Tuesday 24th May 2022

Self Care Stories #6. #WomenofCourage 1/2. 42/51 #LifeThisWeek. 122/2021.

Self Care Stories #6. #WomenofCourage 1/2. 42/51 #LifeThisWeek. 122/2021.

In this week’s self care stories the words are not about me.

All the stories from the Women of Courage series are here.

They are about these women noted here and what they shared as Women of Courage back in 2019 for what became known as Series 1.

Further on are some of the women from 2020, which became Series 2.  In the final post where I will wrap the remainder of the women’s stories from 2020 and then those who were part of Series 3 which ended in September 2021.


How did Women of Courage start?

I am  introducing the series with  examples from (my!) life. That post will go live on Wednesday 15 May 2019.

After that, at certain intervals,  other “women of courage”, will be having their stories shared via a post here.

It is a goal of mine as a blogger to connect us all and to share our stories.

Thank you for your interest as a reader and commenter here.

I look forward to this series as the year proceeds and we all get to read about some different and wonderful:

                                 Women of Courage

And then what happened?

I am excited, interested and curious about these stories from real life…and women of courage!

I hope you are too.

If you would like to share your story of being a woman of courage* please let me know in the comments and I will email you. That would be great!

*there are no men included as I  think we women do not talk or not write about our stories enough which is why I have called the series: Women of Courage.

This woman here, Jane Caro AM, author, mother, and more, is a friend and I was delighted to hear her speak about the book Accidental Feminists which struck a chord for me, given my age and stage in life. I then put a post out about me, and already asked some people from the world of blogging to share their stories, and away it went.

Thank you to women of courage:

It had its challenges getting answers of Yes/No?Can I Get Back To You?/I Am Not Courageous…but I accepted all whose answers arrived.

Then if there had been an agreement to add their story, I sent off the same five questions to all.


Questions from Denyse:

  • What have you faced in your life where you have had to be courageous?
  • How did this change you in any way? Please outline further if this has been the case.
  • Is there something you learned from this that you could recommend to help others who need courage?
  • Do you think you are able to be more courageous now if the life situation calls for it?
  • Why is that?Is there any message you would give to others facing a situation where courage could be needed?

And then waited for responses. Some came fast, others came slowly but in the end 74 women shared! Not all used their real names and that of course was fine.

2019: Series One.

2020: Part of Series Two.


I pay particular tribute to dear friend and artist, Tracey Fletcher King who recently died.

Tracey had been an amazing and inclusive art teacher and I ‘met’ her virtually when I did classes with her in 2015. I knew then she had cancer but was free of it for some time.

Sadly, then around 2016 into 2017, hers became a nasty one, and she required on-going chemo which came at a price. Her last art exhibition was a monumental occasion and struggle but she achieved her goal to hold it. She supported me from day one of my cancer diagnosis and was a generous friend to me and many.

She was determined she share her story while she could, and because I am highlighting her here, this is the direct link. Vale Tracey. This is classic Tracey art…blue and white, and fruit. From her website.


Now on the right hand side of my blog’s home page, here is the roll for Women of Courage 1-37.

    1. 1. Sam Colden
    2. 2. Megan Blandford
    3. 3. Katherine
    4. 4. Debbie Harris
    5. 5. Kirsty Russell
    6. 6. Annette
    7. 7. Dorothy
    8. 8. Leanne
    9. 9. Min
    10. 10. Tegan Churchill
    11. 11. Kirsten
    12. 12. Megan Daley
    13. 13. Alicia
    14. 14. Veronica
    15. 15. Deborah
    16. 16. Sarah
    17. 17. Lydia C. Lee
    18. 18. Margaret Jolly
    19. 19. Jan Wild
    20. 20. Tracey Fletcher King
    21. 21. Deb Morton
    22. 22. Joanne
    23. 23. Lisa Greissl
    24. 24. Grace Titioka
    25. 25. Anonymous
    26. 26. Maureen Jansen
    27. 27. Sandra Kelly
    28. 28. Beth Macdonald
    29. 29. Lorna Gordon
    30. 30. Jayde
    31. 31.Cathy
    32. 32. Sue Loncaric
    33. 33. Sanch
    34. 34. Rebecca Bowyer
    35. 35. Jennifer Jones
    36. 36. Anonymous
    37. 37. Kathy

If your story is here, why not go back to the page here  and have a read to check out what you shared then.

Warm wishes to all,


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  1. That’s an amazing amount of work Denyse and a fabulous concept. So sorry to hear of your friend’s demise due to cancer. I will pop back to read more later. X

    • Thank you Jody for your kind words…and yes, it is always a sad time when someone far too young dies..and I know that this is something you know only too well.

      Sending my love as always,


  2. Denyse, I’m sorry to hear about Tracey’s passing. I read her WoC interview and noticed how she decided to reduce time on social media for more important things. Her art is beautiful, and your tribute to her is beautiful too. Thank you for hosting and sharing this recap of WoC Series 1.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words and those about Tracey too, Natalie.

      I thought it was an honour to have people going through incredibly tough times personally make the time to share as they did.

      Her words live on. That is the way with technology of course.


  3. You’ve done so many! What a fabulous collection. It’s amazing to see them all together like that.
    I’m sorry for your loss. It’s such a horrible thing.

    • Yes it was a big thrill when I did the count up, and nothing like the visual here to see how many.

