Sunday 22nd May 2022

November Notes #4. 2018.122.

November Notes #4. 2018.122.

At the beginning of 2018 I decided to make myself accountable on-line.

To ME!

Accountable by sharing on Instagram and then via Facebook and Twitter three daily posts.


I did!

Well, I did until the reason stopped having meaning for me.


Despite being retired and recovering from what was then “only” two surgeries on January 1, I committed to posting:

  • A Daily Outfit post: #outfitoftheday #dresswithpurpose
  • A Daily Creative post: #creating #process #product
  • A Daily Nature post: #gettingoutside #noticingnature

I remain committed in many areas of my life: career, partnership and more and so this was going to be keeping me:

  • accountable to ME for 3 different reasons
  • every day had 3 opportunities to share on line and enjoy interactions
  • help with a daily structure
  • less likely to sit around doing little
  • to keep my mood steady and somewhat elevated as I had interactions outside the house…and via connections on-line
  • managing my life with cancer by having 3 separate interests and reasons to connect with others
  • finding new people on-line, including groups of people with Head and Neck cancer
  • using my eye for noticing …and my creative brain for making…and helping my recovery by dressing each day for a photo

Here’s how it went, via a few examples from each category, until it stopped…on 30 October 2018.

Why Did I Stop?

I had had enough. Once something serves its purpose it IS time to move on. But there was also another landmark I had passed and I think it also had something to do with the decision.

On 30th October I had posted a “photo of me” every day for the previous 365 days (maybe a couple of exceptions) and I know how much I was both encouraged and buoyed when I first started doing this as I had only had cancer (and just one surgery!) for a few months. It fed my need to be ‘seen’ even with my face and body taking some blows and then recovering after surgeries 2, 3 and 4. BUT, I was knew things had changed for me.

From 31 October, I decided to post ONE instagram/facebook/twitter snap a day based on Daily Gratitude.

I still show me in whatever I wore that day, but on the side of the collage I group 4 similar reasons for gratitude for me.

I am finding this something meaningful as I wind down till the end of the year.

I will still, on occasion, post other pics but no longer via the need to do 3 a day for 365 days!! I cleared out a lot of my Instagram feed too now, keeping mostly the images of me as they help me see my progress.

So, that’s it.

This is the second last November Notes and I have decided not to do a Thursday post in December unless there is a need. I did enjoy the challenges of thinking more for my creative space…

Just for July, Appreciation in August, September Stories, Observations in October & November Notes.

When the reason has changed, change what we do. Do you?

Love to know what you think about habits that keep on going on and maybe they are no longer needed.


Joining the bloggers who link here with Leanne for Lovin Life on Thursdays. (I will still link up a post, even if it is not a newly published one!)




  1. When the reason changes, either make the change or change the reason. Does that even make sense? I’m thinking seriously of changing my Sentence a Day to more of a general catch-up – I still record it through my journal, but it no longer means what it did when I started it. Plus ça change – and all that.

    • Oh yes, I had to read the first sentence twice but it does make sense.

      Why stick with something that has lost its purpose? I guess I am finally learning, as in this post, to be accountable to me first and THAT is a big change from someone who has been driven by external motivation.


      Denyse x

  2. I’ve always admired your commitment with all the daily photos Denyse but I think you have hit on a winner with the combined daily image. I’m finding that some things worked for me once and if they aren’t working now I make the change. I’ve only just accepted that I am in control and I have the choice – it’s never too late! Have a fabulous week and weekend. xx

    • Thanks Sue, I figured if “I” was getting sick of the old routine, others must be too.

      So, always someone who likes to mix and match till things come together I am liking this new way of posting, based on gratitude for November.

      I am delighted that you are now taking control of you…the lessons I have continued to learn…and that by doing that I reckon you will be less stressed about “what will people think” because, as I found, THAT is a sign of trying to live life for others.

      Onya Sue,

      Denyse x

  3. I love that you committed to something and stuck with it, before then deciding on what was more sustainable. Such a sensible approach.

    But more than that I love the idea of being accountable to ourselves. I always try to set goals that I expect others to monitor but I’m really the only one who can make sure I deliver on my promises.

    • I guess it is a teacher-principle. When the lesson has been done and you look to review and see what needs to be done to move on, then you make changes. It is in me now to do this for myself and by myself whereas a year ago it would have been “what will people think”.

      I do love connecting with people on-line and hope to continue it but in many ways I am doing this for me. It really is a game-changer for me in my previous life as a people-pleasing perfectionist.

      Great to read your last sentence too. Onward, as I said to Sue!

      Denyse x

  4. I agree. When something has served its purpose, it’s time to move on to something new and creatively challenging and fulfilling.

    SSG xxx

  5. I think when you start feeling internal pressure to do a goal, that’s when it has served its purpose.

  6. You’ve done an incredible job of keeping up the 3 things a day post. I think we all set very high expectations of ourselves and if this starts to impact on our life and those around us then we need to re-assess. I’m currently in the process of re-assessing my life, my daily social interaction and the amount of blogging that I do. I think next year I’ll be taking a big step back and pursuing some other interests for a change. #TeamLovinLife

    • Thank you Kathy. I guess as a teacher I am kind of used to do a review at the end of a year but even earlier in this case. My purpose of having 3 different photos each day kept me accountable to myself as something to “do and be”. It really did motivate me on days I would have rathered not! Now, as you say, some changes are in order and I will take some time “off” my busy-ish life to consider them fully. I will blog twice a week in 2019 and shall take it from there. My Monday linky is continuing as it a great way for me to connect and gives my brain a workout on the prompts.

      Hope things are proceeding on time with the house build.

      Denyse x

  7. It’s always interesting to see how things affect us and what we do. So much of it serves a purpose for a little while and then leads to something different or bigger or better. Good on you for doing what you needed to do. And, also, for recognizing when the purpose has been accomplished.