Friday 28th January 2022

Share Your Snaps.#2. 10/51. #LifeThisWeek. Golden Wedding Anniversary. Part 2/3. 30/2021.

Share Your Snaps. #2. 10/51. #LifeThisWeek. Golden Wedding Anniversary. Part 2/3. 30/2021.

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This is the second of the photo-based sharing for 2021. I call this optional prompt, Share Your Snaps. Snaps is another word for photos, pics etc. Every five weeks I invited bloggers to Share Their Snaps.

For this week and  then the final Share Your Snaps in my series of 3, I am going to share the recent Golden Wedding Anniversary memories for us.

Bit more wordy than usual too.

50 years married on 23.1.2021.

As young married teachers we went back to the North West countryside of New South Wales, and in addition to adjusting to being married, “I” had to adjust to being a young, teaching, mother-to-be.

If you ask me now how I did it…I would say, I just did. I was young, healthy and in love. Yes, having a baby early in our married life who was not planned but much wanted was a challenge. I have written more about that here.

Our daughter with her parents

As life went on, pre-becoming parents & after, we both moved together to new places to live and teach, at the same time growing as a couple and making new friends and becoming accustomed to long travelling days back and forth to my parent’s house for holidays and then to the country side.

I share the story of the year we decided to return and buy a house, and incidentally become unexpectedly pregnant here. Life was a mix of busy, good, challenging and filled with caring for both a baby and his sister who was  by now in Year 3.

Luckily I found great day care for him when I had to return to teaching (and was glad to) and then we faced more challenges over the next few years than many. I also documented that here.


Our son. After being told ‘no more children’.

So, all in all, parenting is both a joy and a challenge! And still is but now we watch those parents be parents themselves …and just quietly we are fine about that too.

We lived here in those years:






Kellyville: our first home in Sydney.

We Taught Here In Those Years:

Fairfax PS

Harparary PS

Barraba CS

Hillston CS

Merriwagga PS

Weilmoringle PS: one of the most remote schools in N.S.W.

Turramurra PS

Cherrybrook PS

Jasper Road PS

Seven Hills West PS

These Were The Vehicles We Drove.

Datsun 1600

Datsun 1000

Ford Falcon

Holden Belmont

Datsun 180B

Toyota Crown

Ford Fairmont Wagon

Datsun 120Y:  the first car for me.

Holden Premier

Images from Parenting Years.

Our Daughter.

Our Son

And from our Silver Wedding Anniversary in 1996.

This image brings back memories that were not always great. Yes, we had a loving family and friends’ party for our 25th Wedding Anniversary as organised by our married daughter.  We were not to know that by the end of that year, my husband would become ill, his business (building kitchens as you see in the background from the house we only lived in for 3 years would be liquidated, I would be in a rear-ended car accident for which I had to have a lot of time off work and seeing a physio…but this was to happen…Becoming grandparents just before Christmas 1996.  Life, hey!

It’s a great way to share my snaps and keep the family life record happening too.

Blogging is so good for this!

Thanks for your comments, adding a post and sharing too.


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  1. Just lovely memories to share Denyse! I love all the town names and the schools you’ve taught at – you have certainly managed to capture the feelings of the times with your word and snaps.Thanks for letting us all share as well 🙂

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Debbie. I “had” to get wordy with these posts as they are forming part of “our story” as time goes on.

      I too know we have been around the traps as they used to say. Privileged to have been able to do so too. Always enjoy taking that trip back to the bush to remind me of our courage and a brave approach to living in a different place from so called home, which for me was Sydney!


  2. I always love your share your snaps prompts and this week was no exception. I love the names of the towns and you’re absolutely right – life can change in an instant when you least expect it.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Jo, I am glad you enjoy these.

      Your Dad (and Mum and family) would have a bit of a list of country towns in their workplace history too.

      Bank johnnies and chalkies…right?


  3. What a great way to have a permanent reminder of the life you’ve lived Denyse. We’re never aware of how rich and full other’s lives are until they document them in this way – and allowing us to share your memories is testament to the kind and generous person you are
    Thank you also for the opportunity to share our lives with you as well
    Take care
    ps your son has your smile:)

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thank you so much Cathy. I am humbled by your kind words. Much appreciated. I guess, in essence, it’s why I blog…to connect and to share and to remember.