      I had quite a few who just could not get their stories back to me, and that was a bit disappointing but I always took the view that they weren’t able to make that a priority.

      I think someone like Tracey leaves a legacy for us all with her story.


  4. A wonderful series Denyse and well done for introducing these courageous women. This type of project is time consuming but you stuck to it and have probably enough for a book! (Just a thought) I’m sorry for your loss of your friend Tracey. Take care and thanks for another #lifethisweek. I’m talking about how self care also means re-evaluating friendships and bringing more colour into your life. Have a great week. xx

    • Thanks Sue, for your kind words…

      and no to doing a book!

      I have had many women who decided not to share and that for me was a little bit disappointing and I probably spent more time, in these latter months as I tried to wrap the whole series, doing “chase up” emails.

      Self care is helping me greatly since I reduced my blogging time and I am already feeling the benefits so it’s been a good time to choose to post once a week with the link up.

      Thanks for your care and support always


  5. As Sue mentioned, you really should (if each participant agrees) make this series of interviews available to a wider audience by putting it into print. It’s been quite an undertaking – to encourage and ‘allow’ 74 women to open up in this way is quite an achievement. Thank you!
    I admit to only reading one or two of the stories so will bookmark the series page and return now and again to delve into their lives.
    Take care

    • Thanks Cathy and whilst I see the benefit there may be in having a wider audience for these, nothing is going to come of it because I am no longer willing to continue “working hard”….if you know what I mean. So, no to a book idea..or going further with its promotion.

      In the end, it was time for me not only to stop the series (it became a challenge getting responses and emails needed sending over and over) but to also now as I am, blog once a week.

      I think the page itself holds interest and I like your idea to pop in and out to check out stories.


  6. What a wonderful recap Denyse and I am so proud to be there! I have linked to your post with me as the subject, in my sidebar on my blog and am pleased to have been involved. Thank you for all your work in collating the series and for giving these women a voice, enabling them to share their story. So pleased you have done this!

    • Thanks Debbie. I look at the image from that time of your post and I still had glasses!! LOL.

      You’ve been a tremendous example of a woman of courage and I hope from time to time, other women who have shared will pop back and re-read what they wrote.

      To this end, I have tagged those who are part of today’s post via facebook.

      Lovely to see you with 2/4 grandkids too!


  7. This has been a wonderful series Denyse and I’m so proud to be listed as a Woman of Courage. I’m very sorry to hear that Tracey passed away. You have put an incredible amount of work into this series. I had the same thought as Sue that WOC would make an amazing book.Sorry not to be able to link up today. We’ve had no phone or internet for the past five days so I haven’t been able to oublish a post this week. Hoping to be back next week.

    • Gosh, no internet, that’s not fun. I am not going any further with the series. I admit it was hard enough at times remaining in contact with potential women of courage…but I see the merit in yours and others thoughts.

      I am glad to have finished the series and it was an honour to give the space for stories to be shared.

      Never apologise for not linking up…because I am grateful you came and commented.


  8. Tracey’s words left a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. And I didn’t even know her. I can only imagine the sense of loss felt by those who knew and loved your friend. Thank you for (re)introducing us to her and her lovely art. This series is such an important tribute to the strength of so many everyday yet extraordinary women.

    • Thanks so much Leslie, that is a beautiful sentiment and yes, when someone’s life is gone we do need to honour that person. Tracey was a great supporter of me as a newbie artist and even though, as in all things social media, we never met, we cared for and about each other too.

      It would have been awesome to have more women, including you share their stories but for many “time” became an issue as did a readiness to have something written. I “blamed” lockdown for this!

      However, I knew it was time for me to also pull back my commitments in terms of blogging, so I was content by the last story to say “that is it”.

      I was very proud to have people share their hearts and minds for this series.

      Thank you,


  9. Interesting to see so many inspiring women who’ve shared their stories over time Denyse. I went back and had a read of mine – and it’s interesting to see that I’m more settled and less concerned about financial stability than I was over the years leading up to my retirement. I think when life deals you an unexpected hurdle, it can change your perspective – I’ve become a lot more grateful for what I have and so aware of how fortunate we are to be in the position we’re in – where I can be at home and the wolf’s not knocking on the door!

    • I wondered how some people, like you, Leanne, who shared their stories back in 2019 would find reading them and your take is of great interest.

      It’s testament to personal growth and listening to your heart…and as I am saying a LOT lately, “allowing time to pass”.

      Glad you shared your story then, and your reaction now to it.

      Thank you,


  10. What a huge series. They’ve all been great to read.

    • Thank you so much for reading them, Vanessa.

      Yes I never had any idea how many people would agree to share when I first proposed the idea and series, so the number is excellent.


  11. So sorry to hear about Tracey, Denyse. Cancer is such a cruel beast but she’s left her legacy in her art and her story in Women of Courage. I’m both proud and honoured to be part of a series that champions women and allows them to share their stories. Thanks for letting me be part of it x

    • Thanks Sam, I am pretty sure Tracey’s death was at a similar time of the year as was your dear Mum’s.

      Like others who share this immense loss, the news was not made public for some time.

      I do admit I kind of anticipated the news this year but it’s always a shock even then. As you well know.

      It was a great way to showcase women’s stories and I thank you for being #1.


  12. What a wonderful series, thanks for the recap. I am so sorry to hear about Tracey.

  13. What a fabulous collection of posts that are all so moving. I am sorry to read of Tracy’s passing.