Friday 22nd October 2021

Selfie Time.#LifeThisWeek 32/52. 2017.99.

Selfie Time.#LifeThisWeek 32/52. 2017.99.

When I was younger I resisted being in most photographs and I used the excuse “I am the photographer”.

And I realised that by doing this I was avoiding my appearance flaws (in my head and in reality) of my size.

I read something which made me change my mind…not matter what I looked like and that was….

how will your family remember you as their mum, mother-in-law, grandmother if you are not in any of the photos?

It then clicked with me that I needed to be willing to be part of the picture!

I am glad I did because there are records of me playing, having fun and being with the kids.

But what is it about ‘selfies?’

Since the advent of the mobile phone and reversing camera inside, it is easy to take a photo of yourself and I admit I have become more interested in taking selfies as a way to measure new experiences, where we live now and…most recently, my cancer diagnosis and surgery.

So: here are but a few of my selfies.

I sometimes can talk my husband and my dad into being in a selfie and my grandson (down further) is selfie- savvy and is very tall!

Most of the  following selfies were all taken once I knew I had cancer in my gums and the ones in the latter stages are following surgery.

Do you take selfies?

Do your record your life in photographs?

Happy Monday.



Added: On Sunday 20 August I drove myself to the Beach as I wanted to see the effects of the high tides and the windy was an independent activity I handled really well. In fact I came home and said to B “that was the most normal I have felt” since before surgery. To let you see the effects of the wind..I present 2 selfies!!


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  1. I’ve been taking selfies forever. I was always the photographer but I also wanted to be in the picture. So I have fuzzy photos from film cameras of me with friends from 30 years ago. They rarely made them in to my albums though because they were so out of focus, but they exist!

    Love your wind blown hair 🙂

  2. I’m not big on taking selfies and I know that I should be in more photos with my son, so he can look back on them. Hubby doesn’t like getting his photo taken either!

    • As I said, I wasnt but I decided to become more in the picture so to speak. My husband gets annoyed with being in photos if it takes too long. Sigh.

  3. I’m not big on selfies either but do take them with my family otherwise I’d never have a record of special moments happening otherwise.

    Love your series of selfies, Denyse!

    SSG xxx

    • Thanks SSG! I am a big record keeper I guess and so it helps me ‘see how I am’ in this particular time of my life. I am glad you too are getting in the picture with the family. And I hope you are feeling a bit better today too!

  4. You have excellent selfie game Denyse! I like that you are able to rope your husband, father and grandson into selfies sometimes. It can be like pulling teeth for me to get my boyfriend involved in a photo 😉

    I’m so glad you read that phrase about being in your children’s memories instead of just recording them! It’s so important. I know when I was looking through photos, I’ve only got about three with my mother after I was 14 or so.

    • I have limited success with the husband….he hates if it takes too long. My Dad, he doesnt seem to mind but I still ask him first.As for B the grandson he is always up for it and has learned (!) that Grandma would prefer normal smiles…He is quite a character!
      How much we do need to be in the picture is exemplified by your comment about you and your Mum. A sign of the times. I have very few of me with my kids in the teen years and beyond too. They tend to get in pics with their own kids more though.

  5. I have to take selfies otherwise I’d never be in pictures! My husband is not a big photo taker.

  6. Despite being a beauty blogger I’m not a big fan of selfies. I prefer taking photos of products. I do like taking selfies with my kids however but these ones are for family purposes and memories not for publication on Instagram or on the Internet.


    • Interesting take on this. I guess you would be thinking what is the relevance to the post with me in it. Mind you, I think it would be good to see something of you too but as you say you want to keep things safe from the world on-line. I do get permission from family for anything to be published and am very cognisant of the need for on-line safety too.

