Sunday 16th January 2022

Optional Prompts for #LifeThisWeek. Updated! 34/2019.

Optional Prompts for #LifeThisWeek. Updated! 34/2019.

Some of my blogging friends like to plan ahead.

I am one of them too.

Some of my blogging friends like to join in when the optional prompt works for them.

I like that idea.

Some of my blogging friends take the ‘add a post, any post old or new, on or off prompt’ approach.

That is also a great plan.

Recently I had a look at “where the optional prompts” were up to and as we ease into April, the current ones are until early May.

With that in mind, I have added to the list. So, here they are! I hope you find some or all to your liking.

19/51 Contentment Is. 13/5/19

20/51 Share Your Snaps #4 20/5/19

21/51 Self-Care: Share Your Story #3 27/5/19

22/51 First Job. 3/6/19

23/51 My Best Birthday Cake. 10/6/19

24/51 Thank You to Me. 17/6/19

25/51 Share Your Snaps #5. 24/6/19

26/51 Worst Job. 1/7/19

27/51 Taking Stock.#3. 8/7/19

28/51 Self-Care: Share Your Story #4 15/7/19

29/51 Winter: Like/Loathe 22/7/19

30/51 Share Your Snaps #6. 29/7/19


Thanks for being part of the #LifeThisWeek community!


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  1. Good to know. Not that organised tho 😉 but you knew that! Ha! #MLSTL

  2. Thanks Denyse, I always check out the prompts before I add my link and sometimes I’m even prepared in advance, but not that often!! Love your work 🙂

  3. Hello Denyse
    New blogger here and I didn’t even know there were blogging prompts! So good to know! Thank you for posting!

    • Hello and welcome to blogging Theresa! Yes my Monday link up is 3 years old this year and optional prompts are there for anyone who wants to follow them each week or pick and choose. I have a formula of sorts. Every 5th week is photo-centred: Share Your Snaps, every 7th week is self care centred and every 9th week is Taking Stock. The last one is one word in a list where the blogger responds as to what things are for them now. Originally published here, many of us now use a version of the Taking Stock words. Look forward to reading your blog too.
      Denyse x

  4. Hi Denyse – thanks for letting us know what’s coming up. I always love your Monday link ups and the bloggers who share there. It’s also a win if I have a post that fits the theme for the day.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

  5. Prompts! what a great idea… although I suppose I have my own version… I read something, someone asks me a question, a moment of illumination while driving… I loved some of yours!

    • Oh yes, I am like that with my blog too. I started the optional prompts for me and any bloggers who wanted to use them.

      Sometimes we all need just one idea and then we write!

      Thanks Agnes,

      Denyse x

  6. Hi Denyse, you are really organised and I love that. I don’t always adhere to your prompts but there have been many times when I couldn’t think of something to write and your prompt came to the rescue. I enjoy the link up group you have created and look forward to linking up each Monday. Thanks for updating us at #MLSTL and perhaps you might get some new bloggers linking up. xx

    • Ah Sue, organisation is part of my DNA. I have had to relax some of the ways I used to ‘organise’ because they became too restrictive to me. I also found, that, as we know, I cannot organise OTHERS….lol!

      Anyway, I do like to be a bit ahead and when I am in a mood for updating the blog, then away I go.

      I am glad they are sometimes helpful to you.


  7. I have never used writing prompts before, but maybe I should give it a shot. The worst thing is starring at a blank page and wondering what to write!

    • Thanks Michele, I noticed quite some time back that prompts helped others in blogging so when I commenced the link up, I made mine optional.

      I also have a pattern now of when I have certain prompts, such as the photo-based ‘share your snaps’.

      I try not to duplicate them and rely on memory and reviewing the previous two years first.

      Denyse x

  8. Thanks, Denyse, for giving us the heads up, and for hosting Life This Week link up. #Lovin’LifeLinky

    • Thank you Natalie! Always glad to help out. I know some bloggers like to write ahead or at least know what’s coming up.

      Denyse x

  9. I do like to plan ahead. I’ve not managed so far to do posts specifically to match your prompts as yet but maybe at some point I’ll get my act into gear. Doing the ZTT guest post series is surprisingly keeping me very busy even though I don’t write the posts myself (just the intro), and then I do a post each week for Thursday. My Saturday posts have stopped for now so that might give me some more breathing space. We shall see. I’ll link up when I can regardless … since the prompts are optional. Thanks Denyse! #TeamLovinLife

    • Thanks Min.

      I noticed when you sent back my draft post for #ZTT that it did mean quite a bit of work for you in terms of formatting it to your blog and style. I am not capable of that! I do admire the clean and excellent way your blog is set. It personifies you!

      Look forward to anytime you can add a post – on or off prompt. The reason every 5 weeks is a photo-based prompts is 1. I like showing my pics 2. there are no more photo-based link ups like Wordless Wednesdays in Australia.

      I admit I no longer link up in US link ups. Far too many people there and also far too much business on some of the blogs. It was doing my head in!!

      Thank you for your on-going care and support.

      Denyse x

  10. Thanks for continuing to host this, Denyse. As you know, I’m super slack with the prompts, but one day I might just surprise you.

    • You are excused…because you always link up and there is always something great to read.

      Thank you for being there and being a great supporter of this blog!

      Denyse x

  11. Good morning Denyse! Thanks for sharing. I hope you are having a lovely week! #MLSTL

  12. I might think about joining in for some of these as I want to get back into the habit of writing non-bookish stuff on a regular basis. Book reviews sometimes feel like a chore or an obligation and it’s lovely to just write other stuff!

    • It is good to write something different and I understand that well.

      It’s why I “try” to write about a variety of topics but sometimes they are thin on the ground.

      Denyse x