Monday 23rd May 2022

Self Care Stories #5. 36/51 #LifeThisWeek. 109/2021.

Self Care Stories #5. 36/51 #LifeThisWeek. 109/2021.


I think I will sub-title this with:

  • More of the Ways In Which I Spend Lockdown.
  • And Try Not To Be Too Covid-Cranky. It IS a Thing!
  • That’s Because….We ARE in many ways over it but Delta Strain of Covid has not yet finished…and so:
  • I will be continuing to find ways to Cut Parts of My Hair….Husband can help a little but right now, resisting…


Celebrating 3 years of having my upper prosthesis fitted…it sure does make eating AND smiling AND talking so much easier. Very grateful for that.

But before I do, I have made a small change to my commenting policy on those who link up their posts  for Mondays.

I am someone who wants to diligently comment on her blog. I do, as much as I can, comment on the day in which bloggers comment on my Life This Week posts.

Then I would aim to read and comment on every linked up post on Wednesday evenings once the link up closed.

Now, in the interests of self care, I have given up that rigid practice and now choose to take more time and do it sometime over the next 24 hours or so. Releasing internal pressure! Try it.

And next  week, it’s the link up’s 5th Birthday! Hip Hip Hooray for you all who make it a pretty regular habit of linking up!!

It will be a special Taking Stock from me.

Started Life This Week Link Up. Sept 2016.

Getting Outside Every Day. Somewhere, even if it’s the backyard. If I don’t see and experience some green of nature and some of its colours and shapes I feel deprived and sad. So the fact that I can, legally in Covid times, still drive somewhere to do this is a MUST. I do love it and am so much better in mood for sure.

And I am arting and crafting my way through emotional self care…because this IS always my go-to and makes a difference. Sending the bookmarks to friends (on-line and in real life) has been a personal project I have enjoyed so much. And it’s still happening. Nothing like connecting.

Then there is my responsibility for self care that’s an every day must or I soon feel not great and my poor husband has to put up with my ….whingeing.

Physical care.…and all that means these days.

  • I am going well with my keeping active in walking most days.
  • I have reduced my goals on the apple watch as lockdown brought fewer places where I could walk.
  • I am eating well for my age and mouth restrictions.
  • I have almost given away the notion of the food intake concerns and being obsessed by any kind of difference in my appearance.

I say almost because life-time habits take a long time to diminish.

  • I accept that my mouth and its insides limit my food intake and quantity and I am much better at ‘eye balling’ something and know I can eat it safely.
  • It doesn’t mean I don’t get ‘hungry’ looking at some people’s food posts!

My head and neck cancer seems to be gone and I have a tele health appointment tomorrow.

I have had my dentist and my GP check my mouth out, and have sent images to my team at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Fingers crossed they too agree.

The rectal prolapse surgery was the best thing I could have done for my health last year. What a difference it has made to  my life and confidence. Highly recommend it.

Mind you, I mentioned a couple of things to my GP recently and he said..but didn’t quite get the word “ageing” out….for a couple of things but if they worsen do come back

This is the most vital relationship of all, after caring for my health, and that is of my long time husband and best friend.

This is the man I share most of my day with but little of my night. Why is that?

We found many years ago we are both far better at sleeping if we maintain separate rooms and bed.

We have completely different tastes in TV…another reason…and Netflix offers more for him than I…

but in recent times we now have a 30 minute chat and wind down each evening in the bigger bed (mine) and play word games on our I pads and chat.

It’s become a time we both treasure.

Laughing together is a fave!

There it is, my accountability for self care written and shared.

How is your self care these days?

What’s the easiest part for you?

What about the hardest part?

Tell us in the comments.

Warmest wishes to all,


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  1. Absolutely be kind to yourself. I schedule just a couple of times a week to check in on links, commenters and the blogs I follow regularly otherwise I’d never get anything done. Self-care is such a big thing at the moment & I’m desperately worried about my parents & so want to be able to help, but can’t. Mum used to paint and draw but hasn’t done that for years – I wish she still did.

    • Oh gosh Jo, that sounds hard when you are worried about your parents. I hope that you can get some kind of reassurance over time that they are OK. My brother sees my Dad once a week or so and is at least nearby which helps me.

      If we are not self caring…we know how it ends.

      I do for sure from the wrong ways in which I looked out for everyone else but not me. Sad to say.

      I am more inclined these days to “walk the walk and talk the talk”.

      Good planning to set aside times for your on-line commenting too. I am better at this now.

