Friday 28th January 2022

Share Your Snaps.#8. 40/51#LifeThisWeek.120/2021.

Share Your Snaps.#8. 40/51#LifeThisWeek. 120/2021.

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This is the month just past of September 2021 where I determined I needed a challenge. I thought of this:




I invited friends and bloggers to join in to #shareseptember as part of Instagram posts and these lovely people did: Thank you!

Their instagram handles are next to each name.

Debbie: @debs__world

Sue: @womenlivingwellafter50

Jo: @jotracey

Christie: @christiehawkes

Jennifer: @jenniferalisonjones

Marilyn: @downmarilyn

Susanne: @susanneguitar

Leanne: @leanne_d_b

One Word Selections. One Photo Too.

I had the idea to do this after reading Comfort (not yet finished) by Matt Haig where he wrote of taking time to notice, or be or find one beautiful thing. I included that page in this photo challenge.

Every one of us will find meaning in words and the challenge was to find a photo which meant something to you about that word. I know I looked inward quite a bit and sought photos from less recent times as I had tended to have already shared them.

I also wanted to add more creativity to my #ShareSeptember and chose to print each photo and then mount it onto a square card of my art work. I photographed that and then, over time using two different photo apps I added the frame and the print out to look like dymo tape. It was good to have more to distract me in lockdown so the complications I added were for that very reason.

In the instagram post I would add my details about the why of the image, and I also used an art journal to add them, and then write more. In other words, I kept a record that is more than just about photos.

And what came together well on-line, because following social media can be a challenge (ha! that word again!) so the use of #ShareSeptember by all those who took part and some who kindly added my name so I saw your images daily meant we got to connect.

Thank you all.

It was fun and I enjoyed connecting. By the time this post goes live my instagram account where I had this challenge is being deleted. I explained last week. However, I have the records here and I am grateful for that.

If you wish to follow me on Instagram it’s @denysewhelan_blogs and this is my avatar while the change is happening from two to one.



Thank you to my friends from social media who took part in #ShareSeptember.

Did you know my instagram account for @denysewhelan_blogs links to the right hand side column of the blog?

I am, as I promised myself, slowing down to take more time to connect in person and have more time to enjoy outside and whilst there will be photos shared…I wouldn’t know who I was if I did not, I am not making up any new challenges!

Update: Over the past days I have been oh so slowly deleting MANY of my photos from social media: Instagram and Facebook, including the Facebook page Denyse Whelan Blogs. Why? I have shared many images over the past few years. More than anything, to connect with others and to share my progress with head and neck cancer. I also need connections. However, in my new goal of going more slowly and blogging less, I will be sharing on social media less…for ONE very good reason. Every image shared on Facebook and Instagram becomes theirs until “I” delete it. And, to delete it, there is only ONE way…one image at a time. I have found after about 15-20 times, the system stops deleting. I found I had high 100s of photos which were duplicated because I shared to Facebook as well as on Instagram. Now, I am much wiser…and over this detailed action. Believe me, there is no multiple ways of deleting. 

Take care,


P.S. This is now Daylight Saving in parts of Australia. Where I live in N.S.W. we have just put the clocks forward one hour for next 6 months. It creates a lot of confusion at times and I am pretty sure my Queensland friends have an opinion on “not taking part” in Daylight Saving. And I know those in Western Australia …and perhaps NT, are maybe happier without it. It IS all an individual’s response!

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  1. Lovely collection. I don’t share me or the kids on Insta for that reason (or facebook generally).

  2. Well done with your September photo challenge, Denyse. I’m glad I’m not on Fb and IG 🙂 What a pain to delete one image at a time. Have a great week!

    • Thank you Natalie.

      Yes, I sure have learned that lesson.

      Fewer photos shared = fewer photos to delete at another time!!


  3. What a beautiful project Denyse. I would have participated if I weren’t already so consumed by my 100 Day Project. Luckily I follow you on both your Instagram accounts so all is good there. It bugs me how we in Brisbane are on a different time zone again now than those of you in Sydney and Melbourne. Have a great day! xo

    • Ah Min, at least you have still got meeting up with people and coffee dates!! The DLS thing is ridiculous but I also know there are many in the more northern and western reaches of Qld who are glad not to have it.

