Friday 28th January 2022

Share Your Snaps. #10. 50/51 #LifeThisWeek. 131/2021.

Share Your Snaps #10. 50/51 #LifeThisWeek. 131/2021. 

Before moving on to Sharing My Snaps for the final time in 2021, big thank you to everyone for this year’s support of the link up.


As already announced, here, #LifeThisWeek returns on Monday 3 January 2022.

No prompts unless you want to use any I have come up with. I am not sure if I will have a word of the year for 2022 but there is always that option.

Next week, the final link up for 2021, WISHING, I am sharing a post I didn’t know I needed to write called “Telling My Story: Christmas Memories”.

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Sharing My Snaps #10 is from mostly scenes of nature I have noticed and been within…to really see, experience and enjoy. Few words! For once.

From the past month.








Places to visit and see with my husband included the Boardwalk at Terrigal on a surprisingly sunny day for once, as a repeat visit.

Thanks from us both for your kindness and support of us blogging and sharing life with you all from our, ahem, very different perspectives.

and he expects me to ask for selfie these days…even if we don’t quite get it right….ha!

Bernard & Denyse.

The Head and Neck Australia Christmas Choir is going live (live!) and I guess I will see it once I am up and about…the link is here:


But wait…it appears there is MORE…and words too.

  • P.S. Not from nature itself but very much about human nature and more is this book. I couldn’t wait to get the, ahem, cheaper copy so went to local QBD for this and I have already invested myself into the very different ways in which Brene Brown is both sharing and doing her utmost for us all to come to an understanding of all that makes us emotional human beings. I am a fan already but this work is different.
  • I am also tuning into her podcasts called Unlocking Us , here,  about Atlas of the Heart and awaiting the audible version in February 2022.

  • P.P.S. In big news (nah, not really!) I am getting somewhat better at my zoom game. I just haven’t used it (and haven’t need to) much but many others have I know.
  • So, I got some practice and was able to be part of a zoom meeting to assist in great head and neck cancer awareness and sharing with CEO Nadia Rosin, from Head and Neck Cancer Australia and Dr Mike Freelander MP, a Federal MP from Macarthur region in Sydney. I even managed a background which both commented on. See second photo!



And then, I got some kind of virus and was not able to meet up with my local federal MP and the CEO of Head & Neck Cancer Australia…we will catch up in 2022.

I did get to have an unexpected 8th ( I think) Covid19 test instead. I have had this many as most were required for me to attend doctors’ surgeries and to be admitted to hospital for surgeries in 2020.

And as I recovered on Friday, I felt well enough to venture out, driving to Porter’s Creek to enjoy some peace by the river and to notice nature. Of course.

A lovely friend and blogger, Katherine, who has shared here many times, now lives in San Francisco and as it was her birthday when I went here, I made a mini vid for 20seconds of Aussie bush sounds. She told me she felt the breeze too!

Take care,


I will be back to comment after seeing Dad in Dee Why today and I am also dropping in some Christmas treats to my brother and sister-in-law on the way as they live that way too. They do the heavy lifting in terms of any errands for Dad or taking him to appointments. I still do Christmas treats as gifts although my interest and motivation is slowly waning.

My Christmas treats: mini cupcakes and brownies. Some are for individuals, others for families.

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  1. Hi Denyse, we have a ‘heavy’ day ahead with solicitors so your post with all your lovely snaps and news has brightened my morning. As a child we had one holiday to Empire Bay (my uncle owned a holiday home there). It was the only holiday we ever had but I do remember visiting Terrigal. Keep taking your ‘selfies’ with Mr B and continue the good work with Head & Neck Cancer – You are now a YouTube and Zoom start – #nevertooold that’s for sure. Have a lovely week. xx

    • Thank you Sue, for such kind words. I am glad I awakened some Central Coast memories too.

      I think I am in need of a break from some of my volunteer work and I can do as little or as much as I want, so “I know who has to do something about this”….I still think I am much younger and more resiient and I am here to admit, that it wanes.

      Your connection here on the blog with me and others is treasured.

