Thursday 20th January 2022

Share Your Snaps 5. 25/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.51.

Share Your Snaps 5. 25/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.51.

Dear Readers and Fellow Bloggers,

THIS is our fifth ‘share your snaps’ and….takes us almost to being HALF-way through 2018.

Didn’t we just post our ‘words and intentions’ for the year ahead?

Please tell me it’s not just me who thinks T I M E is a-flying!! Oh, and it is June equinox this week: longest nights for us in the southern hemisphere, longest days for those in the  north!

Beach Writing by Me! Not right now, though ’tis a bit cool!

Sharing My Snaps here for the fifth time as a prompt was a bit of a challenge: what NOT to post! So I did this instead. A quick update of what I have been up to recently, then more below.

If you would like to know more about Head and Neck Cancer & the support from BeyondFive via their Facebook page, here’s more: LIKE their Facebook page here

Now: My Share Your Snaps: From a visit to the Hawkesbury River after coming off the Bridge on the M1 to (use the loo, as is tradition) have a break from the drive home from Westmead (done twice in 4 days!) on Friday afternoon.

Are you familiar with this place? For me it has significance in that it is the first stop…if I need one, on the way HOME to the Central Coast…or the last stop …on the way to SYDNEY! The drive on the M1 used to scare me…I wrote about that a long time ago here. and here .

Once I met that challenge once, twice…then I was fine.

I’ve been taking myself to all of the Westmead Prosthodontist visits since early March. My husband drives us to the Lifehouse appointments as he either needs to be there for me post-surgery or he wants to be part of the consultation.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my snaps of late…and I look forward to seeing yours too if you have shared.

Thanks for joining in and reading too.


Alicia has a Monday link up called Open Slather here and I join in there too.


Life This Week 25/52.


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  1. The Hawkesbury River area is gorgeous Denyse and I remember it from childhood and I am also a lighthouse fan they always look majestic to me. I’m so pleased you have found a new friend in your neighbour and you looked lovely in the photo. I love the colour of your cardigan it is so vibrant. Thanks for also sharing your story to promote head and neck cancer. There are so, so many versions of this terrible illness and each charity works hard for their funds, so you are certainly doing your bit to put the spotlight on this particular type of cancer. I enjoyed your photos and thanks for the linkup. See you next Monday xx
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    • Thank you Sue for your lovely comment. It is a lovely place to stop (for a couple of reasons including comfort!) but because the M1 is so filled with busy and fast driving (I quite enjoy it) it is always good to have a break to look at the water.

      I have supported the Head and Neck cancer charity to raise awareness as I had no idea of how prevalent it is and even when I was first diagnosed I was ignorant. This Australian-based group was started by two of my surgical/cancer team and they were the ones who saw the need with their patients.

      As I cannot afford monetary donations, my blog and other social media are ways to inform the community about the many types of Head and Neck Cancer – some of which are actually preventable with the HPV vaccine given to girls and now boys are early HS age. Prevention is so much preferable to having cancer! Oral sex is the reason it is for both boys and girls now.

      Thank you for your unwaivering interest and support, Sue!

      Denyse x

  2. Thanks, Denyse, for hosting the link up and sharing your photos. The Hawskebury River area looks very scenic under blue skies. Kudos to you for raising awareness about head and neck cancer and starting a new friendship with your new neighbour. Have a great week!

    • Thank you Natalie. I do like to stop and have a breather at the that spot which is always busy with people launching their boats or returning from a day on the river. It makes a change of pace from the driving on the fast and busy M1.

      I appreciate your words about this cancer. I share because I was in ignorance about it until diagnosed.

      Hoping to meet up for a coffee again with my neighbour this week too.

      Enjoy your summer…it is VERY chilly here right now.

      Denyse x

  3. I’m trying to work out where that is – is it the toilets just past the Brooklyn Bridge? As for the neighbour – good for you. They must feel welcome to the new ‘hood. See you again in about 6 weeks…

    • Yes it is the boaties parking area and launching spot on the western side of the Hawkesbury River bridge, The other side, on the way to Sydney is a less pleasant truckies/ cars toilet stop. It was strange to see you call it the Brooklyn Bridge…but then I remembered it looks over Brooklyn on the way to Sydney side.

      It is nice having a neighbour to have coffee with. Hoping to do the same tomorrow.

      I can only imagine with a gap of 6 weeks you are OFF somewhere!! Enjoy.


  4. I totally agree with this year absolutely racing by! I feel like I blinked and missed a couple of months along the way!

    I enjoy looking at your photos. The Hawkesbury River photos are familiar to me from many years of driving between Sydney and Fingal Bay for holidays and in law visits.

    • I sure would like to know what the time racing thing is about too.

      Yes the Hawkesbury River bridge is both a landmark and a trip-mark as you wend your way UP or DOWN the M1. Fingal Bay is lovely but I have not been back for ages. We had a family holiday there around 30 years ago!

