Friday 22nd October 2021

Public Holidays. #LifeThisWeek 24/52. 2017.79.

Public Holidays. #LifeThisWeek 24/52. 2017.79.

I know that we have quite a few Public Holidays in Australia but I’ve decided to keep my focus on this one….

The June Long weekend  ( Public Holiday is Monday) – for the Queen’s Birthday  in New South Wales & some other states in Australia, it has rained and rained for the past two, including this one!
As I write, it is only Friday night and the rain is pouring down.

Earlier today I ventured out as I had not been anywhere for a few days thanks to the weather. I caught sight of my first whale spouting in 2017 and also captured a bird in flight as it was escaping the rain in our backyard this afternoon.

Reminiscing about the June Long Weekend of years and years ago I recalled that it was Cracker Night.

Until the government decided that people were getting injured by the fireworks..and fires…and so, it became banned. For the 1980s though, we still had a bonfire in our backyard (in suburbia) with the bonfire constructed safely, and fireworks were set up on the fence and on the grass outside. Our kids were still very young, so the mums and kids would stay up on the verandah for the fun. It WAS noisy and we had to make sure animals were inside. A few years later, the only fireworks that were allowed were those at organised functions which became fundraisers for schools and the like. Mind you, we couldn’t even buy fireworks then but as a  kids in the 1950s and 60s we could. I was not a brave person, so throw downs and sparklers were my limit. Oh and you can still buy sparklers at the supermarket.

Did you have fun with fireworks when you were a kid?

What are your memories of public holidays?

Denyse. Joining with Alicia here for Open Slather and here with Kell for Mummy Mondays.

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  1. I love that you got to see that whale. Hope the weather isn’t too bad for you today.
    What great memories of fireworks, I bet your kids loved it! My uncle in Malta used to make fireworks for festivals so when we went over there we got to visit the firework factory.

    • Oh wow, that sounds exciting. On Windsor Road at Box Hill (between Kellyville and Windsor) there was/is a major fireworks factory that made them for the big festivals etc. Unsure if it is still there..probably filled with developments now. The sun is out today! Nice.

  2. I loved fireworks when I was little but I was a bit scared of them at the same time. I preferred looking at them rather than handling them myself.


    • I think you are not alone in that Ingrid. I was telling one of my teen granddaughters the other day how she used to be scared of the noise at the local school’s fireworks.

  3. Good morning Denyse! What lovely photos to start the week with. My MIL’s camellia is just starting to bloom and I haven’t seen sweetpeas for years. They are so delicate aren’t they? I had also forgotten about cracker night. I grew up in Sydney and our street was a dead end onto bushland. The neighbours would build a bonfire and we would all have our crackers. Of course including the sparklers where we all tried to write our name in the air. Such fun times so thanks for the reminder. I live in Qld now and our Queen’s Birthday holiday has been changed to October. They used to have all the public holidays in the first half of the year and then only the Exhibition holiday in August for the second half. Thanks for the memories and sharing your long weekend with us. Have a great week!

    • Oh I am glad my post stirred up some great memories. Interesting how the flowers start blooming at different times in each of the areas of Australia. Sweetpeas are very nostalgic flowers for me so I do hope I get a few once they’re ready to bloom.

  4. inthegoodbooksblog ( Michelle) says:

    Hi Denyse, hope you’re well! I am enjoying the long weekend here in Melbourne. We attended a birthday party for one of my nephews yesterday, and today,we are planning a day trip (possibly to the Dandenongs). Enjoy your week!

    • Thanks Michelle, we have our first sunshine today in 4 days, so washing is out and walking is more pleasant today instead of avoiding showers! Have a great holiday Monday yourself!

  5. Fire crackers!! We only had those sparklers when I was younger.

    I love the quietness and reflection of public holiday Mondays.

    SSG xxx

    • I am glad that the day brings you some quiet and reflective time. The sun is out here, and I am pretty sure where you are too and that makes it a win!

