Saturday 22nd January 2022

Share Your Snaps 10. 50/52. #LifeThisWeek 2018.129.

Share Your Snaps.10.50/52.#LifeThisWeek. 2018.129.

So this week for the last of Share Your Snaps, I have decided on a shot of me and something from each month around the 10th (date of posting today) since January.

Share Your Snaps will continue in 2019 every 5th week. 

January 2018.

February 2018.

March 2018.

April 2018.

May 2018.

June 2018.

July 2018.

August 2018.

September 2018.

October 2018.

November 2018.

December 2018.



How does your year of snaps look?

I admit there ARE a lot of ‘me’ here but it is to both encourage me and to show me the progress made in my head and neck cancer journey.

I hope you are not too overwhelmed by the end of year tiredness.

I really don’t have an excuse other than I have done a lot of getting better in my health this year! 

See you next week,

It’s the second last #LifeThisWeek: C H R I S T M A S is the optional prompt!



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Joining Alicia here for Open Slather and Kell here for Mummy Mondays.

Next Week’s Optional Prompt: 51/52 Christmas. 17/12/18.



  1. What a fabulous way to share your year Denyse, through snaps! You have had a big year and your positivity shines through 🙂 All the best for a healthy new year.

    • Thanks so much Debbie and I have enjoyed getting to know you via social media too.

      Warm wishes for a wonderful Christmas (first one as a grandmother!) and awesome new year.

      Denyse x

  2. Yay I finally made it to the link up and I’m on prompt! I can hardly believe it myself. Love your photo selection as soon as I saw the first pic, I thought to myself, “how far Denyse has come!” It’s been a massive year for you – physically as well as emotionally – but you really have achieved so much with your ambassadorship, running art classes and of course, my personal favourite, getting your smile back! Hope 2019 is full of even more good things for you!

    • Congratulations to you on your BIG year as well. And the good news from the doctor’s today. A great gift in itself.

      When I look back at the year, yes it’s been big and there have been many unexpectedly good things come from it as well.

      Thanks for your wonderful message and support as always!

      Denyse x

  3. Love the lots of you! And I love that last pic with the quote. Very interesting.

    • And Happy xmas to you! Thanks for hosting.

      • Thanks Lydia. Learning that I must do the ‘fearful’ things has really helped me overcome much more than I ever imagined.I still get scared but can still do it. I sure had a lot of practice in 2018.

        Thank you for supporting the linky. I know you have a very sensible break to enjoy all that IS Sydney in January.

        Denyse x

  4. Love this idea and it’s great looking back through all those snaps!

  5. What a year you have had Denyse and I think my favourites are now your daily collage that you post to Instagram. I wish you health and happiness for 2019 and I’m sure it will definitely be an exciting year for you with new projects and your role as an Ambassador.

    • Thank you kindly Sue. I always like a bit of a change and Instagram was one I decided to make in the past 2 months.

      Thank you also for your 100% support of my blog and my health. It means a lot.

      Denyse x

  6. The quote in your last photo is so very true, Denyse. I’m going to spend some of this summer thinking over my fears and what they’re actually telling me I need to do.

    SSG xxx

    • Thanks SSG. Yes, I learned that if I wanted to do more of what I really wanted to do, I had to accept there was so fear within them but that each time I did something like that, I built a new set of skills within me as a result.

      Learning the purpose of ‘exposure therapy’ and how it could change my brain’s experiences from negative to more positive was oh so helpful once I got started.

      It doesn’t mean I don’t still “want to resist” doing something hard. I do, but I can soon change my thinking which IS the difference.

      Happy Vacay time!

      Denyse x

  7. You’re such a prolific photograph taker Denyse! I don’t think I take a photo from one week to the next (unless I’m on holidays!) Lovely seeing you looking so great in all your pretty outfits – enjoying life in all it’s various incarnations 🙂

    • Thanks so much Leanne. Until I got cancer and needed to make a record so I could see the progress, my photo-taking was limited to grandkids and scenes. Very few of me.

      Now, I am proud of my progress and it really helps encourage me to see the photos when I get a little bit discouraged.

      Denyse x

  8. You’ve had quite a year, Denyse, and your optimism shines through your snaps. Thank you for hosting all this time and into 2019. All the best for a happy and healthy new year.

    • Thanks Natalie, it has been as tiring in many ways as working full-time. But instead of that, I was working to wellness.

      It’s been great seeing you here and I look forward to more from your part of the world in 2019.

      Denyse x

  9. What a year! Keep smiling and all the best for Christmas and New Year! xx

  10. That’s such a great idea to look back at the year, Denyse!!
    I love the last’s so apropos

  11. Very late in commenting this week but I love that you’ve done a round up of your snaps for the year! That final quote – amazing!

    • Ah, I think you have been a ‘bit’ busy since re-entry. That quote was from the window at Gnostic Rocks in Woy Woy. Rather over-priced things in the shop but I still managed to buy a chakra bracelet made with crystals.

      Thanks for you support of the blog link up in 2018!

      Denyse x