  7. Great selfies Denyse! I need to get myself in more photo’s. For a long time (post babies) I have avoided being in photographs because I always think I look short and fat. I never smile showing my teeth because in my mind it makes my face scrunch up and look fat and round. I also have a gap between my two front teeth. I know that I’m being silly and need to get over myself. I do take some selfies but only because I realise that as a blogger people like to see who it is that is writing the blog. I am also using the selfie thing to help me get over my avoidance of being photographed. I only ever do the reverse camera type selfie. I’ve had no success with the mirror selfie thing – never like them. Have a wonderful week! 🙂 xo

    • How interesting ….you are already seeing that you probably do need to be more in the picture. I too am an amateur at these pics but I still do them because I want to have a record with me in it as well. I think you will start doing these more! I hope so anyway.

  8. Haha well I certainly believe that it was windy 🙂 I’ve always been more of a photographer of places and then I remember what I was doing, eating, feeling etc from that photo.

    • That is one way of remembering for sure. I am a big rememberer (that is a word, right?) but sometimes if the memory is a negative or sad one of a place or event I wish I wasn’t so good at the recall!

  9. My folks used to take quite a few pics when I was younger but once I started gaining weight in my early 20s and my weight yo-yoed around I stayed clear of photos. It means I don’t have a lot of pics from my 20s – late 40s. I only regret it now in that I don’t have many of myself with my dad but then again I’m not really one to display photos around the house etc…

    I do selfies now but mostly either head or body. Rarely both… I’m not quite that brave as yet. And yes, all I can see are the flaws. I know I can look at pics of other bigger people and think they look great, but when it’s me…. ugh!

    • Oh why oh why are we like this as humans? Unkind to ourselves but not to others. I like that your selfies are growing in confidence as are mine. I take the view, ‘today I will be looking younger than will in (x) number of days/weeks/months so take the photos now. I used to have photos everywhere in the house but as this is a rental I have only a few. One reason is that I get a bit sad/nostalgic for those days so prefer not too many reminders.
      That is a shame about pics with your dad. I think I am in very few pics with my parents too for the same reason. I was very overweight and did not want my own judgement as a reminder.

  10. Loving your selfies Denyse. I wasn’t going to write about the prompt because I hate looking at photos of myself but I learned that selfies can actually boost my self-confidence. Have a great week and thanks for the link up.

    • Exactly!! I started doing selfies about 5 years ago and I have been very overweight for much of my adult life. Now I am much less in terms of weight I look back on ‘me then’ and actually feel compassion for myself as I know it was a tough time in my life. I congratulate you on seeing the benefits of the selfie. It IS timely that it is occurring in your birthday week.
      Many happy returns for this Wednesday! Denyse xx

  11. I am terrible at selfies Denyse – I just look so awful in them for some reason (I probably need more practice!) I do agree that we need to be in more photos though – life is flashing by and the photos of me are few and far between, so I guess I need to hold that camera up and smile more! I love how yours are showing your gradual recovery and I’m looking forward to when you have your full smile back. x

    • Thanks Leanne, I sure am too. I took many selfies when I was just learning…and deleted them too. But I think it is something to be proud of to keep some record of how we are going, particularly when we seem to be critical of ourselves! Time to stop that don’t you think? It will be quite some time, well into next year it seems before I will have teeth again and a full smile!

  12. Selfies are a game changer. I take loads of me with the kids or just of me… and show nobody but us. That’s the best way for me. x

    • That is cool. I guess that it’s a way to do this without telling the world what we are up to. Such good fun looking back isn’t it? I know I had some with the little (& big) grandkids when we were caring for them and they are a treat to remember!

  13. Technology has certainly made it easier to take selfies! Although I have to remind myself to take them, not because I don’t want to be in them, but usually because I’m so busy rounding everyone up that I forget to take them!

    • So true, rounding everyone up! Oh yes. I actually ask my husband before any event ‘will you please be in this group of photos’ and with his hopeful agreement I can usually get a few with our family when they visit. Time to make sure you are part of your photo memories too!

