! Named after the many long jetties now used for photography and walks. Back in the day, when my parents were very young adults, they would remember, as holiday makers,  there was much more activity here on the water via boats and even a ferry type too. I think.

Too good not to take a selfie here!

This touristy tale is now told.

Have you been to any of these places?


P.S. I may not be commenting until later on Monday as I am driving to Sydney to see my Dad at Dee Why.

P.P.S. Just casually adding, that there are ONLY 6 more posts till Life This Week has a wee break until the New Year.

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  1. I’m loving all these beach shots, it’s giving me a sense of calm for a Monday morning!

  2. Wow! This is beautiful scenery. I cannot wait to get to the beach again. With winter just gone and lockdown here in Victoria, it’s been a long time since I felt that freedom. Thanks for sharing. X

    • Yes, I know what you mean Jody. We loved our recent trip to the country as we missed the big open spaces and the hills too.

      Hope that beach visit is really soon.


  3. That boardwalk is new since I’ve been there. Must get back there (but agree with you on the parking!)

    • It starts back near the Terrigal lagoon I think Lydia.

      Terrigal itself is vastly overrated but it is the place many want to be. Prices for houses are well over the mid 1 millions just starting.

      I do enjoy much of the Central Coast but we both like the relative less busy parts of the northern end.


  4. It’s ages since I’ve been to those areas but your photos bring it alive for me Denyse. I try to do a Wordless Wednesday post each week, but invariably I use words because like you, I like to talk! It’s a good creative tool and I try to just let the photo do the talking as much as I can!!

    I love your beach shots and I can understand why these areas become like a spiritual place to you. You are lucky and I like that you are grateful for what you have nearby. Just yesterday before going to see my MIL in hospital we went to sit looking over the beach at Gerroa and it was so beautiful and calming.

    I’m sharing my post about ‘weathered’ from yesterday’s Sunday Stills photo challenge. Thanks for having us and the gentle reminder we only have 6 more weeks of #lifethisweek before a break :0

    • Thank you so much Deb…fellow photo lover who enjoys a chat!

      Sorry to read your MIL is in hospital. Nothing is easy in the head and neck cancer world. I send her my best wishes and to you and your husband and his family. Not fun times.

      Yes, the year is slipping away! I can’t believe THIS time last year I was counting down to being 70.


  5. Denyse, Thank you for sharing your photos of very nice ocean and river views and beach shots. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your Dad.

    • Thank you so much Natalie.

      I did have a good visit with Dad. He seems to want to just chat and offload these days and I am happy to help with that. I always take us morning tea and he gets the cups set up for coffee.

      We do live close to lots of very photogenic nature spots.


  6. I think share your snaps is my favourite regular prompt…and these are great. I love the curve in the river and your selfie at Long Jetty is great.

    • Thanks so much Jo.

      So much scope with sharing photos.

      I love your morning pics from the beach and I know they (and the coffee!) make getting up early worth it.


  7. I’ve never been to that part of NSW……must correct that some time. And with lots of your lovely photos in this post to tempt me it could be sooner rather than later…..once the border is open!

    Had a bit of a whinge today but I did share one photo:)

    • Ah Cathy, there is much of Australia I have not explored. I have not (yet) been to WA, SA, Tasmania or the NT.

      Borders being open safely is the goal and then we can look forward to more options for travel can’t we?

      Thanks for adding your blog to the mix!


  8. I don’t know that area at all. I’ve been to Byron once or twice in the early 2000s and to Sydney a couple of times but nowhere in between! I love mountainous coastlines though. It’s not something we have here… and something I think of as more English but of course that’s not the case.

    • Oh Deb, none of us travel as much as we think/should within our country I believe!

      I haven’t been to your part of the world except to fly over it (I surmise!) on my way to Cairns 3 times. I
      have been to the Sunshine Coast once…way back and visited the hinterland and also met up with Stacey (VeggieMama) and Nikki Parkinson when they both were neighbours.

      B and I really enjoyed seeing rural Australia again after being on the coast for 5 years now.

      I hope you get to travel more if you want to!


  9. Not to be political, but I’m also breathing a sigh of relief after this weekend’s news…. assuming things don’t get too messy with legal challenges and whatever else he has up his sleeve.
    Your nature photos are always lovely and they are a great reminder of home for me. I think we went to The Entrance once when I was four, with my Aunty and Uncle. I don’t remember much though. I should have done much more travelling in Australia before moving away!

    • Oh good to see you here Kat!!

      Look, the man (!) was never going anywhere without a fight but from what you (and others like Michelle and my friend Patricia in NYC) seem to be is breathing much easier. There was a measured tone in all JB said and it felt like leadership as it should be done.

      The Entrance was very much I and shall I say still is, the place for Western Sydney to meet and stay even for a day. There is both ocean and the lake and it all appeals.

      You can use your Aussie friends’ pics to “travel here” more. No-one is going anyway anytime soon. Sadly.


  10. First, let me say that as an American, I am also relieved and happy that a certain president is on his way out. so proud of my fellow Pennsylvanians who put President-elect Biden over the top!

    You Australians certainly live in a beautiful place! Such dramatic skies! Thanks for sharing your snaps with us, Denyse!

    • That is awesome Laurie! I am so glad YOU played a part that helped put the other person out…and welcome this new (to the role) man in.

      All of us teachers here were applauding Dr Biden’s intent to continuing teaching even after becoming First Lady.

      It really was a day/night where so many of us Aussies joined you in the collective sigh of relief.

      Thanks for your kind words re our views and skies. They are pretty special.


  11. Hi Denyse, my sister lived a little south of you, at Woy Woy. It was a beautiful area. She then moved to Forster, another stunning place. Unfortunately those parts of our country are now tinged with sadness because she passed away in 2012. I haven’t been back since then. Regards Christina

    • Oh Christina, I am sorry to know that.

      Yes both places are scenic alright.

      Associating them with your sister’s death does not make them places you want to re-visit. I get that.


  12. It looks like a beautiful spot Denyse – and like us, you live away from the hustle and bustle of the capital – and I think that’s incredibly good for the soul. I think being near rivers and oceans is also a wonderful gift – and one I appreciate as well. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your world.

    • Yes it is and it runs for many many kilometres Leanne.

      The Central Coast is almost a region of Sydney. Many people commute daily. Some by car, others by train.

      I like that it’s under 2 hours to the various places I need to go in Sydney for my health checks and also for family visits. Just back from seeing Dad in Dee Why and I enjoy my car (love my car) and listening to audiobooks and/or music. Today it was the cast recording of Hamilton.

      I miss aspects of living in Sydney but not the full-on traffic. My husband never wants to go back.

      I am still undecided. It may happen waaay down the track.


  13. That was a lovely trip down memory lane for me Denyse! It’s been a while since I’ve been up to the coast. Will hopefully head up there soon! Crackneck is pretty awesome, isn’t it? I loved that I lived to close to it. Hope you have a fab week ahead!

    • Thanks Sanch. You were on my mind when I was driving through B Bay. It was a great chance for me to reflect too on my life since retirement so the trip back up the coast from Erina had purpose too!