Wednesday 27th October 2021

Share Your Snaps #7. 35/51. Life This Week. 91/2019.

Share Your Snaps #7. 35/51. Life This Week. 91/2019.

Dear Reader and Bloggers,

We have…..just on 4 months till the end of 2019. How did that even..??


I Also Cannot Believe It.

P.S. At the end of this post are the optional prompts for the rest of 2019 and an announcement about Life This Week in 2020.

Onward: It’s our 7th Share Your Snaps!

Looking back to see what I have shared before, I can see that my ‘arty-crafty’ and creative side has been somewhat neglected for ‘show and tell’. It is still my go-to in times of de-stress, becoming more mindful and for good old enjoyment of a craft. I do admit to spending a wee bit   lot more than my ahem budget allows…if I had a budget of course.

So here we go:

I’ve written before about the Index Card a Day Challenge from here and the fact it helped ease me into the ‘new way’ of thinking about my creativity and capability. I began this challenge in 2013 which is to complete a set of regular index cards for 61 days of June-July. I did not do it in 2018 and loved being back in 2019. My blogging friend Alicia did too and shared here.

The person who challenges me (and many!) is Tammy from Daisy Yellow Art and she also had a challenge for those of us wanting something in August. I needed a new creative way to work and play so this went well for me and I courageously moved from timidity to greater bravery if you like with how I interpreted the one word challenges. Check out how I did.

Prompt: Level.

Prompt: Type

And I have been wanting to get more confident about art journalling. Which in itself is pretty open-ended but I needed to learn more so am giving different techniques a go to get out of my ‘rut’ of sorts. This was a 2 page spread, using a painted background, with added stamps, cut outs to fit the theme of “Spring” and lettering ideas I thought worked around the images I cut from a circle cutter.


I haven’t forgotten my mandalas and am doing some ‘dot’ based ones in September for a Mandala Day about dots in mid September.


Many here and those who follow me on Instagram know I also go out each day for a coffee and have my little art journal kit with me. This one, from May 2019 onwards is just about complete. I have a new one already started. It’s great for writing, playing with design and just enjoying being creative in a small space.

What have you been doing with your photography lately?

Have you been creative in your life recently?

What is your favourite way to create?

Tell us more in the comments.


Life This Week Optional Prompts for the rest of 2019. The list is also on the home page.

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51/51 Christmas/Holidays: Prompt Optional 23/12/19.

Life This Week will have a break….even though I may be blogging.

The first week back on a Monday is 6th January 2020.

The optional prompt will be: What’s Planned For You in 2020?

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Next Week’s optional prompt is: 36/51 Taking Stock. #4 9/9/19

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  1. Hi Denyse – What a great idea to create art on index cards! I like your drawings and paintings to respond to the prompts, too. I take photos almost every day and write a blog post weekly so that’s some creative activities that I do atm.

    • I agree about the index cards, Natalie!

      Yes Tammy discovered that for herself in 2010 sitting in her car waiting for her kids to finish after school stuff. She had some index cards and realised their value and accessibility. In 2013 I was recommended to find out more via her Index Card a Day challenge and it got me into seeing myself as a more creative person than I had given myself credit for. I have been continuing to follow the page and more since.

      Your blog and the lovely photos are indeed very creative pursuits!

      Denyse x

  2. One day I’d like to embrace my creative side too. I don’t think I really have one when it comes to art but I do enjoy my colouring in so maybe it is hiding in there somewhere! Your art is lovely btw!

    • Kirsty, I think you already are embracing your creative side when you are colouring. It is also part and parcel of the decisions you make each day for the kids and how to ‘cater’ for their needs.

      I don’t see creativity being “having to draw” or “play a musical instrument” more along the lines of what keeps us more mindful and in a less crowded headspace.

      Denyse x

  3. So much creativity in one post, I love that you take a little art journal kit to the coffee shop – what a great idea! I take my little mindfulness colouring in book on long haul flights, I find it very therapeutic although when I’m on the ground, I am rather fond of reading a book with my coffee! Now I’m back home, I’m really enjoying getting creative in the kitchen!

    • You are good to know what works for you and when. The little mindfulness books of colouring are terrific. I bought one back in 2015 and used it a bit but then branched out into my own stuff.

