Wednesday 26th January 2022

Share Your Snaps.8. 40/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.99.

Share Your Snaps.8. 40/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.99.

This is a favourite prompt for many.

Take a group of photos from what’s been happening lately in your part of the world.

It might be a retrospective or indeed something that is very current.

My post is both!

My husband was bewildered that I would show a series of photos of “just my face” in this….and I said, it is what I blog about and my readers often seem interested in my progress. Make this prove him wrong, I say!

As you know I have had cancer in my upper gums and under my lip and this has brought about some challenges for me.

My appearance was not as it turned out as important to me as it was for me to:

  • speak
  • eat
  • communicate
  • smile

This little video, with a favourite piece of music right now, is here.

I sing this song often in the car and even as I am working. It totally explains for me what I have HAD to do to get better and how it takes


The video starts before I knew I had cancer…and then in under 3 minutes takes the viewer from there to now where I can


You’ve gotta have heart

All you really need is heart

When the odds are sayin’ you’ll never win

That’s when the grin should start

You’ve gotta have hope

Mustn’t sit around and mope

Nothin’s half as bad as it may appear

Wait’ll next year and hope

When your luck is battin’ zero

Get your chin up off the floor

Mister you can be a hero

You can open any door, there’s nothin’ to it but to do it

You’ve gotta have heart

Miles ‘n miles n’ miles of heart

Oh, it’s fine to be a genius of course

But keep that old horse

Before the cart

First you’ve gotta have heart

Part of the lyrics: Damn Yankees. My version:Damn Yankees (1994 Original Broadway Cast Recording)

I find singing (around the house and in the car) is a way of releasing any anxiety and I have fun doing it. I am definitely someone who loves her Show Tunes. However, it was only this year I discovered this song!

Have you got a song that helps you along?



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  1. Well you have brought tears to my eyes on this Monday morning. Such a touching video. You are a beautiful soul my friend. P.S. I don’t mind a bit of ABBA when I’m feeling down. xx

    • Oh thank you Sue! That is very heart-warming for me. I told my husband I “know” my readers and blogging friends!

      Happy holiday Monday and I guess you are busy packing. Yes, ABBA has a great range of music to life us!

      Denyse x

  2. Hi Denyse – So true first you’ve got to have heart. You’re a brave and strong person. Thanks for sharing your current favourite piece of music.

    • Thank you Natalie. It was not until earlier this year the song ‘sang to me’ and then I sourced it from a musical called Damn Yankees. I know nothing of US baseball culture but the message is universal.

      Denyse x

  3. Love that video and the words to that song – it could totally be your anthem! I love a good show tune but I try not to sing too often because I am the world’s worst singer! You’ve got heart and you’ve also got bucketloads of courage, self awareness and strength – it’s got you to where you are now and I just know it’s going to keep taking you places! So inspiring!

    • Thanks so much Sam. It does not matter ONE bit when you sing alone…because only you are the audience. Car singing for me is terrific. I do sing around here too but I have a spouse with a critical singing ear (sigh) but I still do it!!

      He was bewildered that my blogging friends would not be interested in this and you, along with others, show that he is wrong. I know my reading audience well.

      Happy 1 October.

      Denyse x

  4. You have come such a long way! And great song for your ‘mantra’. I love showtunes too. However, when I was having a particularly tough time, I would belt out Galantis’s Smile in the car, singing very loudly and I would feel better and ‘reset’ my emotions. Now however, if I try to sing it, I sometimes start crying! How weird is that! I’ve wrapped up so many bad emotions into that song that if I sing it, the emotion pops back, even though all that is past! HA!

    • Oh my goodness I understand that too. There are some songs that remind me of times that I have used to ‘get me through’. Show tunes are it!!

      Loud singing alone helps release a lot of my inner concerns (like being a bit anxious before I drive to Sydney) so I sing for a bit till just before I hit the M1 and I am allll good.