      Many thanks for kind words and I do hope you can feel more at ease …worry is such a draining thing…about your parents.


  2. Thanks for sharing more of what you do for self-care especially during these times, Denyse. Covid-cranky made me laugh. I love that you’ve released the pressure on yourself. Reminds me of a friend telling me just last night that maybe my weekend to-do lists can be more of areas to focus on rather than needing to get them done after I barely got anything done this weekend and was wracked with guilt. The lockdown certainly is dragging on. I am ok for the most part but keen to start having things to look forward to again that aren’t so Groundhog Day. I hope you’re well and I cannot believe next week will be 5 years of this. Oh, and yay for the cancer being gone! That’s wonderful news!

    • Yes it is Sanch and I notice that you are doing all you can to look out for you too. However, it is not easy and the groundhog day part is one I get.

      Today I shook things up a bit and drove to the Entrance for my walk today. B & I have kept close to home and only go to two supermarkets that are stand-alones rather than in a centre. I did enjoy the change of scene and that there have been some physical improvements to the part of the Entrance channel to make a user-friendly beach-type space.

      I was definitely in the right place in terms of age. Most of us were ‘older’ and there were some who were obviously caring for grandkids too.

      It’s a tough gig not being physically connected with family for us but we saw them little’s more about having the choice. I am going to be getting down to see Dad as soon as I can as I have meals for him…and he loves them.

      Do take care, and setting yourself up for guilt is …..not healthy! Lecture over.

      Sending love

  3. Hi Denyse, Self-care is always important and more so during a lockdown. You’re doing very well taking care of yourself. So amazing that you’ve been hosting Life This Week link-up for close to five years. I’m glad you allow yourself to be flexible with when you reply to comments. I set aside time for self-care and it’s easy once I’ve established the good habit. As you know, my health scare when I was a kid has been one of my motivators. My strength training 3x/ week is challenging in terms of the combination of exercises. I always feel good and proud of myself when I finish a strength training session though. Have a great week!

    • Thank you kindly Natalie.

      It was a good reminder from you to me about what you did go through as a child and why you are so intent on keeping in good health and doing what you do. A great example of self-care!

      I am very proud of this community that has ebbed and flowed, grown, then taken a back step and now, for the most part I have around 10-15 people who choose to come along and share a blog post and I love that.

      Thank you for being one of those bloggers!


  4. For some reason I read that as ‘Getting an orchid each day’ and was perplexed by the lack of photos of orchids but very happy for you anyway! Ha! But yes, getting outside is a BIG deal psychologically.The coffee shop at the end of the street hotspotted and I had a panic as I checked when I last got beans. Thankfully a not a match so I am still free for my walks…phew.
    It;s funny what small routines we are building in for self care. Looking forward to the 5th birthday bash!

    • Love that…It is funny when we quickly catch a word and then, what…??

      So good to know you have found out you are safe. Where you live it’s so dense in terms of population numbers…not the intellect.

      In fact its one reason I am not coming to Camperdown tomorrow for my 12 month cancer check as the rules are very rigid for entry and I don’t want to be in a “new for me” environment.

      Our GP surgery had to close suddenly on Friday when B was already in the surgery…a covid postive patient had been in earlier that week. We kept an eye on updates and nothing…and then the surgery posted today all OK. That is as close as we got (fingers crossed)…

      Thanks for 5th birthday have been with me even before it started ..because I took Mondays when Kirsty retired I Confess. So many link ups back in the day!!


  5. Congrats on 5 years of your linkup Denyse, you are a superstar! It’s part of my weekly routine to share a post, sometimes I write to the prompt other times I share a post that sort of fits the bill. Reading and commenting on blogs does take time and energy so it has to be done when it suits you. I’m pretty fluid and when I have time I check a few posts, reply to comments, write…
    I did enjoy reading through your self-care practises here, especially as we’re well into lockdown now. I can well relate to Covid Cranky and I have a few friends I’m really concerned about as their frame of mind isn’t too good. I’m trying to keep an eye on them. Thanks again for having us.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Debbie, and I love the community here very much and you are indeed an integral part!

      I am getting better at ‘not finishing all the work first’ before play.

      Such an ingrained practice and now I have great freedom from all my cancer checks and treatments it’s good to have play added to my day.

      I need to make it happen. I have to shake it up a bit as I get bored. Husband is a great believer in routines and I am “learning” to be better at that but I like my spontaneity and at times and it fuels my creative soul.

