Wednesday 19th January 2022

Share Your Snaps #4. 20/51 #LifeThisWeek. 61/2021.

Share Your Snaps #4. 20/51 #LifeThisWeek. 61/2021.

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Yesterday I saw the musical Hamilton. In preparing this post, a week or so ahead, I thought I would use images that are not related to Hamilton until I have seen it, decided if I loved it and wanted to share more.

So, in this Share Your Snaps edition I am sharing my great fun using photo apps which help me make interesting and different collages. I have paid small amounts for some. Can’t remember which ones but loving the variety I am getting. I still use an old favourite called a Beautiful Mess. Purchased years ago and no longer supported by still does what I need it to do. I used it to make the photo for share your snaps.

But is the 4th anniversary of finding out I had squamous cell carcinoma in my gums….and yes, that was a pretty memorable day but even more so was meeting (for the very first time!) on 18th May 2017, the man who would give me the best chances of having no more cancer and a pretty useful mouth along with the best smile*(see end of post) “My” Prof Jonathan Clark AM, is starring with me here today:

Professor Jonathan Clark AM

Director of Head and Neck Research
Lang Walker Family Foundation Chair in Head and Neck Cancer Reconstructive Surgery

Prof Jonathan Clark AM


With Jonathan last Sept, inserts: Me post surgery July 2017, Info re mouth cavity and head & neck cancer.

It took 4 surgeries and a LOT of time & patience for this head and neck cancer patient to get her smile. These images are all from Chris O’Brien Lifehouse records of my progress 2017-2018

Onto the showing of my photos via the apps.

I wondered about how to get more photos into my collection as I love their colours, shapes and sizes…and that was when I had my ah-ha moment. Visit local nurseries and take pics! Occasionally look like I am buying a few flowering plants too. I have done that!  And I went back in time for some family and other shots to play with.

Background: Nursery and my plants individually


Two areas inland from where we live are doing Autumn beautifully.


Six years ago: H&R at Lakes Beach having a holiday with us.


I will never delete these photos! My old home town of Manly N.S.W. in Winter 2014 when I drove from home to get the sunrise. So worth it. My shadow on the beach.


Autumnal Display. I am a pattern-lover so these apps are perfect.


Daily Calm quote, with my art…on a background of my washi tape collection.


Cannot resist these amazing colours in the flowers. Some from home, others at the nursery.


Pattern Play using flowers and colours in this app


Pretty in Pink…bright pink and using repeat photos for patterns.


This app…I loved it but I had it on trial. May end up signing up. It did a cut-out scrapbook affect. I got to move the photos around. Fun.


The same photo in different collage sections. Interesting.


All about purple and sizes.


Gentle pinks and bright pinks using an app and its photo in middle. Repeat patterns. Very pleasing to my eye.

I love colours.

I love nature.

I love getting outside to take photos.

This is a great way to do self-care for me….

I also love constructing the photos into patterns via the apps because…

I love patterns!

And all of this reminds me of my Word Of The Year: S M I L E*

How about you?


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  1. So many colourful snaps, Denyse. Looks like you’ve had fun using the apps. I’m enjoying the variety of spring flowers we have over here. Have a great week! #lifethisweek

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thank you Natalie. I am finding making the collages is quite meditative. Enjoying the process. Love that you are getting joyful Spring blooms.


  2. So much joy and colour in all these snaps – I am loving the Autumn colours right now I must say! I love how this post is full circle starting with the prof and wrapping up with your fabulous smile. Plus you’ve inspired me to look for Hamilton tickets – I am not sure I like the music but all those millions of people, you included, can’t be wrong!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh thank you Sam, you have been with me all the way with this cancer thing…. needed my friends along with me for sure.

      I am glad you enjoyed my Prof. tribute. He is very ‘shy’ but secretly I think he doesn’t mind this kind of good news attention.

      Ummm. Unless you like (or have grown to like) the music I would think carefully about going. I saw the movie but became absolutely engaged with the Lin Manuel Miranda story, his cleverness in words and LOVE the music big time. My daughter and husband do not like this music…so play some of it if you want to find out. It was literally how I fell in love with the story of all the people.

      You and Teddy got some kind words in the post I published last Thursday introducing Series Three of Women of Courage. Pop over and see when you get a chance.


  3. Love the long shadow legs – glad you loved the show and congrats on the 4 years!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks, Lydia, I loved that effect too.

      I met a now quite famous Instagram Photographer that very dark winter morning at Manly when I got in his shot…how dare I …and we became friends and he is Rob Mullaley if you are looking to follow him. We still follow each other.

      Yes to Hamilton. Yes! I bought a mug and a badge…I couldn’t resist and listened to Part One of the original soundtrack all the way home.

      Very happy to be here and well at 4 years since diagnosis.


  4. I love all the colours and flowers in this post. What a great idea to visit a local nursery for photos of flowers. I would never have thought of that. I’m loving the autumn colours at the moment. Your smile is beautiful Denyse

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Jennifer. I know, took me a trip to Bunnings to work out “hold on, I can take photos here” and no one thinks I am stalking their house.

      I bet it’s cool where you are. It’s even been single figures here too.

      Thanks for your kind words.


  5. Lovely snaps Denyse, you really are becoming quite the photographer. I got my weeks muddled up with your prompts and thought it was self care. Never mind. Enjoy your week! Thanks for #lifethisweek

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks Sue. I always enjoyed photography and have three proper cameras – one is a canon 600 D but these days the Iphone 11 ProMax does basically everything and I get to create so easily.

      Next week is Self Care week…as each week is in reality right?