      Thank you for your lovely words…and proving my husband ‘wrong’ in his estimation! I told him my friends would love to see this progress review.

      Denyse x

  5. I love this! And yes isn’t it fun to belt out a show tune? You are definitely all heart.

  6. You’ve had an amazing journey Denyse and I’m so glad it’s coming together for you – and that you have your lovely smile back again. You’ve been so positive through the ups and downs and I’m sure that has factored into your recovery and how well it’s all turned out. Continue to shine your light xx

    • Thank you Leanne, I am delighted with my personal growth as a result of cancer. I am not the scared and anxious woman I was in those first few pics. Each time I manage to get over something new, it cements my psyche with more confidence.

      No staying nor playing safe for me any more.

      Tomorrow I am driving myself back to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. B has always come but I want to stay longer and meet up with some people who work there now so solo trip it is.

      My surgeon will be delighted to see all of his work come together too.

      Denyse x

  7. You’ve come such a long way, Denyse! What a moving video.

    I love listening to songs reworked for the GLEE cast when I’m feeling down.

    SSG xxx

    • Thank you very much.

      I am coming to Lifehouse tomorrow by myself to meet up with some of the people who work there and to see my Prof. He hasn’t seen me in person since the teeth went in.

      I adore some of Glee Christmas and I play “we need a little Christmas” from November on…but for the first three years we were away from the grandkids I got sad but it is different now as I have made peace with the family dynamic it does.

      Keep enjoying your trip!

      Denyse x

  8. I make up my own songs to sing around the house but this one looks better haha!

  9. Denyse, that video brought tears to my eyes. It’s heartwarming seeing your journey and seeing how brave you have been through it all. And also, how therapeutic is singing?! I love it when lyrics speak to you. Have a wonderful week ahead!

    • Thank you so much Sanch. I “told” my husband my blogging friends and readers “would get this”. Your words are very kind. Singing is wonderful!!

      Denyse x

  10. What a journey! You are amazing and I love that you keep sharing your life with us x

  11. What a lot of transitions you have been through.

  12. Just lovely Denyse! You’ve certainly shown us all how to be strong and make the most of what we have. I’ve shared my latest post here, it does have lots of photos in it but it’s mainly a monthly wrap up post. I really enjoyed the taking stock post last month so have stuck with it! Keep smiling and singing

    • Thank you Debbie! I will look forward to checking your pics out!
      It has been interesting for me to see my progress like this & I am so stoked with people’s kind words!

      Denyse x

  13. What a journey!! I have appreciated you sharing this story with us, not only keeping us updated on how you were doing but using your platform to inform and raise awareness of this. I am so emotional watching your transition xx

    • Oh thank you dear Becky! That is just so sweet. I told my husband he was “wrong”.. and he has taken it back now I’ve let him know that my friends are so happy for me.
      In some ways it feels like it’s almost done & tomorrow I am driving myself to Chris OBrien Lifehouse to see my surgeon & meet up with some people. Something I could not have imagined doing earlier in the year.
      I am always appreciative of your loving care too!
      Denyse x

  14. Oh wow, That video! Incredible reflection of your journey to your new smile.
    So great to see you (and your smile) yesterday xoxo

  15. Music is so powerful to me. I recently rediscovered how much I love it. There are songs I can’t sing without bawling. And then there are songs that are made to be shouted out loud or danced to. Or sung softly and Once More With Feeling. I think my favourite song is whatever I like at the time. This morning I heard Pharrell’s Happy and I couldn’t help but feel happy!

  16. I think songs are very powerful. they can inspire, destress, motivate. I also think songs have a way of appearing when you need them. Let It Be by the Beatles is one that shows up whenever the Universe needs me to let go of an issue or something I’m stressing over.

    • They are indeed. I have songs for different times and I often listen (and sing) when I am creating art as well as in the car on yet another trip to Sydney for a post-cancer treatment. Let is Be is a great choice.

      Denyse x