Friday 21st January 2022


  1. Thanks, Denyse, for sharing your year-to-date highlights. Family celebrations are the best. Enjoy the rest of April and I hope you have a wonderful May!

  2. Wow what an action packed start to the year! I’ve been thinking of Cam and her family so much – I think she’d really appreciate that pop of colour. There’s lots of lovely food in this post – your pies look especially delicious! You might want to check out my pie maker post today, mostly we use our pie maker for non-pie things… Because we’re weird like that! Hope the second third of your year is happy, healthy and fulfilling!

    • I know! I do not think I could ever fit much more in…but I seem to be able to do so.

      Looking forward to a busy-ish May as well: seeing Dad, , Mothers Day (may or may not be doing anything) then prosthodontist check, and after that my 2 year Cancer Check..still on the 3 months regime AND a meeting with Beyond Five…

      and somewhere in the midst I will marks 2 years since diagnosis: actually 731 days!!

      I could explore more with the pie maker so will check your post.

      Cam’s celebration of life is all about her and that is a good thing that she got to ‘do this her way.’

      Denyse x

  3. I’m very sorry for your loss. That’s sad and so young. On a different note, glad you are onwards and upwards in recovery, and congrats again on the 48 years. That’s quite amazing!

    • Incredible to know that after ages of chronic lung disease, then the double lung transplant that Camille got a rare cancer completely unrelated. Whilst I never met her, we did connect via a love of colour.

      Yes my recovery is going well. In mid May it’s 2 years since diagnosis!

      Hope back to school and routine is smooth.

      Denyse x

  4. I can’t believe a third of the year is gone already! Now that my son’s back to school for Term 2 I’m hoping to get some time to concentrate on decluttering the house (although having said that I have about 5 blog posts in the works and I’m trying to post on my food IG account daily, so I’m a bit busy)!

    • I know. Once we get to this time of year, it is almost winter and we are half-way.

      I hope you get your projects sorted and done. That is a good feeling!

      Denyse x

  5. Hi Denyse, where is the year going! We say that often don’t we? My grandson Ethan turned 5 yesterday and is now at school and growing up too fast. The first third of the year has been happy for you as well as some sad moments. It is always so sad to hear of a young person taken by cancer. The first third of the year saw us preparing and selling my MIL’s home and finally moving to our own home on the Gold Coast. I wonder what the next few months will bring. #Lifethisweek

    • Yes, when I saw it was your grandson’s birthday I thought, wait on, Sue was just making him a cake for turning 3….I think we must have found each other’s blogs back in early 2017.

      The woman whose life was cut short was blind-sided by a non-related cancer. So unfair after managing life as a recipient of two new lungs. But as I said, she taught me and many a lot about ‘how to live’. Whilst we never met I felt like I knew her and that is the way of social media.

      It must be so good to wake up to your ocean view each day now!

      Denyse x

  6. A wonderful post. Always interesting to catch up with your life and pics. Let’s ask the year to slow down already!

    • Thank you Maureen. Just read your update on FB group with talk of WHNCDay and I know that soon Beyond Five is starting up the Soup for the Soul Fundraiser which is linked to that time of year.

      My ambassador role will be a little more “on” methinks!

      Oh and I am yet to do this, but will be seeking yours and Tammy’s responses to some questions I am yet to make up…about the value of the FB group as Beyond Five thinks it would be a great addition to the site.

      I will be onto it this week…..

      Denyse x

  7. Doesn’t time fly Denyse? Congrats again on your wedding anniversary and husband’s birthday, it’s always a big deal no matter what age we are! I was sorry to hear about Cam through your posts and tweets, so terribly young to be taken and so unfair too. Continue taking care of yourself and may time slow down a little for all of us. I love how we have a friend in common – Fiona – and marvel at the small world it is sometimes. I’ve shared my husband’s Kokoda trip story today because I’m proud and happy he’s home safe and sound 🙂

    • Oh wow, he’s home. That is always a relief.

      I am taking a leaf out of my own self-care regime which has been a bit bare lately as I can get busy very easily.

      I listen to a meditation app each evening as I go off to sleep but as of today I am going to stop and sit and just look or listen for say 5 mins at a time – maybe morning and afternoon. I do want to enjoy the now more.

      This woman was indeed taken far too soon and as I say we don’t have to meet people IRL to know and care. I found Fiona via education. So many of us are connected that way.

      Enjoy having your man home!

      Denyse x

  8. You’ve certainly had a busy few months Denyse – when I read posts like this it helps confirm that retirement is certainly not boring! Good to see that it was pretty well all positive stuff and that you seem to be thriving – although you’re going to need a second wardrobe if you keep up your outfit a day challenge!

    • Thank you Leanne. I do love the daily dressing with purpose challenge but no longer am doing a ‘new outfit each day’. I am just glad to be able to have a range of clothes I can fit into despite the small(ish) weight gain after getting my upper teeth!

      I think, now I am doing this retirement thing, that it works out well over time. I actually can take more time for things rather than rush through.

      Denyse x

  9. Yes, as usual the years speed up as we age. It’s almost Christmas AGAIN!

  10. That’s been a jam-packed and busy first third of the year! I’m glad there were lots of good things that happened too – love some of your outfits! 🙂 It was pretty sad to hear about Camille and yet, I am so impressed by the impact she has had. It’s just wonderful. Glad I got to catch up with you for coffee – maybe we should make it at least once every third of the year! 😛

    • Yes it was a very busy and mixed emotions time. I am glad we got to catch up too and hope we will continue to do so!!

      Denyse x