      The photo challenge was a good one but as you now know with your 100 day one, they take a lot of time and consistency.

      I found two IG accounts hard but kept going for consistency sake until I made recent changes. In the end whatever I put up now on IG or FB is owned by the company until I take it down. It’s made me much more savvy since the past week or so it has taken.

      Lovely long weekend Monday here but in retirement we really notice not much difference. This time next week, all being well, I will be on my way to Sydney to see Dad after almost 4 months.

      Thanks Min,


  4. What a wonderful month it was Denyse! Thanks so much for including me, and as you know I had great fun finding images for the words you set each day. Some days were more of a struggle than others but I stuck with it. I didn’t realise you’ve deleted your Facebook page for your blog as well, good on you for making a change.

    • Thanks so much Debbie for your 100% support.

      I haven’t deleted the facebook page, but most of all of the photos that were no longer relevant. You see my IG account for @denysewhelan_blogs can automatically send my daily photo there but I have chosen not to do that now.

      I am re-thinking a lot of the social media engagement not because I don’t want to but more about the time-suck it had become when it came to posts and pics.

      I have kept Denyse Whelan Blogs FB page to:
      1. add the weekly post
      2. to share head and neck cancer Australia posts as part of being an Ambassador

      I will review it all over time as well.

      No-one other than me had me doing all this…and it was, as I have said in last week’s post very important for me to stay connected and to have good distractions on line whilst going through our bug move, my retirement transition and then head and neck cancer…..coming out the other side, at almost 7 years later, I am slowly considering what life looks like now (72 next month) and how it might be for me.

      I have even stopped taking as many photos when I am out now too as I have so many ‘duplicates’ of places. People are different! Of course I will always want to take pics but not always to share…especially when the cost to my time (and mouse moving arm) was how long each photo took to remove. Same pics on IG removed did not remove them on FB and the time it took…became podcast time. Listening to Annabel and Leigh!

      Long response… hope your long weekend is lovely. Weather here is superb


  5. Hi Denyse, I really enjoyed joining your for your September challenge and I actually surprised myself by posting something every day. Thanks for #lifethisweek and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one re-assessing life at the moment. Enjoy xx

    • Ah Sue, I agree that re-assessing is vital.

      We are not the same people we were when we chose certain paths.

      My needs have changed as has my life.

      Turning 72 next month is not for me about ‘ageing’ more but about looking at time and what I can do/be with it.

      Take care and I hope you & Mike turn the corner on the illnesses soon.


  6. Share September was quite a challenge! It was much more difficult than I had imagined, maybe because I wasn’t out and about so much to take pictures. But many of these words also invited to do some soul searching about what the words mean to me and how I could share that with you all. I’m proud of myself that I managed to post every day! I’m really bad at being consistent in that sort of photo challenges otherwise.
    I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s photos! And also, this challenge made me find many of these lovely ladies (including yourself of course) on Instagram, which is nice.
    I see that your next optional prompt would have suited the post I posted this week! But well – the sea will be there for next week too. 😀

    • Thanks so much Susanne.

      I was happy to see the group which joined in to the challenges.

      I deliberately made it not an “on the day” challenge so we could find images from the past. I loved seeing yours and the stories from them.

      No worries, as they say, about your post. I will look forward to reading it.


  7. I wonder if it’s time for me to do the photo-a-day challenge again. I’m not very visual but it did make me think more throughout the day about what I was seeing…

    I’ve linked up a post I wrote last week. I WAS going to write something today but need to do a job application by tomorrow, so should get stuck into that….

    • I have wondered over and over again about how a person is not very visual because I am the total opposite so I wish you well if that’s your choice to move onto something like that.

      I admit I got sick of myself and my posting of images (this is not related to recent challenge) over the months and years that have been similar so am putting the iphone away more. It’s the volume of images that I store that’s OK but not when they are on a platform not owned by me/.

      I reckon Deb, life’s too short not to do what feels right for you…no-one else.

      Best wishes for the job application too.


