Thursday 20th January 2022

Share Your Snaps #5. 25/51 #LifeThisWeek. 50/2020.

Share Your Snaps #5. 25/51 #LifeThisWeek. 50/2020.

Dear Bloggers and Readers,

We are, almost, at the half-way mark of this year. What a year…as they say.

2 0 2 0

Happy Summer to my Northern Hemisphere readers….and Happy Shortest Day(s) of The Year to those of us in the South.

In Australia, we thought we were being battered as the long, hot and awful Summer of fires continued…without a break.

Smoky skies – even away from the fires.

Then sometime in February we also had, from memory, flooding rains. Good ole Australia.

Mid week locally. Some roads were cut. Lake at Gorokan.

But then…

None of us, worldwide, were well-prepared with what came from March 2020 onward in many countries: (and is still around and will be…till there is a vaccine)

C O R O N A V I R U S: COVID-19.

Post COVID-19 test – negative.

It was and IS the virus that stopped the world as we knew it being and doing what we knew….and we became enmeshed in various ways by sanctions, lockdowns, quarantines, and much more. Stories in the news can tell us what we felt. However, during this time, as I posted last week, we also noticed kindness and were heartened by that.


Today, I am showcasing a range of experiences visually….and may not be back to comment for a bit. Off to have a (wait for it…..) colonoscopy later today and given what I recall of the last one 10 years ago, I will be, ahem, incapacitated temporarily.


Onward: to photos!

Always a good idea. I also needed a trip down memory lane…of what it was like, to W A I T (and W O R R Y) before my first head and neck cancer surgery in July 2017.

These images, are from the ‘distractions by me photo collection’ as I waited for the news that surgery could go ahead on 6 July 2017.

The memories of that time are helping me as I write this, pre-Monday’s procedure that I have done this kind of thing before…and emerged with lessons from life, learned.

What do you do to distract yourself?

I know I like to do some of this:

Before Monday, on the most magical winter day, I visited the lake near Toukley. My favourite look from nature is the reflections. Here’s a short video….

…because, hey, I am getting better at Youtube.

Are you getting out and about more these days?


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  1. Hi Denyse, Nature is so calming and I love the clouds reflected on the Lake in your video. Thanks also for the pelican which is one of my favourite birds. Take care this week and thank you for hosting #lifethisweek.

  2. GOod luck wiht the colonoscopy! And there is a link up for #WeekendReflections if you’re interested. I can send you the site. Also love the birdge and pier shots – just lovely!

  3. What an insane year it has been! I can’t recall another like it. I am so disappointed that VIC has had restrictions tightened as of midnight last night due to climbing cases of Corona.
    Your images are beautiful, especially those featuring blue skies. Raining and dark here in Melbourne so thank God we have just passed Winter Solstice!

    • You are not having the best of times in Victoria. I am sorry that everyone has had things curtailed as getting the ‘freedom’ then taking it back is hard.

      Onward to your beloved Summer!

      Thank you, Jody.


  4. Gorgeous pics and I loved the video! 2020 is the year that keeps on giving, isn’t it and I think that it’s going to have change the way we interact, travel and work for many years to come.

    Sorry you have to go through the colonoscopy. I found myself in a similar position when I had my second thyroid surgery. I took great comfort in the fact that I had come out the other side before and although I knew what was ahead wasn’t pleasant, it seemed a lot easier to endure knowing what was in store. Removing the fear of the unknown also removed a lot of anxiety. Hope it’s the same for you and that all goes well. Take care and go gently. xx

    • Thanks for your kind wishes.

      I would love to say I was better at getting ready for the colonoscopy than other times (10+year ago) but no, I hate the prep…all of it. Nevertheless I am here sharing now so am OK.

      The year has forced us to make many changes whether we like it or not.


  5. Thanks, Denyse, for your lovely photos and video. I like the cloud formations and their reflection, as well as all the beaches. Have a wonderful week! #lifethisweek

  6. You live in such a special part of the world, Denyse! Thank you for sharing these calming photos this week.

    SSG xxx

  7. I have long admired how you manage to distract yourself with the beauty around you and your beautiful mandalas. Finding something that turns the volume down on the repeat thoughts can often be an illusive venture. Good luck for today. Hope you’re on the other side of it sooner rather than later.

    Sandra. Xx

    Ps. I haven’t linked for a bit – I only like to take part when I have space to visit as many links as I can. Looking forward to enjoying some blog hopping throughout the day. 😉

    • Thanks so much Sandra. Turning the volume down nails what I do try to do.

      I am OK after yesterday. The prep is the worst!

      Visit when you can, you don’t have to link up nor comment on a set number of blogs..just come on in. Lovely when you do.


