Friday 21st January 2022

Out My Window I See. #LifeThisWeek 12/52. 2018.25.

Out My Window I See. #LifeThisWeek 12/52. 2018.25.

I have struggled with this title.

I wanted to make it short and pithy but to do so, I omitted of.

Grammar nerds, do you forgive me?

So, out OF my window I see……

Not much but for me, it is plenty to see.

This is the view from the window in a bedroom of the house we are renting.

It has a double bunk set on one wall for the rare occasions we have anyone sleepover.

The rest of the room is devoted to my creative pursuits: writing, journalling, art and crafts of many kinds.

It is when I am seated at the large desk with hutch (that’s the containers of brushes etc in the shadow) that I look out here on:

  • the covered verandah of this house
  • our outdoor setting which gets used rarely now
  • the flags of ‘buddhism’ sayings that hang under the umbrella of the outdoor setting
  • a fish windsock/mobile
  • some chimes (one is bound as it is very noisy!)
  • rainbow mobiles hung from the umbrella
  • an outdoor clock
  • a hanging mobile on the clock
  • the house next door – which is fortress-like* and we only see the man who owns it occasionally as he works for a security company*.
  • some trees from houses nearby
  • some little parts of the sky

I have used this space since we moved here in November 2015 and it has seen some sad times for me. I have used this place as a space to listen to CDs to help me through very challenging times and to meditate too. I have used it to make crafty items along with visiting grandkids when they come on rare occasions. I also use it every day for a creative activity such as painting, mandala-creating and journalling. It is a great room as I have access within arm’s reach from my office chair to all the materials I need.

However, on many occasions I like to just view the outside and think and remember.

The outdoor setting was at our house at Glenwood and was used every day for creative play when we cared for our younger grandkids and it was also the space around which the family sat for barbecues and parties for birthdays too.

The outdoor clock was on the fence at Glenwood and the grandkids loved it. The hanging mobile is a car carrying a surf-board I bought for my grandson (his sisters had fairy ones!).

The buddhism flags are there for me to look at and remember what is important and for them to just ‘fly’ is lovely.

The windsock fish was bought by me at a toy store after a significant breakthrough in my sessions with the psychologist in 2015.

There it is.

Out OF my window!

What do you see out of YOUR or any other window?

Tell me in the comments!



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  1. The security man astrisks? Are you telling us more somehwhere? I’m intrigued!

    • Ah Lydia…there’s not much to tell because there is even less to see. We live next door to a family of husband, wife and one teen son. We chat occasionally over the back fence to the husband who works for a security company. We have ‘heard’ the others but never have never conversed with or really seen the wife and son since moving in over 2 years ago. EVERY window is security screened with automatic rollers and kept that way…could be related to keeping the light out as he is a shift worker but the place is pretty fortress-like….that’s “all I know”.
      Denyse x

  2. Sounds like you have a nice spot for your creative pursuits. I see sunshine, clear blue sky, and plants with buds outside my kitchen window. We’re heading into spring here and have had a few consecutive sunny days, just lovely.

    • Oh I can imagine the beauty after your Winter. Sound like the opening up of nature right before your eyes… lovely!
      Denyse x

  3. As I blogged at pre dawn I could see nothing back dark. But now that the sun is rising I look down from the second storey balcony to the house across the street. I see the street lights beyond that house and all the houses in the streets behind it. Lights are starting to flick on as people wake. I see trees and I see right through to the far side of Canberra with the Brindabella Mountains just coming into view in the early morning light. I love the view from my desk window. Apparently the view is worth a bit too (according to a house value website). It’s valuable to me. IT’s the view I ponder as I get creative. It’s the view I see as I visualise and dream.

    • Such a special time for you as you see the day come alive right from your window. That description is just beautiful. Nice the know the view has ‘value’ but I sense it is INvaluable to you as you ponder and create. So lovely.
      Denyse x

  4. ‘Not much, but for me it’s plenty to see’. It’s often incredibly relaxing being able to write posts like this about the seemingly everyday that is around us.

    SSG xxx

    • It is, I agree. Taking the time to notice what is around is in the ‘every day’ is grounding I think too!
      Denyse x

  5. Out my window and beyond our garden I see school kids walking and riding to school along the footpath. Soon I’ll see the mums returning along the same footpath after dropping their kids off at school and then all will be quiet again for a while!


    • Did you do that routine too? Local schools have that rhythm don’t they? I like that (except when parents park their cars across residents’ driveways which is prevalent in some north western suburb schools I know!)
      Denyse x

  6. It’s nice that you have a creative area in your home. No spectacular views here, despite our street being called Highview Street. LOL. However I was able to come up with a poem.

    • Thanks Ness, I have been very fortunate to make creative spaces in the houses we have rented (I did have the same in our home before we sold). I prefer that space over TV anytime!

      I shall look forward to reading your poem. You do have to wonder about appropriateness of street names!

      I am the same about the naming of what was essentially Schofields and parts of fields devoted to farming over the years…The Ponds. Nope, the only ponds about are man-made but that name shot the values of those properties up by 10s of thousands!!
      Denyse x

  7. Out of my window I see my white and pink impatiens which I have so far not managed to kill. I have tried to make a little outdoor area to relax and reflect but I don’t seem to use it much. Perhaps when the weather is cooler. If I was on the Coast at our other home I would see the ocean, highrise apartments and people walking along the Esplanade. I know which view I would prefer.
    I enjoyed how you looked at items from your window and related them to different times in your life, Denyse. Have a beautiful day and thanks for the link up. Hope to see you on Wednesday at the Midlife Share the Love Party x

    • I loved reading of your two views….and yes, I have guessed the preferable one. A view is a delight especially when it is water-based. Lovely!!
      It has been too hot here to sit outside much and I too enjoyed that when I could, just to focus my eyes on the frangipani and the activity of the birds and be away from my screens! Not TV either.

