Friday 21st January 2022

Share Your Snaps 4. 20/51 #LifeThisWeek. 53/2019.

Share Your Snaps 4. 20/51 #LifeThisWeek. 53/2019.

Every 4th week for #lifethisweek the optional prompt is about sharing your photos. Less wordy….more visual is the intent. See how I go this time!

It was a momentous week in Australian politics.

The new prime minister of Australia is the one who was there before the election. Nothing else to add.

Australia’s legendary PM from 1983 and for 4 terms was Bob Hawke and he died 2 days out from the 2019 election. I honour Bob here for the good he did (and I know some remember differently) and that he took time to answer my then 7 year old son’s letter when he wrote to him about ‘not wanting a war to happen’. I have since found more people got letters back from Bob Hawke, written in his own time and signed. No PM has done that since I have heard. Thank you!

But it has been a pretty big week for me…actually an anniversary of 2 years since my cancer was diagnosed. I am very grateful to be as well as I am. I have a visit to my head and neck cancer surgeon tomorrow and “hope” all being well, the next visit will be in 6 months.

Marking the occasion was by making a HUGE mandala which I started a month or so ago to literally remember by a space on this and a photo of me from every month.

I also made these photo collages. I find it really helpful and motivating for me to “look back and see how far I have come”. Here they are:

Before May 2017 diagnosis, I was ‘trying’ to be smiling and well but something was lurking….from 2016 onwards


Recovery & surgery times: July 2017 onto Nov then into Feb 2018


Surgeries x 2 recovery and then…many trips to Westmead for upper prosthesis. Teeth added: 21 Aug 2018


Smiles for day…months and more!


Taking this up to recent weeks. Of course, I still have to be wary of eating and it takes a LONG time to eat small amounts requiring chewing but very happy indeed.

For about 6 months I toyed with the idea of getting an Apple Watch. Those who have read some of my Instagram posts know I now have this but I shall share more. I wanted to have “something” to mark the 2 years of cancer done but it seemed extravagant for us on a tight budget to get one. I had this idea I would sell some books and CDs towards a saving plan and actually that brought in $100 net! Thanks friends here. Then on Friday, 17 May 2019, I was taken on our morning tea date and when it was over, asked did I want to go get this Apple Watch now!? Apparently my face showed it all. SURPRISED! So, it is never “that” easy because one shop did not have the colour and size in stock but another did and off I drove happily that afternoon. And what I totally love about an Apple Product is…unwrapping. One day with the watch already and I will be, at some stage, changing the band. No blue tooth earbuds yet either. I shall wait and see.


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  1. I can’t believe it is two years since your diagnosis, Denyse but you have come through stronger haven’t you? I don’t have an Apple Watch but I would certainly be able to use one. What a lovely surprise and well deserved for all you have been through. Thanks for another #lifethisweek link up and have a beautiful week. x

    • Thanks Sue. There were some days in my recovery that dragged on so 2 years seems quick to the outsiders but it really was not for me. I admit I am different now to back then, and for the good. I wrote a long comment on your blog and forgot to thank you for linking up. Need to remember I do the blog comments on Wednesdays.

      I can tell you now, in 2 days the Apple Watch has been like a coach/motivator and I am loving the features. Save up time for you. It IS a great way to track more than exercise too.

      Denyse x

  2. 2 years! What an achievement, Denyse!

    Apple Watches are great fiun and great motivators. I hope you are enjoyig yours.

    SSG xxx

    • Thanks SSG! I agree.

      The Apple watch is already motivating me and I am so far enjoying its messages and motivations.

      I bought the ear pods yesterday so shall see how I like them too.

      Now that BIG expense is done, it’s time to get out and about using what I have. Legs for walking.

      Denyse x

  3. Happy new apple watch! It was sad to hear of the passing of Bob Hawke. I recall handing out how to vote thingies for him at Bibbenluke Public School in the early 80s… Have a great week.

    • It was sad about Bob Hawke. I love your memory of him too.

      New apple watch is awesome. Just told me to breathe!! Actually it IS really good to stop and breathe with it.