      Take care,


  2. How good is Terrigal? Although I think you definitely had the best of the weather! So pleased your test results were negative but disappointed for you that you had to cancel the meeting, still at least that gives you something to look forward to in 2022! Your sweet treats look delicious and have reminded me that I better get a wiggle on and start making my edible Christmas gifts! Thanks for all hosting the blog party all year long – hope you have a very merry Christmas and see you next year!

    • Yes Sam, Terrigal is very much a welcoming place for day trippers and those who stay.

      What we have seen over the decades knowing the area, and Terrigal well, is that traffic access is still not great.

      My friends who have lived this way for longer than us also find they cannot get parking just to see the doctor!

      The queues are still happening getting into Terrigal unless, as we now know, you take the detour to where is says “P” for Terrigal and follow the coast to The Haven and park there. Where the Skillion is. The Board walk is accessible there too.

      However, all that aside, I am glad you loved it and our health professionals (some from UK) have made Terrigal their home!

      Look forward to catching up when we can too.

      Your connection here on the blog with me and others is treasured.

      Take care,


  3. Loved the song. You must be so pleased with the end result. In the photos, the succulant and the first beach shot are fabulous. The beach shot could be a postcard. I’m intrigued wiht the broadwalk, and might try to drag the kids there in the hols. Will let you know if I do….
    Have a wonderful, wonderful break. May the holidays be safe and relaxing. May we get a bit of warm sunshine (where did our summer go??).
    See you mid Jan sometime.
    Best wishes!! And thanks, as always, for hosting.

    • Thanks Lydia. I woke earlier than usual to 1. check the video…and 2. to get the SMH crossword printed for B before I drove to Dad’s.

      Terrigal is over crowded in Summer of course…because “tourist and holiday attraction”. We park at the Haven, near the Skillion to do the Board Walk. It is lovely because it’s a different way to ‘see the sea’.

      Enjoy what you get up to till mid Jan, and the sun popped out today, long may it stay!

      Your connection here on the blog with me and others is treasured.

      Take care,


      • Denyse,
        Your photos are just lovely and take me back to our time in Australia
        The selfie by the way was quite good – for our age group!! The trick is for the person with longer arms to take it!
        Now that I’ve done this Linz thing I might just try to post some pictures and do a short post
        Heavy on photos and light on words (not my strong suit!)
        Take care.

        • Good on you Bernie, thank you for sharing too.

          I am glad you enjoyed the photos and memories of Australia.

          So pleased you found the link up.

          Take care

  4. Thank you Denyse for hosting this year. I enjoyed seeing all your photos. The boardwalk looks great. Your baking looks yummy, too. I hope to join you next week before the holidays. Have a wonderful week!

    • Thank you too Natalie. It’s almost unreal posting that next week the link up stops for 2021 and comes back two weeks after that.

      It’s been great that you have continued to link up too and for that continued connections I am very grateful.

      See you next week!

      Take care,


  5. As usual I l love your photos Denyse. We are so far from the beach, so rarely get to visit. I know I can get my beach fix through your photos. Eight Covid tests! I haven’t had one yet. Will probably get my first when I go to Queensland. Have a lovely day with your Dad

    • I am happy to share my beach pics with you Jennifer. I used to do them especially for a friend made through art who lived in the west of NSW and died 2 years ago. She used to love me sharing some surf and sand videos.

      I have that many tests…husband, none. He has not had any symptoms nor reason to have one as I did with hospitalisations etc.

      I sure hope Qld is happening for you!!

      Had a good visit with Dad but noticing his frailty more.

      Your connection here on the blog with me and others is treasured.

      Take care,


  6. Sharing your snaps = sharing your world….plus your thoughts and feelings. And we are so lucky that you do so Denyse because we are then able to see ‘who you are’.
    I’m not sure which I enjoy more ‘sky gazing’ or ‘sea gazing’ both are great healers….we are a fair drive from the sea so ‘sky gazing’ is my go to when I need a calming influence on my thoughts.
    As many have commented here – thank you for hosting your weekly link, it’s a great way to start the week, reading about and seeing what you and others have been up to.
    Take care

    • Ah yes, Cathy, if there is no sea, the sky is an instantaneous ‘grounding’ and ‘connecting’ to what is bigger than me or my issues! Use it a lot too.

