Friday 28th January 2022

Share Your Snaps. #9. 45/51 #LifeThisWeek. 125/2021.

Share Your Snaps. #9. 45/51 #LifeThisWeek. 125/2021.

This is the second-last Sharing of Snaps for 2021 on the blog. I know, how did we get here?

I have amended Optional Prompt 50/51 to this:

50/51 Share Your Snaps #10. End of Year. 13 Dec. Link Up #270

What’s been happening for me over the past little while?

  • I will admit I am enjoying spending less time blogging and being away from the computer more.
  • It’s been good for me and my connections in real life too.

Daily calm and daily reflections continue to help me ponder my life and my days ahead….

That morning’s reflection from Daily Calm….when I decided to:

…and had my first surf at the end of October and was so glad to have done so.

I had not been right under the water in the surf for years, and I was delighted that I did…and could maintain my balance.

JOY and more were emotions I felt….

Lockdown lives and beyond.

Where we live we have been out of lockdown for well over a month.

I admit I didn’t venture out much at all in the first few days and when I did eventually take myself to the local large shopping centre for the first time, I got sick persevered with showing QR codes and showing my vaccination status but it reduced my browsing.

HAIR drove me ‘crazy but Mr W got his done first as I had to wait for my hairdresser’s place to open.

First visit to Sydney to see Dad.

On a wet day and unpleasant driving on M1 it was worth it for the visit as Dad was pleased to see me to chat  and his freezer got stocked up.


Loved seeing the memories via the paid app called SlideScan.

Loved being back in time to check out what was what then.

The discovery of this app to help me download slides from my life way back and into our first years as parents.

And I got a greater sense of being the mum to our daughter…and what it was like to become a mum so early in life and our marriage.


Opening up for more including going out for a coffee (and sometimes something to eat) and then finding I had not quite got the budget for this happening too often. So it’s more of a treat every week than a habit.

Happy to be able to meet up with friends for coffee!!

Those who want to…and can, let me know in the comments!!

My Fave BluJ’s back open again!

Learning how to make a video of me singing, to be able to share it to a newly created pop up choir from Head and Neck Cancer Australia. Probably cannot share yet until the whole event has more on-line sharing.

The new words for Head and Neck Australia. E for Excellent!

And that’s where I will leave it. I would have liked to shared but I will wait until the choir becomes known via the website at Head and Neck Australia.

And family reunions.

We’ve had our daughter and youngest to lunch, our eldest granddaughter on a solo trip another time for lunch and we visited our son and his active four at their place for morning tea. Happy Smiles On All!

What about your recent snaps? Any to share?

I look forward to seeing them.


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  1. HI Denyse, you have achieved one thing that has been on my list for years – going into the ocean! I’m inspired now so I have a goal to make it happen before 2020 ends. You look so happy after your swim! The app for converting slides is great isn’t it? I don’t have slides but it is a great way for you to save your memories digitally. Wonderful to see your family together again and to see your Dad. Looks like October was a happy month for you. Thanks for #lifethisweek I’m sharing the first 30 days of my bring more colour into your life photos. I’m impressed that I did manage the 30 days almost a third of the way through the challenge now!

    • Thank you so much Sue.

      Yes I had a lot on in October and I admit the haircut was high on the list of ‘happy days.’

      I have, as I may have mentioned, always been someone who loved going into the surf and did when it was safe to do so. Ageing (in terms of balance and strength) and a lot more currents in the ocean up here have deterred me till now. I checked out the currents and with the gentleness knew I would be OK. It was so great. I had forgotten the taste of salt and the feeling too. Mind you, I picked a hairwash day to do my dip!!

      That’s cool for your daily photo challenges. I admit to doing the Fat Mum Slim one for this month but am centring on colours in nature for this month.

      I look forward to reading your blog post!


  2. Love that you’re getting out and about and getting active (in trying new (old) things!). Would love to catch up for coffee – maybe we could do a meet up like we did for your birthday. I am a little over extended at the moment with driving kids to school to reduce COVID risk until after the HSC…but I’m sure we can work something out.
    I love that you’re doing the choir too.
    That app sounds great for the slides. I will investigate as that could be something I do with our old childhood ones.

    • Thanks Lydia, I am getting more and more keen to be out and about.

      Met a new friend from SM for coffee and great chat last week. I like that kind of catch up.

      I will think about your idea for a coffee get together and get back to you.

      Good luck to the HSCers. What a year it’s been.

      I am looking forward (I think) to seeing the finished product for the Choir!!

