Tuesday 26th October 2021

Retrospective In Photos: Our Life in 2020. #SundayStills. #1. 3/2021.

Retrospective In Photos: Our Life In  2020. #SundayStills. #1. 3/2021.

Nothing like a new year to try new ideas.

Deb from Deb’s World here, shares her #SundayStills via this blog which I am now following, a photography challenge hosted by Terri  and I am giving it a go. Here is her wrap up for quite the year of 2020.

As we in Australia say, “you never know till you give it a go”.

The prompts for January 2021, should you wish to follow as I am are:

Jan 3   Your 2020 Retrospective (share your year in images)
Jan 10 Night
Jan 17 Color Challenge: Glacier Blue
Jan 24 Fog and Clouds
Jan 31 Your Favourite Landscape

I think for me, I will be kind of a week behind…but let’s just see!

Looking Back: Moving Forward!

2020. Here We GO!













Great way to recount the “year that was” and surprisingly to me, the positives have far outweighed any negatives!

  • Gratitude being ‘my word’ for 2020 helped me see life from a different lens from time to time.
  • We felt safe here even in COVID times
  • I had successful surgeries – to my eyes and for rectal prolapse and even with a wound debridement later and longer recovery I feel well and glad it has all worked out for me.
  • I got the news that my head and neck cancer surgeon did not want me to return for a check for a year. Unbelievable.
  • We may not have seen as much of our extended family as we wished but so many are also restricted so the few catch ups we had made us even more grateful.
  • Both of us have been well supported by our local GPs and their crew even in telehealth times
  • The roof we have over our heads in this rental house is very strong and we enjoy living here.,
  • I got to visit my Dad a few times and he has remained well. I will be seeing him on Mon 11 January for his 97th birthday.

We are about to celebrate our fiftieth, Golden Wedding Anniversary and despite, COVID limitations, we are hopeful some of our family can visit.


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Here’s to 2021.






  1. So wonderful to read about your positive and busy 2020, Denyse! I’m glad you found Sunday Stills and shared your own inspirational stories. A very medical-centric year for you all but you came out the other side healthy. Great shots of your family and images reflecting your year. I also remember fondly the 2000 Olympics in Sydney! My brother and I love the swimming events, but I really enjoyed them. Thanks for that reminder! Looking forward to following along!

    • Great to finally take the plunge and dive into Sunday Stills for this year Terri.
      I had seen Deb’s posts of course but, with a very busy (as you could see!) medical-centred year and getting some longer posts up I had committed to, I was not ready.

      Today, Saturday here in Australia, I was. Yes, look forward to doing this going forward. I do love to capture images every day and they can be for many reasons.

      The Sydney Olympics were a busy and lovely time to live in Sydney. The fact that we had an Olympics in our city was amazing and yes we travelled to see some events. Great to know you were following the swimming. Such a competitive two nations we were back then!!

      Cheers from me and thanks for the warmth of your welcome today.


  2. So good to see you joining in with Terri’s photo challenges Denyse and I loved reading your first post! Great captures pf the year and your positivity and love shine through. I enjoy visiting some of the links in the comments on Terri’s post and seeing how others interpret the theme too. You never know who you might enjoy reading and following! Glad to have got you involved 🙂

    • Thanks so much Deb. I realised I was missing some wider connections and not being a WordPress blogger had to think my way around this!

      Now, seeing your posts and then being so warmly welcomed by Terri, I think this is a lovely space to add to my connections with others.

      I will now add my accounts to this post and my facebook page because if others come to read they can see how to follow me elsewhere.

      Pretty good weather here today and I trust by your message you were outside for a lot of it too.


  3. Hi, Denyse – You’ve had a very full year. I love your positive outlook. Happy 97th birthday to your Dad!

  4. Congratulations on a great year, Denyse, and for being recognized by Terri. What a fun post. Kudos! 🙂