Friday 22nd October 2021

Share Your Snaps #7. 35/51. #LifeThisWeek. 70/2020.

Share Your Snaps #7. 35/51. #LifeThisWeek. 70/2020.

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Creating with Purpose.

This is, and needs to be, my current mantra. Sigh.


In the meantime, two ways in which I can help my recovery!

Using a background I made, added embellishments and words from The Guest House by Rumi.


When I need to be focussed on ‘just one thing’ and become mindful, it is to art I turn. I made the patterns and then over time I coloured the spaces.

Parents AND Grandparents. 

Time? Where does it go? 49 years ago: us as new parents. Living in a farm cottage in the middle of a paddock near Narrabri and teaching at two small country schools.


Recent and most welcomed visit in COVID times from our son and his four children. They are growing up fast!!


Education Week 2020 was in August and as a long-time educator, student and now supporter in retirement I made a focus of ‘days gone by’ for Education Week Instagram posts.

Back Here Again. Gosford Private Hospital.


Needed: wound debridement and attaching a VAC system to heal wound from previous surgery. Overnight stay.


Badges With Meaning For Me.

Member of NSW Teachers Federation 49 years and Member of NSW Primary Principals Association for 5 years. Now a Retired Member.


Food! So Important For Us All. 

Eating is forever changed since my oral cancer surgery and mouth reconstruction but when I find a meal I can eat: win!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing our education memories, Denyse!

    That Ceasar Salad looks amazing!

    SSG xxx

  2. Hi Denyse I just joined the Sunday Stills with Terri Webster Schrandt. Although I am not a good photographer at all, I do love the memories that photos evoke in us. I have a photo of Rachel, Ian and the boys near my desk and it brings me joy each day. Hope you are recovering well and I enjoy a good Caesar Salad, always so refreshing. It must have felt good to be able to eat it finally. Take care and thanks for #lifethisweek

    • Recovery takes time really resonates with me. I have recently had a brain cancer tumour radiated. (Stage 4 breast cancer.) Waiting for better health is terribly difficult for me. I like to feel free and healthy but treatment pulls me back. Hope you are well Denyse.

      • Aww Jody, I so hear you and it is all kinds of unfair you need to have on-going treatment but….here’s what I say, “the alternative” would be worse.

        I feel for you, I really do. You have been and continue to be vulnerable and brave at the same time. That is a great outlook.

        Take care, COVID sucks big time.


    • I have been considering joining up there too Sue. I don’t think photography is just one definitely IS about the emotion and the memories.

      I was putting together a little photo collage for my almost 11 year old granddaughter’s birthday card and was saying to my husband, I remember every single thing about those days from when she was little…as we too cared for her like you do for your grandsons.

      When we moved away, I began my little memories in the birthday care for all 8 of the grandchildren. Big one for occasions such as 18ths and 21st. I hope they keep those cards!

      A caesar salad made my way is a total favourite because I love the blend of flavours but the texture make it hard to eat, so i need to persevere!


  3. Denyse, Thank you for sharing your photo gallery. I hope your recovery is going well. Have a great week!

    • Thank you, Natalie.
      Today I had good news of the progress of this whizz-bang wound healing method I wear 24/7 and that makes the nuisance value worth it.


  4. I’ve shared a lot of snaps recently, mostly of my dog. I often wonder what I took pictures of before I got him! Your art and colouring reminded me to pick up my colouring book – it really is a good way to be more mindful isn’t it. Hope you have a lovely week!

    • Ah well, just as well he is so photogenic, right?

      Your pics bring joy to many I see, and I think that is a gift within itself, Sammie.

      Yes, keep the colouring book open and with the materials close by and do a little bit each day when you need to do “one thing”.

      Take care, hope news improves for your Mum.


  5. Hi Denyse I love seeing your week in photos. Gorgeous photo of your grandchildren. I’m getting very anxious to see mine but they are in Queensland, so closed borders make it impossible at the moment. Your salad looks yum.

    • Thanks so much Jennifer.

      With that visit it was our first time of seeing them for all of this year. Guess I should count ourselves fortunate.

      I feel for you too. It’s very hard while you cannot even plan a visit.