      I look forward to reading your blog post.


  3. So glad you’re able to get out and about again. I’m still a little way from getting to see Mum and Dad – having to do a covid test before coming home is a bt of a pain for a weekend visit. Will see how things go in January. And joy really is getting a good ocean dunk.

    • Oh it’s good – no doubt about it – but its been tiring me a bit. I said to B, I am not going to the shops “match fit” yet…lol.

      That’s such a shame about the requirements to return to Qld, Jo. Let’s hope AP drops the lot and makes it an easy peasy way to see your parents. Been sooo long for you all.

      I remembered your ocean after-photo and you may have inspired me to do the same. Good conditions and no blue bottles, and I will do it again for sure.

      I look forward to reading your blog post.


  4. Hi Denyse, I’ve been spending less time blogging and on the computer and devices too and I’ve enjoyed it as it was much needed. I bet that first hair cut felt good! Also – it’s so fabulous that you got yourself in the ocean – how wonderful! Fantastic that you’ve managed to visit your Dad again and so kind of you to stock him up on some meals. Hope you have a fabulous week ahead! xo

    • Yes to the haircut. It was amazing. And it was surprising the amount of hair that came off. It’s been so easy to care for it again too, Min.

      I am glad I made some changes to blogging for the rest of the year.

      Next week I will share my thoughts for continuation in 2022. It will be happening, but it will be different !

      Dad doesn’t expect me to cook for him but I started it way back and it’s almost a routine now that when I do bulk cooking for us, I add 1 or 2 meals for him. Like us, his portions are much smaller and the meals fit in the freezer of his fridge. He can cook but his ever decreasing vision may make that practice change. He goes out to dinner once a week with my brother.

      I hope your Mum is going OK. I saw your sharing yesterday that you were on the way to see her.

      I look forward to reading your post.


  5. Denyse, I’m glad to see you’ve been able to visit your Dad and meet with your family. Nature and the ocean do wonders for our mind, body and spirit. It’s great that you enjoyed being in the ocean. Good for you to spend more time with people you love and in nature and less time on social media. Have a wonderful week!

    • Thanks so much Natalie.

      It does me good to be in the greens and blues and all the colours of nature when I can. I do try to be there most days.

      As we edge towards summer and long school holidays from mid December, I think my trips to the beach for a dip need to happen before too many crowds appear. It’s more pleasant that way.

      I look forward to reading your post.


  6. I understand your initial hesitation in going out after lockdown. Our lockdown ended weeks ago but we still haven’t ventured out to socialise. I’m not really sure if I remember how to socialise. I love your photo after your swim. It just exudes happiness. Lots of great photos here once again.

    • It was a funny reaction from me because normally I’d be out and about but I think I had become quite used to our ‘lockdown’ routine and enjoyed parts of it.

      It was good for me eventually Jen, and to be honest, I still have to remember we are ‘free’ to go and be where we choose.

      We need to check in with QR reader, and show our double vaxxed status to most shops and to all where we might sit for a coffee. Supermarkets do not ask for vaccination status. Truly I wish the vaccination was mandated…still a lot of people avoiding it where we are because “they’re going to open up to everyone soon, anyway”….they just don’t get it!

      The ocean swim will definitely be repeated because it was such fun!

      I look forward to reading your post.


  7. I am so glad you are getting out and about and into the ocean, Denyse! Leisure is SO important for every aspect of our lives. I can’t believe it’s November either, when did that happen? We’ve been mostly opened up with mask restrictions for many months now, as I’m sure you know, but the COLD has moved in and we anticipate snow flurries in the mountains here in Washington. I know exactly where my snowshoes are, too! Your hair looks great and you exclude happiness as always, my friend! Have a terrific week!

    • Gosh yes, Terri, as we warm up you certainly COOL down. I remember the snow images last season for you and you were not in your own home. Hopefully this year will be as cosy and comfy as you have planned.

      Masks are indeed still worn except for outside and we need to check in using a government QR card reader to every place we visit. The success of that has been the tracking ability of covid cases and whether “we” might have been in a place where someone diagnosed with covid had been.

      Happened to me recently when my time of entry and exit to local supermarket co-incided with a visit from someone found to be covid + so whilst I only had to get a test and wait for result (self isolating at home – neg result) it was because I was deemed a casual contact. We are having high vaxx rates success in our parts of Australia so that is a win!

      I will be back in that ocean again. I had forgotten how good it was! Yes to leisure, and I am back into more art and taking photos in nature now I have reduced my blogging. I enjoy the balance more too.