      I am always glad to share stories and images as it keeps us all connected.

      We may not always be able to connect in real life but blogging gives us some insights into the lives of others as much as they are prepared to share. It really is a special medium and platform.

      Your connection here on the blog with me and others is treasured.

      Take care,


  7. I love your nature shots Denyse – beautiful! Also enjoy your selfies with hubby. Your choir video made me cry – it’s just so beautiful to see lovely people connecting despite adversity lifting each other and others up. I know I’m unwell and emotional at the moment but it really got me in my feels today. Thank you for your wonderful link up and thank you for being the beautiful kind and generous you that you are. I hope you and your hubby and family have a wonderful Christmas and I hope that 2022 is a happy, healthy and positive year for us all! xoxo

    • Oh Min, that is both sweet and kind.

      Nice to know, even though you are enduring tough times yourself, you can appreciate all that those in the choir have experienced and do. I still don’t know many of them but I did see some of the professionals who care for us and that is so caring too.

      I sure do hope that with the arrival of Christmas and perhaps a gentle settling for you, then you may find ways to help heal you too.

      Your connection here on the blog with me and others is treasured.

      Take care,


  8. That video was super special Denyse, what a great idea to spread the love – congrats to all involved. Your photos of nature are always welcome as your beach scenes are calming to look at. Hope your day goes well! Thanks again for having us over each week, it’s a really lovely community of bloggers and I love joining in.

    • Thanks so much Debbie. I wasn’t sure how it would all come together and seeing it on the big screen today really showed me the depth and variety. I only knew a few participants but it was so good to see families and health professionals joining in too.

      My day went well. I am tired now as I often put a bit of emotional energy into a visit to dad, and whilst he is OK, I could see some slight change in him.

      It was great to catch up with my brother and sil beforehand too. Hadn’t seen them for well over 2 years.

      Glad you had a fun birthday weekend.

      Your connection here on the blog with me and others is treasured.

      Take care,


  9. Loved all your photos Denyse and the couple selfie. You’re doing well to conquer the intricacies of Zoom – I haven’t used it for months and will have to get my head around it again. I hope you manage to have a #WOTY arrive in time for January – I’m picking a fun one this time – my soul searching days are behind me!

    • Thanks so much Leanne, I think B is getting better at looking half interested in capturing the selfie too…LOL.

      It is about practice with technology and it had been a while for me. Firstly I had to re-add it to my computer, and then do the settings! I was keen to add my own background and glad my beach scene worked.

      My word of the year is likely to be more than one! Ha.

      Your connection here on the blog with me and others is treasured.

      Take care,


  10. I liked all the snaps you shared.

  11. Loving the nature shots! My Brene Brown preorder arrived last week. I have so many books to read and just not enough time. Kristen Neff’s fierce self-compassion arrived a month ago. And then there’s all the stuff I need to read for work and all the fiction and nonfiction I read. Honestly, not enough time! I hope you have a fab week ahead and I’ll aim to link up for the final LTW next week 🙂

    • Gosh, yes…books..and you hey! You are not alone Sanch. I buy far fewer books as I prefer listening to more. But if a book resonates and I want to refer to it again, I buy the physical copy.

      I admit I bought the Kindle version of Fierce Self Compassion and have only gone a little way in. And your words reminded me I have it.

      The Brene Book is for me, a lovely read, and reflect…a kind of dip in. But learning more about her life with her sister on their 3 part podcast. I have started listening to more podcasts as I ‘art’ these days.

      Thanks for the good wishes.

      Dee Why yesterday for Dad and Narrabeen on the way to see my Bro and SIL…now, of course before Christmas I am back to Westmead tomorrow to have my mouth looked at. It’s been pretty good but it’s been 7 months since my prosthodontist has been able to see me (the C word stopping it) so will be glad to have him check it. Booster done today unexpectedly and happily!

      Take care,

  12. I find that I take mostly nature photos as well. I find it very calming and nature is so pretty.

Denyse values & reads every comment written, thank you. There is always a reply.