      I have been carrying a mini-art kit for some years now and in fact it was via Tammy’s Daisy Yellow art group that she challenged us “to do some art in public”. I admit it felt weird at first. Now about 6 years down the track if I do not have my little kit with me when I have a solo coffee I really miss it.

      Creativity in the kitchen is the best. I have had to be somewhat to be able to ‘eat’ more foods but I also enjoyed it more when I was cooking with the little grandkids way back.

      Thank you Sammie and I hope the jet lag as disappeared.

      Denyse x

  4. You certainly are very creative Denyse – I loved everyone of those art works you shared in this post today. My creativity has been my crochet of late. I’m planning on opening an Etsy shop soon, so trying to make a bit of stock. Will see how it goes. I would like to get back into my mosaic’ing and also art (painting) but I just can’t find the time lately. At least between the blog and the crochet, there is creativity! Have a wonderful week! 🙂 xo

    • Thank you so much Min.

      I think that extending what you love doing into a little shop is a great plan. Why not?

      I think for me, and maybe for you too, creativity and its various types ebb and flow.

      I was mandala mad for months, now I am trying my hand at more creative and less structure in my art via art journalling.

      I like the possibilities we both have in our retirement years.

      Denyse x

  5. I’m speechless, Denyse! Four months!??!?

    Thank you again for the community and creativity that you’ve harnessed through Life This Week. I have been inspired by each week’s topics and also for the chance to reflect and be positive about my week when I’ve not been able to write to theme.

    There I go, carrying on like it is already the end of the year!

    SSG xxx

    • Sorry….maybe I should have added a warning..kinda did though!

      It will fly by and of course “that” is the issue right? Your son will go to Year 2 in 2020!!!

      I thought you would appreciate the optional prompt list…and yes, without even thinking much, Life This Week will be back in 2020. What a weird name for a year. Twenty Twenty – makes me think of the vision score.

      Denyse x

  6. I love that you’ve got channels for your creativity – not just blogging, for example. I’m not at all visual so am envious of those whose creativity is more varied.

    • Thanks Deb. I “had” to find these challenges for myself when my inner world seemed to be falling apart.

      The blog was one that kept me going It was, back in 2015, sometimes the reason to get up!

      The art had been there on and off and to be honest, I gave far too much away before leaving Sydney thinking “Oh I won’t do that much again”. Surprise in 2019, I “am” and it’s good. Again I made my little art journal too for keeping myself ‘entertained’ and having a space to write, reflect draw. it is only for my eyes and I have them now in a bag, for me to know where they are…and for husband to destroy if I am not around.

      I am less enthused lately to get out and WALK. It is magpie season and before that I was lovely putting the bluetooth earpods in, playing music I loved and walking. I have not even been to the beach for months. You would understand this too. It’s like “oh not today”….

      I cannot imagine a world without the joys of what I can see and delight it and yet this is what you are as you write. However maybe you mean not “creative visually?”

      You do enjoy your place, the views and the colours. I wonder “if the label actually fits”. I see visual creativity in you as you decorated your living space. You also take great photos of nature.

      Denyse x

  7. I love how you just go with the challenge Denyse – all different, but all “you” at the same time. I still love to colour in but don’t take it to the next level of drawing because I just don’t seem to have the ability to just ‘create’ – if it doesn’t look like I want it to I tend to give up. I also love how you tie it in with your morning coffee – two lovely things at the same time 🙂

    • Thank you Leanne, I always like to have a few things ‘on the go’ and can literally pick one up and then do another and come back to whatever the art is at the time.

      I have learned to do a few projects at a time to allow for drying time and to allow time to consider what I may do next.

      I like that you are content to stay with your preferences in the world of mindful colouring. I think too, there is a lot of mindfulness involved along with creativity as you pick and choose colours.

      Denyse x

  8. I love your art! You’ve just reminded me that I wanted a set of Derwent pencils for my Birthday which is today! I used to love decorating my diary. I want to start an art book again. Thanks for the inspo!

    • Get them woman….and more. If you love decorating your diary, I can lead you down the paths of much temptation!!

      Hope your birthday was awesome.

      Denyse x

  9. Beautiful art! Very creative and interesting.

  10. What a fabulous activity and your cards look terrific. Love this idea. Would like to join you next time.

    • That’s awesome Leslie.

      The messages about it come around about May and if you follow daisyyellowart or check Tammy’s page, you will see more about ICAD there in 2020.

      Denyse x