      Glad to see you back linking up too.

      Denyse x

  5. Such beautiful scenes. I am off to London today so maybe I will have some nice pics to share soon!

    • Thank you. I am so so excited and happy for you having a trip to London.

      Enjoy and I shall look forward to seeing what you share on-line!

      Denyse x

  6. WOW. Such a gorgeous area. Nothing beats the beautiful winter sunshine around this time of year. Stunning.

    I took some snaps of my nephew’s birthday on the weekend, but I don’t share about the kids on the blog anymore; not my kids, and certainly their story isn’t mine to tell. Anyway, I’ve shared the end of season three of the podcast instead. It’s been a fun season, excited for a break then on to number four!!

    • It is lovely and it is a kind of ‘marker’ on the drive down the M1 for me. Over it going south, closer to Sydney (and I am doing that YET again today thanks to mouth being sore) and coming back north, closer to HOME.

      I know what you mean about sharing pics of kids and privacy. When I first blogged I used images of my grandkids with their parents’ permission. Times have changed though in social media and our family so all of the kid-centred posts are now GONE. That’s OK too. I was getting uncomfy about the pics still being there.

      I did not know about your podcast till recently. Congrats on finishing season 3.

      Denyse x

  7. I’ve never been there Denyse but I can tell from your photos that it’s a lovely restful spot. It’s good to have these little nooks available to us when we need them. Thanks for hosting another lovely link party xx

    • It is indeed. I admit to knowing every possible loo stop for my travels to and from Sydney. I may not need them as much any more thanks to less stress re IBS but it IS good to know!!

      I am about to head down to Westmead the prosthodontist for the 3rd time in 5 working days…the stent is causing me pain…adjustments required but I also hope to know there is no infection. I so do not need this time to go wrong!

      Thank you for joining in the link up on Mondays as I appreciate yours and Sue’s on Wednesdays.

      Denyse x

  8. Beautiful photos Denyse! Hubby & I have been meaning to take the girls fishing at the Hawkesbury river (the side on the way up the coast) It always looks like a great spot to fish and have a barbeque, and isn’t too far for us to travel.

    Sorry I have been so quiet of late. my business has been taking up my time a lot lately. I can’t believe we’re halfway through the year, its crazy! I’m so glad that you got out of your comfort zone and went out with a neighbour. I hope you enjoy your next outing. xx

    • It would be a great spot too Julie. Another place which is quieter is Berowra Waters and is a part of the Hawkesbury River too. They hire boats there as well.

      I am delighted that you have been busy with your business and hope things continue to go well.

      Thanks for joining in here too!

      Denyse x

  9. Brooklyn is a lovely part of the world. A friend of mine got married in that area along the river in a remote spot. We had to get on boats to get there. It was very cool. Mum and Dad were there recently. They did the “postman’s run” which I gather is basically just getting on the posties boat and seeing the world through the eyes of the mail delivery service in that area. Great pics Denyse, Very peaceful

    • It is a sleepy but beautiful part of the world. I like stopping there because it reminds me of how close to nature we actually are once we get off the “M1” madness.

      My parents did that mail run too I think some years ago. The Hawkesbury River is one heck of a river, starting way up in the Blue Mountains area!

      Thanks for the memories you have about this place too.

      Denyse x

  10. Lovely! I’ve never been but I love seeing places through another person’s eyes. I’m so proud of you driving yourself there and back – it’s such a big deal to do these things!
    Thanks for hosting this link up, it’s so great to be back connecting and reading blogs!

    • Thank you! You know something about travelling and anxiety I know. I am delighted to say now, that the more I do the trip (and I am just back again from YET another visit to Westmead) the more I am at ease with it all.

      So pleased to see you back here too. I am glad you are connecting again. First steps are often hardest and you have made them.

      Sending love,

      Denyse x

  11. Such beautiful pics and lovely blue skies. It was gorgeous here on Saturday though a bit overcast yesterday.

    I’ve linked up this week but home sick (still!) so will have to spend some time reading everyone’s posts tonight or tomorrow! xx

    • Thanks Deb. Interesting how ‘easy’ it can be to not do those regular things like go outside and notice things. I have been guilty of not making nearly as many trips to the water or the beach (weather permitting!) as we moved away…about 6 minutes travel difference. But here we are also closer to the shops…and I think they have called me more!

      Sorry to hear you are crook. Just read and comment if you feel up to it. No pressure to do that here at all.

      Denyse x

  12. Lovely pics. The place looks so serene and beautiful. And yes, I think time is flying too 🙂

  13. Beautiful photos. Lovely spot. I don’t get out there enough. And yes, the year is flying. Cue all the countdown to Christmas posts in 10, 9, 8,7…

    SO not ready.

    • Oh Ness…not Christmas! Puhlease!!

      It is a lovely spot and even moreso as a change of pace off the M1.

      Denyse x