  6. We used to get fireworks as a kid – that was in the 70’s but my parents were really strict and Dad or the neighbours Dad had to light them (women were too delicate, apparently!)

    • Oh yes, it was a man-only thing too…my husband and the next door neighbour. Still, it was fun and to be honest, I preferred not to be close when an errant sky rocket may have chosen to fly across the yard instead of into the sky!

  7. Oh I remember fireworks in the back yard when I was a kid – & bonfire nights. Here in Queensland we celebrate Queens Birthday in October when everyone else is having Labour Day. Labour Day, of course, is celebrated in April – closer to the Queen’s actual birthday. …yes, I know…go figure…

    • Yes, changing to Queensland will make you question a few things.I guess! The reason we have June as our Queen’s Birthday is something to do with royalty. When I was a kid fireworks were on 24 May which was Empire Day and I think Queen Victoria’s birthdate.

  8. My post is a cracker of a post today too Denyse! I remember cracker night well.

  9. You’re making me jealous as it isn’t a public holiday here! We moved one to later in the year from memory….

    • I think you did because you didn’t have labour day holiday in early October as NSW and others do. Australia – the not quite united country in many things!!

  10. I hadn’t thought of cracker night for years – great memories of being a kid, in the freezing cold, watching all the wonderful lights, sparklers and fireworks! It’s sad I can’t share the fun with my own kids but it’s not like the weather has been great over the last few June long weekends, as you so rightly point out!

    • Yes it has been awfully wet. My grandkids old Primary School ran a Cracker Carnival recently and it’s their major fundraiser. Quite a few schools do that in Sydney I believe. Glad you have some great memories of fireworks.

  11. I didn’t live through times when fireworks were a thing for the back yard. Have only ever seen them at public displays. Although people still manage to get them, illegally I assume, and make them go off at NYE.

    • Yes they do get them..I think it used to be (might still be) legal in ACT to buy them. People do seem to have them for NYE around here too.

  12. I love camellias. I’ve had a bush at quite a few of the homes I lived in. I have several on the sides of the shared driveway of my unit now. For some reason I’ve never been a huge fan of fireworks. I don’t know why. Although, if I got to see the ones at the Sydney Harbour Bridge or somewhere really spectacular like that I might be a bit more in awe!

    • Thank you Linda. Those camellias are very special but they are only out for a relatively short time. As for the fireworks, I have been to one or two big displays and once watched the 9pm NYE ones from a distance but in essence they all end up looking similar!

  13. I’m too young to have been allowed to buy fireworks ever. I think when I was a kid we did buy some kind of very tiny gunpowder bags in San Fransciso that I remember playing with.

  14. I used to love fireworks when I was a kid. But I stopped bursting any – been over a decade – due to high pollution levels it causes around Diwali time in India.

  15. We had cracker or bonfire night on November 5th to remember the story of Guy Fawkes and his gunpowder plot. It’s a massive thing in the UK. We love the June long weekend and the irony is there’s no public holiday for the Queen’s Birthday in the UK so we much prefer this Australian arrangement. It was so lovely that the sun finally got to make an appearance this year. Hope you had a lovely long weekend x

    • So I am guessing its still a big deal in UK for fireworks. I have no idea why we ‘celebrate’ the Queen’s Birthday as we do but as it’s a public holiday I am sure not too many people want to complain. It was a lovely time relaxing over the weekend with some netflix and some art. Your weekend looked like great fun. D x

  16. My camellia has fat buds ready for flowering, I love the carpet they make on the ground. Not many of my sweet peas came up, I might have a few, not as many as past years, they’re a bit slow to get going too. They are probably like me and are waiting for some spring warmth!
    We had a few crackers on New Years Eve at my BIL house, he bought them up in Darwin I think. Good fun 🙂

    • Sweetpeas have really done it tough here too thanks to the rain we had earlier. Some of mine are better than the others. I have a sentimental attachment to these flowers. As for the camellias, they all have their time for flowering don’t they? Yes, I love the carpet! As for crackers..I do enjoy them as long as they are not too loud!