Sunday 16th January 2022

Share Your Snaps #1. 5/51. #LifeThisWeek 12/2019.

Share Your Snaps #1. 5/51. #LifeThisWeek 12/2019.

Welcome to the fifth optional prompt for #LifeThisWeek:

Share Your Snaps

Every 5th week is is photo-centred post. Not wordless for me, however, because….just because!

Let’s meander down January’s memories:

Oh MY goodness it is great to eat real food again. This took a LOT longer to eat than before I had cancer but it was wonderful.


My 6th grandchild & 4th granddaughter at ‘her’ dressing table which was mine as a teen, then stayed at home for Mum to use till 2007 and then given to my daughter’s family. It “still” has the Sydney Uni transfer on mirror I put there in 1969. because that was where my boyfriend at the time went.


And Pennant Hills Road Sydney…I missed you (not)…on my way to M2 to get to Westmead for a January mouth check.


Blogger, Author and Appearance Activist Carly Findlay’s book is here. Launches are occurring all around Australia. I first heard and met Carly at the Inaugural Aussie Bloggers’ Conference in 2011. My copy, on pre-order, is being read by me now. An excellent memoir.


On our way to see the family for our grandson’s 18th we drove through roads and streets not seen before: with buildings and shops and houses and apartments and this: a new school! Wow we thought.


And a week later we got some pleasing news. Our daughter, teacher-librarian, has been appointed to this brand new school and her youngest has started there too now. Here is the library (only one part!).


What an amazing courtyard, and space! It’s a brand new Public School at North Kellyville. We once lived in Kellyville and the land on which the school is built was grazing and acre blocks. So much has happened development-wise since we left north-west Sydney 4 years ago.


I miss the white/ pale pink frangipanis we had at the previous rental house but am definitely attracted to the colourful ones these days so when I saw these on a drive through The Entrance I HAD to stop and capture their beauty.


This map of Australia caught my attention and that of many when it was re-published by me on Australia Day. Each coloured section represents a country for the original custodians of the land. The Aboriginal people we lived with and taught helped us to learn far more than we might have any other way.


Toothless again. It was temporary and of course, on a break from the prosthodontist chair I took a selfie. Just goes to show how much upper teeth make my smile.


An unusual spot for me on this trip to Sydney for our grandson’s 18th Birthday lunch. I am in the passenger seat and got to film crossing the Hawkesbury River bridge. It is a marker of sorts for me of leaving the coast and heading to the big smoke.


Dad: I came to share some food goodies and meals for his freezer just a few days after his 95th birthday. He is on his balcony pointing to the BIG complex that Dee Why RSL is building on the border of the Independent Retirement Complex where he has lived contentedly for almost 8 years.


After buying Dad’s house in 2011 we knew the architect owners would eventually renovate it. It still has come to a shock to all of the family how different it looks already. That is progress of course. Dad is not keen on seeing the updates.


Early January I had an unexpected visit to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse (image of the late Prof here) to have some extra skin growth check by my Professor. It is all OK but that day was a wake-up to reality for me. Anytime something “is” different it will be checked to see if it is “cancer”.

Today, Monday 4 February 2019, is World Cancer Day.

Catch up on more here. 

I hope that if  you or anyone you know  does have a cancer diagnosis you would be aware of the many more successful treatments and prognoses these days. It does, of course, depend on the type and stage of cancer when diagnosed. It doesn’t detract from the seriousness of course but to someone who has been through my recent cancer experiences I have found out more than I ever thought possible about a cancer diagnosis.

Best wishes to you all this coming month.



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  1. Wow – full circle on your daughter and granddaughter at the new school where you used to live. And a busy (tho slightly scary but thankfully not) January….

    • Yes it is. I seriously think neither of our offspring will ever move from the area in which they lived through childhood but “never say never”.

      Denyse x

  2. Looks like you had a good January. Congrats to your daughter’s appointment!

    • Thanks Natalie. The school WILL be air-conditioned soon but right now the heatwave of temps being over the old ‘century’ at more than 37 deg make for hard learning days for kids and teaching days for teachers. But they are loving where they are so that is great.