      Denyse x

  4. Congratulations on the 2 year milestone – and onwards and upwards.

    • Thanks Lydia, it feels forever ago but also not that long ago.

      The good news is I am well and continuing to be so.

      Back to Chris O’Brien tomorrow for a Beyond Five meeting and my (I hope) good news cancer check with my head and neck surgeon.

      Denyse x

  5. Great snaps Denyse! Two years on – how does it feel?? I was sad to hear about the passing of Bob Hawke too. Randomly we have Hazel’s book to read as our new book club book this month. Enough said about the election!

    I was so happy to hear of your new acquisition, your apple watch, I know I love mine. Funnily enough I bought mine as a reward when I was made redundant from my challenging job as a Senior Correction Education Officer in our State’s gaol system. I figured I deserved something after all that angst they out me through and spent some of my hard earned payout on my watch, so I know the feeling well 🙂

    • Thanks Deb for your good wishes.
      It feels forever ago now but also that it took forever to pass on some days.

      I read Hazel’s books (I think she also did one with her daughter) and everyone loves Hazel.

      The apple watch! Yes, we are Apple Watch sisters… I am finding my way with it OK for now and am already improving how much I move. “Get up” for the stand ones…OK, I will!!

      I am using breathe reminders and they are just the best and do 12 in the time I am awake.

      Denyse x

  6. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary Denyse – and on your lovely new Apple watch – good on you for finding a frugal way to buy it. I think we enjoy things even more when we’ve earned them through our own endeavours. I was amazed at all your photos – I would be lucky to have half a dozen of me from the last 2 years – although I do aspire to having a decent professional one taken one day to use on my blog and FB for a while. Time will tell. Thanks for another great link up xx

    • I admit my contribution to the watch was only around 20% but it was given to me with love and I love that I can remember how much I have been through and come out the other side well by not only wearing it but engaging in many of the features to motivate me to move more.

      In terms of the photographs of me. I rarely did photos of me because 1. I was very fat and 2. I took most of the photos in the family. I realised, even when still very overweight that IF I did not take some photos no-one in my family would have a memory of me. So, I had to overcome that issue.

      When I got oral cancer, and my appearance was going to change and because I was already blogging about aspects of my life, it became important to take photos of me for this record.

      I am so glad I did. My surgeon and my prosthodontist are grateful too as they have photographic evidence of my progress.

      The photo you have now as your avatar is lovely. Those colours really suit you.

      I think all of us need to be “less” self-conscious and “more” prepared to share who we are now. Your granddaughters would agree!!

      Denyse x

  7. Two years! You’ve come so far – not just physically (as you can see from those pictures) but emotionally too. I’m in awe of your resilience and that smile says it all! I think the apple watch is most appropriate – I too have been dropping hints to my husband about an apple watch but they have fallen on deaf ears. That said, it’s my 8th cancerversary in October (can you believe?!) so maybe he’ll surprise me! If only they still made prime ministers like Bob Hawke, wouldn’t that be nice?!

    • Eight years. Wow. Look how far YOU’ve come too. You are the person who inspired me to begin blogging about my head and neck cancer and make it a link for others who might like to find out more.

      Apple Watch = 8 years cancerversary. No arguments here!

      Already it is motivating me more to get up, walk and it helps with mindful minutes of breathing. Only had it for a few days and making a difference compared to the fitbit.

      Thanks again for your wise words and support. Bob Hawke. No one like him before or since. Sigh.

      Denyse x

  8. Hi Denyse – Congrats on your 2 years milestone, and your Apple watch acquisition! Thank you for another #lifethisweek linkup. Have a wonderful week!

  9. Apart from the election results, some lovely snaps for the week. I love how your husband surprised you with the watch. I know you’ve been talking about it for a while! More than happy to do some activity challenges with you 😀

    • Thank you! I seriously had no idea & it was lovely to go buy it! Already have new bands from outlet online. I think I will be asking you for tips when we get together again! I am now in a long term movement & walking challenge for NSW Dept of Education noting my steps each day. That for now means I shall postpone your kind offer as right now getting my daily steps beyond 6K is tough!
      Denyse x