      Yes I will be linking up….and it’s the next chapter (even though I have called it Chapter One) in my memoirs.

      I published the first introduction to my memoir in May 2017 the week I found out I had cancer….and that was the END of focussing on my memoir until now…and I really enjoyed getting back to it.

      Denyse x

  8. Looking out my windows is just a reminder how far behind we are with our garden and yard maintenance. Haha. Maybe another time.

    I’m using a Skype window today to share a look into my podcast buddy Samara’s job. She works for St Vinnies as a digital specialist overseeing things like the CEO Sleepout and their entire Facebook page content. I found it so interesting to dive into her world and might have to revive my childhood dream of being a journalist, interviewing is so fun!

    • Oh yes, that sounds awesome fun. Have you considered the training/courses for journalism? You do have a gift for words and you use media is all its forms.

      As for maintenance in the yard, that would be full-time in summer I imagine: rain and heat = growth!

      Denyse x

  9. I love looking out of my front window at the cars passing by! It’s strangely relaxing.

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • Yes that sounds relaxing because it is focussing on just one thing!

      In the ‘olden days’ when my grandfather was alive, he would stand out on his verandah and chat to the various people who passed by in his then small country town.

      That was waaaaay before social media..

      Denyse x

  10. Through my dining room window which is where I blog, I see trees, the sky, birds, cars driving by, a jacaranda tree, the roses and lavender growing in our garden, sometimes my neighbours walking by or the postie delivering mail. Somedays its nice to look out at the sun shining through the trees

    Your office sounds like a lovely creative space Denyse xx


    • Thank you so much Julie, your words painted a delightful picture!

      Noticing the sun and the trees and how things change can certainly bring us back to mindfulness.

      Denyse x

  11. We have a lovely outlook from our house Denyse – we used to live on 2 acres, so when we moved to a smaller block, we chose one that looked out over the river flats. Very peaceful and you get the space without having to maintain it (bonus) I think the little mementoes you have in your yard are what make it special – we have a few out the back too that always bring back memories.

    • How wonderful. That sounds idyllic. Yes, I love my memories of the past with the grandkids very much. We had a pool at our place in Sydney and all of the grandkids who were around at that time enjoyed some of the plaster & ceramic animals we had there and they are here too now. They all remember playing with them as preschoolers even the grown up ones!

      Denyse x

  12. I also look out over my undercover outdoor area out of my study window. I can see out to the bushland behind us and it’s so peaceful and calming. I just need to find more time to sit there and enjoy it (and be more productive!)

    • Ah dear Kirsty, perhaps by letting the gaze happen more, the productivity will come! I must add, where I write has no distractions at all. I ‘need that’. Hope your gang is all well….it’s going to be a LONG first term.

      Denyse x

  13. It’s a nice view Denyse and seems to be filled with a lot of memories. I must admit I have pretty good views from my study and my bedroom – it’s mainly the bush and vast space and a couple of the townhouses nearby. There’s also a big tree in front of my house.

  14. Sorry that I’m so late this week Denyse. I’ve been so up and down lately that it’s a little exhausting and I’ve let a few things to in the process of navel gazing etc.
    Anyway, I like this view out of your little study nook window. Especially the Buddhist prayer flags, and the outdoor setting, which I’m sure holds some memories for you.
    My “Out My Window I See” post is about a trip my dad took through part of Canada on the Rocky Mountaineer and a trip I took from Ottawa to Toronto earlier this year. There’s lots of beautiful scenery to feast your eyes on that we’d have missed on a plane.
    My other favourite “out my window” view would be from my old bedroom window in Sydney. It’s changed a lot over the years, but it’s a good place to watch the sun set from.

    • I can see this post has evoked quite a few memories for you. I agree we see a lot more travelling along the highways and roads. When I am not driving there is more for me to notice from the passenger’s seat too. I hope things settle for you soon, I imagine the frustration with your hip is annoying and not quite what you envisaged afterwards.

      Denyse x

  15. Out of my window today I see our beautiful view over the lake and ocean to Gabo Island. I see all the trees and shrubs Rowan has planted and nurtured and the birds that enjoy them so much. If I look behind me I see the removalists’ truck which is taking our worldly possesions away and reminds me that we won’t for much longer have the privilege of waking up to this view. But there will be other compensations.

    • Oh my that is evocative and memorable for sure. Apart from the mind’s eye views, I hope you have lots of photos. Yes, moving the ultimate adventure AND chore. At least you are going somewhere to call ‘yours’ whilst our next one is yet another rental. We WILL be home owners again one day, sigh!
      I hope everything with the move goes well.

      Denyse x

  16. Interesting to see what is outside your windows and the things you see everyday. At the moment I see light fading and the trees waving with the wind. I should do a post like this, but as I sit at my computer I am looking towards the back door. Maybe I could photograph out of every window in the house, and then I am sure it would not be as interesting as your view 🙂

    • I don’t know about that! I would say though, that looking out that window for the past 2+ years we have lived here has helped me in many ways as I made progress with my emotional health via listening to CDs and making whatever art took my fancy at the time! Denyse x