Monday 24th January 2022

Share Your Snaps. #4. 20/51 #LifeThisWeek. 40/2020.

Share Your Snaps. #4. 20/51 #LifeThisWeek. 40/2020.

Every 5th Week, We Share Our Snaps!

My recent weeks in photos and one retro photo too.

Three collages from examples of my ‘draw’ something every day challenge: 2nd lot of 30 days under COVID-19 life restriction. Started 9 March with  30 flowers (1 a day from 9 March) and began this one: inside same sized circles each day till 8 May)

Out into nature somewhere is my goal most days.

Then there is this….

Celebrating via facetime….Happy 21st to our second granddaughter…

What is next?

I wanted more colour in pots so spent a bit of time at Bunnings and now have this vista outside the back door.


Our street: night after supermoon. Just opened up my iphone 11 Max pro and it did the work.


LONGING….to be back at a table, enjoying a coffee, writing in my art journal...Come on Gladys… Hopefully I will have found a fave cafe open by the time this post is live! YES…I had my first double shot small latte in a glass in a cafe I had not visited for 8 week. I was so welcomed back!


Autumn arrived

Good News…on the eyes. 

It’s well over 2 months since I had both eyes’ cataracts removed and I got the go-ahead to get some reading glasses. I admit I am still getting used to ‘no glasses’ outside, driving etc (sunglasses back on my head as they used to be in my teens and 20s!) ….reading glasses to keep in my bag $5 at the cheap shop, but I am getting prescription ones for computer use and general reading. Glad OPSM opened up and should be good by end of May. Got them: one pair for the computer and one for general far OK!

Then this is an important one for me.

My way of marking 2 years of cancer diagnosis, surgeries x 4, treatments x 30+ at the prosthodontist and a LOT of driving up and down the M1 and time…patience required for healing.

3 years since my cancer diagnosis 17 May...wrote more last week…..and on Mother’s Day 2020, with the kind co-operation of my daughter and granddaughters, I got to re-create this:

Mother’s Day 2017: waiting for results from gum biopsy

Mother’s Day 2020: I am well…and relieved to be!

And then there was this. I drove to Dee Why to see Dad after almost 3 months. He is well but missing some of his usual routines which are slowly returning such as scoring at darts. He was happy for a hug on arrival….and asked for another before I left. Touch is what someone misses out on when they are left solo after many years of marriage. He was 94 in top pic: taken when I had just had 4th surgery inside my mouth. The stent pushing my lips out stayed for another 3 months. Dad is 96 and I am 70 now in bottom pic!

Onward….thanking my favourite nurses on International Nurse Appreciation Day.

Left: Lisa: head and neck & lung nurse & friend: Central Coast.

Right: Cate my head and neck surgery’s assistant & all-round awesome woman

Now counting the days till Index Card a Day (I.C.A.D.) starts on 1 June. This is my 7th year as a participant. Details here: 

How is your week shaping up?

Are you out and about more?

Is there a favourite place where you hope to sit for a meal/coffee/chat?

Tell me more!


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  1. Great news about your eyes and the new specs – my mum didn’t get a chance to have her other cateract done before Covid rolled around! I too had my first cafe coffee served in a cup and while I was sitting down, such a treat especially as I got to enjoy it with Sanch! So lovely that you got to see Dad and give him a hug, I think that’s what I’m missing most. Even though we’ve seen some of our favourite friends and family in person, it seems so weird not to give them a hug. I can only imagine how hard the lack of touch must be for people on their own. I am cautiously embracing the new restrictions and hope that everyone does the right thing. Have a great week and stay safe and well!

    • Here’s to cuppas where we sit and chat…and with a friend. How cool.

      I feel for your Mum as her sight will now be even more compromised with the gaps between surgeries. Hope it can happen soon.

      I could tell Dad needed a hug as everyone has been so darned careful, and whilst we are not hugely demonstrative it made a difference for him that day.

      I know that for me the loosening of the rules make me continue to be cautious and let’s hope all the ‘good’ is not undone once winter really arrives.

      Take care,

  2. So glad you were finally able to visit dad, Denyse!

    And yes, how good will it be sitting at tables for a weekend brunch!

    SSG xxx

    • Thank you SSG. It made a difference to his day…which overall had been much of muchness over many weeks. He still sees a few people and goes to dinner at my brother’s but I replenished his meals and treats and that helps me know I am doing something too.

      Yes, sitting at a table! Wow.

      Take care,

  3. THat must have beenhard having the 21st with only 5 people…hopefully a bigger celebration can happen soon. Great news on the vision. It’s a big op on the eyes….and as for the Index cards, is the point to just make little pictures/designs or do you use the index cards for something specific? I followed the link but didn’t really understand….?

    • Strangely the birthday girl said it suited her well. She has some friends of course but she is very much more introverted than her older sis so the fuss then was enough. Friends dropped her some gifts and flowers. We got to see her on Mother’s Day so that was cool too.

      Index Card a Day is to create something arty on a regular index card: In OLD measures: 3X5″ or 6X4″. And it is for 61 days: June to July. It’s Northern Hemisphere based with Tammy, the owner of Daisy Yellow Art (blog and website) hosting. I found it via a link sent to me in 2013 by a friend and blogger and love the community from around the world and the sharing. It is not competitive, it is the process which counts.