  14. For a very long time I was one that avoided being in photo’s and would always offer to be the photo taker. Last year I decided to push myself well out of my comfort zone and join the everyday style community on instagram, and posting pics of my daily outfits in the hope of boosting my confidence and discovering my personal style. Now I have a tri pod, blue tooth remote and better quality phone camera, and quite happily post selfies. This has been a huge confidence boost and I’m more comfortable being in family photo’s.

  15. Oh good for you, Jenni! It is a matter of realising that you need the push and then doing something about it. Constantly avoiding or resisting just makes starting a new practice worse. This is such good news about you and your photos. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  16. I’m a huge fan of selfies and post one most days on Instagram. Taking these pics has really helped my self confidence and my sense of what suits me clothing wise. It also gives me the incentive to ‘get up and get dressed’ when I might rather stay in my PJs all day.
    I love your wind blown photos and I think your selfies have been such powerful story tellers for you in previous weeks xx

    • That’s great to read Jan! I always look forward to your outfit posts. Congratulations too on being part of #celebratingwomen too! Denyse x

  17. I am terrible. I hardly ever take them. Definitely need to change that. You have a lovely smiley face, but I have a resting bitch face. Always have had. My mum has professional photos of my brother and I when I was approx 18 mths or so and I was sooo sulky! My brother was all smiles. Ditto several years later when I was a flower girl at a cousin’s wedding. I suspect I ruined her wedding photos. Oops. Little Miss Sunshine, I ain’t. LOL!

    • I have an angry resting face…in fact I recall seeing me in photos before we got married and I am thinking “oh he is still going to marry me despite this!”. I also have a teacher look which is very handy. It comes with practice and I have used it at the shops. LOL.
      I think, like many say here that the more you take the selfies the more you will have fun with it. Go on..and I look forward to seeing them. Denyse x

  18. What lovely pictures of you, Denyse.. all of them, because you’re you in them. The last ones at the beach are terrific, it was indeed windy by the looks of it! I don’t take a good photo (a photographer friend officially confirmed it for me… apparently I’m the opposite of photogenic – lol), but if I persist and take a few shots, I can get one I’m happy with!! I’m much better now than I used to be with photos, I don’t run a mile to avoid them anymore. The older I get the more I get comfortable with just being me.

    • Oh Linda, my reaction when I read that about a photographer’s comment to you was “how Unprofessional!” We are human. We all have different and interesting faces and bodies to show the world. I am glad you have worked past that ‘label’ and you are now OK to be in photos. We NEED to make sure memories are kept for future generations! Denyse x

  19. Michelle (inthegoodbooksblog) says:

    I’m hardly ever in any photos at all. We had a bbq over the weekend with my husband’s side and the weekend before that, er had my side of the family over for lunch (both to celebrate two of my daughter’s birthdays), and whilst I took a few photos, I am not in any of them. It’s actually quite sad when I think about it.. I’ll definitely have to try and get more photos with my family..

    • Michelle, it IS not going to happen unless you make it happen as I found out. Once I had decided to get into the picture again, I would ensure that at family gatherings and the like there’d be someone else who could also take pics who would do that for me too. I do hope you start to become part of the proceedings and memories too! Denyse x

  20. We only got telstra back up today after a weekend of radio silence so missed this one (which as I’m not a selfie taker, is probably a good thing). See you next week

    • Not good about ‘no telstra’ and it seems you are not alone. They are the major player in communication in our country and do not seem to be able keep the infrastructure working! Glad you are back too!

  21. I definitely have to get in the photos more than I do and have been. Most important! There are bugger all photos of me and the kids doing stuff together.

    • When you are the family photographer it is almost assumed you are not going to be in the picture so it is up to you to clue someone up who can also take a half decent pic…or use the reversing camera on your phone and get started! No more ‘where is Mum’ from the kids!! Denyse x

  22. I try to take a decent selfie but nearly always fail! Generally I get one of the older girls to hold the phone!