Thursday 20th January 2022

Self-Care: Share Your Story #5. 34/51 #LifeThisWeek. 89/2019.

Self-Care: Share Your Story #5. 34/51 #LifeThisWeek. 89/2019.

The past few weeks have been less about self-care and more about caring what others think and say.

I “know” that is not the ideal way to live my life going forward but in some ways I think it’s connected with a major life-experience which was about to occur at this time of year in 2002. I wrote about it here. I get to this time of year and ask myself ‘what’s wrong?’ when I have nothing much happening to make me feel a little less confident and emotional. Then I look at the date. So, knowing this helps and it reminds me to accept that I still have sad feelings about how I had to walk away from my principal’s role but that I also got on with my life as best as I could once the first 12 months of being treated for the effects had helped.

I have written about this in a series of posts last September if you would like to read them.

September Stories 1. September Stories 2. September Stories 3. September Stories 4.

I also used my story for my Women of Courage post, here.

Self-Care and What It Looks Like Now For Me.

Appreciation For The Support & Love. Moving On.


Doing this more. Getting Outside.


If I do not care for my mouth and prosthesis properly then I am not self-caring for my physical health. My daily routine.


This was something different. Very small pizza, takeaway. Two meals! Worth it? Not really but I gave it go.


Using some of my me-time for creating and liking the results.


My daily coffee, treat and using my mini art journal. Getting out whether I feel like it or not IS the best self-care I have.


Letting others know of my appreciation for them. Self-care is shared.


This was important to me from a self-care and love viewpoint. Top images this year, bottom ones a year ago. I was so pleased, despite some weight gain (with teeth!) I could still wear the clothes.

So I found some examples in the end. Thank goodness. I haven’t really lost the ability to self-care, it’s just a blip in the progress I am making and I am honest enough to share the reasons as I see why.

How is your self-care going?

What’s your best tip for when you are least feeling like being self-caring?



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  1. There is something about getting out of the house – even if it’s just to return library books, that makes a huge difference to your mindset. I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks – see you on my return!

    • Yes there is. A day at home is not a good day for me unless I am sick. Happy travels. Look forward to
      your photos!

      Denyse x

  2. Get up, get out, and be close to nature are some good self-care strategies. Blogging helps, too as you know we support you. Have a great week, Denyse!

    • Yes so much support via blogging. When I was first transitioning to the new life of retired and moving from what I knew I “made” myself blog each and every day as it gave me purpose.

      So good, remembering nature as a place of peace, reflection and seeing something new.

      Thank you.

      Denyse x

  3. You have some great strategies – and sometimes they’re needed more than other times. I’ve been ill most of last week and missed my walk on a few occasions. While it made a difference to how my day felt, I needed to take it easy and listen to my body.

    • Thank you Jo. Yes, each and every day, no matter what, I am up (and out) despite the mood. Most times the mood is better because I have interacted with other people as well.

      Sorry you have been unwell. You’ve packed a lot into recent months, so maybe a rest helped. Funny how the body will tell us stuff our minds won’t/don’t listen.

      Denyse x

  4. I love that you take yourself out for coffee as one of my worst habits is not going out. I try to make sure I go out every few days, but it means I spend far too much time alone at home.


    • Ah Deb, the magic in my formula comes from the fact that for a lot of 2016 and into 2017 I was so stricken with anxiety, IBS AND anxiety about travel that I went nowhere much at all.

      I have always wanted to be out and about and those times were horrible for me. I felt trapped by a head that was telling me more lies than I have ever heard. So….cancer struck. As you well know.

      I felt so much better having recovered from that first operation that I did not want to stay at home anymore. Losing all the weight (some is back but not as much as I feared!) meant new clothes and gradually over time, the photos every day became part of my routine.

      Being out means I ‘get dressed properly’ and I literally drive somewhere and I enjoy coffee (no longer eat as it’s too expensive and hard to manage unless it’s my tiny biscuits) chat with some people, and use my art/journal I keep in my bag. Sometimes I have a purpose to where I go, other times, it is to give my day purpose. It works. Two years coming up in late October.

      Take care my friend. I think of you often.
      Denyse x

  5. It’s so easy to stay inside (especially in this cold weather) and to shut out the world and be in our own little zone, but I don’t think it’s healthy long term. Taking the time to get dressed, going out for a coffee and people watching are all great ways to be social without having to be too drained from it all. I try to fit several little things into each week so that I’m out and about too – that’s what I’m loving about discovering the Senior Cits – lots of things to choose from – and cheap too!

    • There were days when I was full-time working I longed for stay at home days like that. Not any more. The weather can impact where I go but good old shopping centres are fine when I can’t get outside the coffee.

      The purpose in every day is to do what I do and when I have appointments and meetings the day plans itself but it’s the days where nothing is on, I need to continue to do these.

      The senior cits here is OK but as I have found, some activities are ones that I like but the admin and teaching leaves a lot to be desired (the trouble with being a teacher!). I am glad you are finding some things in your community are good to try.

      Thanks Leanne,
      Denyse x

  6. Beautiful post! Wish I could write like you.

  7. Thanks for the honesty, Denyse. This week’s prompt help me also bring back the focus on taking care of myself so that I can keep on doing all that I have to and want to do. Just writing the post was a self-care for me!

    SSG xxx

  8. I think it’s fabulous that you get out each day … for a walk … for a coffee, etc. I go to pilates three times a week (early morning) but apart from that I can spend far too much time alone at home and get myself into some pretty down moods sometimes. I do need to get out a bit more I think – a good reminder – thanks Denyse! xo

    • Thanks Min. I am glad you are considering getting out more.

      I know that I cannot do a whole day at home anymore. It was something I did when I was at my worst anxiety/IBS wise and I do know that whilst I lived life then in much more of a fear-mode, once I got over the worst of the post cancer surgery in July 2017 I never wanted to be ‘tethered’ to home again.

      I now know if I am feeling less like going out (or somewhere) then it is even more imperative that I do. Our minds need some convincing at times but we are the ones in charge. Best wishes to you!

      Denyse x