      You are so right about my son and his smile. I am now going to add a photo to my recent post because he was very close to my Mum, choosing her name to be the middle name of his youngest daughter.

      Warm wishes sent your way,


  4. Hi Denyse, you have such a beautiful family, thank you for sharing your photos with us. Life often gives us things to deal with that we wouldn’t wish on anybody. But with support and help from others, and a great deal of inner strength, we hopefully manage to get back on our feet. There’s a lot of learning during life! Have a great week ahead and thank you for the link party.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Cheryl. We are better off not knowing what’s ahead aren’t we or someone like me would spend time (wasted!) worrying.

      I look back now and realise the courage I could find (and still can) to manage what were unexpected challenges.

      Life does this to us, as you say.


  5. Lovely memories Denyse and a great way to keep a record of your life. I also lived at Baulkham Hills for about 3 years so am familiar with some of the schools that you have mentioned. Have a lovely week. #lifethisweek

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      That’s great Sue to know you know those schools’ names. The Dept of Education had to stop naming schools after streets and roads over time because no-one really knew where they were. The thing is not all schools are named geographically any more either. Confusing, for sure.

      I am pleased to be continuing keeping the memories going while I can remember them!

      Thank you, the week ahead is interesting and with a mix of challenges. In a good way.


  6. Denyse, Thank you for sharing your photos and life stories with us. You have a beautiful family. The baby basket is special in how you use it . #lifethisweek

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Natalie, yes sadly that baby basket eventually gave up and we had to throw it out but yes, almost all of the kids and grandkids got to have at least one sleep in it.


  7. I love that the photos reflect the time / era in which they’re taken and they bring back a lot of memories for me too as we have similar pics with similar clothes and backgrounds etc…

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks Deb, yes they do. I follow a couple of “way back when….in the 1970s” etc pages and gosh, it feels like a minute ago, but also I still cringe at some of what we thought were cool clothes!!


  8. Lovely, lovely!! Is Silver 25 years? You guys haven’t changed that much (except your hair style!). Love the montages with the kids. I am in awe you can remember the cars you’ve had. I haven’t had that many but I struggle to remember! Ha!
    As for life, I think the last 18 months have taught us more than ever not to take anything for granted and we really have very little control over what happens in life…

    • But looking back, you got thru it all and more. So we learn or we learn to survive. Or something.
      Happy Anniversary!!(again)

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Yes, Silver is 25, Ruby for 40, Gold for 50 and for my parents, when they got to 60 it was Diamond. I know the first anniversary is paper I think!

      I am the memory keeping and maker so it’s just as well I do. I am hanging onto that skill for as long as possible. Mind you, today B and I had a conversation about how we travelled to our respective schools with a baby in tow …and one car. I guess, we just did!

      Thank you Lydia, yes the past 12 months have taught me more about adaptability I guess.


  9. Love this! You just can’t beat a walk down memory lane with photos like these.

  10. So many great photos Denyse – and all those memories associated with them. Life is certainly a series of ups and downs – but the joys of family and the love that comes with it – that’s what really counts in the end isn’t it? You seem to have had it in abundance xx

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Leanne, yes putting together these and other posts remind me of the challenges, the joy and the rewards.

      I know now from the position of hindsight that I dealt with much in my life with courage, adaptability and care. There were some pretty scary times especially when my husband’s health was in jeopardy in his early 30s.

      We are enjoying our much quieter times now with ease.


  11. I had a heap of snaps dumped on me (nearly literally) that are all in a mess somewhere in my house. I’d like to get them digitised but it’s expensive and I also kind of resent it somehow being my job. And I don’t have the attention span to DIY it 🙂

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh Vanessa, I hear you.

      I have been in photo-cull mode over the past 6-7 years and I cannot for the life of me ever seem to finish.

      Mind you, it’s mostly my fault because I took the pictures. Nevertheless the golden wedding anniversary made me get more work done and I am glad. I have a system of sorts with pull out drawers – plastic files – and in each draw are loose pics of every family member in a plastic bag. It helps me find an image quickly as I tend to make the grandkids a photo collage of their lives in their birthday cards.