      Take care,

  4. Nice photos, Denyse, and I’m glad you could hug your dad and had a sit-down coffee. Have a wonderful week!

    • Thank you Natalie.

      So much we took for granted – like hugs and sitting down for coffee – being returned makes them that little more special.

      I hope that you see a continuation of covid careful behaviours with some aspects loosened to make the great outdoors a place to be as you go into Summer!

      Take care

  5. I love the idea of drawing something different inside the same circle every day and love what you’ve chosen to draw! Great stuff!

    • It was a huge undertaking to do it but oh so meaningful for me as I charted my progress through cancer..and beyond.

      Thanks Di!

      Take care,

  6. My mum had missed her hugs too and I guess I had, but I’m more accustomed to the lack of human contact I suspect. As you said, like your dad, she’d been married for 48yrs before my dad died.

    So lovely you got to see your dad again. xx

    • Thank you so much Deb.

      I do know Dad was appreciative of the hug and getting to chat to someone different as well.

      Hope your Mum is going well. It’s hard when the social aspected of their lives in changed so much. Dad is pleased he can score at darts again!

      Take care,

  7. Hi Denyse – lovely seeing all your photos and I’m glad the eye surgery has gone so well. I laughed at you being a teenager again with your sunnies on your head. Also enjoyed the family photos and that you got to spend time with a few beloved family members (including your dad). I’m looking forward to seeing mine very soon as the travel restrictions are being lifted as of today – Hurray!!

    • Yay for travel restrictions being lifted and little ones visiting again. How wonderful.

      We did have a great two visits: to our daughter and seeing all of her kids for Mother’s Day and then to Dad two days later.

      I was always a cool kid with sunnies in my hair, on my head and right now it still makes sense!!

      Take care,

  8. Nice to see some snaps from your sid of the world! Autumn leaves are glorious! Love the mandala with the actual leaves. Beautiful capture of the moon too! And while I know the coffee photo is from earlier, I also know through Instagram, you managed to do it again! How good is a sit-down coffee??!! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

    • Thanks so much Sanch. There are some really pretty places such as Holgate and Matcham and Yarramalong up here which help me get my autumn leaves fix.

      Coffee…yes it sure is good. But I admit I felt I had to finish and get out in case another person needed the table.

      I am sure it will all work out soon for the better.

      Fingers crossed!

      Take care,

  9. I came across your blog via debbish Dotcom. I love the circle drawings! It must have been so good to see your dad. I visited my mother for Mother’s Day. She has been isolating as much as she can as she finishes up her final chemo treatment. I’m so looking forward to a sit down cafe coffee. I went with my daughter on Saturday but every seat was occupied. Looks like everyone is ready to get out of the house.

    • Lovely to meet you Veronica and I love your avatar! My daughter loved her Archie comics back in the 1970s and 80s!!

      We thought we were very fortunate to visit our daughter for Mother’s Day morning tea.

      I imagine your mum is doing all she can to stay well whilst having treatment but that in itself is hard enough without more added. Sending her my best.

      I felt I needed to have my coffee and move on last Saturday as I was only 1 at a table for 2 but it was so good to have it in a glass!

      Thanks so much for visiting. You can link up a blog post anytime here on a Monday too.

      Take care,


  10. Wonderful milestones this month Denyse and precious photos both as a mother and a daughter. Oh yes that hug is priceless!
    Keep well x

  11. What a wonderful photo fo you and your dad, Denyse! And the one of you and your beautiful daughter and granddaughters is precious too. I like your idea of drawing something inside a circle each day. You must be creative to come up with all the different things to draw. I might have to give that a try.

    • Thank you so much Laurie. It was great to re-connect with some of our family within 2 days! It meant a 2 hour drive each way but worth it.

      I learned in my early years of retirement and when caring for young gradchildren that I missed creating with pencils, paint and more so treated myself to a drawing class, then joined in the US-based Index Card a Day. I think creativity gets unlocked in us when we are ready and notice more.

      I am a very visual person who has learned to stop and notice and I take that interest into creation on paper, and card etc. The challenge, outlined in the link above, is not about perfection, but participation. The founder, Tammy, was someone who in her job had only used the practical and linear part of her brain so when she was stuck one day, waiting for a child she had some index cards in her purse and with a pen, starting just playing. That has expanded so much since then and I know, for me, art of some kind every day gives my mind a different focus and relaxes me.

      Long story but had to share!

      Take care,

  12. So great to see all your snaps and read about your thoughts. I’m so glad you got to see your dad and you both look so well and happy. I can imagine it feeling strange without glasses but what a great result! I am surprised at how I miss being close yo people and hugs/touches. Stay well and I’ll be back next week to join you!

    • Thank you so much. Glad you came here to read as well. Been some weekend for you last weekend…..I love being glasses free but admit to now having a reader pair handy in my bag for those times I need to read a price or colour in my little art/journal.

      Yes, hugs and kisses will be welcomed more too I hope. We haven’t seen our son’s kids since Christmas ( one FaceTime event since)

      Look forward to welcoming you back on Monday.

      Take care,