      This week is check up at Westmead tomorrow after 6 months with the man who made my new smile. Always slight apprehension but my mouth has been OK.

      Thanks for your good wishes.


  6. Flowers and sunsets – all so beautiful. I love that you take time to see the beauty in nature.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Deb.

      Yes I guess as a visual person I have always liked all of those but it’s only really been in the past years where I needed to settle my emotions – anxiety, fear, blah blah….that I found seeing nature and being in it actually helped me feel better.


  7. I love colour, being outside and photographing too Denyse! Your photo collages are wonderful and I fully understand the fun you would have had in compiling them. I hope Hamilton was everything you’d hoped it would be, I’ve heard a lot about it from lots of sources. Four years ago must seem like a lifetime in many ways but it’s well worth remembering and looking at how far you’ve come in that time. Keep smiling 🙂

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thank so much Deb, yes we share very similar interests in our pursuit of colour and in nature.

      Four years is almost a lifetime ago but then again it has been in some ways only recent. I am still getting used to the use of my mouth. Sounds weird but having been wired to use it in the familiar and natural way for 67 years, it still takes some thought to eat/drink without intake of too much and having spills.

      Hamilton is a bit of a divider.

      Unless you like/love the music I would think about spending money on tickets.

      I became converted after seeing the movie in early July when Disney Plus released it then I bought the CDs and a book on how cleverly Lin Manual Miranda made it come together. I love entire songs, quotes within songs and more. Seeing it live yesterday blew me away. I reckon by the applause and standing ovations the audience felt the same. I can’t remember the last time I saw something of that genre live so its a whole new level of engagement. I think I need to write a post…LOL.


  8. Hi Denyse – gorgeous photos and I love what you’ve done with them. I think it’s another form of creativity and a way of making things new again – looking at them with a fresh eye. Thanks again for another great link party and have a great week x

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      You are so right.

      I find taking photos and designing how I want them to appear is a lot like art and design.

      I did buy some apps and that has made the world of difference and I can do it all at night on the Ipad.

      Thanks so much Leanne.


  9. Denyse Whelan says:

    That’s my pleasure, Ang.


  10. I like all the flower patterns Denyse. Congratulations on kicking that cancer too. I remember all these surgeries and images as they happened. It is so good to see you beaming with health now. xx

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks Jody. It’s a creative outlet too.

      Thanks too for being ‘there’ for me as I was going through the cancer surgeries and recoveries.

      I probably won’t ever be complacent or say “cancer-free” but being well, and having only one check this year (surgeon) and another tomorrow with my prosthodontist, it’s all about maintenance and awareness.

      I too watch how you are going and you have been through a much more gruelling time and with the loss of your Mum too, so hard for you. But, you keep on going and giving your kids the best life you can share.

      Love to you,


  11. I love the collage apps you used this week, Denyse. I often feel like I need to step up my photo game. I forget to take pictures, even when I have my phone with me.

    Congratulations on the milestone you hit this week. Your smile says it all.

    Hope you enjoyed Hamilton!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Laurie.

      I was getting bored myself with the apps I have so gave myself permission to check more out that I would pay for. I think buying just a couple has helped me enjoy the extended creativity I enjoy.

      Not taking photos is something my husband does. It’s got to be important enough for him…he thinks I go waaay too far!!

      Loving reaching this milestone alright and today just back from the prosthodontist and he is happy not to see me for another 6 months but I do have to do more cleaning of the upper prosthesis to continue to keep the gums healthy. Sigh….Mustn’t complain!

      Oh Hamilton. Such a great show to see live. It was amazing. I guess a blog post will come at some stage!! Clever musician and lyricist is Lin-Manuel Miranda.


  12. These collages are so neat! I have been trying to get better with teaching myself to use photo editing software.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Joanne. I am not as disciplined as you. I have editing on my computer because I also have a Canon 600D but since this latest Iphone 11 Pro Max, it has almost become redundant.

      I do still take it out on occasion as it does macro really well.


  13. How lovely to visit nurseries and take photos there! Actually I should visit a nursery soon.
    Those collections of photos are lovely, my favourite is the one at the top with white and purple flowers together. The sunset photos are lovely too – and keep in mind I’m not even a fan of sunset photos. Hope you’ll have a good week!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thank you so much Susanne.

      It took me a trip to the local large hardware conglomerate which has a nursery for me to get the idea. I must add, I didn’t even buy anything…

      But at a couple of the others I did. I don’t have a garden as such as we are renting but I like some flowers that can stand being in a post.

      Colours and favourites are so subjective and I am glad you found a great combo.


  14. You are so very creative and very nice snaps this week. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks Patrick. I am enjoying stretching my creative brain.

      I hope you have a good week ahead and the weather is agreeable too.


  15. Denyse Whelan says:

    Thanks so much Jennifer, very kind.


  16. I love the collages! And I do love a flower photo. I might have to take a look at some of the apps and see what they do, although I already lose way too much time on my photo obsession and I hardly need another excuse to waste more. Is it okay to say happy anniversary, because while it’s been a hard road you’re still here and smiling! Medical knowledge and breakthroughs are a marvellous thing. Hope the next four years are a breeze and full of more smiles.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Christine, it is always OK to celebrate this anniversary. I do and am so delighted to be so well and showing my appreciation and gratitude back to my team helps them too I am pretty sure.

      The app situation. Honestly, there are soooo many and yes, soooo expensive. Not all are a one off cost, some are annual or monthly. What I did, because I just use my Iphone pics and collate on the Ipad as well as Iphone, is experiment with a few. Then I paid for ones I will use more. Happy with Moldiv app which has so many collage options.

      Yes, to more years going well!!

      Thank you.