      It really does take time and you really do have to “want” to do it…and have the space to spread out and that helped me attack it. But still not finished.


  12. Some lovely memories there Denyse and so nice to see some pics of your kids when they were young! You’re right – life sure has its ups and downs. Have a great week! xo

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks Min. I am pretty sure you might have quite a collection too.

      I admit I have shared less over time of the images of the kids and grandkids but with recent celebrations of turning 70 and the Golden Wedding Anniversary, I got a pretty casual heads up I could share.


  13. Lovely memories!

  14. Hi Denyse, I laughed when I saw all your cars listed. My first car was a Datsun 180B! I love seeing photos of your early days – always with a lovely smile. Christina

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      I am glad you had a laugh…next time there are even more.

      We had our 180B to drive back and forth to Western NSW and with a young child. No air con back then so we had a unit added to the car. Crazy! We sold it for a Toyota Crown, which sadly, blew up because hub forgot to put water in radiator after servicing it and I knew nothing of this and drove back home along a country road till it would go no further.

      So many cars …and so many stories. The vehicles we have now are amazing and even at 6 yrs old, are like new.

      Thanks Christina


  15. Aww you shared some amazing memories!

    Curated By Jennifer

  16. You had a lot on your plate 50 years ago, Denyse! A new husband, new job, new life, and soon a new baby! I sometimes look back on some spots in my life and wonder “How did I do it?” We just lived it. There was no other choice! Thanks for sharing snaps of your children. What wonderful memories you have!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      I know, I just said that to my husband the other day…how did “I” do that?

      I was 22, married less than a year, with a baby and back teaching full time to a group of kids aged 5-8. There was no such thing as part time work back in the day.

      My teacher husband drove us to the little school where I worked, and the principal’s wife (we were friends) minded our daughter and I went next door to the two teacher school where her husband was in charge and two of their kids were in my class. Husband drove to his one teacher school up the road and then picked us up in the afternoon. Yes…we just did it.

      Thanks for you getting this too Laurie.



  17. I have always loved pairing words with photos. While it is true that a picture is worth 1,000 words, there is so much more to the 1/125th second snapshot. I am currently in the process of organizing our family photos so I can begin to write the stories. My vision is to write one 500 word essay for each picture on an 8.5×11 piece of cardstock. I will then put those pages into plastic sleeves and store them in 3-ring binders. I’m calling the project, Patchwork Memoir … because I’m pulling together the scraps of our lives and creating a beautiful tapestry 🙂

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      OH wow. love love love the idea, Molly.

      I am currently ‘drowning’ in putting together what were formerly scrapbooks into 3 ring binders. They cost quite a bit but for me, if I don’t have some ease of handing I will never do this.

      My scrapbooks were well documented by me for about 10 years and then…I stopped. I have had half-hearted attempts at re-starting but the Golden Wedding Anniversary is making me do this.

      I also have, here on the blog, Telling My Story from before my birth till the present day. I did 2020 last year while it was so fresh in my mind…now, over the next few months I need to write posts for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

      I look forward to your progress news!


  18. Wow! You lived in so many places. My husband and I have only ever lived in 3 different houses/apartments in two different towns that are only about 10 minutes away from one another. Our boys were all born close together and just a few short years after we were married. It was tough when they were young but now that they’re older I am so glad we had them so close together.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh yes, that is the life of the teachers in our state back then and we were happy to do this.

      Once we returned to find a permanent house in Sydney, and with that roles in schools not too far away then those distant places to live and teach were memories.

      Our adult children, raised mostly in our Sydney based place, have stayed in those areas themselves. It’s far too expensive to buy a decent house for teachers anymore so renting is the state of the game.

      I have seen family and friends raise children born close together who say as you have, Joanne.


  19. You have huge range of memories here. I really enjoyed reading this and seeing yourself and your kids over the years.

  20. “You just did it.” I think that is the way of life when you are young. You had many irons in the fire. I’m so sorry about your car accident and your husband’s job. You have had a life full of joy and mishaps, too. You ARE the woman of courage. 🙂