Saturday 22nd January 2022

Share Your Snaps #8. 40/51 #LifeThisWeek. 80/2020.

Share Your Snaps #8. 40/51 #LifeThisWeek. 80/2020.

Dear Bloggers and Readers,

Please note: “this post” is letting us know there are only 11 more weeks in 2020 for #LifeThisWeek.


But also, many of us will be glad to be saying “bye bye” to 2020 too.

This version of #shareyoursnaps is a photo from every day in September. Remember the rhyme? 30 Days Hath September, April, June and November.

In September 2020, I have been pleased to be back on recovery trail after a second surgery as my abdominal wound had opened up in one spot. I had the nurse visit twice a week to change the VAC system and mid-September, the wound was good enough to be dressed by the local GP’s nurse. “This” however is still on-going and it will likely be well into October before I will be free of this. It’s been a long, long haul. However, the alternative would have been worse. I loved having time to appreciate Spring in my garden as a result of being at home more than ever and most mornings awoke to a new bulb opening its beauty. I finally got my independence back and went for a couple of bush-area drives where nature does so well in Spring, I had a coffee out after many weeks of not being able to. We celebrated birthdays and Father’s Day in low key ways, and my husband has been the most patient of carers ever. Some of the pics are self-explanatory.

I hope your September 2020 has been kind to you.

From today: 86 days left till 31.12.2020.

OK, I will stop now.




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  1. I agree – this crazy xmas frenzy in September is indeed too much! Love the Wyong photo!

  2. I noticed in your title 40/51 and thought that means we only have 10 or 11 weeks to go of the year and then your actual words and countdown!! It’s just racing by. I love how you’ve captured September in photos and they certainly tell a story. I hear you on the love of seeing new growth in the garden, every day calls for an inspection to see how tulips and other bulbs are faring.
    Thanks for your linkup Denyse, it’s my go-to place every Monday morning.

    • It so is racing by. I remember when we hoped that 2020 would be wonderful..or whatever…and since it hasn’t really, I no longe hold any expectations of the year ahead.

      However, I am grateful of course to be here and relatively well.

      I am glad you are finding beauty in your cold-country backyard where tulips and bulbs do so well.

      I love catching up with you and others each Monday too, makes my week start that little bit brighter, thanks Debbie.


  3. Always smiling Denyse! I love your positive outlook and photos for September. You are looking great in your jeans! Thanks for the opportunity to link up with you at #lifethisweek and we are certainly hurtling towards the end of the year and what a different year it has been!

    • Thanks Sue, my face without a smile is a cranky or sad look so best to keep up the endorphins and keep smiling!!

      I admit those jeans are not so comfy when sitting so I was a bit premature in being excited. Will chat to my Dr about how long the healing (and soreness) will continue. I suspect for a while longer so elastic waists are my friend.

      Thank you for coming along here to share too.


  4. Denyse, What a nice collage of your photos in September. I haven’t been to the shopping centres here but typically they’d be selling Halloween stuff until October 31 then the next day Christmas items. Have a great week!

    • You are being very wise in your caution about shopping centres, Natalie.

      Today I re-visited as I was looking for some small storage trays and there were far too many people for my comfort level (it’s a public holiday) so I left asap.

      Enjoy your week too.


  5. Love the photos – what a wonderful way to take stock of the month that was. Very excited for you re: the Hamilton ticket – although I’ve only watched about a third of the way through so far!

    • Thanks Sammie. I always try to vary presentation for both myself and my readers!!

      Yes, made the big decision to see Hamilton. One seat, 1 pm on a Sunday…and happy to wait for it.

      I love, love, love the music so I will need to resist singing out loud!


  6. Good to hear you’re feeling better Denyse. I loved seeing your month in photos. So few Monday’s until the end of the year! Thanks for the opportunity to link up

    • Thank you Jennifer. I so need to be done with recovery! It’s been the theme of my year. This week though, I am well enough to visit my Dad in Sydney again so that is a sign of good progress.

      The countdown to the end of 2020 is on!


  7. Loving the way you share your month these days – it’s the perfect way to illustrate it. In fact, I might just borrow it going forward…

    • Thank you Jo.

      I enjoy the challenge of presenting my blog posts in a range of ways.

      I have a low tolerance for boredom.

      Happy to share this idea. Mind you, I did have to trawl a bit to find a photo a day because, ahem, I take a lot!!


  8. Hi Denyse – glad you’re on the mend and all’s going well in your world. You certainly take a lot of photos – I don’t think I take any unless the grandgirls are visiting! (maybe one of the cats now and then). I’ve been doing a lot of colouring lately – started another Johanna Basford book – the underwater one – and am enjoying blending colours. I’m getting some new colour pencils for my birthday and feel like an excited 4 year old!

    • Ah Leanne, I have always been a prolific photo taker and as a visual person I am so glad I do.

      It wasn’t until my head and neck cancer diagnosis that I started the stories of my progress via photos.

      I wish I had more pics to share that I have now given away in albums to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries but the books I have made these people are appreciated.

      Our 2nd grandson turns 13 this week and when we saw him last week I gave him a little photo brag book from baby to now – he loved it!

      I say take the photos of you and your husband and what you are up to more because you will enjoy looking back at them. Believe me!

      Love your colouring news. New pencils are a treat. I admit I cannot colour for long but the soft prism colours are more gentle on my arthritic hands than any other. I love Johanna Basford’s books.


  9. Yay for being able to get out and about again and zip up those jeans. I just had my surgery a week ago today and already I am sick of being stuck at home!

    • Thank you Joanne.

      I admit now that I cannot wear those jeans for long as abdominal surgery takes a while for recovery on the ‘inside’ too.

      I understand the feeling of being ‘stuck’ at home and hope you recover quickly and well.


  10. I must admit, sometimes each individual day may seem like it’s dragging, but 2020 has just flown by. I can’t believe there are only 11 weeks left! I need to start Christmas shopping! 🙂

    • I know, time does drag and then whoosh. Those Christmas decorations are out and what the??

      We stopped buying presents some time ago and whilst I did enjoy it for the grandkids, they are all far too old for me to choose now and so they get some dollars and all seem to enjoy post-Christmas shopping with those!

      Take care,


  11. Hi Denyse, I for one will be overjoyed to see the back end of 2020. It’s been particularly harrowing for my family and I. There are positives but the negatives outweigh them. I’m just trying to stay positive and optimistic and hopefully there will be a better year in 2021. Good on you for smiling through all your trials

    • Yes Christina it has not been a great year for so many.

      I understand health issues are the worst because so much energy is expended physically and emotionally during those times.

      Financially the COVID year has been so bad for those trying to find work or stay in work. Our adult aged grandkids are affected by that.

      I do send you better health wishes too.

      Today I found out my wound has completely healed..what a relief.