Tuesday 26th October 2021

Share Your Snaps. 2. 10/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.21.

Share Your Snaps. 2. 10/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.21.

Saying goodbye to February was easy for me. It is not a favourite month as I wrote here but I also know for many of my readers it is one they love.

Summing up February in photos for Share Your Snaps is here:


That’s my lot: Sharing My Snaps. Of course I had a bajillion more but this was plenty!

I look forward to seeing your snaps too.

This photo-prompt is every 5 weeks here on #lifethisweek.

Thanks for joining me here this week!


Joining Alicia here for Open Slather on Mondays.

Life This Week:

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Next Week is the optional prompt’: 11/52.  “My Last Meal Was.” 12/3/18.



  1. Those cup cakes!!! Drooooooool

    • Indeed they are! I can eat one during the day and it takes about 20 minutes the way I eat. Lucky they freeze well and taste just as good after they’re thawed. Denyse x

  2. Very nice photos. I hope I’ll visit Sydney some day, ride the ferry, and cross the Harbour Bridge. I shared my snaps from Cordoba, Spain when I was there last August.

    • Looking forward to your snaps. Sydney is such a picturesque place and I am proud to have called her home for well over 45 years. Nice to re-visit but mostly now to do with my cancer treatments. I sure hope you get to Sydney too! Denyse x

  3. So glad you got to have at least a piece of that scone, Denyse!

    Here’s to March!!!

    SSG xxx

    • Ah yes, I know so well what I CAN and CANNOT eat these days I do not even bother ‘longing’ for anything (kind of a lie, looking forward to meat one day and crunchy toast!) I do eat so slowly too which is in contrast to my pre-cancer days.
      I know, it’s March! Easter at the end of it. What!!?
      Denyse x

  4. Sorry about the mouthguard – hopefully not for too much longer!! Love the Sydney pics (but you knew that! 😉

    • Yep the mouthguard/stent is a nuisance but necessary …sigh. It actually hurts a bit as it is rigid plastic up against my inside cheeks but it will be off on Thu week, so I will take the pain killers and distract myself.
      I so loved being back on the Harbour again!!
      Denyse x

  5. Look at you in the ocean! I’m looking forward to getting that summer over here.
    My post is finally aligning with one of your prompts! It’s everything I did while I was in Ottawa on a visa run last month 🙂

    • I was a real beach and water girl growing up and used to being in the surf. These days (age and the leg is a bit weaker) makes the pull of the water and the tendency to get caught sinking in the sandy areas a bit dicey. BUT I got this far and loved it. I am glad you have linked up today and look forward to it. Denyse x

  6. Cakes and scones get me interested every time!

    • They are my life-force…kind of..because I can eat them. However, I cannot eat too many or two much so I have to dig for some protein too. No fruit or veg much but I have made spag bol with grated vegies and I eat mashed potatoes – sweet and regular.
      Denyse x

  7. I love ferry trips between Manly and the city. No matter how many times I do these trips I still love seeing the city from the harbour and feeling the sea breeze on my face.


    • That was how Dad got to work sometimes. Mum would drop him at the wharf and be back there each evening. Very pleasant ride! Denyse x

  8. I’m glad it’s finally autumn (hopefully cooler soon?) and we’re entering birthday season with the kids (which is always exciting). Looking forward to finaly catching up with you, in person, later this week!

    • I admit it is good to see signs of autumn and feel a slight reduction of humidity. Mind you, if it rained as well that would help the gardens!
      Birthday season! Always fun.
      Looking forward to seeing you soon too!
      Denyse x

  9. It’s funny, I rarely go in the ocean. I don’t really like it. I just like being next to it.

    • I find it hard not to want to go in but I also rarely put my swimmers on for a beach walk. To be honest, the surf beaches here at this end of the coast are a bit rough and even though I am an experienced surfer, age and my weakened balance (leg) make me wary!

      Denyse x

  10. Oh I didn’t get to the ferries when I was in town last! How I love leaving Circular Quay and crossing the harbour! Love seeing your creativity x

    • Put the ferry ride on top next time. When I lived in Sydney I would park the car in the city at reduced rates on a weekend and walk to where I wanted to visit eventually ending up at the Quay and then do the return trip on the ferry to Mosman or the Zoo. Great for photos as well as sight seeing.
      Glad you enjoyed seeing my creative pursuits. My post tomorrow is Everyone IS Creative!!
      Denyse x

  11. That was a lovely overview of your month Denyse – highs and lows and a sense that you are definitely moving forward – all good things! February is usually a happy month for me, but I’m struggling with a few health issues atm and I’m tired all the time – roll on Autumn!

    • Thank you so much Leanne. I am sorry that you are struggling and health issues are a worry on any level. They disturb our emotional health too. Do hope things are resolved soon. Sending well-wishes across the continent!
      Denyse x

  12. I’m going to make it back with some photos for this! It’s is 100% my plan this week. I’ve had the pleasure of taking some photos of amazing things lately, and I want to share them. I appreciate the forum to do so. Thanks for the look into what you’ve been seeing lately. x

    • Oh I am glad you will but this week, the linky is closed. Boo. I used to keep it open till Thursday evening but shifted till 5pm NSW DLS time.
      Every 5th week is a ‘share your snaps’ time and I know you are an awesome photographer! I have a timeline of when each optional prompt is happening on The Home Page!
      Thanks Melissa! Always lovely to see your comments here. Denyse x