      Denyse x

  3. What a busy January and I love how life goes full circle with both experiences and things – your dressing table and your daughter’s new appointment!

    • I know! Thought January might be quieter but you cannot always count on it. I did have two appointments related to cancer one of which was scheduled, the other my Prof wanted to examine me. Sigh. That cancer thing hey!

      Yes, I love that the dressing table is going well. My eldest GD says it will be getting a new coat of paint. I do think that workmanship and materials used back in the 1960s were of higher quality.

      I am hopeful of visiting my daughter’s school sometime in the term as it is a mind-blowing design.

      Denyse x

  4. I always enjoy your catch up posts and snaps Denyse, you manage to fit so much into your time and share so much wisdom along the way. I feel an extra connection to World Cancer Day today given my sister’s recent surgery and impending treatment. Thanks for all you do 🙂 I’ve linked up with a response to a photo challenge with lots of ‘snaps’.

    • Thank you Debbie. I am thankful I can do what I need and want to do in the post-retirement and ‘living with cancer time.

      I read your sister’s post yesterday and had a lengthy comment but wordpress and me, we don’t play nice.

      My words were, essentially, that “cancer is in us” as I had to realise long time after my first surgery. It sits there maybe causing us no bother, but it is not like any other surgery or condition as it has that “uncertainty factor”. For a while there I considered I got off lightly and then I have come back down to earth when a recent trip (an unscheduled one but one my Prof insisted on) was because HE was seeing if it was cancer. I “had” not given it a thought. Reality check for moi!

      Do pass on my very best wishes to your sister.

      Denyse x

  5. How lovely that your granddaughter is using your dressing table. Love the frangipanis such a beautiful colour and so fragrant I’m sure. Having lived in Baulkham Hills for a time many years ago I remember Pennant Hills Road very well. Have a great week, Denyse, and that roast sure looks good.

    • Oh Sue, that meal took SOOOO long to eat but it was great.

      As a ‘former fast’ eater it is good for my digestion I am sure to take things slowly. Oh. So. Slowly.

      Pennant Hills Road is bad most times but if I am leaving Sydney to come back up the coast, I check Live Traffic & if there is a delay or breakdown, I skip it to come back up the M1 entrance via the back streets of Pennant Hills. Being a former Sydney sider helps!

      I too loved seeing the dressing table in use again as did my Dad.

      Denyse x

  6. I soooo don’t miss Pennant Hills Rd…and wowsers re Kellyville! Back in Sydney next week…

    • I know! All of the back roads that were 5 acre blocks and mini farms…gone. The railway has been part of it, but Jo, the high rises!! I have no idea of who will occupy them but then again, I thought who would want to live at the back of Schofields where the cows grazed. Many people and they changes some of suburbs’ names and voila!

      Denyse x

  7. So much happy news behind your snaps, Denyse! Especially happy about your daughter’s new school and that your grandchild will be attending it too!

    SSG xxx

    • Thanks SSG. Our daughter ended up taking her eldest 3 with her to the local school too ,back in the early 2000s. Mind you, she was always hoping not to have one in her class, but she did one year and it worked.

      Just as my husband and I were “her first teachers at school” so she has been with one of hers.

      The new school arrangement for her youngest means no more out of school care costs and as you know that saves a bit!

      Denyse x

  8. Lovely pics Denyse – wonderful to see your granddaughter using your dressing table (and loved the backstory of the sticker!) also congrats to your daughter on her new posting – she must be so pleased.

    • Thanks Leanne. Stories like this are why I blog more than anything. My daughter is indeed very pleased with her new appointment.

      Congratulations on your guest post for Min on her very first link up today, where I did add my post.

      Denyse x

  9. Sorry I’m a little late to the link up party! Lovely photos Denyse as well as and the stories that go behind them. What a beautiful dressing table and how nice that your granddaughter now gets to enjoy it.

    • Yay for coming here to link up. Never worry …mine is open till Wed arvo at 5 pm.

      Thanks so much for your kind words about the pics and stories.

      Denyse x

  10. I love the pretty pink flowers you captured. How cheerful!

    Di from Max The Unicorn