      PS Yes, the salad is yum

  6. Wow! The Guest House by Rumi! Wise words to meditate on, but geez, it’s a tough ask some days isn’t it? This acceptance and gratefulness stuff? Words, art and reflection seem to serve you well in all facets of your life Denyse and I’m grateful you share your wins and struggles with it all… always keeping it real. May recovery be a peaceful and swift exercise for you.

    Much love and healing vibes,

    Sandra. Xx

    • Thanks so much Sandra, the work of Rumi was first introduced to me back in 2015-2016 and boy did I find it hard to ‘get’…it still can be to accept whatever the emotion/feeling is..but to know that each is not permanent is something that helps me these days.

      It is a lovely poem..and he wrote that wise stuff many, many years ago.

      Love your support and kind words..always.


  7. I always love seeing your art and creativity. I need to do more of that, for no other reason than to have fun. Recovery wishes xxxx

    • Thanks Emily.

      Letting go of the ‘need to be productive and/or busy’ took me a long time.

      I would highly recommend it as a time out. Leave a page open of a colouring book for example, on a table you pass by with some pencils/markers labelled “MUM….do.not.use.” and sit for a bit and focus on ‘just one thing’.


  8. You are so creative Denyse, particularly in times of stress and I admire that in you. I also admire your dedication to public education and sharing bits of your life with us in words and photos – it’s fabulous to see them. Wishing you well as you recover and thanks again for #lifethisweek every Monday.

    • Thanks for noticing what I do for releasing stress or lessening the effects of worry/concern. I discovered the value of ‘doing just one thing’ back before my cancer diagnosis when I was often overwhelmed by my own anxious thoughts. It did not matter if there was no product as such (that took a big shift of thinking) because the process was the way to ease my emotions. This is why I still always have something ready to go to.

      Your comment is much appreciated as is your continued support of this blog and me!

      Take care, Deb.


  9. “Recovery takes time” … well I’d like to blow a raspberry at that but yeah, it’s true 🙁

    • Oh yes…so agree, Vanessa!!

      I have said that the worst part of surgery IS the recovery. It’s like ‘how long is a piece of string.’

      I certainly was thinking I was on my way to returned good health from the surgery in July when this complication took over …and of course, puts back the recovery.

      You know what ‘patients’ are called that name? I think it’s because they have to have “patience”.


  10. I like the poem by Rumi. So glad that art helps you feel mindful. Thanks for sharing all the education snaps! Hope you have a lovely week ahead and continue to recover

    • Thanks so much for your good wishes, Sanch.

      I am enjoying your sharing of the South Coast snaps too!

      Enjoy for a few more days!!


  11. Hope you are recovering. Love the just one thing work. It’s hard. We aren’t good at that. Seeing that visual would help though, I think,

    • Thanks so much, Lydia.

      Because I need that ‘just one thing’ projects I often have something like that on the go, that I can return to in times of needing to re-focus and get out of ‘worry about all the things’ mode.

      It helps that my room is completely mine and set up for this purpose and I can leave things as they are.


  12. Hi Denyse – I hope all’s going well and you’re managing to get on top of things. I think allowing ourselves some time and some grace during these unsettled times is the key to getting through. I’m also constantly looking for the positives and being more patient with myself. Part of me want the next thing to arrive and arrive soon – but the other part of me knows that everything is moving slowly atm and change and progress take time. Hang in there and keep creating xx

    • Thank you so much for your kind and warm wishes, Leanne.

      That’s good to read that you are aware of your need to change what used to be your ‘go-to’ with things. Looking forward and planning. Nope, we really can’t do things as we used to.

      This week I should have been attending a play in Qld with my daughter. It was her Christmas gift to me. Of course COVID and my surgeries (not planned or on any agenda in January) cancelled all that.

      We all need to pay greater attention to each day and be grateful for it alone now. It is helping me be like that more these days.


  13. I love your art work. I have tried colouring pages but I just don’t have the patience for it. Your old school photos are a lovely trip down memory lane.

    • Thank you so much Veronica, maybe one day, you will give colouring another go. I ended up preferring to make up my own patterns and that made a difference for me.


  14. Thanks for hosting!

    • Thank you for linking up Joanne.

      I hope next time, you get a chance to read my post and comment…as my link up is very community-minded and we enjoy sharing ‘conversations’ here too.


  15. I always love the Share Your Snaps edition – and this one is no different.