      I look forward to reading your post.


  8. You shared some very beautiful snaps, both recent and old.

  9. Hi Denyse – lovely to see you out and about again and enjoying the freedom of not being in lockdown. Also the chance to spend some time with family is just the most delightful part of being free again. I’m just so tired of hearing about all the pandemic/lockdown/vax/travel bubble stuff and just wish it was all behind us. Hopefully things will settle down in 2022 because I think we’re all a bit over it and just want to get back to some sort of normal (and less QR codes!)

    • Thanks so much Leanne, it has been good. I am still getting used to the things I can do again. Mind you, it’s getting closer to Christmas so the shops are doing their ‘mad’ lead up to the season as they do. I am not a fan of being in the crowds any more (covid aware) so pick my times for visiting.

      I guess in WA, having had no to very few cases of covid, your state attracts all kinds of comments from those who would like to be able to visit…and see loved ones in particular. I am hoping that high vaccination rates will see us have fewer ‘walls’ and lockdowns. It really does affect people’s mood and behaviours.

      I look forward to reading your post.


  10. So much joy in these pics! I must say am loving life unlocked, QR codes and all. Super proud of you for going for a surf/swim and how wonderful that you can visit Dad again. I loved the trip down Memory Lane with all your pics – so many happy memories. And you’re asking would I like to join you for a cuppa, it’s a big, fat yes from me!

    • Thanks so much Sam for your loving and kind words….yes to the fun of memory lane.

      I am defo thinking a catch up on the table…Lydia said that too. I will be in touch.

      So looking forward to cuppa and chat!!

      I look forward to reading your post.


  11. Years ago (pre app) my hubby scanned all my mom’s slides into a digital format, slowly one by one in a machine he bought for that purpose. I hope the app was easier! One thing we noticed was how few pictures there were of my dad… he was always taking the pictures. But, I did create a “coffee table picture book” for my sister last Christmas using those pictures… an “our family – the early years”, making sure it had a focus on her (picture size/selection).

    Here. we don’t do lockdown like you do. Unfortunately, it’s more “every man and woman for themselves”. But our new case numbers are down, so I’ve been out and about, probably more than I should have been. Craziest thing… someone compared having to show vaccination status like “wearing a yellow star”…..shocked me so much I couldn’t respond!

    • Oh Patricia, I know it was somewhat ‘painful’ to do because of the individual slide with both methods!

      I had to hold the slide up to the computer screen, then with other hand take a photo…I did it in batches and there were some good takes and bad. Yes very few pics of me for some years like your Dad. I now do not hesitate to be in the photo…gotta leave some memories.

      What a beautiful memory for your sister too.

      My goodness, to the comments of some people. I am getting crankier with the vaccine refusers here. I do try, though, not to express myself out loud!!

      I look forward to reading your post.


  12. What a lovely read Denyse, (when I finally had time to sit and read)! I love the stories along the way and the catching up with your dad, children and grandchildren., That last photo is just perfect!

    • How good is it that you have been out and about doing what you love again too Deb. Thanks for your kind words.

      Yes, it was awesome no doubt about it to catch up with our son and his four. Yes the photo sums up our collective joy!

      I’ll be down to see Dad again soon too..because I can, and I have more meals for him.

      I look forward to reading your post.


  13. How wonderful that you went in the surf! The choir thing sounds exciting too. Love all the photos xo

    • I was very pleased I did go in Ness, and will again as a result. I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

      The choir thing was a bit nerve wracking..singing to a song in my ear while recording me doing it and looking all Christmassy! I am looking forward to seeing it!

      Thanks for your kind words, Ness.

      I look forward to reading your post.


  14. How wonderful you’re getting out and about more – always a good thing. And getting those slides done is a great idea – terrific memories!

    • It is good for sure, Christine. I am more ‘match fit’ for the shops too these days…QR code ready to sign in and show vax status. The slides were a labour of love but to see ‘myself’ and others as so much younger and in colour was a treat!
      I look forward to reading your post.

  15. Such happy snaps Denyse! Glad you’re able to see family and friends again in person. It makes a huge difference.

  16. Love all the smiles!! And I know how very precious smiling and having a smile is to YOU. Isn’t it wonderful how some of the things we have always taken for granted – haircuts, for example – can make us so happy these days. A fresh haircut, full freezer, and family time…many blessings.

    • Oh thank you so much Leslie…so good to read your kind words today.

      I hope, as winter sets in for you, that you are safe, well and warm!

      Take care