      I’ve been driving to the coast to a couple of local beaches to walk and today, I went a bit further down the coast to The Entrance. Felt no qualms really because I wasn’t going inside anywhere and would be outside so I took the small risk and did it. Refreshed me no end!

      I take myself away from twitter and FB when I get too annoyed about the different political opinions about covid and I am better for it.

      You are a good friend and that sounds like a plan for do that for friends. I read it’s RU OK? week too. There are plusses and minuses in the campaign and as bloggers back in 2013 we were all part of the campaign. Of course, it’s a question to ask of anyone we are concerned about, any time.

      Take care


  6. You’re so good with your self care Denyse. During Covid this means when we’re all struggling, it’s more important than ever. I agree with you that getting outside each day is important. That’s the easy part for me. I’ve been trying to meditate a little in the hope of sleeping but I’m finding it really difficult.

    • Jennifer, thank you but my self care has been hard won.

      Back in 2014 onwards I was struggling big time emotionally and had no real idea why nor how to express it. I was just tired, teary and cranky a lot. Now, I know it was about life’s transitions and I had to go through it and get help (most of which was good) and then plan for myself “how to work in things I like to do, must do and could do”…

      Facing up to that happened, thank goodness around the time of my cancer diagnosis in May 2017.

      You’ve read about what I did and how etc and I understand the not sleeping thing too.

      It’s something that has become an issue a bit for me lately too. Not conscious of what it might be from but I am no longer worrying about it. I put a sleep story or an audible book on (I am better with narration than music) and eventually I get some sleep. I stop looking at the clock too.

      Hope you are OK. Always happy to share more about meditation if it would help.


  7. As you know I’m not an outdoors person at all. I can appreciate nature but don’t necessarily want to be out in it, but know you (and most) get a lot of nourishment from making sure you’re outdoors daily.

    I actually had a day yesterday when I didn’t sit at my desk all day or go on my computer and it was quite weird. But good-weird.

    • I get that. I admit I don’t like walking in the bush or on a bush track…lizards, snakes etc but if I can see all the surfaces like an open beach or park then I am good.

      I tend too, to look out for magpies right now because “mating season”…

      Now where was I?

      There is something better for our well-being in green of nature. So many people attest to this. Good for our eyes and our spirit I believe. It is calming for me to walk in say a pretty garden setting but I know you are not a visual person so it would not be for you

      I get some well-being close to the sea, especially on a windy and stormy day.

      Sounds like a good day was had. Weird/good for you helps as something different to what is usual can refresh. I even try sitting somewhere different occasionally.

      Take care Deb.


  8. Hi Denyse – great to see you taking care of yourself and sharing how it’s all going. Blogging is such a joy, but it can also become a burden if we let it run too much of our lives and time. I think pacing your commenting is a great idea (as opposed to me turning mine off completely and losing all those who can’t be bothered clicking over to FB to comment!) I’m loving life atm (we’re not in lockdown) I think it’s the Spring weather that’s just starting to pop up here and there – nothing like blue skies and sunshine to make my day a happy one.

    • Thanks Leanne for this lovely comment and the word about an overly keen (not keen really!) blog linker. I have in the past been conciliatory but not today!!

      Pacing myself is part of realising there is no longer a day where I “have to do/be” anywhere. This is something to do with not being able to do much at all in lockdown (week 11 now) and I cannot travel anywhere for social reasons.

      I am enjoying experimenting with a number of different art type projects on the go and taking my time to explore these is both fun and a great way to learn.

      Spring sure has sprung here too. We’d like a bit of rain thanks, but blue skies and green grasses along with many colours of spring flowers is giving me a great boost to my mood.

      Take care,


  9. I love this – you have covered all your bases. You’ve been arting your way through lockdown and I’ve been baking my way through mine! I also need my daily dose of fresh air and walking and I count my blessings that I have so many scenic spots in my 5k, even if I do have to walk quite a way to enjoy them! I’m also trying a daily exercise workout at home which I am enjoying – it’s so important to make time to be healthy! Congrats on the link up being almost 5 – that’s a testament to all your hard work and commitment. Thank you for being the hostess wth the mostest x

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Sammie.

      Yes lockdown does force us to make changes for our inner and outer health for sure.

      I miss sitting for a coffee but I can now do this at home (and its cheaper) but I can walk on or near beaches so I am lucky to live close to water as you are too.

      Having a variety of things to turn to is making me deal with lockdown better. So, a range of art things, and some new ones to try and getting outside are the top ones.

      It’s a joy to host a link up as friendly as this little community one is. Thank you very much for being there from the start!

      Take care,