  8. Hi Denyse – I enjoyed seeing various photos pop up here and there from those doing your September challenge. I’m not on IG so only saw the ones that appeared on FB. Deleting photos is going to be a long and arduous process for you – I’ve been trying to keep my SM presence fairly minimal – I share a lot of quotes etc, but not many personal pics.
    BTW no daylight saving in WA either and I’m beyond grateful for that. I’m not a morning person so my brain resents setting the clock to get up earlier! We haven’t had a trial of it for several years (and it was rejected by a large margin afterwards) and I’m hoping there won’t be another for a while yet.

    • Thanks Leanne, I just amended the post and I think NT doesn’t have it either. Time zones…it makes it a challenge perhaps for some with work and I personally am no longer affected. However, I prefer the evenings not to be so light. We are all different.

      I have now completed the cull of images.

      The reason I mentioned it at all is that it is VERY time consuming and you often forget how far things go back…in my case anyway. So, yes, to less sharing (which I have now stuck with) and more connecting…however, in real life here, there is so few opportunities (I have tried) so will be grateful when Covid travel restrictions to Sydney are lifted and at least I can meet up with friends and family there.

      As far as my images on my blog go…there are many but, IF and WHEN I archive the blog (not imminent) I will delete many of them. It’s what happens to images without consent that I get a bit worried about. I know that a google search of my name brings up quite a few based on head and neck cancer and more.

      I always loved sharing and enjoyed the comments back to me when I was isolated by my head and neck cancer and as a people person, it was/is a good way to keep my life going in a positive and energising way.


  9. Denyse I loved your photo challenge. I struggled with a few of the prompts but usually it fell into place at the last minute. I realised at then end that they were great prompts. How tedious that you have to delete one photo at a time. We are having a similar problem with Ancestry who have updated their terms and conditions to say they have copyright over any photos or documents such as family stories that are put up. Very frustrating. The challenge sounds like it was very time consuming for you. Big thanks for doing it for us

    • Thanks so much Jennifer. I liked creating the challenge and having people like yourself join in. It was not really onerous at all.

      My ‘beef’ if you like is with the great monolith called FB and how it owns ‘our content’ and still we post …lol! It was extremely frustrating to be told in January 2020 I had ‘violated’ some part of IG and therefore was banned…but on the phone only. As usual there is no communication means other than a millions FAQs!

      Whilst it did serve a great purpose for me to have lots of social media sharing for the past 5-6 years, I am letting some of it go because of the complications and tedium

      It was very time consuming getting rid of (( hope!) those images. The ones which remain still help tell my story in their own ways and that’s OK.

      As for Ancestry…I let my membership lapse. It was good for a while but no longer have as much connection even though my daughter enjoys the dabbling. She’s been back teaching and supervising others for a while now so “no time” for much else!

      I do hope you get to see your family soon.


  10. What a successful challenge! I liked the collection.

  11. I love that you did Share September and had some lovely snaps and memories. It does take a lot of effort to do these challenges daily and I am sorry I didn’t join in. I think for me, I have had to learn to prioritise writing and exercising daily over other things, and well, work does take up time. Seeing how last week was at work, I’m glad I didn’t overcommit. I do love seeing your pics though! Hope you have a slow month in October and a wonderful one as we slowly emerge from lockdown

    • I am glad I did this challenge and now, like I said, bowing out of all things like it.

      Will I last the distance? Probably. I know in the past I have had a rest then returned. Not sure this time. I am enjoying my mind being more free.

      I have actually begun reading a book: Well Hello by Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales because….I guess I was there when they started their podcast Chat10Looks3 and have been to one of their shows. I am not so much a follower nor joiner but I am loving reading the story behind their podcast…and essentially it’s about friendship and that IS a win.

      I like how you too are giving your time to you as well as those who pay you and where you also feel a sense of obligation (bit strong)…Thanks Sanch, you get it!


  12. What a neat collection of photos!

  13. What a beautiful idea Denyse, I do something a little similar on my latest blog Janetti Spaghetti (moved on from Middle Aged Mama) by writing a sentence a day which of course means a pic to go with it. It has definitely helped me look for the beauty and good in each and every day.