      • You are so lovely Denyse! I often pop in to the link up and do a bit of blog hopping (but don’t always link if I think I won’t have space to reply to lovely comments on my linked post – don’t like being rude 😉 ). Always lots of goodness to be found at your friendly internet home. Xx

        Very pleased to hear you are okay after the procedure. And I agree, the prep is the worst – you’d think in this day and age some smart cookie would have thought of a much less horrible way to prepare.

        Take care now. Sandra Xx

  8. That video of the clouds reflected in the water is so lovely Denyse. Distraction is an important part of coping with things for me and blogging is my main distraction plus riding my bike. You photos are always ‘telling’ so many thanks for sharing them with us.

    • Thank you so much, Debbie.

      I am totally amazed when I see scenes like those on the lake. I kept thinking “wow”.

      Distraction is my go-to tool right now for sure.


  9. A colonoscopy on a share your naps day hey…? I thought this post was going to be very different 😉 Hope all’s clear and you have a safe recovery from the anaesthetic/twilight whatever they call it!

    I’m trying to get out and about more because I feel happier when i do it but physical stuff is stopping me a lot more than I would like. It’s frustrating me at times.

    • Snaps not naps!

      • I don’t know…naps worked too seeing I had that small forced one in the afternoon!

        Getting out of the house every day is a must for me and my mental health. I am happier when I can.

        Hope your health picks up soon. It’s not been an easy time for you I know.

        Thank you Vanessa.


  10. I confess, the photos I have on my blog are mostly stock photos. I used to love taking lots of lovely photos and used instagram a lot for that purpose, but I just can’t get the quality of images I need for my website as my photography skills aren’t up to scratch. Good luck with your colonscopy!

    • Thanks Christina, the colonoscopy went well…the prep is awful.

      I am pleased I can use my photos for my blog but they are just my ‘snaps’ not for any other purpose.

      I do understand why you and others use stock pics. It’s just not me.

      I have some for education posts because I can’t use actual school/education places, but I am not writing much about that any more.


  11. I’m getting out a little more. As I’m a little distance out of town I don’t go out most days. I try to coordinate to do a few things when I have to head into town.

    Well done on the videos!

    • Thanks Deb.

      I would want to have a few things to do too I think when venturing out in the car.

      Different when you lived closer to the water.

      I am glad I have been brave enough to share the videos.


  12. Lovely photos Denyse – and great reminders of where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. Hope the scope goes well and that the results are all clear.

    • Thanks so much Leanne.

      Yes, my tools for distraction remind me of what I need to do when I have more medical stuff happening.

      There is something to happen as a result of the colonoscopy but won’t know more till I see the surgeon again. Not cancer related though.


  13. I was on the Central Coast this weekend, visiting my parents! Such a beautiful part of the country. I hope all goes well with your procedure.

    • It is a big area, the Central Coast!

      We tried the southern end but the house we rented did not work for us. Moving to the northern end has been good and we like all the facilities.

      Thanks for your good wishes. It went well.


  14. Those are some lovely snaps Denyse! Like you, I’m such a water person. Nature generally calms me but there is something way more soothing about water. Hope all goes well with the colonoscopy.

    • Yes, we match with our nature snaps with the water for sure.

      It is soothing and but if I need some ‘energy’ I also like to get over to the coast when it’s a roaring surf.

      There is more happening post colonoscopy. Not cancer. Will know more after seeing surgeon this week.

      Thanks Sanch. Loving your water pics too. And you got up to Long Jetty again!!


  15. Good luck with your colonoscopy!

    What a crazy year this is indeed! I’m so glad restrictions are slowly being lifted here in the Netherlands and my parents can come visit me for my birthday on Friday (my actual birthday is on Saturday but then my husband will be here).

    • Thank you, it went well.

      A busy birthday time for you and I am glad you can have family to visit.

      Happy Birthday, Astrid.


  16. Good for you for improving with YouTube. That’s one medium I have not tried. As the wise man Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) once said “what a long strange trip it’s been”. He must have been referring to 2020! Good luck with your colonoscopy. I put mine off for so long, then wondered why I did that. Thank you for hosting this week!

    • Thanks so much Laurie. I did want to give YouTube a bit more of a try so I could add videos to the blog.

      The colonoscopy itself went well, it’s the prep I hate. Putting it off never makes it better though.


  17. I still haven’t even attempted youtube so am all admiration. Loving your mandalas…

    • Oh Jo, I had used You Tube before but just adding my little videos from the head and neck cancer stories but I kept them at private so only I see them.

      I joined up to the Premium thingy (first 3 months free as they always say) so will decide if I want to keep sharing little vids on the blog. It was me having to do some videos for other people to use as part of World Head and Neck Cancer Day that made me try for myself. I don’t like Zoom much – feel self-conscious but you do work meetings like that don’t you?

      Glad the mandalas are faves. Still doing them, just not as often.

      Thanks for your lovely comment!


  18. Some beautiful photos here. Thanks so much for hosting and stopping by.

    • Thank you kindly for your comment. Please do link up just one post another time and I look forward to seeing you back here. Denyse.